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Capricorn Man Jealous Possessive Problems – Solve It Once for All

Is your Capricorn man a bit jealous when it comes to your male friends or co-workers? Is he even jealous of you spending time with other friends or family? Keep reading to know why he’s this way and what you can do to make sure he doesn’t act with Capricorn man jealous possessive problems.

Why Capricorn Man Is So Jealous and Possessive

It’s key for you understand why a Capricorn man tends to be jealous and why he cling so tightly to you as his partner. Not to say he’s clingy but he is possessive in the way that he doesn’t want to share your time with others.

While he wants to have time on his own from time to time, he doesn’t want you to spend time with anyone else. This can be anyone from just a male friend, any friend, or even family members.

Capricorn man sees you as his and that means that you can be seen as property. In the next section, I will discuss how you can start training him to understand why it’s not healthy for him to see you as his possession.

The Capricorn man is slow to get into a relationship in the first place but when you actually finally get him to commit; he then thinks that there are rules in the relationship that must stay intact.

Loyalty is something that he expects and though you may be giving it to him, he is still sketchy and a bit untrusting. He never fully develops trust all the way. He can develop it strongly with time but it will take more time than you’re comfortable with.

If you are in love with him or are falling in love with him, you need to understand that this is who he is. Just like Scorpio man, he’s born not trusting people easily and it takes learning and learning to find trust in someone.

His partner has to prove to him that she will never hurt or betray him which is nearly impossible without a great deal of time showing him. Capricorn man doesn’t like to share either so this is something that has to be worked on.

Saturn is his ruling planet and this makes him question everything. He is always going deep within and in fact, you can catch him being quite pensive at any given time. He’s always analyzing things.

His over analytical brain makes him question even the most solid of relationships. This is why he has such a small circle of friends and family. He will pick and choose within his own family who he is loyal to and who he can leave behind.

His morals and standards are typically very high as well and so he’ll be picky about who he thinks it’s alright for you to spend time with and who he’d rather you not ever spend time with. That’s not his call to make though and he needs to learn.

What You Can Do To Teach Him

Capricorn Man Jealous Possessive Problems

The Capricorn man needs to learn to let his partner live her life without trying to call the shots on who she spends time with, how, or when. It’s not his duty to tell you who you can and cannot spend your free time with.

This is where you need to be a strong independent woman who will stand up for what she believes is right. You need to put your foot down and tell him that you are not his property and you are not going to be told what to do.

Explain to him that your relationship is a partnership and should be built on trust. If you’ve been together for awhile, you can remind him that you’ve done nothing that should cause him to be so concerned.

Tell him that it’s not up to him to decide who you can or cannot be friends with. He has to learn to trust you in a way that he knows that you know what you are doing. He has to see you can make the right choices for yourself.

This will truly be a rough lesson for him because he’s used to having his way or walking away. If he truly loves you though, he will do what is necessary to grow and move forward.

It will be a risk on your part because some Capricorn men will resist and tell you that it’s either their way or the highway. Then you need to decide if you’re alright with those terms.

Do you really want to be with someone who is trying to control what you do? If you are ok with it then this is all a moot point. If you are not into this sort of thing then you need to do what’s right for you.

Not As Bad As All That

The truth is, the Capricorn man is a normal jealous guy who really cares for his woman and worries about her getting hurt or used by others. His heart is typically in the right place when he suggests someone not being good for you.

When he says jealous things or acts like a pompous jerk from time to time regarding someone he feels jealous of when it comes to you, he will probably quickly drop it.

It’s really only in times of extremes that you have to worry. Yes, he can be a bit controlling but unless he’s doing it and it’s way out of hand, you shouldn’t need to be concerned.

Simply sit him down, talk to him, tell him your concerns, reminds him that you’re working hard to prove to him that he can trust you and that he should remember that you can make your own choices in a healthy way.

When he’s extreme, you’ll need to practice what I mentioned in the last section because there is really no other way to handle it. If he’s less of the extremes then you can simply speak your mind and remind him that you are your own person that loves him.

If you want to understand more about Capricorn man jealous possessive problems, and how to deal with that, click here and find out everything about your Capricorn guy.

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