Capricorn Man May Predictions 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
This month’s predictions for Capricorn Man are here, so feel free to dive in at your leisure. Don't miss out on all the spicy details!

Hello my darlings, how are you? All is going according to the plan, I hope. I’ve come bearing gifts – this month’s predictions are here, so feel free to dive in at your leisure…

The start of May puts the Capricorn man in a fun mood. He’s asked to go shopping and upgrade his home. He’ll have a lot of luck in his communication and commute, as well as in having fun. It’s a great time to go shopping together, go out for dinner, and have fun while watching Netflix and creating commentary on the latest shows.

The 9th of May puts the Capricorn man in a steamy mood. It’s a good time to spend money on a date with your Capricorn man, have some fun between the sheets, and drive around while blasting good music on the radio.

The Full Moon Eclipse on the 16th brings forth trouble with his friends. Jupiter also accentuates squabbles at his home and with his family, as Venus is conjunct Chiron in Aries. This Full Moon is not the best time for the Capricorn man, but he can make the most out of it. He should have fun and go out in order to cheer himself up.

The end of the month ends with a nice blast – thanks to the New Moon in Gemini in his sixth house – the promotion he was eyeing is within his reach! Venus has moved to Taurus, so it’s definitely a perfect time for romance and dating – do something pleasurable, fun, and hedonistic to end the month on a good note.

Shop, Hop, And Whisk Away

The beginning of May finds the Capricorn man focused on upgrading his home and spending money on home decorations. Saturn is demanding offerings, and the Capricorn man will provide them in order to appease the ringed grouch.

His third house of communication and generosity is filled with nice things and blessings thanks to Jupiter and Venus, so it’s a perfect time to visit Ikea together and do some home shopping or just browse and joke while walking around the big furniture store.

His fifth house of pleasure is the one receiving the real attention right now, thanks to the major stellium taking place there – the Sun, Uranus, the Moon, and the North Node are having their own party in Taurus.

This means that the sturdy and serious Capricorn man will be forced to have fun and enjoy himself (despite all odds) during this time. It’s a perfect time for trying out new things, stepping out of the comfort zone, and shopping.

It’s Time To Splurge

Around the 9th of May, is a good transit for spending a partner’s money and for having rough sex, thanks to Saturn conjunct Vesta and opposition to the Moon in Leo. This is a fiery aspect that can wake up his senses and his kinky mind at the same time. Enjoy it, either in person or via chats.

Venus moved to Aries and thus, highlights his fourth house of home and family; she doesn’t feel good in Aries, so it’s possible that some petty squabbles or disagreements with his housemates might arise. Something is about to change thanks to Jupiter being on the 29th degree of Pisces.

Mercury has moved to Gemini, thus accentuating the Capricorn man’s sixth house of health and work. This is a very good transit to receive good news regarding either his health or his job. He can expect more commute due to work, but besides that, if he aims for a higher position, now is a good time to talk his way into it.

Fall-Outs And Endings

On the 16th of May, there’s a Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio. This takes place in his eleventh and fifth houses, so it’s a good time for the Capricorn man to review his friendships, let go of the ones that have become toxic, and have some light foreplay with his lover or love interest.

It’s a perfect time for flirting and for getting to know each other’s kinks through a game or through watching movies or your favorite shows.

Jupiter has moved to Aries and Venus is conjunct Chiron. Indeed it’s a time of reckoning, the past is knocking on his door and he should open it in order to put his house in order, both literally and metaphorically.

Saturn is squaring the Nodes of Destiny, so it’s quite possible that the falling out he might have with his friends is over some borrowed or owed money. One should never lend or borrow money to or from their friends, it’s an old saying for a reason, alas… people rarely listen to the old words of wisdom.

Aries Blues And Taurean Hedonism…

The 30th of May throws a New Moon in Gemini conjunct Fortune at us. This takes place in the Capricorn man’s sixth house of daily routines and work. It’s a perfect time to plant the seeds at work that will grow in a very profitable promotion. Or, it’s a perfect time to switch jobs and to chase after something that he’ll enjoy doing. If he needs a nudge in this direction, feel free to push him.

Jupiter and Mars are conjunct in Aries, his fourth house. So, this means a lot of activity at his home and within his family. It’s possible that they’ll go on a vacation (this solution would be the productive one), or that the fights and squabbles are going to get all-time high.

Venus moved to Taurus, where she reigns freely, and Mercury Retrograde is conjunct the North Node. This takes place in the Capricorn man’s fifth house of fun and pleasure, so now is definitely a good time for traveling and hedonism, but it’s not a good time for heavy topics and serious conversations. The Capricorn man should relax during this transit and have lighthearted fun.

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Final Thoughts

The beginning of the month puts the Capricorn man in a productive and creative mood. It’s a great time to throw ideas around and to be doing something that will bear fruits.

Mid-month, the Capricorn man might feel exhausted and spent, but the stellar sky is still filled with good options and opportunities for growth and advancement.

At the end of the month, the Capricorn man is going to feel rejuvenated and charged up, so it’s a perfect time to go partying together, go on a trip, or simply enjoy hedonism in your favorite setting.

All in all, May is filled with strong and nice opportunities for professional and home growth for the Capricorn man, but they are also great opportunities for relaxing and having fun! The Capricorn man’s mood should be quite balanced and on the positive side.

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All the love and happiness in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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