Capricorn Man Predictions For August 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Leo season is thrusting upon us! No sign of the Zodiac is safe from this big, fiery Leo vibe. Find out what the Capricorn man will do with this energy!

Hello, dear readers! Summer is in full swing and we are onto one scorcher of a month – that goes for temperatures and the heat that Leo season is thrusting upon us! No sign of the Zodiac is safe from this big, fiery Leo vibe… so let’s find out what the Capricorn man will do with this bold and bright energy!

The Capricorn man is contemplative and very fertile (apparently) during this first week of August. It’s a good time for a cemetery visit and for peaceful contemplation in a mindful conversation with loved ones who have passed. It’s also a great moment for a trip to a neat and orderly destination where he’ll feel safe to emotionally open up.

The second week of August puts the Capricorn man in a very dark mood, he will need someone grounded yet cheerful and reasonable who will be able to pull him out of his Plutonic rut. This is an excellent week for cozying up in a cabin deep in the mountains, for hushed lights, and staying in bed.

The third week of August should be reserved for cosplaying, DnD sessions, and binge-watching heartfelt and inspiring movies with strong, positive messages. The Capricorn man’s mindset is much clearer and lighter during this week, and even his daily tasks won’t be able to put a damper on it.

The fourth week should be reserved for career and work-related development, as well as a beginning of a vacation that will take him to a faraway, exotic destination. The Capricorn man should make a wish (and an offering) in a Buddhist or Shinto temple during this New Moon on the 27th for he has a big chance of making that wish come true…

Looking Into The Mirror

During the first week of this scorching month, the Capricorn man is focused on his friends and the inner workings of his mind. He is contemplative and plans are being devised for his future.

But, at the same time, his fifth house of pleasure and romance is very active, overactive one could say, now. Pregnancy is very possible right now, so if that is not in thy plans, I advise super-safe contraceptive methods and means to be used.

His mood is focused on the past during this period, he is thinking of some past mistakes and failures, and he is revising what went wrong so that the same things can never go wrong again.

Your Capricorn man might not be the most exciting and fun company at the moment, but he is stable, loyal, and dedicated. His mood has nothing to do with the top qualities that set him apart from the rest.

This is also a very good time for emotional breakthroughs, openness, and travel. If you go to a new and exciting destination, you might get a much more fun and emotionally open version of him at this point in time. Think about it…

A Full Moon And Head Full Of Worries…

During the second week of August, the Capricorn man’s mood will turn pretty gloom and doom thanks to the Moon conjunct Retrograde Pluto in his first house, and then Retrograde Saturn in his second house when it’ll become Full and make a mighty opposition with the Sun in Leo, his eighth house of intimacy and partner’s money.

This week, the Capricorn man is in need of a lightening up and someone who can take his mind off very serious and dark matters. His lover or partner and some very romantic sex can do just that. It’s a good time for sparkly dates and destinations that offer warm and hushed lighting.

The Capricorn man is in need of coziness right now, and it’ll do him good if he feels emotionally safe and secure. He’s a workaholic, so he doesn’t know what it means to stay in bed, but it’ll be a good idea if he stayed in bed a bit more during this week, and he cut himself some slack.

It’s also a good time to plan a short trip to the mountains and to stay up in some of the cabins with a spectacular view and a hot tub.

Ready For An Adventure!

During the third week of August, the Capricorn man’s mood lightens up, and he is actually in a very romantic mindset. He wants to share important, yet simple moments with his fair maiden, and he wants to make some D’n’D style, fantasy settings, and moods to show his thanks for getting him out of a rut during the Full Moon phase.

It’s a great time to spend it playing board games, binge-watching fantasy movies (like an extended version of LotR), and cooking by following recipes on the 18th-century cooking YouTube channel.

Your Capricorn guy will be asked to focus on his work towards the end of the third week, sure, but his mind will be much clearer and lighter, and he will be able to finish all the tasks without additional pressure and anxiety.

It’s a positive and laid-back week. The Capricorn man should enjoy it and spend as much time as possible with his lover or partner, although his domestic matters will try and take a portion of his valuable time, as well.

Lady Luck

During the fourth and final week of August, the Capricorn man will receive a streak of luck where his physical appearance and stamina are concerned. This week, his work and career are going to take a lot of focus from him.

Mars has moved to Gemini and Mercury has moved to Libra, they’re making a fine trine, and although Saturn remains Retrograde in Aquarius affecting his financial mindset, the Capricorn man is ready and capable to make significant progress at work and in his career, as well as his public image.

Now is a perfect time to start a long-overdue and deserved vacation, especially if the destination is somewhere exotic and unique.

This is a perfect moment for the Capricorn man to make a wish, and to start implementing the necessary steps in order to make his vision into reality. It’s also a very fine time for all kinds of intimate flirting and sensual pleasures.

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Final Thoughts

The Capricorn man will have a much more difficult time during this month than the rest of the signs, and his moods will take a turn for the worse around the Full Moon on the 12th. The saving grace, during August for him, lies in travel, fantasy-oriented hobbies, and cuddling.

Also nature, he should spend as much as possible time in nature, surrounded by natural peace and quiet, birds, animals, and other beings that dwell far away from “civilized” areas.

The Capricorn man has a lot of potential to open up emotionally during this month, so make sure to give him enough encouragement and space in order to do so. He’s more likely to open up in a natural setting rather than in busy, overcrowded surroundings.

Some of these moods, benefits, and changes are going to feel different for individuals than I have explained here. While generally accurate, these predictions don’t reflect the entire depth of information found within your partner’s Birth Chart and your own.

I noticed this and saw a perfect opportunity to bond more with my readers. As a result, I created the VIP Consultation service for my readers who desire one on one consultations with me. It’s a way for me to get to know you and for you to gain personalized insight into your relationship.

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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