Capricorn Man Predictions For July 2022

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Hello, my lovelies, how are you? How was June? Are you ready for July? Hop right in and see what awaits the Capricorn man in this hot summer month of July. 

Hello, my lovelies, how are you? How was June? Are you ready for July? Hop right in and see what awaits the Capricorn man in this hot summer month.

The Capricorn man will be drawn to the past and his past mistakes and failures thanks to both Saturn and Pluto being Retrograde. The good news is that both his fifth and seventh houses are lit up nicely, so it’s a good time to exercise positivity and enthusiasm about life and past successes.

The second week of July is going to get rough and tense for the Capricorn man, thanks to the Full Moon taking place in his first house of self. The topics that arise now are going to make it very challenging for him.

He’s going to feel this lunation the most (aside from the Cancer man), and thus, he’ll need a lot of help and support in overcoming the lessons and challenges that his lunation brings. The difficult thing here is that the Capricorn man hates asking for help, so try your best to give it to him even if he seems or acts reluctantly.

The third week brings a nice change of pace and a nice change in the Capricorn man’s mood. It’s a perfect time to spend money yourselves and to have fun while doing it.

The fourth and final week brings blessings along with the New Moon in Leo, as well as creative flows and juices. It’s a perfect week to plan a new activity and to be daring and bold, especially where intimacy and sex are concerned.

Who Am I, What Is This?

The Capricorn man will be drawn to the past during the first week of July, thanks to both Pluto and Saturn being Retrograde. He’ll be plagued by the thoughts of failure and overall feelings of mediocracy. He’ll feel like he didn’t achieve enough, and his goals might seem unattainable or very hard to reach.

But his fifth and seventh houses will say otherwise. There’s a good vibe within these houses thanks to overflowing planetary activity, so the Capricorn man will have a chance to focus on things that really matter – love, romance, and relationships with other people.

This is a very potent time for him to realize the achievements and successes he’s had thus far. And his partner or love interest will help him in realizing this. It’s a great time to discuss each other’s accomplishments and to be an inspiration to each other for further success and development.

He might feel overly emotional right now, but as always, he’ll struggle in order to find a way to express all of that. This is why he’ll need a little nudge out of the door so that he may find the courage and the words to say what he truly thinks and feels. Be that little nudge for him!

This Life… It Gets Old Really Fast

The second of July week gets a little tricky for the Capricorn man due to the upcoming Full Moon. The energies are building up, and he’s feeling less and less enthusiastic and talkative, and more and more tired.

The Full Moon takes place in his first house, and it conjuncts Pluto Retrograde, whilst opposing the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, his seventh house. This will illuminate topics like self-worth and self-love for him, as well as bring up doubts such as “am I worthy of my partner?” and “am I providing enough in this relationship?”

This is why this second week of July is a great time to remind the Capricorn man of his true worth and of everything he does not only for you but also for his subordinates, coworkers, and people who rely on him.

This week is going to take a lot out of him, so it’s very important to be there for him and to be his pillar, unless the friction between the two of you gets so high and rough that you need to take a step back. If that happens, just know that the third and fourth weeks’ energies are going to ease up and get milder the more time passes from the Full Moon.

I’ve Got This, I Can Do It…

The third week of July puts a nice vibe in the Capricorn man’s head, especially when romance and fun are concerned. The Capricorn man will feel much better than during the second week of the month, and he’ll feel more mature. This means that he’ll be ready to openly speak about what ails him, and he’ll want to have more fun and unwind.

This is a great time for sudden dates, surprises, and hedonistic romance as the Moon ties and mixes Martian energies in his fifth house. The Sun and Venus are still illuminating his seventh house of love and partnerships, and Mercury has already passed into Leo, which means that he will be braver when it comes to his sexual and romantic expression.

This is a great week for the Capricorn man’s mood and overall mental state. He will feel energized, rested, and talkative about his inner workings and emotions. He might even find a creative and grandiose way of expressing them, which will be a very nice change of pace for him and his loved ones.

This third week of July is a great time to be creative in love and to be brave to try out new things and follow one’s ideas. It’s also a great time to get a tattoo, buy a new car, and spend some money on indulging yourself. Unlike the Sagittarius man who always struggles with keeping money, what is all that (saved) money good for, if the Capricorn man never spends it?

Sunrise Express

The fourth and final week of July brings forth nice changes to the Capricorn man’s sexual and intimate life, as well as some gains from his (ex) partner’s money. He will feel (and think) more creatively, his head will be brimming with ideas, and he will be ready to start something new, come the New Moon in Leo.

This is a perfect opportunity to exchange your inner landscape with each other, to share your emotions, and to share your emotional burdens if there are any. This week will ask the Capricorn man to be kinder and more empathetic, and he will try his best.

It’s a good time to go on a vacation together, to try something new, creative, and daring, and to celebrate the New Moon in Leo by trying out something new in bed that you’ve never tried before.

This final week will leave the Capricorn man with a sweet taste in his mouth, and it will recharge him for the days to come. It’s very important for him to be enthusiastic and let his creative juices flow during this time.

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Final Thoughts

This month is going to be rocky for the Capricorn man’s personal feelings and ideas of grandeur. This is why his limiting beliefs will be tested and broken, so that he may grow further and with greater ease.

This month brings a lot of dating and romantic opportunities, so, it’s a very good idea to spend time living out your creative impulses and sharing your visions with each other without any breaks.

The third and the fourth weeks are meant for you not to hold back, but to be completely honest and direct with each other. Even if you run into a couple of bumps in the road, you’ll find your way out of it, and you’ll manage to find the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Just trust and believe in yourself.

Some of these transits are going to feel different for individuals than I have explained here. While generally accurate, these predictions don’t reflect the entire depth of information found within your partner or love interest’s Birth Chart.

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