How to Attract a Capricorn Man in April 2020

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Capricorn man in April 2020? The planets change every month, events in April might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Capricorn man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of a Capricorn man or improve your relationship with one in April 2020.

Attracting a Capricorn Man in April 2020

1. Be His Peace 

Whether he tells you or not, April 2020 is a month of active rest and preparation for the Capricorn man and his relationships.

As a cardinal earth sign, the Capricorn man is naturally patient, responsible, and practical. But with the transit Sun in Aries highlighting his third house of home, family, and emotional security, the Capricorn Man may be moodier, more impatient, and more aggressive than usual.

In astrology, the Sun says a lot about what the Capricorn man wants to experience and achieve on an external level.

The Sun shows us things like how other people see him, how he experiences life, how he expresses his personality, and what his current focus is at the moment.

During this transit, the Capricorn man is focused on his future, and this may cause him to be more worrisome or anxious. 

For this reason, he is most attracted to a woman who is grounded, peaceful, and nurturing.

If you don’t want to push him away, you should find helpful ways to calm him and take his mind off of stress.

Some of my favorite things to do for the stressed Capricorn man are giving him a sensual body massage, preparing him a hearty home-cooked meal, and introducing him to relaxing techniques like meditation and yoga.

If you want to get outdoors, try lounging on the back porch, going for a dip in the neighborhood pool, or quietly riding your bike through the local park—anything that stills him and makes him feel comforted.

If he’s saying mean things or acting erratic, try not to take it personally. The impulsive energy of the Sun in Aries can influence the Capricorn Man to be more quick-tempered and argumentative.

Instead of lashing out, hug him.

If you can overlook his impulsive behavior at the beginning of the month, you may notice a change in his mood and behavior by the end of April, especially once the Sun enters Taurus on April 19.

Attracting A Capricorn Man In April 2020

2. Stimulate His Mind

With transit Venus in Gemini highlighting his sixth house of daily routines and health, you may find the Capricorn man more talkative and introspective than usual.

In astrology, Venus teaches us a lot about what the Capricorn man will want and need in a relationship.

Venus tells us what he likes, the way he approaches relationships, the way he gives and receives affection, the type of woman he is attracted to, and his emotional relationship to material possessions and money.

Venus in Gemini’s airy influence encourages him to be more open to a long-lasting mental connection.

If possible, it may be nice to ease him away from work and host a quiet night with close friends or family. You could suggest thought-provoking games like Charades or Loaded Questions.

If you would like to do something more private, do a DIY project for his job or home. He will enjoy chatting with you while solving a problem.

The sixth house also rules health, so this may be the perfect time to get in the kitchen and practice making healthy meals together. He will enjoy admiring you and watching you cook!

I know it can be hard to read the Capricorn man because of his naturally reserved nature, but doing simple things to stimulate him mentally will help build your connection in April 2020.

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3. Connect on an Emotional Level  

In astrology, Mercury says a lot about how the Capricorn man processes, receives, and sends information on an internal and external level.

Mercury shows us things like how he expresses his emotions, how he processes thoughts, how he perceives life, and what he wants to communicate to the world at the current moment.

With Mercury in Aries highlighting his fourth house of psychological roots and heritage until April 27, the Capricorn man may be more introspective, reserved, and private than usual.

Naturally, the Capricorn man is cold, contained, and well-put-together, so getting him to express his emotions is never easy.

But with Mercury in Aries encouraging him to uncover the familial patterns of his past so he can build the family and home environment he wants for his future, this is a great time to work on your emotional connection as a couple.

Doing things like spending more time at each other’s homes, talking about your ideal marriage and family, sharing childhood memories and family photos, looking up your ancestry, and maybe even taking a small staycation together is attractive to the Capricorn man.

He may not always show it, but the Capricorn man has strong values for marriage and parenthood. Naturally, he tends to take those two things seriously.

If you find that he is acting more distant, cold, or snappish with you than usual, remind him that you are his friend and not his enemy.

Just remember that his earthy energy takes things slow and steady; he needs time to build an emotional connection. Reminding yourself this will help with attracting a Capricorn man in April 2020.

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Capricorn Man In April

4. Show Him Something New 

In relationships, Mars represents how the Capricorn man desires affection and sex and how he will respond to the expectations set by his Venus.

With transit Mars in Aquarius highlighting his second house of sensuality and fulfillment, the Capricorn man may act more unemotional, idealistic, and free-thinking than usual.

With transit Mars in his second house, this is the best time for you to uncover your true self and show him something new.

With Aquarius being a fixed air sign, it may be best to suggest intellectual activities that involve social justice, technology, and the arts.

The second house also rules material assets and investments, so this is an excellent time to expose him to new methods of income, social connections, or trade.

Sexually, the influence of thought-driven Mars in Aquarius arouses the Capricorn man’s love for a confident and strong-minded woman.

When Mars is in a communication air sign like Aquarius, make a point to verbally express love and affection. Show him with your words and actions how much he means to you. This will turn him on!

If you take my cues and do as I’ve suggested, I believe there are so many good things to come for you in May. So make sure you stay updated with the blog to see How to Attract a Capricorn Man in May 2020.

Just remember that the Capricorn man is full of secrets, so for you to build and maintain the relationship of your dreams, you need to understand the Capricorn man on a fundamental level.

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Share your experiences in the comments below—I’d love to hear them!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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8 thoughts on “How to Attract a Capricorn Man in April 2020

  1. Hi, it’s been one week that I don’t know from him, he never text, I really don’t know what I did wrong to him, we are in a distance relationship, I think he just leave without telling me.

    1. Hi Viviane!

      Capricorn men pull disappearing acts when they think they need space or time to themselves. It’s not something that is easy to deal with but it’s part of who they are. If you are long distance, he may not like that there is that distance between you. Then again he may really like it because then he can do what he pleases. Either way, I wouldn’t panic just from one week of no contact. I’d message him and ask him why he’s so quiet and that you’d like to hear from him. If he still doesn’t answer you in another week or two then you may want to count your losses and move on from him.

  2. Thank you kindly for sending this, but I’ve changed mind, I realized that maybe he ( Capricorn) isn’t the one. I’m looking for my Soul Mate…….I would Love your guidance on this matter. Who’s my best friend, twin flame and Lover! Take care. I would truly appreciate to know what you think….???xoxo

    1. Hi Angeline!

      Only you will know who your soul mate is or isn’t. I can tell you that you should have your chart looked at and find out what your Mars is. That will tell you the male energy that you are looking for. There may be clues in your 12th house as well as that’s where your soul mate would be revealed IF there is a planet in your natal. Otherwise Mars will be the ticket in telling you what type of guy you should be looking for.

  3. Hi i need some advice..i am in a serious relationship 3 yrs now and I put my relationship in jeopardy because of some really big mistakes i made without even recognising what i was doing until i got caught
    Heres the thing that i did
    There waa this guy that i was friends with back in 2016..he and i just went on 2 dates and he literally took advantage of me on 2 occasions after…he raped me but i never pressed chgs because i blamed myself for putting myself in that situation plus i didnt want anyone to find out.
    When that happened to me i was in a mess but i picked myself up and just walked straight out the door and never turned back. He never tried contacting me either after it happened.
    Lo and behold in 2019 he decides to message me and say hi.
    Now even though i was in a very serious relationship with a guy who literally adores me…i messaged back.
    The reason i did was i saw an opportunity to play him …just wanted to pretend he was still all that
    Now i started replying to his messages and whatsapp..and i never deleted it because i really didnt think what i was doing would come out
    My current boyfriend found the messages and now everything is messed up..he thinks what i wrote is the truth and its how i feel about my ex.
    I know i was playing that guy but my boyfriend does not believe me
    What can i do now to convince him that those messages meant nothing and i was just playing the fool
    Do i deserve to ask my guy to trust me again or is it an unfair thing..i would really love to hear an independent opinion
    Thanks alot

    1. Hi Natasha!

      Alright so you recognize that it was a bad idea to talk to this ex right? If your current boyfriend doesn’t know about what happened to you then you might want to let him know because that may come out also and some men kind of get freaky about it. Some can’t handle it and some get into over protective mode but that’s for him to decide. The other thing is that now that you are talking to the ex, you should probably try to get closure from him and then stop talking to him. Tell your boyfriend you were only trying to get closure. Perhaps he’ll be understanding of this. It’s the only true thing you can do to get out of this situation and try to find healing for not just you but also you and your man that you love. I wish you all the best sweetheart!


    1. Hi Ruth Ann Lavoie!

      I’m glad that you enjoyed reading my material and that you could relate to it a bit. I’m so very sorry to hear that you had deal with all you have and still are. That’s no reason to run out on someone. If he felt he wasn’t strong enough to help you through. He was not able to give you what you’d need from him so he backed out in order for someone else to perhaps get you through it. Bless you sweetheart! I wish you nothing but healing and love going forward!

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