Are You Unknowingly Making Your Capricorn Man Pull Away

The 3 Relationship-Killing Mistakes With A Capricorn Man And How To Easily Avoid Them

Deadly Blunders That Either End Your Relationship Momentarily Or Slowly Make It Seep Away Until There’s Nothing Left… And Proven Ways To Save Your Relationship Even If You Already Made Some Of These Mistakes

Is your Capricorn pulling away for no obvious reason?

Perhaps he’s giving you the cold shoulder or becoming less and less interested in you?

Even if things are going great between you two, you’d be wise to listen to his heartbeats and keep track of the cues that his behavior gives out.

I’m talking about the signals that show how much he’s interested in you.

The trouble with the Capricorn men is that, if you don’t deliver what they expect you to… they can completely give up on you… just like that.

Even if you’re otherwise perfectly compatible, if a Capricorn guy gives up the idea of you two being right for each other… it’s usually the end.

So much in a relationship with a Capricorn guy depends on their “Idea” of whether you two are meant for each other or not.

I’ll explain that in a minute, but right now it’s important to know that they don’t always let their emotions get the best of them. They won’t show that they’re not satisfied.

My clients usually only notice that their Capricorn partners are unhappy with them when it’s almost too late.

Well, we’re gonna fix that because I’m going to reveal to you the two never-before-told-reasons why Capricorn men are like that…

And I’ll also reveal to you the 3 deadliest mistakes women make with the Capricorn men. These mistakes usually completely destroy relationships with the Capricorn guys…

That’s why I’ll show you how to avoid those mistakes… and how to set things right even if you made them.

This is why you should pay close attention to his signals:

Usually, his interest and levels of affection directly mirror your behavior.

I’m not saying that if he’s losing interest, it’s 100% your fault. Actually, it’s not your fault.

9 out of 10 women don’t actually know what they’re doing with their Capricorn men.

Again, it’s not only because 9 of 10 women are clumsy, but because Capricorn is one of the most complicated signs in the Zodiac… 

All these things that I’ll teach you here…

Well, they should have taught us these things in schools, but… no one knew about them.

Here’s one of the first things you should know about relationships with Capricorn guys:

Unless you know exactly what you’re doing with a Capricorn, the general tone of your relationship with him will depend on mere chance.

If the relationship vibe depended on our good intentions, kindness, love, hopes, dreams, and desires, everything would work out perfectly all the time, right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

You see, there are Capricorn friendly behaviors, and there are Capricorn deadly mistakes that can completely ruin your relationship with him.

The real trouble is that Capricorn doesn’t always communicate openly about these mistakes that you’re maybe making as we speak…

If you said or did something that made him think you’re not compatible, he usually won’t talk about it.

There are two little known reasons why even the most rational and open to discussion Capricorn men won’t tell you that you’re stepping over his affection.

  • The first reason is that sometimes Capricorn men are not fully conscious of why their feelings for you are growing numb.
  • Even when they’re fully aware of what makes them pull back, they don’t want to reveal their reasons to you. They want you to comprehend everything on your own… and act accordingly of course!

It’s a bit unfair, I know, but I implore you not to blame them for it. It’s simply their Capricorn nature.

I want you to fully understand what’s going on in his mind so I’ll reveal to you one of the most carefully guarded secrets of the Capricorn men.

The Secret Cause Of Ebb In Capricorn Man’s Affection

Remember when I told you about how a lot of it depends on their ideas.

This is what’s so troublesome with the Capricorn guys:

In their minds, Capricorn men have this vague notion of an ideal woman.

They think that the only one who’s right for them is someone who matches their innate expectations.

The trouble is that, no matter how psychoanalytic they get, they’re mostly unconscious of their own archetypal expectations.

If you asked them to explain their criteria, 95% of them wouldn’t be able to…

They usually only know when their criteria are met… or when they aren’t satisfied.

Even then, they react to it emotionally…

… either by opening up to you and bonding…

… or by pulling away, growing cold and turning their back on you

Now I know what you’re wondering.

Why did I say that 95% of them can’t explain their criteria? What happens with the remaining 5%, right?

They don’t want to disclose the criteria!

If they show you how to pass their tests, the tests become invalid.

They don’t want to help you cheat them into thinking you’re The One… They want you to be The One!

The Only One who can pass their unconscious qualifications and prove herself to be worthy to take her rightful place beside him.

I know that the word “qualifications” sounds harsh.

No one enjoys being tested…

And yes, they ARE testing you…

But don’t worry.

That doesn’t mean you should become anxious about it or feel like you’re walking through a minefield.

You’ll only have to carefully read what I’ll reveal to you.

I plan on giving you a blueprint of the minefield where I’ve marked the location of every mine so that you could avoid blowing up your chances of going steady with a Capricorn man.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that if you step on a mine, it’s always an explosion that follows.

The minefield’s just a metaphor.

Sometimes, when you make a mistake with the Capricorn guys, there’s no blast at all.

Instead, the shot’s being fired with a silencer.

Capricorn usually just… get disappointed and silently give up on you, that’s all.

To make it even worse…

The more time it takes you to notice that they’re giving up, the fewer chances you have of ever getting them back…

But don’t worry.

I’m going to teach you how to avoid the 3 most deadly traps and how to quickly rectify if you made a mistake.

Now that you know how and why their discriminative trials work, let me give you some heads up on the locations of those 3 most deadly mines… and how to disarm them.

Capricorn deadly mistake #1 - showing signs of egoism

Let’s get our terminology straight here.

Egoism means being obsessed with oneself and egotism is thinking that you’re better than others. Neither one goes well with the Capricorn guys!

The irony here is that it often happens that they’re the ones who are egoistic, egotistic… or both.

Well, you know the saying: There can be only one.

The thing is that they have an innate contempt for selfish people so…

Even if you are not selfish, pay close attention to how much of your conversation revolves around your interests and how much thought you’re giving to what they NEED to hear or talk about.

Luckily, this mistake is easily rectified.

For example: if your conversation revolved around you for the last 30 minutes… or if you were the only one to talk…

Just quickly flip the script and listen to him at least as much as he listened to you.

If you notice him losing interest, you can also display signs of altruism and selflessness.

Give someone something for free. It doesn’t have to be anything material. Just try your best to make someone feel good… preferably your Capricorn interest.

And make sure that he notices your altruism… but don’t let him think that you’re showing off.

Capricorn fatal error #2 – Being Overly Critical 

There’s a fine line between critique and criticism.

Instead of being constructive and proactive, criticism is rather deconstructive, passive, and focused on the negative.

No matter your intentions, if you criticize too much, you’re bound to inject your relationship with a lethal dose of negativity.

Even if your Capricorn interest is used to a certain amount of gloom, there’s just so much negativity that Capricorn will tolerate before he starts avoiding the source of negativity (you).

Even the innately negative people avoid other people who’re like them.

That’s because negativity is detrimental in greater dosages and our souls are just not designed to harbor such poison.

Mind your discharge, otherwise, your Capricorn man might think of you as nagging.

Even if you nag for a reason, or with the best intention in mind, just pay attention to how often you do it.

There’s a simple way to make it right, even if you’ve gone too far. Say you’re sorry and explain how you’re completely aware that you were unbearable.

Promise to him and to yourself that you’ll take a constructive stance from thereon.

* By the way, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be critically aware!

Capricorn LOVE IT when you have your opinion and when you’re proactive about it.

Capricorn Deadly Pitfall #3 – Turning Your Relationship Into A Power Struggle

This one is a sure way of shooting yourself in the foot.

Perhaps you’ve heard that you should give some resistance to Capricorn assertion.

After all, a woman shouldn’t give herself fully without proper strife from her suitor…

Perhaps you think that you’ll seduce him by teasing him and not giving in…

Nothing wrong with those things, but don’t make a habit out of it and definitely don’t let it go too far.

Remember that it’s only a game while he likes it.

Tease too much or defy him out of sheer whim… and make no mistake about it… he’ll think of you as manipulative.

Needless to say, it’s a BIG No-No with the Capricorn guys!

They’re really sensitive to that and it’s a sure way for you to drive them away for good.

If you came off as manipulative and power-hungry, make sure to reward him by submitting and letting him assert dominance for a while.

He needs to see that your relationship has friction, but remember this:  

Relationships are ultimately about love more than they’re about vain questions such as who tops who.

Such vanity can only drain relationship with the Capricorn guys, trust me, I know.

How do I know all these things? 

I’ve spent these few decades counseling and helping women like yourself find, attract, and keep their soul mates.

Other than that, I’ve dug deep into the very essence of the 4000-year-old science of astrology as well as applied psychology.

I’ve helped more than a thousand women maintain a stable long-term relationship or marriage with a Capricorn.

Before I managed to unearth all these secrets about the Capricorn guys’ inner workings, many of the women I knew, ended up hurt, rejected, or forlorn by Capricorn guys…

That was before I dwelled deep into the mysteries of astrology and Capricorn psychology.

I had friends who made these mistakes and by the time they realized it…

… their partner had already been drifting far from their reach.

Some of my friends who sought my advice managed to get their Capricorn partners back in their loving embrace… even years after they broke up… but it wasn’t easy.  

It’s a much safer bet to prevent the maladies of a break up than to cure the wounds you unwillingly inflict on your relationship.

That’s why I want you to use these simple solutions that I’ve just disclosed to you.

Avoid making these mistakes, and if you somehow do make them, apply the mentioned therapy ASAP.

The sooner you apply it, the better it will work… but remember… prevention beats even the best cure in the world.

There’s so much more that I want to teach you and that you need to know about Capricorn guys.

If you want to ensure that your relationship survives and thrives, there are 7 more hurdles that you’ll have to know how to overcome.

There are some deadly Capricorn mistakes that I can’t talk about her.

However, if you’re an aspiring Capricorn lover who wants to know how to steer clear of the minefields and disarm the bombs under your feet…

I have a collection of blueprints to share with you.

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I present to you:

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It’s my aim to make you skilled at attracting and keeping a Capricorn guy. I want you to be able to apply these relationship-saving techniques because Capricorn is such a worthy prize when you tame him.

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Make sure to let me know how much you’ve learned about Capricorn and share the results with the rest of our sisters.

P. S. I forgot to tell you about a trick that will help you reveal whether you’ve already failed one of his tests.

No matter how much he likes you and/or loves you, there are things he just can’t get over… and he’ll never tell you what these things are.

However, if you want to check whether you triggered the alarm or you’re in the clear… just look him straight in the eyes and ask him this:

“Honey, I want you to tell me something 100% honestly. It’s really important that you do, ok? Have I done or failed to do something… that made you upset?”

If he starts fidgeting or tells you that you have done something trivial, but that it doesn’t matter, that means that the alarm went off.

You’ll find a way to diffuse the bomb inside my book.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

P. S. If there’s one thing I want you to get from this letter it’s to remember to always make it about him. My book teaches you an array of special ways to do just that… and when you make it about him, he will make it all about you, trust me on that.

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