11 Warning Signs A Capricorn Man Is Playing You

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Do you constantly ask yourself “Is my Capricorn man just using me?” If yes, then here are some warning signs a Capricorn man is playing you.

Capricorn men have this reputation of being stable and security orientated in their relationships, but is this actually the truth? You might be wondering what are the signs a Capricorn man is playing you and what you can do about it. 

It isn’t always easy to say with Capricorn men because they are often so focused on being successful and working on their careers that perhaps the Capricorn man just wants to hook up because that is all he has time for in his busy schedule. 

So do Capricorn men sleep around? Is sleeping with a Capricorn man too soon a bad thing? Well, this all depends on your specific Capricorn man. But if you are curious to find out what the warning signs are a Capricorn man is playing you are, then keep on reading to find out more.

Do Capricorn Men Sleep Around? Are They Players?

The Capricorn man womanizer is the type of Capricorn man most women should fear. This guy is so power hungry and yearning for success that he ends up treating people very badly on the way to the top, and this includes the women he sleeps with. 

However, this particular brand of Capricorn man is definitely few and far between. Most Capricorn men are quite solid and are yearning for a serious and long-term commitment. These guys actually want to settle down and start a family. 

But of course, there are a few Capricorn man players who ruin the reputation of all other Capricorn men. These guys sleep around and are definitely players, however, this isn’t the norm and not something you should be too concerned about. 

If you have a suspicion that your Capricorn man is a player, then he probably is because it is important that you trust your instincts, but of course, innocent until proven guilty!

Will Sleeping With A Capricorn Man Too Soon Ruin Your Shot At Love?

No, please don’t think that sleeping with a Capricorn man too soon will ruin your shot at love with him. That puts a lot of pressure on you and you don’t need that when you’re supposed to be having fun and enjoying yourself with your Capricorn man. 

However, I do suggest you wait to sleep with any man. It is important that you choose to be with someone who values you and sees your worth before sharing this part of yourself with him. There is nothing wrong with waiting, and there is nothing wrong with sleeping with him soon. 

Trust your instincts and what feels right and appropriate for you at the moment. Try to relax and enjoy this dating thing. It needs to be fun and easy. Love yourself first and foremost!

7 Clear Signs A Capricorn Man Is Playing You

1. Doesn’t Include You

When a Capricorn engages with a woman, he is like any other man. He either wants to find love or he’s playing around until he does find the right woman. That being said, he’s similar to the other guys I’ve talked about before.

Typically a Capricorn man includes the woman he’s into with his friends, co-workers, etc. He’ll want her to be part of his life thus being able to go out and spend time with others.

If he isn’t doing this with you, he’s likely either not ready to get to that level or he’s playing you, though Capricorn is one that will actually tell you flat out if he’s into a relationship or just wants to be “friends”.

Remember, this man has a set of morals of his own that he follows. That often means being honest with the woman he’s playing around with or is trying to bond with. Pay attention to his actions where his words aren’t and you should be able to figure out what is what.

2. Introduces You As His Friend

If a Capricorn man doesn’t have any intention of making an actual relationship with you, he’ll introduce you as his friend if you two happen to be out and bump into people he knows.

He won’t go out of his way to take you around his friends but if they happen to show up or you run into them, you’re his friend. Hearing that should actually ring a bell for you thus letting you know where his head is at.

Any man that introduces a woman he’s seeing as “a friend” is either not really ready for an actual relationship, he’s not ready to explain it, or he’s just a “friend with benefits” with her.

Watch out for any guy that claims that you’re his friend. In fact, if he says this, you should ask him what he thinks you two are and where he sees it going. At that point, he will either tell you he isn’t ready or he sees you as a friend he spends time with.

3. Won’t Tell You Anything

As with other men, Capricorn man is no different when it comes to opening up and talking. Capricorn man won’t open up unless he feels secure with the person he’s with. That takes time for him.

Here’s more on how to get a Capricorn man to open up and share his true feelings with you <<

A Capricorn man is a slow mover when it comes to making a dating situation become more serious. He wants to be absolutely sure he’s making the right choices. That being said, he will refrain from telling a woman his deepest darkest secrets.

When he’s using someone or playing around, he won’t tell her anything personal. She will be lucky if she even can find out what he does for a living or what his zodiac sign is. He will keep most information from her.

He doesn’t want a temporary person to know anything about his life, what he does, or what he wants. It’s none of her business really. That’s how he sees it and so if you find yourself in this situation, you’re probably being played

4. Romance Doesn’t Exist

If your Capricorn guy isn’t romancing you and making you feel important to his life, he’s not really with you. When a Capricorn man is into someone, he will actually spend time making her feel special.

He will buy her nice things, take her nice places, and have some really intimate conversations of the non-sexual variety. These are things he will do with a woman he’s actually thinking of being with.

When Capricorn is away from someone he’s only having sex with or spending an occasional fling here or there with, he’s not going to spend much time getting to know her or letting her get to know him.

He’ll keep the conversation very limited and will not hint at things becoming more than what they are. In fact, you’ll find that he’s rather cold and unresponsive to you trying to be romantic with him.

5. Can’t Break Through

If you’re investing much of your heart and time in a Capricorn man who is very cold to you, he’s not into being more. It’s that simple. He’ll be happy to see you from time to time but nothing more.

Sex is something that he’ll do but he’ll detach himself emotionally so that he doesn’t get any feelings for the person he’s with. Capricorn men don’t do this very often though.

Normally a Capricorn man only wants to engage in sex with someone that means something to him or that he feels COULD mean something to him. However, he’s still a man, and that makes him bend the rules from time to time.

When you keep trying and trying to show him how much you care and are getting nothing in response, you should probably move on because he’s not interested in forming more of a bond with you.

Check here for the telltale signs a Capricorn man is not interested in you <<

It’s a very heartless feeling you get from him when he’s not “there” with you. He could be sitting right next to you yet be a million miles away. It’s likely he just wants to have sex and relieve his boredom.

That doesn’t sound very romantic right? It’s because it’s not. He’s straightforward in his primal needs and will seek love elsewhere when he’s just playing someone. He’ll also say things that sound really messed up at times.

6. There Is Little To No Communication

The Capricorn man by nature isn’t the chattiest or most talkative sign in the Zodiac. But, when a Capricorn man likes someone and is interested in her, he definitely makes the effort to keep the lines of communication open with her. 

One of the biggest signs that a Capricorn man is playing you is that he will disappear for days on end or not respond to you when you reach out to him. He simply cuts the flow of communication between the two of you to make it difficult to get ahold of him.

A Capricorn man is usually very good at scheduling time for the things that are important to him and if he was more serious about you then he would likely be contacting you more regularly to even just check in with how you are. 

He takes his relationships and romances very seriously, so when there is little to no effort from his side then there is a very good chance that your Capricorn man is just playing you and only wants a hook up. 

7. You Can’t Rely On Him

One of the best qualities a Capricorn man usually has is how reliable and dependable he is by nature. He is one of those people who will show up whenever you need him to. He isn’t flaky usually. 

However, if you have noticed that it is tough for you to rely on your Capricorn man, chances are good that he doesn’t really see you as someone he can be serious about. Your Capricorn man is probably just playing you.

If he promises to support you in something one moment and then never ends up doing it, then he probably isn’t very serious about you in the first place. Capricorn men always keep their promises and when they don’t, it is a problem. 

You need to be able to rely on him and see him as a dependable force in your life. If you can’t, what is even the point? Don’t let this guy mess you around! You deserve someone who can show up for you!

If you have had enough of dealing with his going hot and cold behavior, I strongly recommend checking out my 30-day Capricorn Man Love Challenge… It will set you on the right path with your Capricorn guy.

When A Capricorn Man Just Wants To Hook Up (More Warning Signs He Is Using You)

8. He Doesn’t Get Jealous

When a Capricorn man just wants to hook up, he rarely gets attached to the woman he is sleeping with and this also means that he never gets jealous because the truth is, he doesn’t actually care. 

Capricorn men can be quite hard and emotionally unavailable. They will do whatever they can to keep people out, it is their defense mechanism and what keeps them feeling like they are in control and the one with all the power. 

If you notice that it seems like your Capricorn man doesn’t really care if you spend time with other men, the chances are he is probably just using you. Jealousy is often an indicator that a man has at least some kind of feelings towards you. So if he isn’t showing it, then he’s probably just in it for the fun.

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9. You Only Hear From Him When He Wants To Hook Up

Capricorn men are very efficient and don’t waste their time faffing around. When they want something they will go for it without hesitation. This is why you might only hear from your Capricorn man when he wants to hook up. 

It should then be very clear to you that a Capricorn man is using you. If you don’t hear from him any other time then chances are good that he is using you, unfortunately. This may hurt a lot especially if you have feelings for him and it feels like you can’t get more from him. 

I think this is a very clear sign that your Capricorn man expects nothing more from this connection than hooking up. If you want something more with him you are going to have to put in some boundaries otherwise he is going to continue using you.

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10. He Won’t Meet With You In Public

Something fishy is going on if you have noticed that your Capricorn man only spends time with you at your place or his. Although Capricorn men are quite secretive and private when it comes to their relationships they will still go out for dinners or other activities. 

If you’re never going out with your Capricorn man then there is a good chance that he might feel ashamed by the connection he has with you and this is why the two of you never end up doing anything in public. 

You can tell him how this makes you feel, perhaps he just thinks that this is something you want. If he seems to not care that he never takes you anywhere then there is a good chance that your Capricorn man is playing you or just using you for sex.

11. He Acts Secretive

As I have mentioned before, Capricorn men by nature are very secretive and they like to keep things very private in their life as a rule. However, if you notice that your Capricorn man is acting even more secretive than usual then chances are good that he is just using you. 

You may notice him acting weird with his phone, like stepping out to make phone calls, or getting weird when you glance at his screen. He may also not want to reveal his plans or tell you what he is doing later. 

This suspicious behavior is definitely something you need to look out for you in your connection. He may be stringing you along or involved with someone else. When a Capricorn man is playing you, he will often act very secretive and sly.

Watch the video below for some more insights on Capricorn man when he is playing you:

What To Do When A Capricorn Man Is Just Using You For Sex

When a Capricorn man only wants sex it can be pretty heartbreaking, especially when you want something more from him. You’ve probably read time and time again that Capricorn men like to settle down and have serious relationships, but many of them are players until they meet the right woman. 

It is very possible that your Capricorn man doesn’t see you as a serious prospect and this is why he is just using you for sex. If you want this to change then you are probably going to have to stop sleeping with him. 

Be open and honest about how you are feeling to him. Trust me, games and manipulation don’t work that well on these guys. He will appreciate you being honest with him more than you playing games with him.

Just be straight and tell him that you realized that you have feelings for him and that you would like to have something serious with him. It is also very important that you stop sleeping with him as this will make him believe that he still has access to you. Don’t give him the benefits of commitment without the commitment.

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FAQ On Capricorn Man Womanizer

Are Capricorns Good In Bed?

Capricorns are very good in bed. This is because Capricorn is one of the Earth signs and out of all the signs, Earth signs tend to be the most sensual and physical out of the bunch. Capricorns understand pleasure and what it means to feel good. 

It is very important for them to enjoy themselves when they give themselves a break and this is why they take it to the maximum. Sleeping with a Capricorn man is an unforgettable experience. They also tend to like to take the lead and if you like someone who is a little dominant then you’ll definitely enjoy being with him in bed. 

How Does A Capricorn Treat His Woman?

When a Capricorn man commits to a woman, he really becomes one of the best partners a woman could ever dream of. He is a man with a lot of integrity and he will do absolutely whatever he can to provide a good life for her. 

He takes matters very seriously in all aspects of his life but especially his romantic relationships. This man is a provider and will do whatever he can to make sure that his loved ones live the best kind of life imaginable. 

If you are looking for a relationship with someone who is very reliable and dependable then the Capricorn man is really the best kind of guy out there. His work will always be very important for him as he wants to be a success and make something out of his life.

This may sometimes be quite difficult if you are the partner of a Capricorn man, but if you can start to see that he is acting this way out of love and that he does all this sacrificing for his family, then the two of you may come to a healthy understanding in the relationship. 

Will A Capricorn Man Lead You On?

Capricorn men aren’t typically the type to be players or lead women on as they have many other things they are busy with in their life. These guys are very serious and you can always tell where you stand with them. 

As a rule, Capricorn men are quite straightforward and to the point and you never really have to wonder where you stand with them. Some of them can be a little aloof, so don’t expect passion and fireworks from them that often, but this doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. 

But just remember, there are always exceptions and some Capricorn men are players of course, especially if they have many Sagittarius placements in their charts. You can rely on a Capricorn man to always be upfront and honest.

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Is Your Capricorn Man Distant After Intimacy?

Does your Capricorn man pull away or get quiet when you’ve just had a deep emotional connection? Does he seem to disappear just when you thought he was getting closer? Have you felt confused by his hot and cold behavior?

If so, then he might have an avoidant attachment style.

He could be Dismissive Avoidant and completely terrified of commitment… Or he could be Fearful Avoidant and REALLY want commitment… But get scared when he feels himself getting closer to you.

If he has either one of these attachment styles, you’re going to end up feeling extremely confused at times. And both are caused by childhood trauma.

When you can see the scared little boy inside him that had to shut down his feelings if he’s dismissive avoidant… Or have a parent not provide his needs consistently if he’s fearful avoidant…

It can make it easier to have empathy and compassion for his confusing and frustrating behavior. 

But that won’t fix it.

And while advice on attachment styles can be helpful…

What you really need to stop this frustrating hot and cold cycle is to understand him better.

Thankfully, there is a simple system to TRULY understand how he ticks based on his astrology <<

It will stop him from pulling back when you begin feeling closer. And it will accomplish this in only 30 days.

So no more crying yourself to sleep when he pulls back… No more feeling incredibly confused. And no more wondering what in the heck is going on with him…

Even if he has an avoidant attachment style.

Go here now to turn things around with your Capricorn man in 30 days or less <<



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21 thoughts on “11 Warning Signs A Capricorn Man Is Playing You

  1. This sum everything up down 2 a tee..i guess this is the worse man to date..ive been trying to deal with my capricorn man for so long.. Cause i love him..but this gave me a big insight on him.

    1. Hi Nesha! Actually, Capricorn men aren’t the worst to date. They are complicated and depending on the woman, they may be quite a handful. They do have some redeeming qualities otherwise we wouldn’t fall in love with them. If you’re having issues with your guy, perhaps you should check out my book as it may reveal much more insight on what may be going on, how to handle it, or just give you a better view of who he is.

  2. I’ve been dating a Capricorn man for almost a year now. We are both divorced and I have two kids, he has one. I’ve introduced him to my kidz as a friend for staters . He is resisting to introduce me to his kid. We meet at my place for a few hours and always leaves because he can’t leave the child alone for long(14 yrs girl)
    We have never went out together, when I initiate an outing he always has excuses. He has never taken me out not once. Whenever I insist on going out or visiting him at his place he gets upset.
    I tried ending the relationship but he claims that he loves me and can not accept the end of the relationship,I must give him time to sort things out.
    Is there hope in this , Please HELP!!

    1. Sweetheart He is NOT that into you. My dad is a Cap and this article is spot on! If u haven’t met his child been to his home or taken u oit on great dates, he is not into you. This is a man of action. You believe what they do NOT always what they say. They like control period so if your easily controlled he will hold on to you jist because he can. Don’t waste your time. He will never marry you. Move on.

    2. Hi Tirry, it sounds like your Capricorn man requested what he needs from you which is time and space. It sounds pretty normal that he wouldn’t want you to introduce him to your children or any other family until you two are certain of where things are headed. Capricorn is a slow mover because he needs to be totally certain of what he’s doing and who he is choosing for his potential mate. He probably is trying to guard you and your kids just in case things don’t work for whatever reason. He has high morals and standards. All you can do is exactly as he requested. Be patient and let him figure things out. He may not want you making the suggestions of when to get together. He may want to take the lead on it and if you aren’t allowing him to do it, it makes him feel as though he’s not a real man in this relationship. You probably should check out my book for more information on the Capricorn man as it may help you understand him better. Take a look at “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  3. I was with a Capricorn man for 3 years it was great at first then it switched. I felt it coming so I was somewhat prepared emotionally but then someone close to me passed away I lost my job and became depressed prior to that he stopped doing the little stuff which kind of made me more depressed but somewhat mad inside we had a big argument I left and came back days later and he been talking to a few girls said it didn’t mean anything but he told one of the girls he always wanted to be with her so in my mind there was no point of us being together but he expressed how he wanted me to stay a little down the line he started getting cold towards me and I stopped showing him attention then one day he said he didn’t want to do this anymore we broke up then weeks later he gets with the same girl so my question is was I just something to do while he was waiting for her

    1. Hi Ameena!

      It sounds like your Capricorn guy was making you his second choice or option. You deserve a lot better than that honey. If he’s willing to leave you during a time where you really needed him then he’s not worth your effort. A Capricorn man in love will stand by your side and do everything he can to make you feel safe and cared for. Keep on your search and make sure your heart is open. Someone else is out there that will show you what real love is!

      1. I met a Capricorn man online I’m 34 he is 41. He is a nice guy we have great conversation we are both funny and make each other laugh. We are comfortable with each other I can see him being my Man and I can see me being the Woman for him. We both are go getters and focus ok n work and understand the importance of work him more than me though. I would say I know how to relax from work I feel he needs to be shown how to relax which I have told when we met I feel he has a lot of energy maybe too much or he needs to know when and where to focus it. He is smart and an asshole at the same time and he agrees…I told he we have a love/hate relationship…He says I draw out and repeat everything we have talked about but I told him it’s only because I feel he has not listened and there is many ways to explain something so the person gets it…He hates that…He wants me to get straight to the point and skip all my emotions but I cant because I need to unders tr and where he is coming from and also understand my response…We are lovely when together but when we are apart its WW3. Then back to calm waters when togethe..He acts like he has no emotions but I know he does he shows me..But when he shows me too much i feel he changes to try to confuse me..We have not yet met each others families i dont know when this will happen. OH I forgot to mention him and my son are both capricorns and the names are so similar his Dontaye Lavar my son Deante’ Lavon we found this to be oddly strange and funny.

  4. I was talking to a Capricorn man online I had just came out of a long relationship and told him I was not ready to be dating he said he wanted to meet me as friends anyway I said ok as long as you understand just friends as we had been speaking a lot and he was not leaving me alone he opened up to me about his life.
    When I met him he could not take his hands off me kept touching my face, trying to hold my hand and I would not kiss him so he was pecking me he told me I was better than he imagined.
    He was always texting me and calling me then he started saying he felt ‘meh’ and may need some time alone then said ignore him. He was in a bad space and asked me to come and see him I said ok as friends I don’t want nothing more he took me out round his area we went to a coffee shop he goes to regularly he was touchy feely and kept making references about us together in the future.
    After that meet up he was still in contact he then asked for space for the wk which I gave him When I got back in touch with him he was quite low the corona virus is around and his taking it hard. He then text me to say he had decided to travel an hour and a half to stay in quarantine with his ex who is now like his sister. I really did not get it he then opened up and day by day he seems to be depressed he started not talking to me as much and now I don’t know what to even think anymore I really did start liking him but now I feel messed about.

    1. Hi Paige,

      It sounds like he told you exactly what was going on that he was feeling low and down. At least he was being honest about it. This makes him unsure of what he wants, how he should proceed, etc. Until he figures that out, he cannot really offer you much of anything other than friendship. If you are patient and let him work himself out then perhaps he’ll get back on top and will start trying to form more with you. It’s really up to you though whether or not you’re willing to wait him out. If not then just stay friends and move forward with yourself. Either you’ll meet someone else who is on the same page with you OR he’ll fix himself and come back around. You win whichever way you choose darling!

  5. I have a situation with a Capricorn man. We had a fling two years ago, but it ended on both sides, however we work together and have also remained close friends. I broke up with my boyfriend 4 months ago and my Cappy has been there for me in absolutely everything and helped me get on the right track. This got us very close, I confessed that I like him and he said that he likes me too but that it would be complicated for us to be together and he doesn’t want to hurt me. We’ve been intimate 3 times, he initiated all. He was playful and flirty, but then we had an argument and he went very cold. We’ve worked things out, and I thought that we are just friends again (as he said during the argument) but then we did it once more, he initiated it this time as well. The other day he invited me at his house, very short notice and I went there. We just chilled and had a couple drinks, nothing sexual happened. We still work together and he is very quiet with me even when I try to initiate conversations. I know he has a lot going on in his life. I really don’t understand ? I thought we’d be just friends after the argument and was good with the idea as I want him to be part of my life in any way we can work out but I don’t know how I should interpret him initiating intimacy again, and inviting me to his house (for the first time an official invitation just the two of us). Wa she trying to show me he is not interested in anything more than friends (hence just watching series and having a couple beers)?

    1. Hi Gabby!

      It sounds like he’s looking to have a friends with benefits situation with you. If you aren’t down for that then you need to let him know that you don’t mind being friends but not friends who have sex. Tell him you like him far more than that and until he’s ready then friendship needs to remain just that. It may actually impress him enough to pursue you a bit. If he doesn’t then you aren’t really losing anything. Give it a shot and see what happens!

  6. i am having troubles with my capricorn man i am a scorpio woman, i once cheated and told him but didnt realise that i did because i have a syndrom which took me over. we broke up and he was in a new relationship but but they broke up because of me and we made up back, now i am insecure because i am not sure if he loves me as the first time we met. one time he told me he needed space but it wasnt because of her, i realise he started move strangley so i created a new facebook account and texted him, me mention that he was still in love with the girl and he misses her and i ask him a few question which is based on a SITUATION WITH ME AND ME AND HE WAS LIKE HE DATED GIRL THAT HE DIDNT REALLY LOVE BUT IT WASNT GONNA LAST LONG BECAUSE NHIS MIND IaNsT THEIR but i know it was me… i call him a few days later and ask him if we broke up but he was like what am i talking about. its like hes playing with my emotion…. maybe i just dont know the correct questionn to ask him

    1. Hi keditia!

      It sounds like your situation really requires patience and the allowance of time to heal old wounds. Although I think you should ask him what his deal is. Tell him that you know about the other girl (you don’t have to tell him how) and you need to know if you’re the one for him or if she is because you aren’t going to compete for his love. That way he will tell you whether he wants to stay with you or not. Tell him you don’t have time for games or b.s. Get his attention and the answers you deserve. Want to know more about Capricorn men? Check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets.

  7. Hi I met the bold Capricorn I’m dealing with in 2018. We hung out a couple times and in 2020 we got intimate he isn’t really verbal unless I’m sparking the conversation. We don’t really talk much in between time, on the phone at all and messages sometimes but I usually send the msg first. If I see him out we he always takes up my time as if he is trying to make sure other guys don’t talk to me and kinda acts jealous if I do talk to anyone. He says I’m to friendly (I’ am a libra Sep 23) he always ask me if I’ am dealing with other guys but recently I asked if he is dealing with other girls and he said yea honestly but I didn’t ask how many. He is multiple years younger than me and the last time we hung out he talked more asking me questions about my personal life so that was different. I ended up at a Easter celebration at his moms house unknowing that it was there in tell I got there. He was there we spoke hugged and I went about the day I know his mom already met her when I was younger and he mentioned that she asked about me he told her we have been dealing with each other for a while.. I took it as a good sign him telling he and I have something. I don’t know what to do because the silence in between is to much I want more but I don’t think he is ready.

    1. Hi Raquel!

      The thing that’s bothering me here is that he’s told you he’s talking to other girls after being so jealous about thinking you might be talking to other guys. I wouldn’t feel at all comfortable with that. It’s good you know his mom but he’s the one making the decisions for himself. Why is there silence between you? I think I’d be calling him and asking him what is going on. Tell him that you don’t like the silence and you’d like to be exclusive. You can learn more about how to handle him by reading my books on Capricorn Man Secrets. Don’t sell yourself short.

  8. I’ve been casually seeing a Capricorn man for 3 years. It’s difficult to get time together as he is in the military and he also has children he has on weekends. He goes long periods without talking which is something I’m not happy about but have come to terms that this is just how he is. He has now put in to leave the military and says when he has a normal life it will be easier to spend time together. We have never been on a date or spent any quality time together although he says he wants too. I’ve tried to cut him off many times as I feel I want more but he always manages to get back in touch. He says he genuinely really likes me and thinks about me often. Am I wasting my time or is it worth being patient and seeing if once he has left the military things change?

    1. Hi Deon!

      I would say that if he keeps coming back around like he is then there is something there. Why not trust in it and give it a shot?! I do think patience could help you out. Watch his actions and see if he lines up with his words. He may be someone you can love the rest of your days. Just let him show you sweetheart. If you decide it’s not something you want then you always have the options to call it quits. It’s all up to you. I wish you lots of love and happiness!

  9. I was dating this cap off and on for 2 years. Finally , he’s single and I’ve been over to his apartment 4x’s. He was living with his bm at the time we was dating. Now that she’s out the picture i been at his house. We are good when we together. I met his 3year old son and his family on his father side. But something still puzzles me. The silence, no communication. I always text him first. He text back but it’s so dry to me, he says he loves me, but something missing, I’m love him too l, but at this point i don’t know what to do.

  10. Right now i am so confused with were i stand one minute he days he loves me & makes plans for us and the future
    Then next he goes all cold on me and does not call me
    But communication through social media were as i would prefer a phone call
    Im getting fed up & frausted now

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