What To Do When A Capricorn Man Ignores Your Texts

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are trying to get a hold of your Capricorn man via text message but he’s not responding? What you can do when a Capricorn man ignores your texts?!

A Capricorn man not responding to texts can be so frustrating. You feel like the two of you have a good thing going on, but his inconsistency and impulsivity drive you mad. We’ve all been there when a Capricorn man ignores your texts, it can be so painful.

Why you haven’t heard from Capricorn man in a week? The moment you think you have him hooked, he’s gone off and now he’s ignoring you. It hurts! The dating world can be cruel these days—instant messaging has had an enormous impact on romantic communication, for better and for worse!

As a relationship astrologer, I meet a lot of women feeling lost and uncertain about how to respond when a Capricorn man disappears. It’s hard not to overanalyze every little word and try to guess the tone of his messages.

The truth is, women are just generally better at communication—face to face and online. Most Capricorn men take forever to text back and they just don’t think about how their texts may be affecting you. It’s a skill they’re learning as they go along.

Texting has truly reshaped the landscape of modern relationships, hasn’t it?

According to a Mobile Romance study, it’s fascinating to discover that relationships that start and grow through texts might actually stand a good chance at longevity. It’s somewhat reminiscent of the perplexing scenario when a Capricorn man ignores your text. One day he’s all responsive, and the next, it’s radio silence. Navigating the emotional waters of texting in the realm of romance can be quite the enigma.

So, when your Capricorn guy goes distant, how can you turn it around? How can you reverse the situation without seeming needy? Being chased by a Capricorn man is heavenly, being ignored is not.

Let’s look at signs of why a Capricorn man stopped texting you, why he never texts first and what you can do when a Capricorn man ignores your texts.

The Basics Of Capricorn Man Texting Habits

Capricorn men are quite practical and pragmatic. This is something you really need to remember when it comes to these gentlemen. This is why you will likely notice that a Capricorn man isn’t much of a texter.

He can be quite dry and to the point, and it might be a little difficult for you to see his flirtatious and fun side over text messages. This is because he uses text messages in more of a practical sense than anything else.

He isn’t the type of guy to use text messages to get to know someone; he would much rather do this in person! This is the best way for him to form an opinion about you. Texting is just a point of entry for him, so if he doesn’t respond in the way you like, don’t take it too personally.

Also, bear in mind how serious and ambitious this guy is. He has a lot going on his plate and is likely too busy to be overly concerned about texting, but as you get to know him you are likely to notice him paying you more attention over text, especially if he realizes that this is something important to you!

There is a way how to text a Capricorn man, so if you want to master his texting style and know what the best texts are to send to him, check out my Capricorn Text Magic Guide <<

Everything you could ever want is in this guide. This is the only product out there that will give you all the answers you could ever want when it comes to texting your Capricorn man and making him yours successfully.

A Capricorn Man Not Responding To Texts (5 Main Reasons Why You Haven’t Heard Back From A Capricorn Man)

1. He Is Playing Games With You

Sometimes it’s true that a Capricorn man plays hot and cold game. This will include going silent out of nowhere when everything seems just fine. The Capricorn man sometimes does a disappearing act.

2. He Is Busy With Work

Capricorn men tend to strive for success and financial security for the future. That also means that it’s a top priority for him. Until he has his nest egg built, he will remain this way.

When he’s working overtime or working more than one job, your Capricorn man tends to not respond to your text messages. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you though.

It’s really hard not to take this personally, but this is who he is. Once you realize that he’s super busy with work or projects, you’ll be able to relax when your Capricorn doesn’t text back quickly enough (or sometimes at all).

3. He Might Be Angry Or Upset

When a Capricorn man doesn’t text back, it might be because he is hurt by something you said or he’s angry. If he is upset, you probably want to back off and let him have a bit of space so he can cool off and get his head together.

A Capricorn man is known to be the strong, silent type, so he will go quiet and ignore your texts for sure if being upset with you. He has to think about what has happened and what he wants going forward.

4. He Feels Like You Are Creating Drama

While you’re over there blowing up his phone with texts, he’s looking at how desperate you look and decides to make you sweat it out. He really doesn’t like drama and he doesn’t like feeling pressured in any sort of way.

If you find he isn’t responding to the first couple of texts you send. You need to send one telling him that you’re going to go ahead with your own life and he can reach out when or if he wants.

This lets him know you’re not going to sit around and wait on him. This also lets him know that you have a life and aren’t making him your main priority. This may wake him up.

5. He Is No Longer Interested In You

The other option here is that your Capricorn man has decided that it is over with you. He may have had one too many things happen that he never bothered to discuss with you and decided that he’s done.

Sometimes he will not like something about someone and then suddenly, he decides he doesn’t like anything about them anymore and thus he goes dead quiet.

Again, if a Capricorn man goes quiet, and you have no idea what is going on, back off and let him know that you’re going to go ahead and do your thing and he can feel free to contact you when he’s ready.

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What To Do When A Capricorn Man Disappears After Intimacy

When a Libra man disappears after intimacy it can be absolutely breathtakingly devastating. But you have to understand that there is a side to a Capricorn man that is really afraid of love and being loved. So much so that he will run away at the site of it.

There is a misconception that comes with Capricorn men and that is that they are the sign of commitment and longevity. While this is definitely true, this only happens when a Capricorn is ready to commit.

If your Capricorn man isn’t ready for commitment, then he can cut you off without losing sleep over it. They can be quite cold and heartless like this. This is why I advise you to be careful and think twice before sleeping with a Capricorn man.

You need to make sure that he is truly interested in something deeper with you and not just here for sex. And yes, a lot of Capricorn men are only interested in sex but will make you believe that they want something more.

So, you really need to be careful and protect your heart. Learn here the warning signs a Capricorn man is just using you.

Capricorn Man Disappears And Reappears — Will He Come Back After Disappearing?

Oftentimes, Capricorn men tend to do a bit of a disappearing act. This isn’t always something you need to take personally; sometimes your Capricorn man just needs some space to recenter themselves.

But why does he do this? Well, there could be a variety of reasons for this.

  1. He sees potential in you, but feels like you aren’t ready for a commitment yet, and keeps checking in to see if you are ready.
  2. He might be bored and is looking for someone to entertain him for a bit. This type is always going to disappear again.
  3. He might need some advice about work.
  4. He might feel that the two of you ended on bad terms and he wants to fix it.
  5. He is finally ready to settle down and is open to a commitment with you.

You might wonder “Will an Capricorn man come back after disappearing?” and the answer really depends on your unique situation. If you let him go and just let him be then chances are really good that he will come back.

So, if you have noticed that your Capricorn man has become a bit quiet and aloof, then you don’t have to worry too much for now. Give him the space he needs and be patient, he might make an appearance again.

But if your Capricorn man has decided that he is done with you, then the chances of him coming back are very slim. It all depends on the situation and the specific Capricorn man you are dealing with.

Here’s What To Do When A Capricorn Man Ignores Your Texts

1. Do What Makes You Happy, Stop Focusing On Him

Go do things that make you happy and remember what it was like before you got together with him. You don’t need him. You want him but you don’t NEED him. Rely on yourself and show him that you are independent.

The odds are, if he sees that you’re not sitting around waiting on him to respond, he’s going to step forward again because he feels confident that you aren’t needy or clingy with him.

Ultimately, he wants a woman who has a life outside of him that will take time for herself so that he can take time to take care of his own needs at the very same time. It’s easier for him.

2. Stop Chasing Him, Live For Yourself

Ladies, when a Capricorn man ignores your texts, please don’t chase him! Let him know that you’re there for him but you’re going to take care of yourself. By not constantly trying to elicit a text back, you’re backing off and letting him be.

He’s probably not going to expect you to back off, so when you do, it will be a nice change that he will welcome. He’ll more than likely respond in a positive way as well.

If he doesn’t and he still doesn’t come back around then it’s likely he’s decided you’re not the one for him and he’s not going to put any more energy or time into having a relationship with you.

3. Ask Him About It Directly

If you haven’t heard from a Capricorn man in a week, then you can reach out and ask him directly what is going on. He might appreciate your forwardness, but there is also the chance that he might not respond to you at all.

Be firm but don’t be mean. Simply text him and let him know that when he decides to talk to you again, you’ll be there but you’re going to go ahead and start doing your own thing again.

I’m not saying you should break up with him but in some way, you want him to think that you’re going ahead with your life and not sitting around wasting energy or time waiting on him.

4. Flirt With Other Guys

By opening yourself up to other options and speaking to other men, you might notice that your Capricorn man isn’t that great after all. It is important to realize that there are many fish in the sea and that there are so many guys who would be grateful to be with a wonderful woman like you.

This should help you shift your mindset and help you to focus on yourself! This energy is super powerful!

5. Have A Girl’s Night Out

There is nothing more fun than getting your girls together and having a blast. In this space, you can let your hair down and let loose and forget that there is a Capricorn man ignoring you.

Don’t let his behavior get to you! Enjoy yourself and focus on your own energy. It is so important that you keep your vibe high. Who knows, you might meet someone who is actually worthy of your time and energy!

Your Capricorn Man Will Text You Quickly When You Do This…

It can be so frustrating to send your Capricorn man a text message and see “seen”… But then have no reply for hours or maybe even days.

Why in the world would he do this? Why do Capricorns leave you on read?

You might start feeling anxious or wondering if he even cares at ALL!

Unfortunately, a lot of dating advice written for men in general just WON’T work with Capricorn.

They are wired a bit differently than men of other sun signs. And if you treat your Capricorn man the same as other men, you might lose him forever.

There are so many dating coaches that tell you exactly what to do when you text your man… And what NOT to do.

Unfortunately, their advice can REALLY backfire with a Capricorn.

And there are three specific mistakes you NEVER want to make when texting a Capricorn man <<

I don’t want you to drive him away… Especially when it can be incredibly easy to capture his heart through text messages…

If you know what you are doing!

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

When you know EXACTLY what to text him… and what to NEVER text him… He will be putty in your hands. And he’ll make sure to reply to you quickly and lovingly.

Go check out what I mean here now so you keep him in your life forever.



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59 thoughts on “What To Do When A Capricorn Man Ignores Your Texts

  1. My Husband is a Capricorn with a bipolar diagnosis. I am a Taurus. Been married 6 years with a 4yr old plus my 2 kids from a prior relationship.. When things are good, its amazing and we have the best time. However, usually going out ends with something going awry. I am very bubbly and people naturally come my way, which is unacceptable by him if a male happens to utter any words or glance. Somehow it is my fault. I’ve now learned to be quiet and tame in public. Are Capricorn’s known to appreciate their partners? I bend over backwards as to give thoughtful gifts, housekeeping, cooking, entertaining the kids and am the one who normally works non stop while it is the norm for him to job hop seemingly every couple months, if one is held that long it is.. He seems to really appreciate his friendships and will drop everything for a friend. I feel left on the back burner.. I know he has a good heart in there somewhere. I always say that when our son was born that it was the day the grinch got a heart. He’s an amazing dad to our son and adores him.. It is at the moment his saving grace. I tell him at times when we discuss divorce that he’s a crappy
    stepfather & shitty husband, but he’s a really good dad to his son… When we do get intimate, which is extremely rare these days we have fun and get down and dirty… When I am working, things are smoother as I make a lot more money. However, what I make is our money which he accesses whenever and how often he likes, but his checks are considered his money which he counts multiple times a day and hides, which I am also asked daily with a tone if I have touched it and am the first one looked at if he misplaced it forgetting when he hid it.. Disappearing with no communication or replies has become normal these days with a rebuttal of “We talked about it yesterday.” When at most if it was mentioned it was being satiated as “I might or I’m thinking about going _____”. Being the faithful Taurus that I am, I still try daily to make us happy and sometimes it works and a glimpse of what used to be happens.. Is this normal behavior for a male Capricorn? My mother, sister and daughter are all Capricorn’s and yes there is a little bit of selfishness with them, but nothing in comparison.. Also, all I know is that it is true when they say my sign needs sex, because I keep telling my husband that the non sex issue will be the fastest way to get me headed towards that door.

    1. No sex? That’s pretty odd for a Capricorn man. Anyways, you need to stand up to him. Do not take his crap. Capricorn men appreciate a woman with a backbone and will change things around if they feel they will lose you! Capricorn man is a complicated creator and cheap AF, but they are loving. Please don’t accept the BS! Even as his wife, stop making him a priority and see how he behaves. Don’t look for him, don’t beg him for sex… Just do you and focus on your children! See what happens!

      1. HI Evan Patrick!

        Actually Capricorn men will withhold sex if they aren’t feeling good about the relationship. They prioritize and if sex isn’t on their list they will bypass it. I’ve known Capricorn guys that will absolutely pull the plug on their ladies if they feel something is wrong. They will also not dive into bed with someone they really like and are trying to establish a relationship with. Odd I know but Capricorn can either be very cold or can alternatively be very freaky in bed. It can go either way but depends on their frame of mind.

    2. HI Sherry!

      I’m sorry you are having such a rough time with your Capricorn. It’s not good of him to disappear even if he contemplated on going somewhere a day or two before. He should clearly tell you what he’s doing. Not because of duty but more because of respect. You should tell him that it feels like he doesn’t respect you when he treats you that way. As far as sex, Taurus needs more sensuality and intimacy more than just sex. Though if that’s how you get it from him is via sex then this would be why you feel the way you do. Tell him you need intimacy or things will fall apart. Let him know. Don’t assume he knows. Put it all out on the table and put your foot down. Either he’ll make changes to improve things or he’ll tell you he’s not going to change in which you’ll have to decide if you will stay or go. I wish you all the best!

    3. I’m talking to a Capricorn man at the moment and I’m a Taurus woman. I’m very attracted to him and I love the way he is and I admire everything about him. He values family and his work very much. We met off of tinder and he told me that he wanted to settle down and have someone around for the holidays and I wanted the same thing to. We started to video chat and text and he opens up to me about his secrets and stuff he doesn’t normally tell anyone. He told me that his family would make me feel comfortable and accept me. He wanted to take me out on my first date and was talking about the ideas as far as where he would take me then asked me if I had any ideas where I wanted to go. He told me that he wants 2 children. He also told me that he doesn’t care about sex and it’s the last thing on his mind. He said that just being in my company would make him very happy.

      So the the next day he doesn’t talk to me and I could tell something was off with him. So I asked him if he was still interested in me and he said that “it’s not that I don’t wanna talk to you, it’s just that I don’t have the energy and effort to talk.” He told me that he only gets 3 hours sleep and that he works a lot and he’s very busy. I wasn’t sure as to why he didn’t tell me this from the beginning. I was not expecting him to say that to me. It turns out he wants me to give him time and ofc I was going to wait for him Bc he’s everything I want in a guy. He said that right now he’s going through a lot of shit in life and has a lot of responsibilities so I’ve decided to give him time and space.

      From past relationships I’ve had guys cheat on me and go behind my back so I confronted my Capricorn crush that if he’s talking to other girls to not talk to me at all then. I was so glad to hear that he wasn’t talking to anybody else and he told me that he’s focusing on himself and making money. He told me to either wait on him or move on and ofc I said that your worth it and I want to wait on you.

      He didn’t text me back after that and I texted him. He told me that maybe he doesn’t care so I was a little hurt by that and he made me mad. He said he was sorry for hurting me but the apology sounded lame. I’ve decided to cut off communication with him for now and give him his space and time and also focus on myself also.

      This a right person, wrong time situation. That article about what to do if he ignores you was very helpful to me and I’m going to tell him that he can text me whenever he’s ready.

  2. “Capricorn Men” NOT WORTH IT ????

    – LIARS

    Run Now && ;; Change your ## move to where He Does Not Know ….

    They are insecure control freaks because they lack self control themselves therefore they feed their ego else where.
    They will tell you “stories” about past ex’s that hurt them … so you can feel bad. Anyways they wont let go of their past. Always bickering & Nit Picking.
    They LOVEEEEEEE SEX LOTS OF IT …. okay but will never admit thats their main motive that plsu MONEY ….. they are also NOSY so keep your life private. They wont change. They really rather be boyfriend #2 Material but wont admit that either. _________________________ ______ My biggesr pet peeve is there self pitty always loathing & always INSECURE & BLAME THEIR PARTNER FOR EVERYTHING && THEY FEEL LIKE THEIR ALWAYS RIGHT ____ Even when its pure stupidity they feel like their right. They have to control anything & everything for fear of losing.

    Dont get your feelings attached they love women to chase them. Find humor in causing you pain.

    Dis Appear Now ✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ Thank Me Later

    * (Thank Me Later)

    1. You are so right just met a cappy?2 weeks ago we already moved way to fast first thing he wanted was sex the first date then after that it was i want you everyday type of thing and tried getting me pregnant then gets mad because I blew up his phone with ?? Like we were together already instead of friends but who wouldn’t feel that way if a man wants you to have his child correct I’m a cancer woman my self yes I’m emotional and can be jelous but who’s not right so now because I got jelous/mad he said he was off to come over then ate & left I was like u going back to work all the sudden long story straight I’m cool too much mind body you name it control lol

      1. HI Meme Leeks,

        It sounds like your Capricorn was specifically looking for sex, not for love. Not all Capricorn men are looking for sex. In fact, many of them hold back on sex until they find someone worth giving it to. This is typically when they’re looking for a serious commitment. All signs are capable of being sexually loose. Next time ANY man approaches you with a friends with benefits offer, stand up and tell them no way! Have standards and put your foot down. That being said, don’t close yourself off to any one particular sign. There are redeeming and loving qualities in all of them!

    2. HI – MAKE HIM CRY —- 1017

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I need to let you know that not all Capricorn men are this way. While there are bad seeds, there are bad seeds from every sign. Something else to know is that we all have Capricorn somewhere in our birth charts. If you condemn the sign then you are condemning some part of you. Remember, a bad experience or two with a certain sign doesn’t define the whole entire population of them. Let your experiences go and learn from it. Keep your heart open because you never know when love will hit!

  3. I’ve been dating a Cap guy (we’re over 50) for a few months. We were extremely attracted to each other from the start. We’ve been on 8 dates, and he’ll usually text me several times a week. Lots of emojis with hearts, etc.

    The last date it seemed we were getting closer. He uncharacteristically opened up emotionally regarding his past, offhandedly asked me when I was going to move closer, said he had mentioned me to his kids.

    Next week, he asked me out for Friday. That morning, txted me that he was sick and could we pick another day soon.

    Well, it’s been pretty much crickets since then. I reached out once or twice (Have a great day!) he politely responded but
    did not initiate any texts.

    The broken date was a week ago. He hasn’t made a move to reschedule. His last polite response to my text was five days ago.

    Any insight or clues as to what may be going on? I also noted that he rearranged his photos on the dating website where we met. This didn’t make me feel great, although I guess I might do the same sometimes.
    I was hoping that on our next date we’d establish exactly what kind of relationship we have, exclusivity, etc. But that got cancelled.

    I know Caps pull disappearing acts, but I’m bewildered. Could he be pulling away because we’re getting too close?
    Not sure how I should act if he pops up again. In the meantime, I’m going on with my life and not reaching out.

    1. HI Elena!

      If he has been cold since he got sick then perhaps he’s sicker than you thought OR something else in his life came up that he’s having to deal with. Gently text him and ask him how he’s doing and ask him if you can get together now. He should tell you if he cannot and why. If he doesn’t then he is really going through something. Don’t assume he’s no into you anymore though. If he wasn’t then he’d stop replying to the texts that you send. My guess is that he’ll talk to you about what is going on when he feels ready.

  4. I’ve been seeing a cap guy for about 7 months, he got so hot and cold and did the pull and come back thing, when we are together he shows me affection, he holds my hands, he lays in my lap, he cuddles and he’ll cook for me, and ask me questions about my likes and dislikes and really i know he interested and thats why he does that, he ooen with me, and laughs and jokes with me, and sometimes I’ll climpse him becomig shy during some parts of our converation and its so cute…but recently during our last time together, i felt he wanted my love and affection and when i tried to be open and honest with him, he nonchalantly brushed it off, i got upset and called him out for it and told him he hurt my feelings and that i was havig feelings for him, and if he never wanted to see me again i was okay and i understood, and that he would need to let me go and not pop up back and forth in my life , i feel the last part was the part that might have pissed him off and maybe hurt him,he never responded and I’m now sure i might have made him disappear again…any insight will help me please…do i send a message saying that i am here if he chooses …

    1. Hi Lee!

      Alright so if you did hurt his feelings or offend him, you can apologize as best as you can. Tell him what you really meant and not to hurt or offend him. Tell him you’d really like to talk to him and that you want to try to smooth things out with him if he’d be up for it. If he is still unresponsive then you may have to let go. He may come back later then he might not. Focus on you and do what you know is right. Love may come from left field from someone else you never expected. Hang in there!

  5. Hi everyone. I have a similar issue with the Capricorn man I’ve been dating for almost 6 months. It’s been really nice. We’ve had some disagreements but nothing bad. Just recently we talked about his passion for fighting over text message. He trains and is a fighter while he works full time. I questioned him about a fight he did earlier that day with a partner, and then I mentioned that “he takes fighting way too personal”, I even added in a LOL. He texts me back several minutes later and tells me “you fucked up. BIG TIME.✌?“ It’s only been a little over a day since we’ve talked but I’ve sent him two text messages. One of them was a very sincere apology and I still haven’t heard anything from him. Could he just be blowing off steam and need some space, or could he really have ended things with me over this minor incident? I could use some feedback

    1. Hi Amanda A!

      Capricorn men love to debate. Yes they can end up taking it personally if they are pointed out to be wrong. Gee… sounds like he took it personally what you said to him too. He’s touchy and hard balling. I would venture to guess that with a little time he’ll calm down and talk to you again. I wouldn’t take too much stock in his attitude. Focus on you and what you want in your life. If he cares, he’ll check in with you too when he doesn’t hear from you. An apology on your part was all you can do. He needs to get over it. You might want to check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” as it may help you understand him a bit better.

  6. Hi,

    I’am a leo girl, I’ve been dating with a capricorn man for 6months. We started as a friends & then He me asked for some friends with benefits but I refused & telling him that I want a committed relationship. Now, we are happy together & planning for our future & careers.. I totally understand his hot & cold traits, & appreciated his being strict & protective.

    One day, when we were drunk, he told me that the time we’ve starting dating, he investigating my background & also on my past relationship. I was crying a lot to remembering everything mistakes & bad memories on my past. He got mad at me on my reactions & tantrums. He was telling me about break-up because I keep crying & repeating telling him that I am afraid that maybe someday our relationship will be the same on my past that we do a lot of efforts & then in a long run we will separated. He also got mad at me from being tantrums because I was so drunk. I just want to ask your help for assurance that we will be together & I want to keep him forever. Thanks!!

    1. Hi Miranda!

      It sounds like you two have had a huge misunderstanding. Your past is something you cannot change and you need to tell him that. You can tell him that you can only control what happens now and what will be in the future, not the past. Remind him that everyone has a past and to assume that you’ll do something to mess things up is not right. I cannot guarantee any relationship. It’s up to you to work on it or to let it go. Don’t let him make you feel bad about your past though. That’s something that is done and gone. He needs to accept that and let it go. Either he loves you for who you are now or he doesn’t. Self respect is something you have to have. Stand your ground honey! If you need more help with Capricorn, check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  7. Hi!

    I am Taurus dating Capricorn guy for about 7 months. Everything was wonderful in our relationship. The first 5 months things were moving smooth and pretty fast. We spent dates out, he invited me to stay at his place for weekends, we took a short trip overseas together, a lot of affections and wonderful moments together.. then he started feeling gloomy, and a bit distant..when I asked him of what’s going on he said he was getting negative and having bad moods. And also that he feels weird inside him and he is lost in his emotions with me.That’s when his work started getting affected coz of pandemic. We however still stayed in good loving communication but less phone calls.. we finally had our next date in March when he confessed his feelings for me. And I did too. We had wonderful time.
    With time situation at work got more difficult and we got into lockdown. He messaged me a week ago that he hope things improve by May-June at work. That he needs to pursue his work and he won’t be emotional but rather transactional to achieve this.
    Before that our date got cancelled, no more phone calls and texts became colder and colder..at this point he doesn’t text me and doesn’t respond to my texts I make sure not to text much at all..but I still worry as I’m not comfortable with this non communication. Do you think he will come back to normal with me? Did he really mean that he loves me? It’s just his silence in my mind isn’t logical as we had such a beautiful relationship without any issue between us..we are very compatible when we’re together. Why is it so easy for him to just disconnect emotionally and keep such distance? Thank you!:)

    1. Hi Alex!

      It sounds like whatever is going on with his work/career, he’s really stressed out about it and is putting it as a higher priority over the relationship which isn’t uncommon for a Capricorn. Work means a great deal to them and is why some of them become workaholics. Look for things to change for the better when he feels better about his work situation. They tend to put love on the back burner until they get their selves organized better. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  8. Hello…

    So I’m a Leo and I’ve been chatting to this capricorn man for 2 weeks.
    In our initial chats I made it clear to him that I am not a ONE NIGHT STAND or a FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS kind of woman.

    So I was nervous about meeting him alone. So he invited me to his friends birthday party and and said I could bring a friend along. So I went there to meet him and everything was amazing the whole night went well and he was a complete gentleman. He complimented me the whole night and catered to me. There was other women there and he didn’t even look their way.

    My friend then had to leave and I stayed with him, because he asked me too and we get on so well, i felt really comfortable.

    We were a few drinks in and both of us pretty drunk we went to his place and we spoke and laughed and chilled, but the sexual tension was so intense. I rejected him and told him I’m not going to sleep with him and then he was so upset and I passed out and woke up to him sitting in a corner on a chair and sulking and I told him to come lay be me and we cuddled and more kisses and then I just gave in and we had really amazing sex.

    The we cuddled all through the night and we were just so affectionate. The next morning he made me breakfast and and we spoke and then he took me home.

    We spoke that day for a bit he was checking up on me and then he told me he is going into work mode and hasn’t replied to my last message that was 2 days ago

    He is a very successful man and really wealthy, he has 2 successful companies to run. So I understand he is busy, but before we met he used to message me daily and now nothing.

    I’m not sure if I messaged it up by sleeping with him on the first date? Should I message him or should I leave the ball in his court? We really had such a great connection and I don’t want to lose out on getting to know him more.

    1. Hi Queen Michaela!

      It sounds like he was giving you attention and chasing after you until you gave in so now he thinks he can relax and not have to put in so much effort. This is something that can happen and is why I advise against sleeping with a Capricorn man too soon. It’s also possible he likes you a lot but isn’t sure about what he wants so he’s taking time back a little. Try reaching out to him and saying hi. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  9. Hello I’m a Leo and I’ve been with a Capricorn for almost a year now, I love him more than the world and our time has been really good together despite our small arguments. As you know covid-19 kept us apart for 5 weeks and during this time, 2 weeks in he ghosted me one night and we ended up fighting about it the next day because he didn’t think it was a big deal. He broke up with me that day saying it wasn’t working anymore. This especially effected me because he promised a lot that nothing would change in our time apart and that he couldn’t imagine life without me. It shattered my heart. The next day he ignored me until I found out he was on the app we met on again. I called him out about it and he said he was just looking at our old chats and he would never want to be with anyone else. I’m not sure if I believe him as he updated his pictures. But after that talk he asked if I would be with him again after only one day. Of course I said yes and since then I’ve been really insecure and my anxiety has been extremely bad. Having panic attacks and break downs constantly asking if he’ll leave or if he’s cheating. He began getting sick of it and I think he nearly left me again yesterday but we sorted it out and he felt very relieved but I didn’t. I’m a very clingy and needy person and I don’t think he likes that I call and text him a lot when I panic and our relationship is the most important thing in my life. He said I needed to find some more things in my life in case anything happens but then assured me nothing will. He says he needs space and things to slow down but I’m scared after space he won’t want to come back and he’ll leave forever. He goes hot and cold, messages a lot and then not much and when he’s tired he is very moody and gets kind of mean. I don’t think he’s putting as much effort in the relationship as me but I feel if I bring it up he may get stressed and leave me. He says the day without me made him realise how bad it is without me but I can never be sure. I can’t imagine life without him and I really need help! 🙁

    1. Hi Sarah!

      All you can do is give him what he asked for honey. Give him the time and space he needs. I know you are afraid to but if you don’t then you will lose him. That’s a bigger gamble isn’t it? Space doesn’t mean you have to 100% leave him alone. You can still reach out to him but don’t do it as much as you normally would. It’s a pacing yourself thing. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  10. Virgo woman here. My new Capricorn interest has actually been in my life for over 10years. He is a great friend of my brother in law and also the family tattoo artist. We share many of the same friends and circles. I’ve always had an eye for him but he was always such a mystery and intimidating at first. He amazed me with his talents. I always thought he was so much older than me because of his maturity and quiet demeanor. Over the years we’ve had a chat here and there, few messages checking in out of blue. I’ve moved across country 5 years ago so most interaction was via social media. Present day, since Jan this year he seemed to reach out a little more just to see how I was and talk about a mutual friend that passed unexpectedly. I planned a trip for a tattoo with my sisters so in May I got to see him for the first time in a long time. I wasn’t sure if it was just be projecting my hidden feelings or if he too was acting funny trying to hide. When he would touch my hand (during tattoo session) I could feel such warmth and an electric feeling that made me feel so at ease. When I left, I gathered the courage to tell him that I’d love to stay in contact more often and hear about the bus he is building ect. It took him two weeks to respond but when he did he said he would love to talk to me more. It went silent for awhile and then he messaged me out of no where. Sent a picture of him and a mutual friend. Saying, “wish it were you in the picture. I’ve respected you for the longest”
    I had no idea what that really meant but I felt like this was his way of letting me know that he too felt the same I’ve been feeling all these years. So I let him know that the feelings were mutual. We’ve had a few texts here and there since then. More recently seeming more interested but still standoffish. Sometimes it’s one or two words and sometimes I get paragraphs. We were supposed to FaceTime a few times, but it never worked out due to schedules ect. Just yesterday he texted me super early “great morning lil miss ma’am”
    So when I woke up I replied “great morning handsome” (This was the first time I’ve made a remark like that (handsome) so needless to say I was a bit nervous. Well, he hasn’t responded yet… geeeeze…. I get that CAPS are hot and cold and not very emotional because hey I’m a Virgo i am also like that at times… but I thought they liked straight forward. Doesn’t help that I am a person with anxiety and like to have security in knowing what’s really going on here.

    1. Hi Diane!

      You wanting to know the truth is normal for you as a Virgo. Capricorn men are kind of shut off in ways that frustrates others. They do want truth but they sometimes cannot handle it when it’s directed at them. They use truth to help others obtain justice but cannot handle when someone is telling them the truth about themselves. Go figure right?! You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

    1. Hi Andrea!

      Yes they will end a relationship. Some of them will duck out though and ghost. It’s all up to the individual guy as to what he will do and how. Some are painfully blunt about it and others feel it’s best to cut the person off entirely thus not speaking to them again. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  11. Hi, Virgo woman here. So my Capricorn man and I have been exclusively talking for around two months and a bit now. At first it was casual but it got more intimate as we started calling a lot and seeing each other more. I met his parents etc and we got extremely close. He even told me he loved me a couple times. Sometimes after seeing me he would go distant but, I got used to it and figured he needed some space. However, this week he has been extremely distant and cold. I asked if he was okay at the beginning of the week and he explained to me how he was feeling stressed. I said I was there for him etc and tried my best to help. I also stated that if he didnt want to be with me anymore, that I would understand. He told me he does want to be with me but he doesn’t think he should ask me to be his girlfriend. All week he has been ignoring my messages and replying extremely late even though he is on his phone. We havent had a proper conversation either. I know he is stressed and I am giving him space but I dont know whether to wait for him or to move on? Will he be coming back? Will it go back to how it was before or will he just carry on being distant until I lose feelings.

    1. Hi Saskia!

      I do believe he meant what he said when he said it. He sounds like he needs time to sort himself out before he does get involved. He let you know that out of courtesy and to not lead you on. That’s actually impressive he was that honest. If you think he’s worth the wait then by all means, feel free to do so. If you cannot and it’s too hard then maybe you’ll need to let go. If you’d like to know more, check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  12. Hello

    I was at a party one night with my friend and I received a dm from instagram saying “small world” from a random guy from my friends list (I soon found out he was a Capricorn)… but I recognized him from weeks ago as just a “random instagram friend”. I wrote back “lol, why you say that?”. He said “I am at the party with you sitting at the next table”. I looked at his Instagram page again to get a good look at him then I spotted him in the room. I said “Hey” in the dm. We ended up chatting briefly in the dm. My friend and I ended up going to Mgm (in MD which is a Casino) after the party was over. We were in line ordering food. My friend then whispered in my ear “that guy that wrote you in your dm is in here behind you but don’t look right away”. I then waited about 60 seconds before looking behind me. I saw him…and I said Hi. He said Hi. We chatted for about 15 mins then exchanged numbers..then he left. To make a long story short. I waited about 2 weeks to call him. Because in my dm he was trying to go out with me after he saw me at Mgm…but I was just busy
    He was happy I finally called him. He told me “it took me along time to contact him and that females tend to do that when they have other males and prioritize”. We then went out on a date a few days after I contacted him back at the Mgm. He gave me $50 for gambling. I won $90…I tried giving him the money I won because he gave me the $50 to play so I wanted to be polite. We then grabbed something to eat. It seem like I conversation went well. He was smiling at me and said he likes. Then we ended the night. I went home he went home. For like a day or two he interacted with me during text then he just disappeared. I texted him days later *no response*. I video called him he answered..I asked him if I did anything wrong…he said “no”. Then he said he was meeting up with his friend a never called back. I called the next day …no answer. I waited 2 more days…no answer…then I texted him that I was confused that if I didn’t do anything wrong…why isn’t he texting me back and that I enjoyed my time with him on or date and that I am attracted to mentally and sexually. It’s been 5 hours now and no response smh. I’m so confused. He is a 27 yr old Capricorn and he just got out of jail 3 months ago…from a 3 year sentence …but he had a car, place and money before he got locked up (just throwing that out there). What possibly could have happened. Is he really not interested? I was really nice and sophisticated on our date.

    1. Hi Alexis!

      I sounds like he likes you but he doesn’t want to commit. If he’s only been out of jail for 3 months, he most likely wants to explore his options, get his life together, and not worry about a relationship right now. It doesn’t mean he won’t in the future but he’s showing you he’s not as into it as you are by how he’s acting. Learn more about Capricorn man by checking out “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  13. I have know my capricorn man for going on 5 yrs. It all started as agreed friends with benefits, but then I grew feeling for him. I am a Aries woman. At one point we was saying we love each other. We lost contact because I felt he did not want the same things I wanted. He would ignore the conversations of us actually making things official.

    We have never been on a date. It has always we just meet up at his house, and you know hang there. It is now 2020 and we are back in contact with each other and it seems like we are starting where we left off but he is still really distant with me. It is always after I seen him (the next day) that he gets really quiet, and distant with me. I still love this man but I feel like he does not feel the same with me. He still does the same thing when I try to talk about what this is. Or he would say ” we need to feel each other out” but I feel like we are past that point since we are having sex. I am always the one to text first except for this past holiday. I’m not sure how to get him to understand what I want matters too if he just pushes the conversations to the side. He is older than me as well. He is 39, and I’m 29. He constantly says he “appreciates me”. He said we have something special because we always want to have sex, but then turns around and says he can not get enough of me. I’m so confused. Granted I’m not as successful as he is. I feel so out of my nature when it comes to him in a good and bad way.

    1. Hi TinkieWinkie!

      Capricorn men typically will not do a friends with benefits to relationship. They have a reason they only want to do the friends with benefits and they like keeping it that way. When they do want more, they will look for someone else. I know that sounds harsh but that’s how they operate. He isn’t ready to settle down judging my his actions. He can appreciate you but he doesn’t want “strings”. He needs to either tell you that or he needs to be a man. Either way, you deserve more. Learn more by reading my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  14. Hi,
    cancer woman here!
    So I’ve been talking to a cap man who is VERY successful and has his own business, and we have been talking through a dating app for a month. I told him that I don’t give out my # unless I like the person in person. Well he had been wanting to meet up with me and was pushing dinner date from b4 I even mentioned that. I dont really like dinner dates on the first meet up! Feels more like interview. Anyway, Our schedule didn’t really align and he got upset that I couldn’t set a date to see him before he head out of state for work. We also had an argument about him feeling like I’m not interested because he felt like I didn’t want to talk to him or see him, especially because I didn’t give out my # and that he felt like I had a lot of men lined up and that it wasn’t his style. We hashed it out and started texting on the app more often, then he called me from the app and it was nice.after that, I gave him my # and we texted everyday. He always initiated and he would text me 2 times a day and then more often as we got to know eachother! It was fun and the sexual metaphors were fun and funny! He was respectful, even when a lil naughty and everything was smooth, tasteful and nice. He showered me with compliments and dedicated a song to me! And said that he’s smitten by me, which is impossible for a man like him because he’s a business man but not in a cold way and that I’m shaking things up a little bit. So we set a date for tomorrow!! But i haven’t heard from him since xmas eve, 4 days ago!….so 4 days ago, after days of texting, on xmas eve, which is his bday, he went out of his way to see me at work, right before his big bday celebration and of course it cost him many thousands of dollars- he told me so, he even went as personal as showing off his expenses monthly. He told me that I would set him straight and refrain him from overspending. Do he is already making me think that he’s thinking about “us”, together already.. telling me that I’m someone, someone could wake up to everyday, always!So we finally met! he hugged me and we spoke for a few. He was smiling a lot, i was too but i had my mask on. Since it was his b-day, I gave him a little gift. I’m a hairstylist and gave him 2 products that I think will work well for his hair. After I gave him the gift, he said that he also had something for me. His mom made rum balls and he gave them to me but I told him countless times before that I cannot drink. He apologized and said he forgot! I feel like maybe he just had rum balls in his pocket and were not actually a gift for me or maybe he just doesn’t pay attention.. He asked me if I needed to be driven to the train or anywhere but I said no because I had a car. Anyway, we spoke and he left but I realized that he didnt mention our date for dec 29th! NOT A WORD! And he didn’t text me after our meet up. So I waited about 2 hours and texted him; saying that it was sweet of him to stop by and see me before his party. I thought to myself, my ex boyfriend NEVER made an effort to see me at work, especially before something important. He replied back saying that I’m gorgeous and it was his pleasure and that he was nervous and mumbling. I asked if I looked like my pics in person and he replied within 1 min and said, “honestly, better”. Then he sent me two pics of himself by his ginormous and glamorous tree that he took that morning and then I sent him a selfie I took that morning at work…. and I have not heard from him since that day! He would text me every morning and text me many times a day, prior, saying that I’m addictive and that he sees that I’m trouble, in a good way, and then he ghosts me? In retrospect, I told him on his way over to see me, that I was going to send him a video that I recorded for him for his b-day, depending on how our meet and greet went…but I never did because he never responded to my last text of my selfie… Thank God I didn’t send to him. What happened! He didn’t even wish me a merry Christmas or text me to talk about his party! Yesterday I saw that he was on another app and I ACCIDENTLY LIKED HIS PIC AND THEN HE LIKED MINE RIGHT BACK! why would he like my pic right back and not respond to me or call me to talk about “our upcoming date tomorrow”!?

    1. Hi Maria!

      From what you’re telling me, he’s an oddball. It seems as though he may not like you for the right reasons. Wanting you to help him with his budgeting? That’s really strange. That’s not a normal Capricorn man behavior. The only way you’re going to know for sure what is going on with him is to ask him. Tell him you found it odd that he didn’t talk about the upcoming date. Also peeing all over the toilet seat? That sounds really strange too honey. Honestly he may have some screws loose in his head. You sure you want this guy? Think it over carefully.

  15. ….I forgot to mention that after he dedicated a song to me, he said that he really likes me!….also after he left my workplace. We noticed that when he used the bathroom, HE DID NOT FLUSH THE TOILET and urinated all over the seat! How disrespectful and disgusting! Did he want me to see that?

  16. Hi Anna,

    Patrick here. I receive your email! Yes, I’m a gay man very much into a Capricorn . This is a special story. I met a Capricorn man in 2005 through a friend, this cap was taken, however. I said, I’m going to marry this guy to myself immediately. I just knew. His relationship didn’t last and we kept in contact over the years. He living in Colorado and in California. Contact was on/ off but it was there. He was persistent for years trying to get me out there but I wouldn’t allow it. We finally met fact to face about 8 years ago for a friends, mutual friend 40th birthday party. The feelings for me with him were absolutely intense. I was about to jump out of my skin. He wanted me to go away with him that minute at an evening ski party in Denver and go skiing. Problem is, I was flying home next morning. He pulled silent treatment me on me, but was sitting next to me rest of the night and he followed me around so he wasn’t too mad. It was so intense. So, I left with no goodbye, I was mad about silent treatment but now I understand better. Months later he even asked me to move in as I said I might consider moving to Denver. By the way, I’m a Virgo rising, Pisces moon, Scorpio ascendent. He, Capricorn rising, Scorpio moon and Taurus ascendent. I just felt/ feel drawn to him. Like this magnet pull. I had something very bad happen to me in my teens, I was taken advantage of by some adults. It haunted me for 30 years. I got into bad behavior. I had to rebuild myself in a way. I wasn’t any good for him in 2005 or 2008 but I am now. It’s real. He knows my story. We live a distance a part. He’s very responsive to me, there’s no question. He’s a workaholic, that’s his life. He almost doesn’t talk. He’s showing his vulnerability and he’s open but I don’t push.

    1. Hi Patrick!

      Wow what a beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing it with me. I think it’s magnificent that you two have formed such a bond and are easily able to connect and communicate. I’m so very happy for you! I love when people chime in with their love stories and how it’s actually working. I wish you two all the very best but if you ever want to know more, you can check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  17. Hello, I’m a virgo stubborn girl, dated my capricorn man for almost 6 years. Apparently he wanted to get married asked in several conversations but I didn’t realize he was that serious and that marring me was important. So he went cold, distant, needed space, I was bombarding with questions he didn’t know what ti say, and on his birthday when i called we got into a fight and broke up. Today i apologized for not understanding his issues and other stuff and he responded with ❤️. Do I stand a chance of getting him back? Do I ignore him, not texting him for a while and wait to see? He is a capricorn by the book, as I read so far. I love him, but he is somehow persuaded I do not respect him. How do I show respect?

    1. Hi Ana!

      Well upon learning that he was actually serious about it, you’re going to have to explain to him that you just didn’t know he was being for real. That’s good he responded to your apology with a heart. Yes you can get him back but you’re going to have to communicate with him better. You don’t have to stop messaging him to get his attention. If he sent the hear then that means he’s happy you realized your mistake and appreciates that you’re apologizing for it. You show respect by talking to each other more often and start taking what he says seriously unless he says it’s a joke. Tell him you do care and you do want to be with him for the long haul. If you need more help, you should try reading my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  18. I’m a Virgo woman and I’ve been dating a Capricorn for about 8 years now. We have cooled off a bit. I realized that I hadn’t heard from him one day. So I called and he didn’t answer or call back. I texted him twice. The second one being an apology for whatever he thinks I’ve done wrong. I told him that I’m here if he wants to talk. This was almost a week ago. I’m miserable and panicked. I really love this guy A LOT. We have a few issues to overcome but it’s cool. Should I try to call him in a few weeks? Or just go about my way?

    1. Hi Virgo loves Cap!

      I wouldn’t give up quite yet. Yes, try to call hi or text him in a few weeks. Ask him how he is doing and tell him you’ve been worried about him. He should respond to you and tell you what he’s been going through. Hopefully that will help mend things. If you need more help with Capricorn man, check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  19. Hi,
    I am a cancer girl totally in love with a capricorn guy. It all started over the internet since it’s covid time and we are from two different parts of the world. We would talk 24/7 and laugh and joke a lot and just after two days he said he wanted to thank me for how amazing those days were and how I made him feel wonderful. After some time he asked me if i believed in long distant relationships and I told him I liked him a lot and he told me the truth that he had a gf but they weren’t in love anymore and the only reason he stays with her is cos he bought a house together where his parents live also so he cannot jeopardize his relationship with his gf for now and he asked me to trust him and that he would work things out and find a way for us to be together and I said I trusted him. We told each other we loved each other after some time and everything was going amazing. He would send me tons of messages I would wake up to his messages like “where are u, I miss you” and stuff. He would end almost every call with “I love u” in a very sweet voice. But I am a clingy person and at some point I think I became way too anxious and worried and it probably turned him off even if he told me “he liked clingy cos it made him feel loved”. But after some “episodes” of me being insecure he started pulling away and I tried to confront him about it telling him I loved him and he was important for me and asking him if his feelings changed. He said his feelings didn’t change and he didn’t pull away (when he obviously did cos he stopped calling me as much and our conversations seemed to be him just answering every now and then to my texts but not really being into keeping it up) but that his only issue with me was that he saw me as someone who was overthinking things and who was a self destructive cos i was looking for things where there was nothing and made him doubt everything. And that I used to make him laugh and I used to be fun. So I asked him “How can I fix that” and he said I do not know. And I asked him do you want me to fix that? And he said. Obviously I want things to be as they were. So I said ok and I just started being light and funny and saying jokes as before. It’s been only a couple of days but I do not see him coming back emotionally. He is still distant and the only emotion I get from him is a heart emoji when he writes me good night. I do not know what to do and if I even have a chance to get things back as they were. I feel like he is not interested in talking to me anymore even though he writes me a good morning message every time he wakes up as well as I do and we say good night to each other. And we write to each other from time to time during the day but it’s mostly me initiating that and his answers are mostly short and disinterested. And I do not understand if he just wants me to disappear and doesn’t want to confront me about that so he is hoping i will by myself or he still does have feelings for me as he claimed but then I do not understand why he is so distant.

    1. Hi Katia!

      In all of this happening, did he break up with his girlfriend? If not then this is an online saga in which he roped you into. You cannot fully believe and trust in someone you have not met in person. I tell you this because sometimes in person things are very different. Have you ever watched the show “Catfish” ? You should check it out. He has no right to tell you what you can and cannot do. I think you were getting too close and he basically pulled back because he still has a girlfriend. He clearly had no plan to leave her. He was seeing what fun he could have with someone on the internet. I think maybe if you read my books on Capricorn Man Secrets, you’d learn so much more but I’ll leave it up to you. I wish you nothing but the best!

  20. Hello I’m an Aquarius woman and I’ve been talking to this Capricorn man for like 2 weeks now…. We met on an app and our conversations seemed great and not forced so I asked him if he wanted to text instead of messaging on the app and he said yes so then we started texting instead. We eventually set up a date and I was extremely nervous about it because I consider him to be out of my league ? but the plan was to grab dinner and watch a movie and we met up at the restaurant and ended up missing the movie because we were just talking for like 2 hours…. After we finished we got up and he said it’s fine we’ll just have to reschedule the movie which I was excited for because it sounded like he was interested in a second date…. He then walked me to my car and said thank you for meeting up he had lots of fun and hugged me goodbye. I got good vibes from the date so I texted him after letting me know when he got home safe because he drove like an hour to see me that night and when he got home we texted a bit but I’ve noticed that out convos weren’t as good as they were before we met up. We’d be texting back and forth and just talking about our interests and stuff like that but now he doesn’t text me until the end of the night or just not at all….. I didn’t think much of it because I knew he was going to be busy he told me that the day after our date he was going to move into a new place so I figured he was just busy and gave him space. Yesterday I messaged him and he never answered me and I didn’t think much of it until I went on the app we met on and saw he was online 🙁 so I can’t really make excuses for him anymore haha he was definitely ignoring me….. I’m just sitting her confused because I thought everything was going great? After the date he texted me thanks and that it was fun and I texted back that I should be thanking him because he drove so far and he responded with well it’s ok now you owe me a drive here ? to which I responded I was down to do it and another time we were texting about alcohol and I was teasing him telling him I don’t like his favorite alcohol and that mine was a different one and he told me I’m killing him but not to worry he’ll have a bottle of my favorite alcohol in case I ever come over… this is why I’m so confused ? I’m not sure what went wrong I thought everything was going great? I saw potential :\ please help! What should I do? I am still interested in him but idk what to do 🙁

    1. Hi Sam!

      Sorry to say but it sounds like he changed his mind. Either there was something that didn’t sit right with the situation or with you and it made him feel like it wasn’t going to work. It’s either that or he met someone else that he’s now taken interest in. Him joking about if you ever come over is something he said at the time because it was true then. He changes his mind on a dime sometimes sweetheart. You can try to be 100% honest and messaging him that you like him and want to still see where this can go. See what he says but if he doesn’t reply within a few days then you’ll have to re-think things. If you need more tips, check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets.

  21. I met this Capricorn guy 5 years ago on an online game. ( I’m a Taurus ) I actually had no intention of caring for him. ( I was bored ) Anyway, we chatted back and forth for weeks and found out we only lived 2 and half hours apart. He asked for my phone number and I hesitated quite a bit in the beginning… finally gave it to him, we clicked instantly…. totally inseparable ( always chatting, texting, FaceTiming….) He soon asked me to come to his place…. actually his mom encouraged me to as well. He introduced me to his grandmother, best friend, etc over FaceTime. He then asked me to drive to him… ( He’s definitely a homebody… he has a 2017 truck fully paid for and only 17,000 miles on it…) Well, I’m a mom… it’s not that easy. Nor did I introduce him to my children. Interesting though, this guy is 32, never been married, never been in a real relationship, never had sex because he believes although he’s had offers, you give away half your heart when you sleep with someone so he just wants it kept for his one and only. Fast forward, I canceled on him twice and boy did things seem to change. Don’t get me wrong there’s still an amazing connection…. Anyway, I did end up meeting him and it was great but I still had hesitations… got so freaked out about how fast I felt like it was moving and how overly excited about me he was… I guess I was afraid that it was his first “relationship” so there’s no way he could be sure. 3 years go by of what I felt was hot and cold from him….. I said,” Ok, you gotta tell me something… friends or more?” He said,”I guess friends.” I said,” Ok, thanks for letting me know. That just doesn’t work for me.” I didn’t speak to him again, although he tried reaching out by text once and then tried calling. Radio silence between us for 2 years. Well, his best friend and I still chatted at random and this January when his birthday rolled around, I asked his friend,” Hey, would you tell him I said Happy Birthday? I don’t want to message him and get something started again.” He told him and within 5 minutes, bam, there he was texting me a paragraph. Felt like no time had passed… there’s so much mutual respect, feeling comfortable, encouraging each other, listening, asking to understand better, he’s shared deeper things with me recently like his biggest fear and ( nerdy out there ) things he does for fun. lol I loved it, his voice completely lit up…. Anyway, we have this routine now where he texts, calls, facetimes, sends songs he’s played on guitar and sang. He’s so talented! The songs ALWAYS describe our circumstances… but I’m terrified to ask him if they’re suppose to mean something personal. Well, we kind of got into a whole sexual conversation and I instantly couldn’t help it…I said,” I’m sorry, I feel uneasy… I almost forgot you just wanted to be friends and under those circumstances, it just wouldn’t feel good to me.” To which he texted back,” We are good friends. So comfortable with each other.” I just ended the conversation with,” You’re right. That’s true.” Ugh I feel so confused….. he says stuff like,” I’ve never done the girlfriend thing before, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m trying to be better and I just don’t feel like I am. You’re so in touch with how you feel and I don’t know how to do that.” I personally thought it was huge just for him to admit that. So, that part is confusing.. what in the world are we?!?? What’s going on in his head? When we were on the phone, he asked once again for me to come see him which I plan to but before I do …. what’s going on with him? Help me understand, please. He really is one of the nicest, most thoughtful, always trying to make me feel comfortable type men. Any thoughts? Is this a relationship to him or am I just a comfortable friend that he “likes”?

    1. Hi SoConfused!

      Capricorn guys are hard to figure out. They don’t like to open up very much. If you want to know what is with him, you’re going to have to be blunt about it and ask him. Ask him what he wants with you and if this is something to build upon for the future or no. I’m glad he’s so nice to you and you feel comfortable with him. I suggest you check out my books to learn more. Reading Capricorn Man Secrets will surely shed some light on how a Capricorn man really is.

  22. Hi Anna!
    I have been seeing a Capricorn male with rising Leo sun for the past 3 months. Everything has been going so well, but he has always been a slow communicator that is something I just learned to accept and honestly it was ok because we are both pretty busy. We would see each other about twice a week and when we were together we communicated well and got along so well and had tons of laughs. He is very affectionate even in public and always holds my hand and looks at me with loving eyes and a goofy smile. Everything was going so well-he even talked about introducing me to his friends and family and then about 2 weeks ago that’s when things changed. I believe he is dealing with some type of depression..he hadn’t responded for several days, but then finally did respond and say he was sorry for the slow response he was having a really tough time and felt a lack of energy and motivation. I know he is in therapy so I feel good about that, so I just told him I respect his need for space right now and I am here for him if he needs to talk. Is there anything else I can do? If I give him space, do you think he will come back? I’m trying my best to realize what he is going through has nothing to do with me and he just needs space to deal with whatever he is going through, but it definitely does hurt he feels he can’t talk to me about it. If he does come around, I do plan on addressing this with him and how it makes me feel, but for now I feel like the best thing I can do is give him space. Do you have any thoughts on this? Another thing we were going to see each other this past weekend and he invited me to a dinner with his friends who I have never met, but then he went silent on me again, and I haven’t heard from him since so I’m guessing he never made it to the dinner and probably was struggling that night. If he was doubting me at all he wouldn’t have tried inviting me out to meet his friends? So I’m just overall feeling very confused, please help!

    1. Hi Confused Leo!

      Whether he comes back or not will greatly depend on the choices he makes from here on in and sadly there is no way to predict that, I’m afraid. Giving him space is definitely the right thing to do. Just leave him be. If he really cares, he’ll be back and want to work at it. If he doesn’t then he will just move on. In time you’ll want to give up and walk away. If he does come back then that will change things hopefully for the better. Take care of yourself right now though. You need the best self care you can provide! I wish you all the best.

  23. This Capricorn guy I was talking to was going to take me out on a date but then he canceled it last minute and he said he hated to do that. I was sad bc of that and he’s been so busy with work and stuff. He said to wait for him but idk if I should wait for him Bc he seems like he doesn’t care about me.

    1. Hi Sabrina!

      Well canceling on one date isn’t enough to determine if he’s worth the wait or not but you need to listen to the voice inside of you. That voice knows exactly what is right for you and what you should do. It’s up to you to choose. If you need more Capricorn man help, check out my guides on Capricorn Man Secrets. I wish you all the best!

  24. So i met the most amazing man who I found out is definitely a Capricorn. We met in person at a bar and hit it off right away. he ended up asking me out on a date which i agreed. he wanted me to stay with him at that bar that night but i insisted i was going to stay with my friends and head to another. Keep in mind i recently moved to this new city at this time i had only been there about 3 weeks and was still meeting new people, settling in and having fun. I wasn’t expecting to meet any love interests so the fact it happened caught me off guard. I also have had a horrible dating history mostly because i have been naive on how to act and get guys to respect me so everything would always just be a situation ship or FWB they would end up ghosting me everytime once i was too attached.

    So this capricorn man and i went on a few dates he was a gentleman and honestly i never had that experience before having someone pick me up, have everything planned and pay etc. we started liking each other a lot he would open up about his plans to buy a house soon and about his family and stuff. I honestly struggled being vulnerable with him which i told him bc of my previous experiences.

    Long story short he was leaving for another trip (he travels a lot) and he wanted to see me before he left so he came over so we could walk to dinner. that particular day i was feeling very insecure, and toxic just in a really shitty mood overall so i pretty much took it out on him trying to push him away bc i was unhappy internally. i also had intentions on asking him what he really wanted from me in the long run since it had been almost 2 months we’ve been seeing each other and we were just intimate for the first time the week before. i know my bad attitude and seemingly childish behavior turned him off but before he got in the uber i stopped him and apologized and brought up what was bothering me. he took the time to answer me but made it clear this wasn’t the best time to discuss it. he picked me up..gave me several kisses and said we would need to discuss this again when he got back to which i agreed.
    he texted me when he got to the airport that night and i wished him a good trip.

    a week went by, i had purposefully not texted him just to give him some space, so i texted him another apology for how i acted and that i looked forward to talking with him again, that i really like him and want to continue spending time together and getting to know one another. he hasn’t responded at all and i sent that text 4 days ago.

    i know he said we would talk again and i trust him and am doing my best to give him space to think but I’m just worried its over. he has ALWAYS been 100% upfront and honest with me since we met. there was a time we had gone out and i had a little too much to drink i got to the point where he had to take care of me and we had a discussion about it and i agreed with him and i changed.
    I’m just scared that with that and now how i acted on my bad day i might’ve pushed him away for good. he’s such a good guy and he’s told me so many times he genuinely likes me and my friends say the same. i hope i haven’t ruined it

    1. Hi Sad/Worried,

      First of all I am sorry to hear that you’re sad and worried sweetheart. What you’ve shared with me is sort of a touch and go thing with Capricorn man. He doesn’t like being ignored and will feel you don’t care at times when you’re not reaching out to him. On the other hand if you do it religiously he thinks you’re needy and it gets on his nerves. Finding the right balance with him takes time and effort. 4 days really isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things. He is probably taking personal time to himself to sort his head out. It’s kind of a normal thing with him. Try reaching out and again and ask him how he’s doing. He will probably message you back. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  25. I’m an Aries gal and dated a Capricorn man. It was the best 6 days ever. Then after we slept together *Poof* things were shorter in his text and I haven’t heard from him in two days. Usually, I don’t sleep with men and if they ghost me, I don’t really care, but this man seemed like he walked out from a romance novels. He travels for work for an electric, has been very transparent and understanding. And even during and after sex, the after care was so romantic. The last day he was in my city we were supposed to go on a a date and I’d stay with him in his hotel. But he canceled, due to his boss telling them them had to work at 4 in the morning as well as make the travel to another city. I told him bluntly I feel a type a way, because I’ve been ghosted after giving my virginity to a Scorpio man who I thought care for me. The Capricorn man understand and reassured me he was not intending on ghosting. I made a joke and told him he better get a whatsapp because I’ll miss him and want to talk to him. He said he would. On the day he leaves, I tell him to have a safe trip and a good day at work. *nothing…..I then send him a funny tik tok…..nothing. I have my pride as an Aries and will only chase or show a man my interest ONCE. I have trust issues and half of these men aren’t crap. So it hurts to show my affection and then he doesn’t respond to me in 2 days. It doesn’t take more than 5 seconds to tell a person goodmorning or good afternoon. Reading the other comments I don’t think I want to deal with the back and forth with Capricorns. If he does texts back, the ultimatum is to be frank and communicate with me or just leave me the hell alone. I want a romantic partner and he expressed so much how he wanted to be that guy in a span of 6 days. I felt we moved too fast but it felt so right at first. He has said some many confirmation and beautiful things to me and backed it up with action. So I’m confused, why I haven’t heard from him in 2 days if we left on a great note? Should I even deal with him if he comes back (which all the men who have hurt me do)

    1. Hi Annoyed!

      Wow yes by him saying he wanted to be the guy you want in a span of 6 days is crazy. No one can change that quickly. I think you’re right that you two moved too fast. Capricorn men need to take their time because if they do not, they will backfire. Honestly he sounds a bit immature as well. I understand your ultimatum completely. It’s not too much for you to ask him to buck up or leave you alone. Back and forth isn’t something that builds a strong foundation for a lasting love. I would just simply not reach out to him. Give him distance. You can answer if he does reach out but I’d wait a while before you do answer. He needs to know you’re not sitting around waiting on him to give you time. Trust your gut first and foremost because it’s always telling you the truth! Sending you much love!

  26. Hi Cancer woman here. I am involved with a Capricorn man who I knew in high school (2008) but we didnt connect until this year September. He is a professional basketball player who lives in Houston, TX and I live in chicago,IL. He visits Chicago alot. In September we started conversating via social media. The very first time we were supposed to meet up so I can give him food I made for him; he stood me up and messaged me on instagram the next day saying he apologized, don’t be mad at him, he just didn’t make it back outside. We made several attempts to meet up but things would happen like he would respond to my message hours later. He explained to me that he didnt have facebook messenger app so he wouldnt see the notification right away. In between time we would still chat through facebook messager. After several attempts of us both trying to meet up, we finally met up I brought him food to his basketball game and we exchanged numbers. When we met up for the first time he was very glossy eyed and he complimented me on my scent. Hours later he called me saying the food was good and asked me to send him my location but he stated he was just joking several times. After we met up the first time. he mentioned me cooking for him but I nicely avoided him only because I wasn’t ready for him to come over my place yet I was still very much interested but I am very shy. He would call me and I would be busy with work. One day we sat on the phone for about an hour. Fast forward to about 2 weeks later. I cooked for him again and allowed him to come over my house. We had amazing sex twice that night once unprotected. The sex was very passionate but he was very big and I notice I bled a little. He left and texted me once he made it home and also said the food was amazing. The next day I sent him a text telling him he gives great hugs and he replied a blushing emoji. I sent another text making a joke and received no response from him. I called him hours later, no answer, but he did call me back. He seem to be whispering or talking low. I let my mind start to overthink but I remained calm and didnt mention to him anything I was thinking. Days later I texted him, no response but when I seen he was online on social media than I sent him another text mentioning him being active on social media but no response to my text; he replied that he didnt like me bringing up the internet; I then replied to him “sayless” i left the situation alone. He started reposting Memes on social media like “finding out the truth”, “He can have who he wants”, and “someone leaving him when he was down and out” I totally ignored the social media post because he stated he didnt like me bringing that up. Texts and calls both completely stopped so to break the ice I sent him a message on facebook saying “I want a hug but only from him” he responded ok, I go you. Four days later I noticed that he went back home to Houston, TX so I texted his cell phone a kissing face emoji and red heart emoji; no reply at all. Yesterday he post on social media a picture of himself but with the lyrics of Fridays song “I wont waste no time when it come to you, put my pride aside when it comes to you” Its been 8 days since I texted him (12/11) and Ive been holding back from texting him. I think about him constantly and wonder does he think of me. I have dreams about him constantly. I was wondering if he was involved with someone else? Is he truly interested in me? should I text him or just walk away, which I am great at. I am still interested in him and the way I feel abiut him Ive never felt this way about anyone else. HELP PLEASE!

  27. Hey I’m a scorpio women currently dating a capricorn male for 6 months already. Everything was good the first 5 months we were on the phone constantly and texting nonstop we would randomly hang out every now and then everything was fine. But a month ago his calling and texting changed. He will text me for like 2 days and then go missing for like a week or 2 then come back like he never left. He just recently did it again and it’s been a week and 2 days I haven’t heard from him. Could this mean he’s losing interest in me? Cause rn I’m sooo confused. If I text He will eventually text me back but he doesn’t initiate the conversations I have to text him for him to text back. No explanation beside he’s been busy looking for another job but idk I just feel like e doesn’t like me anymore. Can someone tell me if he’s losing interest or backing away please help?

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