How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Guy

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you are trying to figure out how to talk dirty to a Capricorn guy, you are in the right spot. Here's how to satisfy a Capricorn with words.

Knowing how to talk dirty to a Capricorn guy is a skill that every woman needs to learn if she is interested in making the Aquarius man wild for her. A Capricorn man in bed is definitely something you need to experience in your life.

This guy definitely knows a thing or two about pleasure. Surprising right? But trust me, this workaholic knows how to let loose and indulge in some naughty fun.

But, sometimes it can be pretty hard knowing exactly what to say to ignite his desires and turn him on. Capricorn men definitely have standards and they know what they want in the bedroom.

However, I found that they take things so seriously that you might feel extra pressure to perform or come up with the perfect words to impress them. When it comes to a Capricorn man, it is clear that he is observing you every step of the way and wants to see if you make the grade.

So, how can you talk dirty to a Capricorn guy and drive him wild with desire? What are the words you need to say to get him craving for more? If this is something you desire, then keep reading for some expert tips and tricks on how to navigate the sensual terrain with your Capricorn man.

Capricorn Man In Bed — What Does He Like In Bed?

When it comes to matters of the bedroom, a Capricorn man appreciates someone who is confident and in control, or someone who lets him take the reigns completely. This man is turned on by a partner who knows how to be assertive and take charge, while also being open to exploring new pleasures and experimenting in the bedroom in a more submissive way.

Power dynamics really tend to do it for a Capricorn man. He enjoys feeling desired and wanted, so expressing how much you crave his touch and attention will definitely turn him on.

Getting him turned on is a lot more than knowing what to say to a Capricorn man in bed, you need to understand him completely on a sexual level. And luckily for you, I know just how to do that with all my tips and tricks!

How To Talk Dirty To A Capricorn Guy

Knowing how to talk dirty to a Capricorn man can feel very daunting at first, but with a little practice and understanding of his desires, you can easily unlock his inner passion.

I know you might feel awkward at first, but trust me, a Capricorn man craves your authenticity and confidence in the bedroom. He wants to know that you’re fully present and engaged in the moment with him.

One way to talk dirty to a Capricorn guy is by using explicit language to describe your desires and fantasies. Tell him exactly what you want him to do to you, using descriptive words and phrases that highlight the power dynamics between you two.

The one thing you need to know about him is that power play is a very big turn-on for a Capricorn man. Using phrases like “I want you to take control” or “I love it when you dominate me” will definitely get his attention.

It is so important to appeal to his fantasies and cater to his desire for dominance and control. The more you understand this part of his personality, the easier it will become for you to turn him on and drive him wild with your dirty talk.

You can also use your own fantasies as a way to turn on a Capricorn man. Trust me, there is nothing he would rather do than fulfill your deepest desires and make your fantasies come true.

He is the type of guy who will prioritize your pleasure and satisfaction, so don’t be afraid to communicate your fantasies to him. Let him know what turns you on and how much you crave his touch and attention. Remember to be specific and vivid in your descriptions, as Capricorn men appreciate attention to detail.

Few More Tips On How To Sext A Capricorn Man

Now that you have a general idea of how to talk dirty to a Capricorn guy, here are a few more tips on how to sext a Capricorn man effectively:

Start Slow And Build Up The Anticipation

One thing you need to understand about a Capricorn man is that he really enjoys delayed gratification in his life. He is the type of guy who will hold out as long as possible before letting himself feel the fruits of pleasure.

And this is very important to bear in mind when sexting him. You will want to start slow, tease him, and build anticipation until he can’t take it anymore. You can begin by sending him flirtatious messages, gradually escalating the intensity as the conversation progresses.

It is so important to tease him as this will only leave him wanting more and make him more eager to engage in a steamy conversation with you. Creating that desire is all you need to send a Capricorn man into a frenzy of lust.

Have Fun And Enjoy Yourself

I know it is easy to get in your head and overthink when sexting a Capricorn man, but it’s important to remember that it should be a fun and enjoyable experience for both of you.

Try not to put so much pressure on yourself to be perfect, instead, be present and be in the moment. If you try too hard to be something you are not, it may come across as forced and insincere.

When sexting a Capricorn man, you need to remember that this is also about you and your pleasure. Express your desires and what turns you on, this is probably the hottest and most authentic way to turn on a Capricorn man.

So let go of any inhibitions, embrace your inner vixen, and let the dirty talk flow naturally.

Be Very Descriptive

When sexting a Capricorn man, it’s important to be very descriptive in your messages. Paint a vivid picture with your words, describing in detail the sensations and actions that you desire.

The more vivid you can make your words, the more effective you are likely to be in turning on your Capricorn man. Letting him know exactly how much you want him and how will drive him crazy, you have no idea.

You will excite him beyond belief when you describe how your body craves his touch, how you imagine his hands exploring every inch of your skin, and the way his lips make you quiver with pleasure. Be creative!

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Send Saucy Pics

And when I mean saucy, I mean suggestive and teasing. And if you do decide to go nude, which is totally up to you, please remember to keep your face out of the photos to protect your own privacy.

However, I would suggest only sending pictures that are suggestive, and not explicit as you still want him to use his imagination and build anticipation. You don’t want to milk the cow for free.

Show him what makes you feel comfortable and try not to be vulgar as Capricorn men do prefer to be with women who are classy and have an air of sophistication.

Do Capricorn Men Like Talking Dirty?

Capricorn men may be serious and reserved on the outside, but once you get to know them intimately, you’ll find that they can actually enjoy talking dirty. They love exploring their fantasies and they can do this through talking dirty.

Getting his mind racing is really a powerful way to turn on a Capricorn man. Tell him what an amazing lover he is. Let him know that he’s the sexiest guy you’ve ever been with.

Complimenting his physique should go over well, too. Pointing out the things about his body that really turn you on will get his motor running. Try whispering in his ear about what you find sexy while you two are out. 

Tell him you cannot wait for him to put his hands all over your body—that you crave his touch and want him so much.

Propose a fantasy he can fulfill. Tell him you want him to take charge and tie you up and blindfold you, for example. He’ll be all too tempted!

You’re mentally preparing him for a very sexy time, and this is what he needs to get him really turned on.

Open up to him about what you want, share with him your desires and you will see his excitement and arousal reach new heights. And he will do absolutely everything he can to fulfill your fantasies and satisfy your every desire. 

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