How To Quickly Win The Heart Of A Capricorn Man

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Are you falling for a sexy Capricorn man and are unsure what to do to win his affections? Here's how to quickly win the heart of a Capricorn man.

Are you falling for a sexy Capricorn man and now are unsure what to do to win his affections? Here’s how to quickly win the heart of a Capricorn man and some suggestions you might try to see if you can get his heart warmed up.

Talk and Talk Some More!

Capricorn man falls more for a woman’s brain and inner sense of worth than he does for her actual physical appearance. Her inner self will outshine and make her outer self most appealing.

If you already know a Capricorn guy and you’re trying to get closer to him, the best and most effective way is through conversation that is intellectually charged and stimulating.

Figure out what he really likes about life, what he wants, and where he has goals to go in the future. Take that and start conversations that will gear toward those topics.

He’ll find you intriguing and probably want to get closer to you. Knowing that you understand his goals and his drive will make him feel simpatico with you which in essence could make him fall faster.

Traditionally Capricorn man likes to take his time to be sure about someone before he will commit his life and his heart. There are always exceptions though. You could try to be that exception.

Be the wittiest and intellectual woman he’s ever met. He will not be able to resist you. He prefers a woman who is really smart and is about something in her life. The lazy types that just “get by” aren’t really his speed.

Show him how driven you are and how motivated you can be when it comes to life and your own goals. It will turn him on and he’ll want to know more. The more you get him talking, the better.

Comprehensive Knowledge

how to quickly win the heart of a capricorn man

It’s not just about turning him on with all that you know but it’s also about actually really understanding who he is as a person. He doesn’t want you to just listen to him talk.

He wants you to truly understand what he’s talking about. If he gets the idea that what he’s saying to you isn’t interesting you or that you’re letting it go in one ear and out the other, he’ll lose interest in you.

So if you want him to warm up to you and get closer, you’ll have to actually WANT to learn more about him and his interests. If you do not, there is no point in trying to capture this man’s heart.

He’s driven by high integrity and his morals will help him figure out your intention. You had better make sure your intention is pure or he will drop you like it’s hot. Be authentic!

I cannot stress this enough, you have to be absolutely yourself while you’re on this quest to love a Capricorn man. He will not put up with any fakeness in anyone and especially not from a woman he is considering getting close to.

Get Inside His Inner Core

The only true way to his heart is through his intellect. Do you want to win his love? You’re going to have to do a bit of work. This may not be quick and it may not be easy.

This is something that takes much effort and much inner gardening. Not just for you but for him as well. He knows what he wants and will accept nothing less. The thing is, you’ll have to figure out what that is.

You’re going to need to ask him lots of questions and listen intently to his responses. Absorb it and KNOW it. The kicker is, you never want to be who you are not.

If you find that he’s mentioning things that aren’t really like you, you may have to accept you aren’t what he’s looking for. Don’t ever try to be what you are not. He’ll see through it anyway.

Now, if you find that you’re connecting well with his inner core and you ARE what he’s looking for then, by all means, start doing what you can to show him that you are that woman.

The sooner you show him that you’re what he’s looking for, the sooner the courtship and romance can begin between the two of you. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t commit unless you’re REALLY ready.

Make Sure it’s Love, not Lust

how to quickly win the heart of a capricorn man

It’s very easy to get caught up in the Capricorn man’s world. He’s so unbelievably sexy that it’s hard to resist him. You want to be part of his life right away but without fully knowing him, it could be lust.

It would be all too easy to give way to lust and feel as though he’s “the one” when he likely isn’t. Be careful and give yourself time. I know you want to be in love and I know he’s irresistible.

However, he’s fallible like everyone. When you take time and get to know him, you’ll find out for sure if he is indeed what YOU are looking for or if he’s just someone that will temporarily provide pleasure in your life.

Keep in mind that he doesn’t typically hop in bed with women unless he feels connected to them in some way. If you try to grab him from that angle, you may not succeed.

Capricorn man can sometimes seem like a snob or prude due to the lack of going to bed with someone just for the heck of it. However, if you see it for what it is, you will probably respect him more.

Respect, adoration, understanding, and great care is the recipe for winning a Capricorn man’s heart. Remember that it’s not always a quick process but if he does actually feel you’re “the one”, he may throw rules aside for you.

It’s all in how quickly you can show him that you are what he is actively looking for in his life. Click here to learn more about what Capricorn man is looking for as it may help you land him.

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