7 Tips for Moving On After a Breakup with a Capricorn Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
You’ve realized it’s time to move on from your relationship with a Capricorn guy. I’ll help you with my seven helpful tips to get over your Capricorn ex!

Ouch! The moment has come where you’ve finally realized it’s time to let go and move on from your relationship with a Capricorn guy. Whether it was years or months, it hurts, and it might seem impossible to let go. How can you get over him and make room for new love? 

Even though you may know in your head that it’s time to move on, it’s always easier said than done. If there’s one tough fact I’ve learned in my years of studying and practicing relationship Astrology, it’s that there’s no real “quick fix” to a broken heart. But there are definitely ways to make it a bit easier! 

Each Zodiac sign has particular traits that you miss when you break up. With your Capricorn ex, you may miss the loyalty, dedication, structure, and safety of being with him. What you may be forgetting is the cost of these things, such as his coldness, workaholism, and insecurity

There are always two sides to a situation, and it’s important to keep all the reasons why it didn’t work out in mind while you process the split. This goes a long way to helping you cut ties, especially when you catch yourself in a moment of yearning for him.

So what are some of the more actionable, practical things you can do to get over him, move on, and maybe even open your heart to the possibility of new love coming your way? 

I’m here to help you with my seven helpful, grounded tips to get over your Capricorn ex!

7 Tips for Moving On After a Breakup with a Capricorn Man

1. Try to Cut All Ties

This won’t be easy, especially if you have shared responsibilities related to business or children. Capricorn men are all about responsibility, so it’s likely you share a pet together or maybe a lease if not something bigger.

Cutting all ties doesn’t only mean emotional ones but also the practical ties. Don’t even hold onto a shared Netflix account! Do you really want to see his name popping up every time you turn on the TV? Or know what he’s watching and wish you were watching with him? 

Of course, you don’t want to put yourself thorough that—and how can you move on if he keeps popping up in all these places?

Whenever possible, cut those ties—especially those little everyday strings.

Do yourself a big favor and shut that door, right now. Even if it stings at first, you’ll be so relieved you did! 

2. Respect His Boundaries

Capricorn men are not good at feelings. You probably felt this while you were dating him. It may even be one of the reasons why you split up in the first place. 

Because of this, he may completely withdraw after you break up. He could cut you off, block your social accounts, and seem stone cold.

This is going to be hard, but you absolutely have to respect his boundaries. If you push against them by texting him at random hours, wanting to go over to his place, or trying to bulldoze down his walls, he will put up a fight

And that fight will be a cold war. Respect yourself by respecting his boundaries and making some of your own, too. 

3. Throw Yourself Into Work

You can bet your bottom dollar that your Capricorn ex is going to process his pain by working overtime (as usual, right?). 

Why not do the same? Most clients I work with tend to neglect everything—including their careers—for love to some degree. Of course they do! It’s perfectly natural to throw yourself completely into a relationship, especially in the beginning.

But this is your time to rise up and shine again! Find ways you can expand your business, take on a new job, ground yourself in your current role, or apply for a promotion. 

This will not only keep you busy but also boost your (possibly flagging) self-esteem. Plus, there’s no better revenge than being successful! 

4. Get Back Out There

Moving On After A Breakup With A Capricorn Man Tips

Capricorn exes can be quick to move on. It may not be very long before you find out that he’s dating again

The truth is, he probably won’t properly process his feelings, which can lead to a bunch of unfulfilling relationships, so he likely won’t replace you any time soon, but he’ll almost definitely try to fill your shoes with a new flame right away. 

To take the sting away, why not start dating again yourself? It doesn’t have to be serious, after all, and you can just have some fun playing the field again and reclaiming your self-worth—which, for everyone, takes a knock after a breakup. 

Just enjoy yourself and enjoy the attention. It’s not impossible that you may even meet someone special along the way! 

5. Work On Your Self-Esteem

Capricorn men are known to be quite insecure. And the worst of them tend to project those insecurities onto you in order to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of being vulnerable—truly vulnerable. 

You may be left with a feeling of not being good enough, or your self-esteem may have taken a hit.

What makes you feel really good about yourself? Is it work achievements? Sports or getting active? Is it through being creative, or spending time with beloved friends or family? What makes you feel like the most confident woman in the world? 

Maybe you just need a brand-new haircut or a new wardrobe. Take this opportunity to do whatever makes you feel like a million bucks! 

6. Form Some New Routines

You probably had a rigid routine with your earthy Capricorn ex—these guys are known for being sticklers for a regimented life! 

Now, try to leave those routines you shared with him in the past and create some new ones for yourself. 

Maybe that means reshuffling your gym routine, or planning walks in the mornings or a Saturday worship session—whatever is important to you, form a new set of habits to accommodate it. 

There’s nothing quite as grounding or refreshing as creating space in your life to enjoy your favorite things on a regular basis.

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7. Nurture Yourself

Here’s the truth: Capricorn men are not typically the most nurturing or nourishing partners. Sure, they’re great providers, and they can be grounding influences, but they’re also a little hard in some ways. 

This is the perfect time to nurture and nourish yourself back to emotional health. That could mean taking more baths, getting a few massages, building self-love, or cuddling your pet, family, or friends. 

This is your time to put your heart back together in caring, compassionate, and loving ways, and to reset yourself. This will help you to inevitably open yourself up for new opportunities in your love life. 

When you are rooted in a place of self-love, the whole world wants a piece of that! Self-care is the secret magic that leads to happier relationships, after all. 

That concludes my top tips for moving on and getting over your Capricorn ex and helping yourself open up to new love and relationships. 

Are you having trouble getting past a breakup? Please feel free to air your feelings in the comments section. I’m here for you.

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Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. my problem in brecking up with my Capricorn man , I just don’t understand the reason his giving to me why he breacks up with me
    everything w43302892as going to well ,sex good he was just perfect in everything a man that would be loved by any woma . One day he just didn’t speak to me , when I call dint answer nothing complity ignores me
    fanily when got hold of him , he told me he cant go out with me because his parens said I have put muti for him to love like as in witchcraft him . I lought my tougn out , but he wanted me back at the same time had moves on with orther woman. He wanted me to be there for him when he need me , don’t know how to get over this guys and I love him so much

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