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Capricorn Man after a Break Up – Is he Destroyed or Full of Beans?

Capricorn man is so good at hiding how he feels that it can sometimes be hard to tell how he’s going to feel about any given thing. If you’re about to break up with him, you need to know the truth about him.

If he’s breaking up with someone else and plans to be with you, you need to know this information so that you don’t become his rebound love. You may want to keep on reading to learn what a Capricorn man after a break up is really like.

Capricorn Man Past Relationship Traits

To fully understand the impact on a Capricorn man, you should understand how he likes was in past relationships. He may not be the same with you if he’s still not past his ex.

Capricorn men hold onto their feelings for a very long time and may never open up fully to discuss it with anyone. They feel like they need to be strong and suck it up.

The truth is, they carry their painful baggage with them for a long time if not forever. They feel a whole lot more deeply than anyone could ever imagine.

He’s very selective and careful with whom he gives his heart to so when he gets hurt, he takes it very seriously. That being said, when he was in love and giving his best, what was he like? Here are some traits:

  • Protective – In love, he is a force to be reckoned with. No one had better hurt his woman or they will pay. He’s all about justice and making sure that his lady love is taken care of.
  • Independent – It doesn’t matter how in love he may be, he thinks it’s very important to be able to do his own thing and have his own life outside of his mate. He wants her to be the same way.
  • Jealous – It’s a natural reaction for him to be jealous of any guy trying to hit on his woman or when she’s flirting with others. He can’t take it and finds it disrespectful.
  • Secretive – Capricorn men don’t always reveal things that they do or discuss with others. They make excellent people to talk to when you have a secret. He’ll keep it for you. It’s not good when he keeps his own stuff secret though.
  • Monogamous – When he’s absolutely in love then yes, he will be nothing but loyal and faithful. If he’s falling out of love or never was in love, he may not be quite so loyal.
  • Controlling – The Capricorn man wants what is best for his lady so he may think it’s alright to tell her what she should or shouldn’t do for her own best interest. It doesn’t make it right and some women break it off due to this.

I don’t want to sound discouraging here. Capricorn men have very loving traits also. However, these that I’ve listed are traits that likely have turned his lady love off and made her want to end it with him.

Either she breaks it off with him or he doesn’t like how she rebels to his controlling. He quite possibly could break his own heart by calling it quits. He will act cold and callous but trust me, he really hurts.

When Capricorn Man Breaks It Off

When Capricorn Man Breaks It Off

If the Capricorn man is ready to break it off, how does he act? Is he remorseful at all or is he just cold as ice? You might be surprised to know that this is where his actions may not line up with his actual deep feelings.

Here are some very clear signs he wants to break up: (this applies even if he still loves you)

  • Communication reduction – If he was texting, calling, or making it a point to reach out on a frequent basis but has started to lessen or stop any of these things then he may be prepping to break it off.
  • Avoids getting together – If he starts to cancel plans, not show up, or not even make any plans anymore then he’s definitely letting go of you. He is showing you his lack of desire to spend time with you.
  • Mean attitude – If or when he talks to you, he doesn’t seem to have any more patience. He doesn’t really want to hear what you have to say and doesn’t want to discuss it. He’s rude and possibly crude to you.

These are the three main obvious signs he’s probably heading toward a break up. There is something not right about the relationship and he wants to find a way out. While he thinks of what to do, he acts like what I mentioned.

Now, there is one surefire thing that may work. If you suspect it, you should talk to his closest friends. They likely have heard from him and he’s told them how he feels.

Don’t be afraid to ask the Capricorn man’s friends if he’s planning on breaking it off. The other thing to remember is that they likely have heard whether or not he still loves you too.

In such events, you may be able to salvage it. If not then you’ll have to figure out how to let him go before he does it first. Save yourself some dignity and tell him you are ready to move on.

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When You Break Up With A Capricorn Man

What Capricorn Man Feels When You Break It Off With Him

We’ve discussed what he’s like when he’s planning the break up but now we need to look at the other side of the coin. What if he suspects you’re going to break up with him? What will he do?

Being really honest with you, if he finds out you plan to end it with him, he will likely go VERY cold and be calculating. He may call you out and tell you that he’s done before you can even say anything.

It doesn’t mean he doesn’t still love you. In fact, he’s probably deeply wounded but he will lash out if he finds out you’re going to leave or if he even suspects it without actual proof.

Capricorn men do not deal with breaking up very graciously. So now what happens after you’ve done the deed? How will he act toward you? Is there any hope of keeping a friendship? Not likely.

While he may be open to friendship later on, he will not want to do this right away. He’s broken and he wants you to suffer with what you’ve done to him. He will ice you out and act like you never existed.

He will not answer your texts, calls, and will not want anything to do with you for a very long time if not forever. When he’s away from you, he’s going to be deeply depressed and probably will hide out for awhile.

It will be very difficult for him to get past or even forgive you for hurting him. Even if he wasn’t ever really deeply in love with you, he’ll still see this as betrayal.

For Capricorn, this will be ammunition to not get involved with anyone else for a very long time. He will close his heart back off and will be leery of any other woman trying to come into his life.

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The Capricorn man can seem cold or rough around the edges but he does actually have a heart that can be broken. Once it is, it’s hard for him to recover. He won’t ever let you know though.

If you’re trying to win the heart of a broken Capricorn man, you need a lot of patience and understanding to build something strong. If you’re the one breaking up with him, know he will be crushed.

Naturally if he’s been acting like he wants out or doesn’t love you anymore then it may not hurt him as deeply though he will still see it as a betrayal of some kind. Either way, he’s not going to be happy about it.

He won’t take it easily and he won’t be nice about it. He will hold a grudge with you if you break it off. If he breaks it off, he will be less angry toward you but he may still want to save face by not talking.

Friendship may develop after some time has passed and things are cleared. Until then though, don’t expect to remain friends with the Capricorn man. He’s just not that type of guy.

When you think of a strong Capricorn man, you may not realize it but, the very attractive actor Orlando Bloom is a goat! He’s tall, handsome, and chiseled. If you ever notice, they all seem to have a very model like type of facial features.

They have a jaw line for days! No kidding ladies, the Capricorn man is smoldering and sought after. He’s hard to catch and hard to maintain. He’s just too beautiful and he knows it. Click here for more details on him.

Did you break up with a Capricorn man? How did he react to it? Open up and dish with me!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

16 thoughts on “Capricorn Man after a Break Up – Is he Destroyed or Full of Beans?

  1. Hi I’m an Aries dated my Capricorn man just over a year. He already asked my family for their blessings to marry me. We planned on having 3kids,starting this December 2020 also to move in together in December.
    We are 7year’s apart though,he never doubted my age. We have an incredible strong emotional bond,even dream about each other when something is wrong.
    Unfortunately his dad decided I’m too old for him and now has given my guy a younger girl.
    Unfortunately my capricorn broke it off with me..
    Since the break up we’ve spent time together,we want to remain friends.
    He says he still loves me and is inlove with me but his in a difficult position.
    He doesn’t want me to give up,but I don’t see a way out of this for us.
    He told me that he’s hurting for how thing’s ended between us,because to him it feels like he’s lost his bestfriend and a limb..
    I feel the same way and genuinely care for him,I’m so heart broken and trying to pick up the pieces but how do I compete with his dad’s choice?
    I love him too much to make him choose,any help out there?
    From a heart broken Aries woman in love and miserable without her capricorn

  2. I broke up with my cappy today & I feel very sad, although no serious relationship between us yet, but I feel so much love for him and I know he does so too, but some how finds it difficult to commit. I feel like he doesn’t give me what I want and not in any way ready to. I’m so confused don’t know what to do if I made the right choice or not..

    1. Hi Silverjane!

      I’m sorry to hear that a break up occurred for you and your Capricorn. Well if you aren’t sure if you did the right thing or not then maybe you should talk to him. Tell him how you’re feeling and ask him how he’s feeling. If you two still care for each other, maybe you can come to some sort of agreement to take it slowly but still be exclusive. This would take pressure off and maybe help you two grow. You should check out my series “Capricorn Man Secrets” as it could give you more information.

  3. I am a Taurus female was dating a Capricorn man for the last year. We started as friends (met through mutual friends) and then it developed into more of a relationship after a few months of dating. I was always the to ask about our relationship and to start conversations about things. While this sounds like hard work he always assured me he was happy to be with me and I loved it when we were together. I did notice his lack of ability to communicate his feelings or to show any deeper affection, which worried me. He recently started becoming more distant but I thought he was either just busy, tired or needed time alone. Anyway I should have taken it as a sign as we broke up. He seemed rational and well thought out as told me his feelings for me hadn’t progressed and he didn’t love me. Obviously I was an emotional mess and felt a bit blindsided. This man had just kept his feelings to himself where as I was more open, and then only revealed his true thoughts at the last moment before breaking up.

    1. Hi Lisa!

      It sounds like your Capricorn guy is deeply depressed. They shut down almost totally when things are messed up in their world. When he’s not right, he pulls back and seems as though he’s going cold. He shut down his own heart feeling not good enough. He probably thinks that you deserve better and so he’s pushing you away. I am so sorry honey. I’m sorry you had to go through this. Maybe you should leave him alone for a bit and let him think things through. If he can get back on track then maybe he will come back around. These guys have a way of reappearing when you least expect it.

      1. I was talking to someone but I thought it would have been better to cut ties because of my prior relationship with my daughters father and I didn’t want it to bleed into our situation. He respected it… but I started to miss him and instantly regretted it. Now I’m trying to get in touch with him and he’s ignoring my texts and not answering. He said he caught feelings for me n it hurt but now he’s over it. I feel like I made a mistake because I was flustered about my current situation and letting my daughters father to effect me.

        1. Hi Ann!

          Well it sounds to me like he found a way to move on and doesn’t want to look back. I’m sorry this has happened. I can certainly understand why you decided to call it off but he clearly decided he wasn’t going to wait for you to come back. He may have met someone or he’s just dead set on not giving it a try again. All you can do really is try to be his friend again and see if you can’t get back in there but there is no guarantee. Learn more about Capricorn man in my books about Capricorn Man Secrets. It may help you get into his mind better. I wish you the best!

      2. I’m just going to talk about my experience with Capricorn men as I am a Capricorn too and we have similar traits. The first Capricorn I fell in love with dragged me on for years it was so toxic I didn’t even realise he was breaking up with me on n off because he wanted someone who made more money (his moms idea) we got engaged finally after he confessed he’d never loved anyone like me but he was stil very unavailable And I couldn’t deal so I started threatening to break it off with him if he didn’t change he eventually would listen to me but be so unhappy about actually giving me time. N when his mom decided I was too expensive as she called it (I’m not I support myself he never supported me in anything) he decided to end it which I was fuming about coz he just left me hanging not telling me it was over but deep down knowing it was I just wanted to finalise everything and get my stuff back eventually I let it go months later he came back and we tried again but I didn’t trust him n I left him I went on holiday and he started calling again by then he had just become a friend and he was with someone else so was I until he started talking about his mother again n I unleashed my anger at him and totally ignored him since haven’t heard from him up until I found out how depressed he’d been and how he no longer is the person he used to be and doesn’t care for anything yet his trying to go back to his other ex just to be with someone. The second Capricorn had been divorced for a year and couldn’t get over how his ex cheated on him and I left him to get over it he did come back and we tried again but it just wasn’t the same for me I stil in the back of my mind knew he wasn’t ever over it coz everytime she’d call he’d get all giggley which was such a turn off so that ended again n we are now stil good friends and his happy being alone. The third one was absolutely shocking wanted to control even how I spoke and when I could laugh or not if I teased him he’d get offended and he’d leave every second day coz of something I said I eventually left and he came back (don’t know why I was dumb enough to believe he was sorry) then after telling me I was starting an argument for asking a very simple question I decided I couldn’t deal with him n I left him again n made sure that he knew I didn’t want him back he has been off everything but I caught him on dating sites usually he’d be online quite a bit and since I’ve left he hasn’t been showing anywhere or even blocked me like he did to start with so I moved on again knowing the devil will rear his controlling head again when someone else rejects him which I’m not having going to accept. So from a Capricorn female to all females wondering about Capricorn men purely out of the experiences I’ve had and the ones around me I found that they don’t devote themselves to anyone, won’t be stable even in a marriage they look for issues or are looking for better then what they have if their not happy, don’t give u the time of day even if they claim to love u, money and their mom outweighs everyone and everything and they plot for ages weighing up ur worth before they come to a conclusion n if Ur the one who left them they will eventually come back only to leave again and then come back again coz they got hurt elsewhere

        1. Hi Rihane!

          They devote themselves to them. They typically put themselves first and then when they fall in love, the woman they are with gets to be a priority but he will still always treat himself first. For some women, this works as long as they’re independent and not reliant on him for attention. For women that need more attention, affection, and to be the priority in his life, this may not work well with Capricorn man. There is a lot more to Capricorn man though that I don’t think you know. You might want to check out Capricorn Man Secrets because you shouldn’t write off all Capricorn men because of one you’ve had an experience with.

  4. Hi,
    I am capricorn and he is also. We both love each other. But when he asked me to meet i was unable to meet him. After a month i meet him but he only want to full fill his sexual desire for which i m not ready due to which he got angry and leave me. After few days when i message him he said i have done my roka and everything is finish now. I got hurted and he blocked me. He also said he never loves me. Is there is any chance he will come back his dob is 9 jan 1989 and name sanjay.

    1. Hi shweta mishra!

      I am so sorry you’ve had this experience. He wasn’t ready for a relationship and clearly only wanted to have sex so he kept talking to you so he could get that from you and then shut you out. He seems to not want to commit and sounds rather immature as well. I’m not sure if he’s a good match. I would be wiling to bet he has aspects in his chart that make him more of a player than most normal Capricorn men. He may be deeply hurt by his past which makes him unable to commit. Without knowing, you really cannot make sense of it. Sadly you should just let him go. If he did care for you he will be back but I wouldn’t bet on it. Check out my book as it will explain how different the male Capricorn is different than the female.

  5. I’m reading this because I am thinking that I need to take care of myself. I am a Cancer. We’ve been talking for 6 months now, it’s been a month since he starts to be cold. He’s depressed about school for almost a year and we’re classmates. He still talks to me but I’m really confused if he still loves me or just using me.

    1. Hi Ace!

      Yikes depression can really put a damper on life for anyone. I’m thinking he’s having a hard time doing much else because of it. I don’t know what you know about it but you might want to do some reading about depression. It’s hard to focus on anything when you feel in despair. I think he still cares yes but I think that he’s going through something that he really needs your loving support sweetheart. Let him know it’s alright to talk to you and that you’re willing to help him if need be. Be his rock! Patience and understanding is definitely needed for depression. It might also help you to check out my books on Capricorn man. There are plenty of insights and pointers. Wishing you all the best!

  6. I was dating my Capricorn for 6 months.. overall our relationship for the first 3 months was good until he has a personal problem. He couldn’t get it up and it would be a frequent thing that he’s not welling to change. I suggested going to the doctor and pills and he wouldn’t do it. I heard that Capricorn are very prideful but I’m not understanding why he wouldn’t go to doctor to fix his issue and for us to go forward in our relationship . I end up breaking off with him because I felt like it’s no point trying to pursue a relationship with him if he doesn’t want a change. Idk I feel guilty in a way because I still love him and he doesn’t want anything to do with me. Should I just move on or just give it time and see if he can change .

    1. Hi Mycah Wilson!

      I don’t think you should feel guilty sweetheart. You gave it all you could but he wouldn’t see reason and do what is best. He’s defensive about his “Problem” and would rather just not face it. Also if he’s not willing to fix the problem to enjoy sex with you then he’s not the one. You should never feel bad about something that is HIS issue. You tried to do it the right way but he’s choosing not to do it. I think you should move on and hey if he does change then he’ll get ahold of you. If you’re still single you can give it another try. I wish you all the best!

  7. I was dating a Capricorn for almost 3 months. He pursued me, we laughed, talked about where we are in life and what we wanted (50y/o gang here, lol). We talked about spending our lives together on this side of life. Things were pleasant and we both had busy crazy schedules so that worked out because we understood each other’s career. Then slowly I started noticing that he wasn’t calling as much but text, video chats came to a stop, the pursuit of me became less and less. I reached out to him to discuss, he said he has been extra busy due to short staff at his business. Okay, I understood because he was working more hours plus a second job. Then one we planned to spend the day together, he stood me up. I reached out to him the next day and he said he was under the weather and didn’t want to worry me (red flag). You don’t stand me up ever. Two days later he made it up and I expressed that a common courtesy call or text is suitable but standing me up cannot happen again. He never acknowledged that but kept on with another conversation. I took a mental note. The patterns of communication became worse, he would dismiss me and not acknowledge my feelings. Then guess what happened? Thanksgiving 2022, we changed plans to be with each other on Saturday after Thanksgiving…he stood me up again. I text asking if he was ok…crickets. Sunday, no communication and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. So I was forced to break up with him via text, I don’t like doing stuff like that but I had no choice. Here’s his response. Notice the projection, coldness, and he responded like it didn’t mater and apologized.

    Good morning thank for your message and I do understand where you are coming from I did make it clear from day one with my life style sorry I couldn’t meet your expectations u are a beautiful sweet woman very intelligent so I know someone is there waiting for all that love you have to share once again I’m sorry I couldn’t meet that standard God be with you on love ❤️

    Your lifestyle was not a problem, we both have busy lives. It was the constant disrespect and brushing me and my feelings off when you told me that I can come to you and talk about anything. I did and I was brushed off a lot. Lack of communication.

    I know my qualities it just wasn’t appreciated and I thought you were different.

    In my mind, this is the same man who told me I was the one for him, strategized future plans. Till this day, my feelings have been dismissed, never tried to talk things out, he just ignored me. Both if us work in mental health and it hit me like a ton of bricks, he’s stonewalling me. This is toxic and mental/emotional abuse. The same man who runs his own mental health facility is acting this way. I don’t hate him but his actions were hurtful and it weighed me down. Sleepless nights, constantly worrying about why the change all of a sudden. I wished him well, I’m a bit disappointed but my peace is in tact.

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