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When a Capricorn Man Is Hurt Because of You – How to Fix it?

What happens when you’ve hurt a Capricorn man’s feelings? What can you do? Is it something you can fix or do you have to deal with the fact that it’s over? Keep reading for information about when a Capricorn man is hurt.

Why A Capricorn Man Would Feel Hurt

The strong willed Capricorn man seems as though he can handle almost anything. The truth is, he’s just as vulnerable on the inside as anyone else and can in fact, develop hurt feelings.

What could cause him to feel this way? One thing that may hurt him is if you ignore him for some reason. Perhaps you’re ticked off at him and decide to go radio silent. This will first piss him off then it will hurt him.

He doesn’t like to be ignored or put off. If you realize that this is what caused him to feel so hurt, you can actually fix it by giving him attention, apologize for having put him off, and show him that you don’t  want to hurt him.

Perhaps you said something that wounded his pride. Not showing him support when he’s doing something he’s proud of will definitely get to him. The thing is, he will never show that he’s upset.

He may become ice cold and not want anything to do with you if you’ve hurt him. This will make it hard to determine what went wrong and what you can do. Your Capricorn guy is more delicate than he would ever admit.

In fact, he always acts as though he cannot be bothered and this makes people believe he’s just cold blooded. You CAN affect him though. Not showing him affection or support with whatever he’s doing will not go over well.

Breaking up with him out of seemingly nowhere will hurt him as well. He may not want to forgive you if you do that. It will hurt him deeply and make him want to move on thus never speaking to you ever again.

You’ve hurt Him, Now What?

When a Capricorn Man Is Hurt

This is where things get dicey. Capricorn men hold grudges much like Taurus and Virgo. They do not like anyone stepping on their toes, pushing them, or ignoring them.

If you hurt him in some way and you’re well aware of what you did, the best thing you can do is give him a heartfelt apology immediately. If you do not, he will think you did it on purpose and there is no recovering from that.

Capricorn man can be a bit of a hard ass when it comes to forgiveness. If you’re sincere, he’ll be able to tell and may actually let you have another chance. If you don’t sound like you mean it though, he will dismiss you.

If you rejected his advances or his efforts, he will not want to forgive you for it. In fact, it may be hard to convince him that you were doing it for sound reasons. Unless you can prove it, he figures you’re not worth it to him.

In the case that you called him horrific names during an argument, he’ll probably take that to heart and feel you meant it. Even if you apologize, he may never see you the same way again.

He’ll always be wondering what you meant by what you said and if you wanted to hurt him on purpose or if you were just being an awful person. Either way, he’s going to have questions in his head about you.

As long as there is a question in his mind regarding you, you may be in the dog house to stay. He may not want to forgive and let it go. He may tell you that you’re not what he’s looking for and break it off.

He may also tell you he cannot trust you and where there is no trust, there is no future. Capricorn man feels really betrayed when someone hurts him whether it was an accident or not.

Is There Still a Chance?

If there IS a chance, it’s probably a very slim one. It really depends on the degree of hurt for the Capricorn man. If it was just a small thing that didn’t mean anything then perhaps he’ll accept your apology and move forward with you.

If you ignored him, rejected him, or pushed him away when he really wanted to be around you or talk to you, he will see you in a different light. It will be hard for him to make sense of why you would do such a thing.

In the case that he does stay with you, he may use this as ammunition to cheat on you. It’s hard to think about but if Capricorn man isn’t getting what he wants or feels he deserves for all his efforts, he’ll try to obtain this somewhere else.

This only applies if he feels disrespected, cheated on, betrayed, or unloved. If he knows you love him and that you didn’t mean what you said or did, there IS still a chance. Forgiveness can come and in time, things may be well again.

Then again, he may see what happened as a onetime deal and decides that he better cut you loose before you do it again. It’s going to be up to the individual Capricorn man and what he normally believes in.

Some variances come from things like moon signs or rising signs being really different than his sun sign. This could cause him to be a bit different and thus reacts differently to hurt.

Going by sun sign alone though, Capricorn man is hard to get forgiveness from. He’s stone cold sometimes and will have demands that you may have to live up to in order for him to get past it.

Depending on the amount of hurt, he may decide there is nothing you can do or say to get him to let it go and give it another chance. You’ll have to ask him point blank if he can or cannot forgive you after you apologize then go from there.

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  1. I have been knowing this capricorn for 10yrs been sleeping with him for 9yrs consistently and was just in his bed in march & we gt into a little disagreement due to him being motionless and he hasnt spoken to me since this was in april i seen him out & spoke he spoke bk and hugged me idk what to do

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