How To Apologize To A Capricorn Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What happens when you’ve hurt a Capricorn man’s feelings? Keep reading for information about when a Capricorn man is hurt and find out how you can fix it.

Knowing how to apologize to a Capricorn man is very important if you want to be in a relationship with him. This guy has pretty high standards and likes to keep the people in his life accountable for their actions. 

If you want to be with a Capricorn man, then it is important that you know how to apologize to him to make him feel better about the situation. When a Capricorn man is mad at you it can feel particularly hectic because his energy is sometimes quite ruthless. 

So how to get a Capricorn man to forgive you when you have done something wrong? There is definitely a secret formula that you can follow to make him soft with you again.

Do you currently have a Capricorn man mad at you? Then you have come to the right place. Keep on reading to find out how to apologize to a Capricorn man to get him to forgive you:

When A Capricorn Man Is Mad At You — What To Expect?

A Capricorn man when upset is probably one of the most intense energies to be around. This is a man who will become very distant and detached when he is angry at you. It will feel like you are talking to a wall and you can’t get back in. 

When a Capricorn man is angry at you it can feel really discouraging, like you don’t know what to do to make it better once again. You probably never expected to see this reaction from him, but now that you know what he is like when he is mad, you never want to see it again. 

A Capricorn man mad is ruthless and cutthroat. He has no problem cutting people out and pretending like they never existed before. He takes things very seriously, so when he feels slighted, he definitely won’t be happy about it. 

A Capricorn man doesn’t like to be ignored or put off. If you realize that this is what caused him to feel so hurt, you can actually fix it by giving him attention, apologizing for having put him off, and showing him that you don’t want to hurt him.

Perhaps you said something that wounded his pride. Not showing him support when he’s doing something he’s proud of will definitely get to him. The thing is, he will never show that he’s upset.

He may become ice cold and not want anything to do with you if you’ve hurt him. This will make it hard to determine what went wrong and what you can do. Your Capricorn guy is more delicate than he would ever admit.

What To Do When A Capricorn Man Is Mad At You?

The Capricorn man is definitely someone who holds grudges and doesn’t find it easy at all to forgive and let go. They cannot stand when someone treats them badly and doesn’t recognize their worth. 

If you have hurt him in some way there is really only one thing you can do, but you need to do this fast, and that is to give him a really heartfelt and sincere apology. Try to explain to him where you were at emotionally and that you were having a bad day. 

Tell him that it was unfair to take your negative emotions out on him and that he deserves better from you. An Apology is really important or else he might think that you were trying to hurt him intentionally. 

Capricorn man can be a bit of a hard ass when it comes to forgiveness. If you’re sincere, he’ll be able to tell and may actually let you have another chance. If you don’t sound like you mean it though, he will dismiss you.

If you rejected his advances or his efforts, he will not want to forgive you for it. In fact, it may be hard to convince him that you were doing it for sound reasons. Unless you can prove it, he figures you’re not worth it to him.

If you’re struggling with finding ways to connect with your Capricorn man on a deeper level, then you need to check out the 21 Questions to Ask a Capricorn Man to Share His True Feelings and become emotionally available. These questions will set you on the right track with your Capricorn and make you two feel connected like never before.

How To Apologize To A Capricorn Man?

The best way to apologize to a Capricorn man is to take responsibility and be accountable for your actions. The Capricorn man is very serious and strict, but he can appreciate it when someone knows how to be responsible for what they have done. 

The great thing about the Capricorn man is that he is highly logical and analytical, so this does help him to be reasonable, especially if you manage to speak sense and explain your behavior without getting too emotional. 

They will usually accept your apology when they can see that you are truly sorry and that you have made a mistake. Just beware, Capricorn men won’t tolerate this over and over again. You usually only get a one-second chance with these men.

He may need some time to cool down, so give him a minute to get some space from you after you have apologized to him. You don’t want to put extra pressure on him when he already feels disappointed in you. Give him time to calm down and come to you after you have sincerely apologized.

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More Ways To Say Sorry To A Capricorn Man

The best kind of apology for the Capricorn man is just to simply say sorry, but you can show him that you are sorry by a couple of other things too. One of the best ways to get him to come around is to give him space. 

Allowing him to take a deep breath and calm down without any added pressure from you is one of the best ways to say sorry to a Capricorn man. Sometimes all he needs is some space from you to figure out what he is feeling. 

It is very important that you be patient with him and don’t rush him into accepting your apology. Sometimes time is needed when it comes to forgiveness, so be sure to give it to him. This will only benefit you. 

Try not to make excuses for your actions as there is nothing that makes the Capricorn man angrier than you putting the blame on something else. It is very important that your Capricorn man can see that you are accountable for your actions.

Here’s more on how to compliment a Capricorn man (what he likes to hear) <<

How To Get A Capricorn Man To Forgive You

It is very important that you realize you cannot force your Capricorn man to do anything. He needs to come to his own conclusions. This is why the only thing you can truly do is to give him time and space to cool down. 

I know this isn’t always easy and that you just want to go back to normal with him, but remember if you are the one that hurt him, then you are unfortunately the one that needs to do the waiting. 

Apologize, take accountability, perhaps offer him some solutions to help him process his pain, and then give him some space to calm down and figure things out on his own. If you are sincere enough in your apology, then he should definitely come around eventually. 

It all just takes a little bit of time and effort, but if he is important enough for you, then it is worth giving him the space to come around. Try your best to be mature about everything. 

Do Capricorn Men Forgive Easily?

Unfortunately, Capricorn men are incredibly stubborn like most Earth signs are. A Capricorn man is not one to forgive things easily. They will hold on to a grudge even if it means hurting themselves. 

If you rejected his advances or his efforts, he will not want to forgive you for it. In fact, it may be hard to convince him that you were doing it for sound reasons. Unless you can prove it, he figures you’re not worth it to him.

In the case that you called him horrific names during an argument, he’ll probably take that to heart and feel you meant it. Even if you apologize, he may never see you the same way again.

He’ll always be wondering what you meant by what you said and if you wanted to hurt him on purpose or if you were just being an awful person. Either way, he’s going to have questions in his head about you.

As long as there is a question in his mind regarding you, you may be in the dog house to stay. He may not want to forgive and let it go. Your Capricorn may tell you that you’re not what he’s looking for and break it off.

He may also tell you he cannot trust you and where there is no trust, there is no future. Capricorn man feels really betrayed when someone hurts him whether it was an accident or not.

FAQ About Capricorn Man When Upset

How Long Will A Capricorn Man Stay Mad?

A Capricorn man can stay mad for quite an extended amount of time. This guy is really masterful at holding grudges and not forgiving people. This is actually one of their flaws and definitely not something you should take personally. If he can’t accept your apology then it is his problem. 

What Happens When You Apologize To A Capricorn Man?

When you apologize to a Capricorn man don’t expect him to forgive you immediately and accept you with open arms. It is really going to take time for him to come around. He may be quite standoffish for some time and actually test you a few times to see if he can trust you again. 

Do Capricorn Men Accept Apology?

A Capricorn man will accept your apology, especially if you are being sincere and not to emotional about what happened. However, he isn’t one to hand out second chances very often. So make sure that there aren’t many reasons you need to apologize to him for. This is a man who wants to have a mature and responsible relationship, so give him that. 

How Do You Get A Capricorn Man Back After An Argument?

Getting a Capricorn man back after an argument is no easy feat. This is a man who likes uncomplicated emotions, so when he gets riled up it can be particularly intense for him. It is so important that you give him space to cool down to come to his senses. 

Remember to apologize to him, and give him some space to reflect on the situation. If you take the pressure off of him he will definitely come around. But try your best to diffuse the situation and not escalate it.

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54 thoughts on “How To Apologize To A Capricorn Man

  1. I have been knowing this capricorn for 10yrs been sleeping with him for 9yrs consistently and was just in his bed in march & we gt into a little disagreement due to him being motionless and he hasnt spoken to me since this was in april i seen him out & spoke he spoke bk and hugged me idk what to do

    1. Hi London!

      It sounds like this Capricorn guy isn’t as committed to this as you are or he was very offended by you telling him things he doesn’t want to hear (per the argument). 10 years is a very long time and if he’s not calling you his by now then he’s not really “in” this relationship whatever it is. You should ask him what gives and what he wants. Tell him how you feel and see what he says. Then you can decide what to do from there.

      1. I recently started talking to a Capricorn man and he asked me on several occasions to be with him. At first I would tell him it was best we stayed friends but one night we went out and I agreed to be his woman but that same night I made a comment saying I was single. I had a ex that I told him from the start that I was still in contact with. My ex called me all night so the Capricorn man told me to go ahead and answer it, and I did. Even after that night we spent together he still seemed interested in me but would make comments about us not talking on the phone because I would be busy speaking to someone else. After two nights of not speaking he’s been completely different. He wouldn’t respond to my text and told me that the situation made him feel numb towards me and that he needs space, I think that really means he’s just done Is this fixable or should I just leave it be.

        1. Hi Empress!

          I don’t think he’s done with you. I think you telling him that you’d be his but then said you are single made him very confused and so now he’s not sure if you want your ex back or are still with him. He wants to know that you want what he wants and if you don’t you should tell him. Otherwise, I think that if you want to be with him, you can still salvage this. Check out my guides on “Capricorn Man Secrets” as they may help you get to know him more. Here’s wishing you all the luck in the stars!

  2. Really love your articles. I have been seeing a Capricorn. It started out as friendship. For the past year I financial have helped him and didn’t mind. But 3 times I have had way too much alcohol and this subject came up in a not nice way. This last time was too much for him. I asked him if it is over so I didn’t sit wondering. He says he loves me always and cannot imagine his life without me but wants to take things slow. I guess a good sign. I am an expressive person can message 100 times a day. He has told me this is too much for him so I have slowed down a lot with just the basic morning how you and good night. It’s tough for me because we use to share everything. And knew how he was doing So scared I loose him by being too much again. Our kiss emoji has turned to a hug and there is no more I love you from him just a you know I do. Do I just keep going with the slow pace. He has just started a job after being unemployed for a year and still has to battle with petrol rent etc. I offered help he told me no and then had to accept help so he could get to work. I offered in a very respectful way and replied with a no problem when thanked. I just hope I am doing the right thing. I still let him know I love him even if he doesn’t say it back and it hurts. I hurt him by what was said so my own doing.

  3. Hi Leigh!

    It sounds like he’s in a mode of trying to figure out if this is going to work for him and if he wants it. Yes, keep going with the slow pace and respect his need for space and time to think. If he figures out he loves you and wants to stay with you then he’ll come back around. If he decides it’s not working then he will become colder or he will flat out tell you it’s not working and break it off. Just take it easy and things may work out though.

  4. When I met my Capricorn man I wasn’t single but either was he. A couple years later I broke up with my boyfriend and thought I was casually seeing him. I didn’t think too much of it because he was on a break with his girlfriend at the same time so I didn’t think things were serious for him. This guy did things for me like offered to help me move into my new apartment and tutor me. Ultimately I decided that the best thing for me at this time was to go back to my partner before him.
    I recently broke up with that partner due to him calling off our wedding, and this Capricorn sought me out and we made plans to hang out. When we hung out he was extremely quite and not like himself, but I could tell how much he still liked me.
    The next day he told me he just wants to be friends and that we lost our chance and we need to get over it (meaning both of us)

    Do you think there is any chance of him changing his mind and wanting to try a relationship with me? I could feel how much he still liked me through his mannerism and energy.

    1. Hi Katie!

      I think that if there is a chance between you, it’s going to take time. Try to be friends first. I mean be a best friend to him in any way that you can. Perhaps that will motivate him over time to become more. He’s not sure of if it will work or not which is why he backed up again. You’ve got to give it time and basically show him that it CAN work. If you aren’t afraid to put in the effort then there is still a chance.

  5. My Capricorn man and I started off on a Rocky ground . After hanging out for a month , I found out it he wasn’t interested in a relationship. ( he was my first kiss ) We broke it off since we wanted different things but I resented him for misleading me when It was clear I wanted one . Few months later , he sincerely apologized . I accepted it but I was still hurt so I told him I needed time . A month later , angry that he didn’t follow up on his apology , i told him I don’t think we can be friends as you want , immature I know .He didn’t answer .I figured he was hurt . A month later , a bit guilty and nostalgic , i asked him to meet because I needed to talk . He said okay then didn’t show up . I blocked him from everywhere , pretended he was a stranger when I saw him . I was so hurt . He didn’t do anything.
    Now my question is , is there a way to solve this ?

    1. Hi Lolita!

      By you totally icing him out every time you got mad at him, he may not recover from it this time. I’m not saying your wrong. You have every reason to be pissed but to be honest, what has changed? If he cannot do what you want him to do or act the way you think he should then why would you want to try to solve it? The only thing I can think of is to talk to him tell him that you two need to talk face to face and try to meet up. You need to throw everything out on the table and be completely open with everything. If there is a chance then he’ll also open up and offer up some solutions. If he doesn’t and blows you off then you have your answer which means it will be time to move on.

  6. I’ve been friends and lovers with a Capricorn man going on six months now. I am content with the level of our relationship since neither of us are ready to commit at this time. We had our first argument and after a couple weeks he pushed me away. Come to find out, he got it in his head that I was pushing for a relationship. We cleared the air on it, but things have been rocky. I worry things aren’t going to be the same for us. I ended up making him feel threatened and vulnerable last night and it wasn’t my intentions. I want to apologize but I don’t want to upset him further. I do love him and want to continue building what we have together.

    1. Hi J!

      He sounds a bit insecure and he just needs time and you have to be patient. I think if you don’t bring it up again for awhile, you should be alright. Keep being you and keep doing things the way that you have been. Just know he’s sensitive and until he feels secure about this, you have to think before you say something that he may react badly to. Try not to worry too much. I wish you all the best!

  7. Hello Anna its Shalom here. I fell in love with a capricorn a minth ago. Things wer hotting up, nd soo intensely passionate we would chat hours into the morning. Hes date of birth is 25/12/1988. Things were going very very well. Im a cancer born 22/07/1963. Hes aving a tough time in another country were hes working currently but says the boss is not paying him, so hes stuck there no way to return bk to hes country. He used to text me chatting fr 1 hr in the day wen hes on break, nd in the evening we chat fr 7 hrs. Now i observed that he spends alot of time on messenger, he tells me hes looking for help financially because of hes situation financially, but hes on messenger for long periods of time. To me if someone is sitting on messenger for long periods of time, means hes chatting up someone else. So i was angry nd cursed him. But then i apologised nd asked forgiveness, hes just quiet, doesnt text bk he just says ive cursed him, but i will look for him. Now hes more on watsapp i dont know who hes chatting to, the same way he used to spend hrs chatting me, i observed hes long hrs on watsapp too. I text him today telling him, im moving ahead with my life, but wen hes ready to talk il be there waiting for him. Hes very very angry nd upset. Please advise wat should i do ? Hes also a very very poor person trying to do hes best, but i dont know, coz we are both in 2 different countries, hes from Nigeria and im from South Africa. Weve never met personally only chatting online now a month. Please i need ur help, i dont know wether hes fooling around with other women or he still loves me deeply. Im totally confused coz he used to text 700 texts evryday. Thanks Rookmoney Naidoo from South Africa.

    1. Hi Rookmoney Naidoo (Shalom),

      It sounds to me like he’s doing more than looking for assistance. You’re correct, that much time on messenger and Whatsapp sounds like he’s trying to find someone to talk to about other things. I don’t blame you for telling him what you feel and that you’re going to move on with your life, He sounds very suspicious. I also want to alert you to the Nigerian scams that take place. He may be trying to find a woman who is wealthy that will bring him to America, marry him, and get him a green card. Be VERY careful honey. I think you should run from this guy honestly. Let him find someone else to scam.

  8. Hello,

    I’ve been best friends with this Capricorn since 2012 on and off friendship. We have slept together. We recently got into a big blow. He had cursed at me and I got angry and retaliated and out of anger I betrayed him, the next I’ve realized what I have done and quickly apologized but he had blocked me. So I had reached out in email and he told he never wants to speak to me again. After time he said he would call me to explain stuff but before that I had told him to be aware of himself. So he didn’t call. H later on he emailed me and said we can no longer be friends because he couldn’t trust me with anything but he had hurt me in always that also betrayed me but I had always gave him another chance of friendship. I made one mistake and he calls it over. Idk what to do because I do want my best friend back because we were good friends. Will he ever come back in time and space

    1. Hi Lola!

      Ouch! Capricorn is all about justice so if you betrayed him, he likely won’t recover from it. Then you telling him to be aware of himself made him even more angry so it’s not surprising he basically washed his hands. They are righteous men and so when they are angry enough they will cut it off and carry that grudge around on their shoulders. I doubt that he will come back around but you can never say never. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  9. Hey,

    I was seeing a capricorn man for 4 months. By the start of April (with the onset of quarantine due to COVID-19), we started having issues. A month back, we had broken up because we realised there was no future for us but eventually decided that we will try and make things work, no matter what. But this time, he broke up with me. He did some things and so did I. He was going through a bad phase and I overwhelmed him by asking him too many questions and he grew distant. So that made me insecure and anxious. So I stopped speaking to him. 3-4 days later, I texted him goodbye, and he didn’t respond. I called him, he disconnected so I removed him from all my social media. I tried to talk to him again, but he wouldn’t. With the help of a common friend, he texted me back to end things. He seemed very angry. He in turn removed me from his social media as well and has gone absolutely radio silent. I want him back. While he was breaking up, I told him I didn’t want that and that I was sorry. I am a taurian and I have been having anxiety issues since the lockdown began. I don’t know if I still can do something to mend things.

    1. HI S!

      Yikes, your stubborn side turned the Capricorn man off and so now he’s too jaded to talk to you anymore. I’m glad he text you back and gave you the courtesy of ending it properly. Some Capricorn men just disappear. It seems to me that the miscommunication between you two made things more tense than he wanted to deal with. Try giving him some time. He may be able to work past it after a bit but there is no guarantee. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

    2. Hi Ana so Im a Virgo and I’ve been seeing this Cap man for the last 8 months (fwb) we met at work and from the beginning we agreed to keep our relationship private. I noticed he follows some of our other female co workers on social media likes there pictures but never likes any of mine. This made me very jealous but i didn’t mention to him because i didn’t want to seem immature. One of my coworkers who happened to be my close friend told me he text her “just thinking about you” after she told him she had a family emergency. I immediately became angry and confronted him asking if he liked her and told him i wanted to end things because obviously it was too much for me. He assured me that it wasn’t what i thought and told me i was over reacting. Days passed and he spoke to me at work but in a very cold manner there was a lot of tension. I texted him to clear the air and he told me that he was disappointed that i would accuse him and that he opened up to me alot which he doesn’t normally do. He told me he wanted to keep things cordial and that ir was a bad idea to get involved w/ me. 2 weeks later we had a phone convo i apologize for over reacting and that i missed him. He says he accepts my apology and that we can continue our friendship but has not made any attempt to contact or spend time with me which is not our norm. Do you think he has really forgiven me? Will we ever get back to how things were or has he shut me out? We still speak at work but nothing else. I’m sad because i miss him i don’t know how to handle this and i don’t want to smother him.

      1. Hi Jessica!

        Ah yes, Virgo and Capricorn are both very strong willed and minded. It’s inevitable for you two to bump heads with certain things. You both have a tendency for jealousy and quick reaction. If he really does understand you then yes, he can forgive you and you two can move forward. I do also think that you two need to communicate better and work on those jealous tendencies because that can definitely end a relationship. Be loving and patient with each other. Wishing you all the best!

  10. Hey,

    I have been seeing a Capricorn man who went through so much with his ex who had a baby for him and she was still living with him but, we were together but we just started dating officially 2 months ago, we live together too, even through all the issues with his ex still staying with him, some days back he told me he needs a break that I am stressing him and I don’t want to let go if his past, I too i am so hurt and can’t get over his past yet because its still fresh, I don’t know what to do anymore, is he breaking up with me,

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Too much ex in the picture sounds like. That means that anytime you do something he doesn’t like, he’s going to see you as an additional source of stress. My guess is that he’s not totally over the crap that happened between them and she’s not letting him forget it either. Until that is resolved, he may never give you his full attention or heart. It sounds like he needs a little space, not necessarily breaking up but time that he can have alone to sort through his problems and thoughts. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  11. I accidentally typed that I wanted see my friend’s boyfriend’s abs as a sort of running joke between the two of us to my Capricorn partner. When I called him and explained, he said okay. But later he asked me through chat if what would I have felt if he sent it to me accidentally. I already told him it was just an accident and we were only joking (me and my friend) as that is what we usually joke about when we get into contact after a long time. Now he’s just seenzoning my messages and said that we will talk about it later tonight. I honestly don’t know what to do now from here

    1. Hi Min!

      Message him and ask him directly why he’s gone quiet and that you didn’t mean what you wrote. It’s that simple. If he still doesn’t answer you within a week or two then he’s decided to not talk. I don’t think you did anything wrong that should have pushed him away so I think being patient may be the key. You may want to learn more via my “Capricorn Man Secrets” program.

  12. I started dating a Capricorn man moon in cancer, I am cancer moon in Sagittarius. I got scared he will hurt me cause he was acting strange and got drunk told him we need a pause and after that, I apologized and explained why I did it he said that we will talk but avoids the conversation. I told him I had feelings for him and took an interest in his life as a friend. Any advice?

    1. HI Veselina Sokolova!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my article, thank you! It takes Capricorn men a long time to move past anger or hurt. I don’t feel like you being rude to him once should warrant him to leave it for good. He seems to have more against you though as you mentioned. He may be thinking at this point you are not the one. All you can do is tell him that you’re working on yourself and your behavior as to not let it happen again then give him time to heal. Perhaps with some time, he’ll come back around. If you need more tips, please check out my program “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  13. Hello Anna.

    I have been seeing this man for about 10 months now. We started off casual and everything was so easy and good and there was a happiness aspect around our hanging out time that we developed to a serious relationship.
    I was attracted to this man so much I manifested him in my life and actually had him.
    I was so happy that I even mentioned this factor sometime when we were randomly hanging out.
    He’s a Capricorn sun and cancer moon. And I’m a Taurus sun and Capricorn moon.
    Just recently we had rough patches mostly because he says I keep asking the same questions and that I’m afraid of being happy I ruin everything.
    We had this big fight recently and I tore through his things in his home office and this enraged him enough to call it quits and it even got physical. I wasn’t expecting that so it only made me angrier.
    He kept insisting that it is over because I brought out in him things he never thought he could do. And these things made him hate himself and I know he can be hard on himself. We however sat down and talked and I managed to ask him that it be a break and not completely breaking up.
    He agreed. He’s a good man when he wants to be and most of the time he was until recently when I felt he left the relationship on autopilot and I wasn’t feeling it cause he was becoming cold and distant.
    I’ve asked him if he found someone else and his answer is that no he hasn’t and for me to think like that I must’ve horrible thoughts about him in my head.

    So right now we are on a break but he insists on us being friends and not completely severing the ties between us because it brings us both joy when we talk to each other and not as much heart ache.
    I am happy with this but I know it might hurt in the long run if he decides to completely be done with us after the break.
    I love him but my mind insists on the things he’s not done for me like “why did he keep us a secret”
    Why does he pick himself above us all the time
    Why is he selfish and mean?

    I can overlook all these things
    I have in the months we were together.

    I thought this was it because he was so different from everything I’ve had in the past and I worked so hard to only give him love and affection when I didn’t feel like it. And I thought we were building for the future but him having thoughts and even saying to break up made me feel like perhaps he wasn’t as invested.
    We’ve had a rough patch before and I have him space like he’d asked and we managed to get through it.

    Why was it this time he decided that a break up was what he wanted.

    I need your advice and help because it feels like I’m losing someone that was meant for me and my mind just won’t shut up and go on.

    1. Hi Mercy!

      Capricorn makes women fall hard for him. He’s quality and he’s truthful typically. With your guy, it sounds like maybe he’s become unsure of what he actually wants and is why he is hoping a break is what he needs. Sadly if he’s decided he doesn’t want to be committed then he may stay in this friendship mode as a way to have you in his life but still be able to do what he wants. Sadly some Capricorn men do carry narcissistic traits which always makes everything all about them. I think I’d wait for awhile to complete the “break” and see if he turns around or not. In the meantime, keep telling him how much he means to you, etc. Don’t bombard him with calls or text but make sure he knows you’re still there. Need to know more? Check out my program “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  14. Hey Anna I’ve been seeing my cap for 8 months now and lately he’s been really pushing the friend thing so i agreed but he still wants to continue like we were together basically .. the other night he cancelled plans because of school then i accused him of being with someone else he said he wasn’t and had an early day but then the last thing he said was “we want different things and that’s okay gn” he turned his phone off i went off sent him all these crazy messages and kept calling and calling he hasn’t talked to me since it’s been two days i apologized today about it and told him I’d give him his space …does he still want me or is there still a chance??

    1. Hi Helen!

      If he’s pushing a friends with benefits situation it’s because he doesn’t want commitment, is interesting in finding someone else, or is just not as into you as you had hoped he be. He won’t push for friendship unless there is an ulterior motive. A man who does not want to commit to you is someone you should probably reconsider. Why would you ever want to be second choice. Learn more about Capricorn man by reading my program “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  15. Hi there I met a Capricorn in a professional setting when I opened the door to the room we had this moment that was indescribable before we even spoke and we both agreed to that at a later point. I didn’t know much information about him and it took a month to reconnect which happened to be through a friend of his who is trying to portray interest in me. The friend had sent me a picture of him with the Capricorn and immediately said that was the man I have been trying to find in which he had been telling the friend who sent the picture of the very same thing. The kind friend gracefully bowed out And exchanged our information. We talked hours an hours and even met for coffee and spent the morning chatting together. Everything was absolute perfection. I was certain this was my person. He exclaimed the same. Then he had a busy weekend early on in our talking and his text got a little bit more limited. Knowing what I know now about a Capricorn man that is not something to be alarmed of but having been through a lot of bad relationships myself I got afraid that he was disinterested suddenly and he did try to tell me that was not the case but I cannot seem to get past my insecurity and I try to push them away and tell him I cannot do this. I almost instantly regretted it but it was too late he had already withdrawn. I never experienced such a quick in timeless attraction and it really bowled me over. I went full on heartbreak crazy lady mode which knowing what I know now also extremely unattractive to a Capricorn. I just felt almost possessed it was so out of character I barely seem to know myself I was groveling and bagging and pleading. And we had barely had any of this time together but we had this very strong connection. He kept telling me he simply could not do it that he did not wanna lead me on, yet he still answered and never deleted me on social media so I kept maintaining this help. I finally regained my senses so to speak and felt grounded and although I had offered him multiple apologies I feel like I sent a pretty directly worded one and it certainly was sincere. He still still communicating with me although it is very short and I feel maybe just polite responses. I have never felt like this in the 20 years I have dated. I feel so strongly polled to this man and I know that he definitely felt the same afraid I’ve shut him down forever. I’m a Sagittarius so of course my emotions go outward and his of course go inward. As I said he still responding and we are only a few days into me being back to myself. I’m trying to go to build a friendship and prove to him that I am a worthy person to be in his world. I can wait the time as I know he is worth it. But I’m just not certain him being a Capricorn if he ever might forgive me enough. I just don’t feel that we had enough time for such an erratic situation. 🙁

    1. Hi S!

      Sadly there is no way to know for sure without time elapsing. You have to be friends, be patient, and wait it out if you can. Just keep in touch with him without overwhelming or pressuring him. Perhaps he’ll move past whatever it is bothering him and he’ll be able to focus more on you. Want more information? Please check out my program… Capricorn Man Secrets.

      1. Hi, I was with a Capricorn for 3 years. We have had some issues. He cheated and I took him back. He also acused me of cheating but I didn’t. No matter what we always managed to get back.
        We had a terrible breakup because of something I saw in his phone. I was angry and accused him of something that could destroy his character. He blocked me on all socials because I got really angry about the situation and told him things to hurt his feelings. Afterwards, I realize I was wrong. I tried to apologize but he brushes me off. He recently added me to 1 of his socials but when I tell him I still love him and would want things to work, he sent back all those messages I sent cursing him out. He told me I tried to destroy his character. Truth is I told a friend and that friend went public. He unblocked me and then block me on a social media account.
        I don’t know what to do because I love him. Should I give up?

        1. Hi RoxyJ!

          Ouch! So you not only bruised his ego but when all this happened it blew way up. That’s going to be hard for him to get passed. The only thing you can really do at this point is let him have some time. Apologize, apologize some more, and apologize again but let him have breathing room. Tell him you never meant for all this to happen. Basically he feels he cannot trust you because you betrayed him. It will take a long time for him to get back trust… if he can. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  16. I really love your article! I’m currently trying to figure out how to fix my relationship after I did things wrong. I’ve known this guy for 10 years and we started dating now. It’s only been 5 months not to seems like he’s my soulmate. I truly love him and don’t want to lose him. I said a lot of hurtful things to his friends in front of his face, I talked to him in a rude manner, I sat on his friend lap in order to lap up and go back to a house we were all staying at, and I also flirted with a tour guide in front of him. There were other things before such as my attitude. He’s really hurt and says he doesn’t know when or if he’ll be able to get over it. After forcing this out of him, he did say that he feels like
    Or has been tolerating me to see if we could get past everything that has happened. I’m so lost and I feel like I’m losing him. I don’t want to, but I don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi TaJara Riley!

      I’m so very happy to hear that my article brought you some joy. You have to show him over time that you’ve corrected your behavior and are ready to move forward with him. Give him the time and space that he may require and see if things change. If they don’t then you can ask one last time if there is any hope. If there isn’t then I”m afraid you’ll have to move on. If you would like to know more about Capricorn man, check out my program “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  17. Hello there! I was in a long term relationship (1.5 years) with a Capricorn man. We had started off casual but we deeply fell in love with each other during the ralationship. I ended up things because we were long distance and he was putting pressure to me. I did not want to be in a relationship although I still loved him. We started having arguments and being on a constant yo yo phase. He got fed up with me and although he finally moved to the same city we broke up. I went back home due to covid 19 and now its been 10 months that we have been apart. I haven’t stopped thinking about him but I did not want to get back together because he would think that I am doing it to “fill my gaps”. I have realised my mistakes and got into therapy as well and I have changed. I had apologised to him a long time ago and asked him to be back together but he was still angry with me. We are now living in the same city and we are in sort of good terms.We have been out for a drink and we have bumped to each other a couple of times. I still cannot take him out of my mind. We can make a great couple. I want to ask him to get back together, apologise once again and prove him that we have a great future. I am afraid he is still deeply mad at me because I heart his ego and although he has been friendly he will never forgive or consider a restart. I love him and I know there is so much potential in this relationship but I am afraid of my chances of getting him back because I learnt that he also started dating someone new…I don’t know what to do…

    1. Hi Pamela!

      Ouch yes, you broke him by breaking it off. Capricorn really doesn’t want to be serious unless the woman is serious. However, if she dives in with him and then backs out, he sees this as a very personal attack basically. He feels like you shouldn’t have gotten involved with him if you weren’t going to be serious. Now that you want him back, he feels he isn’t sure if you will stick with it or bail again. The only way to solve this is by giving him time, being his friend again, and well… hope for the best. If he’s dating someone new, he may not look back. Watch yourself and your heart honey.

  18. I have been with my Capricorn boyfriend for 3 years. I have a very bad temper and there have been times where I’ve shouted at him and come across controlling. He has ALWAYS fought for us and never given in even when I’ve told him multiple times we’re not compatible and that he shouldn’t waste my time if he’s not interested (in hindsight I said those things to test him but as he’s a Capricorn he never really reacted). The other day I got angry again about something minor and said some hurtful words to him yet again. This time he didn’t fight for us and said maybe we weren’t right for each other and that he was worried that he is wasting my time. This is the first time he has ever said anything like this. He said he loves me and never imagined saying these things to me but he doesn’t feel good enough for me. I apologised for my terrible behaviour in the relationship. He says he doesn’t know what to do and that he needs time. How much time do I give him? He’s also a massive introvert and I’m always the first to reach out after a fight and I’m worried he never will reach out after this one if I continue to give him space. Also, if after a few days/weeks I don’t hear from him, if I do reach out to him, what do I say? How do I approach it? I appreciate any help xxx

    1. Hi Mari!

      When you are angry and talk badly to him or about him, you’re slowly chipping away at his sense of self. It can very much make him feel not good enough for you which can lead to him pulling back or finally leaving. You will need to work on yourself sweetheart. Give him the time he needs. There is no known amount of time. It’s up to him. While you wait, do things that help you work on your own healing. If you do wait and reach out later, you will need to be really light and simple. Tell him you are thinking of him and hope he’s doing alright. Tell him you’re working on yourself as well. That may bring him back around to talk to you. I wish you all the best!

  19. Well I just don’t understand what happened he tells me love then he told me in beginning that he was cheating on me then I forgave him then I told I was on a dating app he blows up in my face and ready to break up with me then he comes back and say I love you I’m not going anywhere then he say don’t want me but then as him like why u make this harder then what need to be if u love just love me let just start fresh like then we stayed on the phone and fell asleep together on the phone I just want him to learn how to communicate

    1. Hi Kayla!

      Yes of course. He can do what he wants but you cannot. That’s how he typically will see it. It’s a double standard. He sounds like he has some issues that need to be brought to the light though. I would tell him that he’s being confusing going back and forth in what he’s telling you. Tell him you want him to be with you but he needs to figure out if he really wants to be with you because if not, you need to move on. Talk to him honestly. Check out my book for more information that may help you.

  20. So I am talking to this Capricorn man. Some time back we was going out having fun and stuff until I started acting different because I was talking to another dude. The capricorn came on to me really strong (he just wanted a kiss) but I felt like we wasn’t there yet so I stopped it with him and started talking to another dude. I could tell he was hurt. Months pass and I’m back texting Capricorn dude. He actually lets me back in and we are back going out having fun. One day I wanted to know where we stand bc I know him more and I’m in it for real this time. He wanted to know what happened the first time. He knew what I did so I just told the truth. I felt so bad for what I had did I apologized with my heart I was on the verge of tears. I told him I cried n I really did because he so such a good man n what I did was terrible. Since then we still have been hanging out. He friend zoned me but still wants to kiss me. I can’t hold back so I kiss him back because my feelings are strong for him but he just wants to be friends. We haven’t seen each other in a few weeks but he still calls me and we text until he has to go to work. I give him his space by not texting him for at least a day. He eventually texts me first after we haven’t text in a day. I think he likes that. Anyways what should I do stay in the friend zone and continue to kiss him and waits to see what he does or stop the kissing and stay friends. It’s obvious we both like each other but we ain’t going nowhere. He met my family and he wants me to meet his but he doesn’t want to make things official. I’m a Leo by the way.

    1. Hi Kimberly Jones!

      I would give it some time and see if things change for the better. I think if you try to push too quickly he will pull back and then not even want to be friends. So hang in there if you really still like him but if he seems to date other women or anything like that then it’s an indicator he isn’t into you like that. It’s up to you if you stay friends but that’s something you definitely can try to see if he comes back around to being more. It may be that he has to see that you’re in it for him in order to be able to trust in being together. If you need to know more, check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets. It just may help! All the best…

  21. Thank you for this article. I have a question relating to a situation where I’ve upset a Cap guy. I met him 9 months ago and he was open from the beginning that he wasn’t in the right place mental for a relationship. We tried to keep things between us platonic, but weren’t always successful. He recently asked me to lend him some money (quite a large amount) and I said ‘no’. I was really honest with him about why I was saying this, particularly that I’ve had previous situations where guys have seen me as a potential source of financial support. This really upset him. Partly my refusal when he’s in desperate need of help, and partly that he thinks I’ve put him in the same basket as these other ‘bad’ guys. Whilst this is me being true to myself and being honest with him (something cap guys usually respect) it’s come up against his strong emotions around where he is in his life is at the moment, which is in a real mess. I think there’s A LOT of shame there as his situation is self-inflicted. This is also the first time I’ve been really firm on a boundary that’s important to me. Since then he’s responded to me when I contacted him, but he doesn’t fully engage in conversation. It saddens me to have damaged our friendship as there’s been good mutual care and support there, but know I can’t change the situation without abandoning myself. My question/s is: is there a point where Cap guys can look beyond his own emotional response to reflect on a situation and appreciate the other person’s side? Is it likely that he will always view me through the upset he feels right now? It feels at the moment that trying to engage him is picking at a cut that’s trying to heal.

    1. Hi Clare!

      A Capricorn asking you for money? Ouch. That’s not really like a typical Capricorn. They are normally their own man as far as taking care of responsibilities and making money. He may have some other elements of his chart that are making him different like this. Please be careful to online relationships if that is where you met this guy or the others. There are lots of liars out there looking to scam a woman. He sounds toxic for you sweetheart. Only time can truly heal and tell you if there is any hope. Trust your intuition sweetheart. That’s VERY important. If you need more Capricorn insight, check out my book on Capricorn Man Secrets.

  22. I have a question about my Capricorn husband. We have been together 11 years and married for 5. We have a 7 year old child. We have recently separated which i instigated as I felt he didn’t love me and we didn’t work. I was going through some strange kind of breakdown with covid and couldn’t see an end to our differences. I filed for divorce and as he couldn’t agree amicably to finances etc.. he instructed a solicitor first then I had too. I am now regretting this and have asked to reconcile. He wouldn’t have a break initially and now we’ve been apart I realise I wasn’t perfect and I’m sure we can work things out. He initially said no then now he said he doesn’t know. He said he couldn’t look his family in the eye after what everyone has been through regarding our separation. Any ideas how long I should leave it and will he ever forgive me?

    Please keep this anonymous 🙂

    1. Hi Anon,

      Don’t worry honey. All anyone can see is “Anon” so they wouldn’t know who you are. I am so sorry to hear that things have gone this way with you. I guess it’s progress that he’s gone from no to “I don’t know”. If he has doubt then there is still a chance. Ask him to try mediation with you to see if things can possibly work out favorably for you both. There is no harm in trying. He may not agree to it but at this point it’s better to suggest it than to leave him to his own thoughts. I think he can forgive you but it may take time. Check out more of my Capricorn guides if you need some more inspiration or guidance. I wish you all the luck of the stars!

  23. I have started dating a Capricorn man about 2 months ago and while scrolling on instagram I came across a page with the same profile pic as his, turns out it was his brother. I decided to be nosey and scroll through the pics and accidentally liked one. I didn’t not follow his brother nor contact him. Somehow he figured it out and now he’s pissed and blocked me . He doesn’t realise it but he also followed my brother’s girlfriend and liked a video of hers. That doesn’t bother me however when I mentioned it to him to compare why it’s not that serious that I liked his brothers pic, he claims I liked the picture on purpose to get back at him smh. I have no interest in his brother I was just snooping around. Will he come back to me? Or forgive me? This is really childish to me and he’s 30 yo.

    1. Hi Vida!

      Yes, if you two are on each other’s social media, when you click “like” it will show up in his notifications because he’s friends with his brother as well. That’s how he would have found out unless his brother said something to him. He probably didn’t like you snooping as Capricorn is VERY private. I’m not saying you were snooping but that’s likely the way he saw it. You’re right, he is being childish. Go quiet for awhile. If you keep trying to reach out while he’s like this, he won’t respond or if he does, it will still be the same. You don’t need that type of behavior. If he’s going to pull back from you over something so small then he obviously has some issues that he needs to work on. Try backing off and you’ll find out soon enough if he is still with you or if he’s used it as an excuse to walk away. I wish you all the best!

  24. Hi thanks for the article!
    Its just that ive been seeing this Capricorn guy for an year and half now, and i kinda asked him about what sort of page we were on- like could we be more than friends?
    He was pretty vague about the whole thing, and said he couldnt deal with dating AND his degree cos it would be too taxing, and kinda said that time would tell.
    I mean i dont even have a guarantee if he’ll like me back, or if hes just stringing me along for the fun of it. But i like him a lot, and ive been deeply hurt whenever he ignores me (he goes MIA whenever things get personal).
    I dont think its a healthy relationship, but i really really like him, and i just want to know if maybe things might work out or if itll turn toxic…

    1. Hi Elina!

      He isn’t ready for a relationship right now because of being busy with everything else. He’s ok with friendship but not more than that. If you hold out expectations on him then you essentially hurt yourself. I don’t think he’s stringing you along if he’s telling you what he thinks about it. Friendship developing into more takes much time when it comes to Capricorn man. Time will tell is an old saying and it still holds true. No there is no guarantee with him. If that’s not something you can deal with then you may want to let go of him for awhile. Ignore him for awhile or don’t be available for him like you were before. He has to miss you to appreciate you sometimes. I wish you all the best sweetheart. Find more tips in my guides on Capricorn Man Secrets.

  25. Ive been with my capricorn for 3 years now, we have our ups and downs but we’ve always pulled through in the end. He says i betrayed him twice ( i had lied about my whereabouts, but i had not been unfaithful) how am i able to mend this? He was so attached and open emotionally towards me, but after those two incidents hes back to being closed off and standby-ish. He is my bestfriend and i want things to go back to normal. Would he ever forgive?

    1. Hi Kim!

      Oh no… ok well once you break their trust you really have to work hard over time to rebuild it. Lying is definitely a deal breaker for Capricorn BUT it’s not impossible to heal it. It will take patience and time. Don’t do anything that will set him off. Talk to him the right way. Communication is important. Be totally truthful as well. I think he’ll get past it in time sweetheart. Forgiveness comes when he feels he can trust again. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

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