7 Ways To Make Your Capricorn Ex Regret Leaving You

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Has your Capricorn Man left you recently? Yes, it sucks. They say that the best revenge is being happy, and that is one way to make sure that your Capricorn ex regrets leaving you! There are other ways too, to make him wonder why he ever left in the first place! Here they are: 

Has your Capricorn Man left you recently? Yes, it sucks. They say that the best revenge is being happy, and that is one way to make sure that your Capricorn ex regrets leaving you! There are other ways too, to make him wonder why he ever left in the first place! Here they are: 

It hurts to be rejected. No one wants to be left by their partner, and our egos can sting a bit when we see him walking out the door. Of course, revenge is never far from our minds when we are broken up with. And the best way to make him regret leaving you is by living your best life! 

The thing is, Capricorn men are quite closed off and cold, especially when they leave a relationship. They seem to go emotionally dead, and it can be painful wondering if he even thinks of you or loved you in the first place! 

However, he does miss you and he will regret leaving you, even if he doesn’t show it. Remember, Capricorn men are scared of being vulnerable and a lot more insecure than you’d imagine! There is a lot going on under the surface when it comes to the Capricorn man! 

So, here are some ways to make sure that he regrets breaking up with you – and maybe even draws him back your way! 

7 Ways To Make Your Capricorn Ex Regret Leaving You

1. Be The Boss In Your Career

5 Ways To Make A Capricorn Man Regret Leaving You

Capricorn man love a successful woman. There’s nothing quite as attractive as a lady who just slays at her career, who climbs to the top of the ladder and is at the pinnacle of her game! 

A sure-fire way to make him very much regret not having you in his life is by throwing all of your energy into your work! He’s bound to hear about it, one way or another. 

You likely motivated him to be the best, too, at what he does. He’ll miss having that subtle competition, support and camaraderie. Capricorn men want a woman who they can show off to the world, and you can be that girl! Plus, who would ever regret being great at their career? 

2. Find A More Successful Man To Date

There’s a saying: “the best way to get over someone, is to get under someone else.” Yes, that’s a bit cheeky, but you get the meaning! 

Find a more successful man to date. And make sure he knows about it, somehow. A man who runs his own company, who is wealthy, cool, and self-sufficient. You don’t have to get serious with him – you can just have a bit of fun and make sure your Capricorn ex knows about it! 

3. Be Classy & Cool

Woman Left By A Capricorn Man Being Classy And Cool

You know how some people get messy after a breakup, constantly reaching out to their exes and trying to rekindle a connection? Or play games? 

Don’t be that girl. 

You may feel a desire to reach out, to get validation from him – that’s all totally normal. However, rather take care of yourself and your own feelings. Show him how classy and cool you are, how okay you are. How you can stand on your own two feet, even if you feel like breaking inside. 

Your strength will make him respect you, and for most Capricorn men, love equals respect. This may very well have him wondering how he could not date such a powerful and independent woman, and certainly get him to regret ever leaving you! 

4. Cut Off All Contact

One of the best ways to get a Capricorn man to regret leaving you, to wonder what has happened to you, is by cutting off all contact. That means no instant messaging, no emails, no calls, no texts. 

You can keep your social media profile connected, if you like, and communicate to him I that way (otherwise how else will he know you are living your best life?). But by not reaching out to him, by showing that you are okay on your own and don’t need him, he will come to miss you and want you. 

5. Celebrate Yourself & Be Happy

Happy Woman Making A Capricorn Man Regret Leaving Her 

Being happy is really the very best way to get your Capricorn ex to regret ever leaving you.

Celebrating yourself, reminding yourself of how wonderful you are and building your sense of confidence is something that makes all exes ponder why they ever broke up with you in the first place! 

When you are glowing and happy, not taking his leaving personally, everyone will see it – including him. When he bumps into you at the shops, or at a friend’s do, he’ll wonder how you are doing so well and be attracted to your confidence and strength. 

Plus, who ever lost out from being happy and proud of themselves? 

6. Don’t Offer To Support Or Nurture Him

As hard and tough as Capricorn men seem to be, they are actually the types of guys who need a woman to balance them out by being a nurturer. They probably cherished that side of you more than you could ever know or imagine! 

So, whatever you do, don’t be that person in his life anymore. Don’t be the one to pick up when he’s down, when he’s had a tough day, or when he doubts himself. Don’t take him food or offer to do anything for him.  

This will very much have him regret leaving you and having that feminine energy in his life! 

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7. Close Yourself Off To Him

One way to make the Capricorn men regret leaving you is also by making sure you close yourself off emotionally to him. not telling him how you feel, even if he reaches out to you. Not letting him know you miss him. 

You see, he’s got to understand that breaking up with you means no more connecting. It means not having a person to lean on, not having you available whenever he wants you around. It may be tough to do, but it’s for the best. 

At worst, it will close off the relationship entirely – which can actually help you move on. at best, he will come to realize what an amazing force you were in his life, and how much he needs you. 

So, in conclusion, getting a Capricorn man to regret leaving you means, mostly, cutting yourself off out of his life, and staying successful and focused on yourself. It means withdrawing your support and warmth form him, no matter what he’s going through. It means putting yourself first!

Besides, at the end of the day, do you really want someone as detached as him in your life? Sure, he may have been all kinds of good things, but there’s always a reason why relationships end. Remind yourself of that often, and you’ll find yourself finally moving on. 

Eventually, you’ll also not care very much about making him regret leaving you. Once that sting has past and your heart and ego has healed, you’ll likely look back with understanding and a much better perspective! 

So ladies, what are your stories about breakups with a Capricorn man? I’d love to hear them – please feel free to share them in the comments box below!

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