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Is Your Capricorn Man Cheating You Shamelessly – Hit Back Hard

What happens when the normally loyal Capricorn man cheats? Why would he and what can you do if you find out that he has? Keep reading for some useful information about the Capricorn man cheating and what could come from it.

Reasons a Capricorn Man May Cheat

Though it is few and far between, the Capricorn man who has high standards may stray. Why would he do such a thing though? He’s always so righteous and one for justice.

Well, he justifies things in his own mind as far as what is right and what is wrong. The truth is, he is totally loyal unless the woman he’s with starts treating him coldly or doesn’t give him love and affection that he craves.

If for some reason his partner has calmed down with sex or doesn’t want to give him other forms of intimacy, he may seek it out elsewhere. This doesn’t mean he’s looking to have a full fledged affair where he falls in love.

Remember, Capricorn man won’t commit to anyone unless he’s in love and wants to have a future together with her. That means that if he already has a commitment with a partner, sex elsewhere doesn’t take the same meaning.

It’s odd how they think about this. Again, most Capricorn men are not sneaky and won’t go behind their partner’s backs to cheat on them. However, if his partner doesn’t seem to be supportive or giving, he may think sex with someone else is alright.

He knows he doesn’t have to commit to the person he’s having sex with and so it doesn’t have the same process as his normal relationship. This does seem rather twisted and self serving but Capricorn men can be like this. Not all of them but some can and do.

There is also the matter of if he jumped into a serious relationship or marriage too quickly, he begins to feel a sense of regret or that he didn’t get enough time to check out all the flowers. He devoted himself to one without enjoying the other’s fragrance.

Another reason would be that he lost respect for his partner. If you haven’t been treating him well, ignoring him, being cold, or cutting himself off from sex, he starts losing respect. Laziness is also a turn off to him.

If you were once very vibrant and passionate in your life and are now complacent and not doing much of anything other than “making it”, then he may see you in a lesser light thus losing his respect.

He should stand up and tell you what he thinks so that you two can talk it over and maybe make some changes. If you already have and yet no changes have been seen, this would be yet more ammo for him to cheat.

Other Possible Issues

is your Capricorn Man Cheating You

The stereotypical Capricorn, who is matured, does not cheat. He knows it’s not right and it will give him a horrible guilt complex if he even tries to do it. That being said, there are other factors that may sway him.

What I’m talking about is if he has a rising sign or moon that has a sign that is more susceptible to cheat. These would be signs like Cancer, Pisces, or perhaps even Gemini.

Moon signs control emotions and so if he has a sign in his chart that dictates him to act more on what he feels or desires, then he may very well feel more inclined to cheat.

Rising signs dictate someone’s outer appearance or impression. If he has a sign that makes him even more attractive or sexually desirable, then he may have women throwing themselves at him.

Men who have women throwing themselves at him, if his woman isn’t paying him homage or giving him enough attention; will tend to see what the other side is like and may very well cheat.

There are lots of things to consider though. It may because he’s a man with needs or desires, it could be his zodiac information, or it could be a disorder he suffers from such as sex addiction.

What Can You Do?

As a woman, you must decide if what he did was forgivable or not. Was he doing it just for sex because you weren’t giving him any? If so then maybe you can work it out with him and see to it that he’s satisfied and won’t look again.

This will take him admitting to what he did and for you to forgive him. Communication is a huge make or break for the two of you. If you two can talk it out and perhaps even try counseling then there is still a chance.

You’ll have to keep him happy all the time though so that he doesn’t feel as though he needs to stray again. Is that something you can live with and work to aspire to? Is he really worth that effort?

If he cheated with someone he actually developed feelings for, it may mean he doesn’t respect or love you anymore like he once did and he just hasn’t admitted it to you.

He may be in limbo trying to figure out if he wants to actually stay with you or call it quits. You’ll need to decide to either stay with him or ask him for another chance to work through it but honestly, would you after he had an affair?

Maybe he was close friends with a female at work and became really close to her to a point where he felt more connected to her than with you. This is a deal breaker or at least should be.

Whatever the scenario may be, you need to decide if you’re willing to forgive him and try again or if you can even trust him going forward. If you know you can’t, it may be time to let go. If you can, you need to put your foot down and tell him no more of that. Only time will tell if he can be trusted again or not.

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