Do Capricorn Men Cheat? All About Capricorn Man Cheating Signs

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is your Capricorn man cheating? Though it is few and far between, the Capricorn man who has high standards may stray. Why would he do such a thing though?

Do Capricorn men cheat? A million dollar question! You might want to know what the signs of a Capricorn man cheating are. Is he really telling the truth? Can you trust him?

All of this might be going on in your mind, especially if you have been hurt quite deeply before.

You must have heard this time and time again: Capricorn men are so loyal and loving, but you still have your suspicions. Could this guy be too good to be true?

So, why would, a normally loyal Capricorn man cheats? And what to do when a Capricorn man cheats on you? 

It is always good to know what to look out for instead of making assumptions about what is going on in his head.

Keep reading for some useful information about the Capricorn man cheating and what could come from it.

Capricorn Man Cheating — Do Capricorn Men Cheat?

The typical Capricorn man isn’t built that way. This is why he takes relationships very slowly. He wants to be sure that the person he’s with is the right one and that it will last between them.

If the Capricorn man, for some reason, rushes into a relationship or starts one long distance, he may figure out after a while that it’s possibly not the right relationship or he’ll be confused.

When there is any doubt in a Capricorn man’s mind, there is room for error and a lack of correct judgment. This will be found more in the younger Capricorn men than in the older and wiser ones.

That being said, yes, he has the capability to cheat, just like most other men do. He’s not as likely to do it, but it’s not impossible. The Capricorn man cheats when he doesn’t feel respected, appreciated, or loved, and therefore isn’t protected emotionally enough.

By cheating, he needs to prove to himself that he is sexually attractive, highly respected, adored, or needed. And in this sense, be aware that most affairs don’t happen just like that, all of a sudden. It takes time.

Capricorn men tend to connect on a physical level, not an emotional one. If you feel that this relationship has taken the wrong turn, it is always better to ask him what is going on. He would probably not want to face you and provide a direct answer, but his body language will tell you everything.

Are Capricorn Men Cheaters?

Will a Capricorn man cheat on his wife? Yes, he will. If open communication is lacking and trust is not being built at the desired level, the Capricorn man may look for appreciation elsewhere.

It takes two to save a marriage and to work together to maintain a strong relationship, so will is required from both ends. If he sees he is the one making an effort, a Capricorn man will engage in infidelity, unless he has left with a single shred of decency.

Categorically, Capricorn men tend to cheat but are not labeled as cheaters.

They are capable of making a mistake; after all, they are humans. If they see that they are not getting what they want from their partner, they will most likely cheat.

Why Capricorn Man Cheats — Possible Reasons

Though it is few and far between, the Capricorn man who has high standards may stray. Why would he do such a thing though? He’s always been so righteous and one for justice.

Well, he justifies things in his own mind as far as what is right and what is wrong. The truth is, he is totally loyal unless the woman he’s with starts treating him coldly or doesn’t give him the love and affection that he craves.

If, for some reason, his partner has calmed down with sex or doesn’t want to give him other forms of intimacy, he may seek it out elsewhere. This doesn’t mean he’s looking to have a full-fledged affair where he falls in love.

Remember, a Capricorn man won’t commit to anyone unless he’s in love and wants to have a future together with her. That means that if he already has a commitment with a partner, having sex elsewhere doesn’t have the same meaning.

Also, if he jumped into a serious relationship or marriage too quickly, he begins to feel a sense of regret or that he didn’t get enough time to check out all the flowers. He devoted himself to one without enjoying the other’s fragrance.

Another reason would be that he lost respect for his partner. If you haven’t been treating him well, whether by ignoring him, being cold, or cutting himself off from sex, he starts losing respect. Laziness is also a turnoff to him.

If you were once very vibrant and passionate in your life and are now complacent and not doing much of anything other than “making it”, then he may see you in a lesser light, thus losing his respect.

He should stand up and tell you what he thinks so that you two can talk it over and maybe make some changes. If you already have and no changes have been seen, this would be yet more ammunition for him to cheat.

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How To Know If A Capricorn Man Is Cheating On You

How to know a Capricorn man is cheating on you can be a little tricky… When something feels off but you can’t put your finger on it, there might be a chance that your Capricorn man is cheating on you.

You are going to have to really drop into yourself and listen to your intuition. However, I do want to warn you against paranoia and fear. If you keep accusing your Capricorn man of cheating because of your own insecurities, then you need to watch out.

Remember, you could be projecting, and this is very bad because, more often than not, Capricorn men are driven to cheat because their women keep accusing them of doing this, even when they absolutely haven’t.

Just remember that there is a fine line between giving in to your paranoia and insecurities and listening to your intuition. You have to be able to distinguish between the two, or else you will find yourself in hot water!

You don’t want to be the reason your Capricorn man is actually cheating, do you? Trust your intuition all the time! Don’t second-guess it. It’s alerting you for a reason. Even when you don’t have proof but you can just tell something isn’t right, trust that.

4 Clear Signs A Capricorn Man Is Cheating

There are definitely some surefire signs you should look out for if you’re involved with a Capricorn, whether it’s long-distance or short-distance. The distance may only give him a better advantage because it’s harder to get caught.

You have to be quite aware and observant of all the things he does… You might think something is a sign and totally miss something else.

Well, the next segment of this article will give you the signs that you should pay attention to when it comes to things he may do that would indicate that your Capricorn guy is, in fact, cheating on you.

He Makes Up Excuses All Of The Time

If he stays late at work often, this could be something to be suspicious of unless you do actually know some of his co-workers and can confirm that this IS true. You can also show up there to see if he’s where he says he is. If he is, you’re good.

If he keeps making up excuses as to why he needs to leave the house, he’ll claim he needs to go to the store, needs to go visit his friend, or needs to go to work for something.

When you feel these excuses are not true, they probably aren’t. Again, pay attention to his actions. His not being there for you or trying to get out of an important conversation by leaving is a good indication something is very wrong.

Remember my first point: You have to listen to your intuition, but you need to be clever about it and don’t show him that you think he is up to something. He will slip up eventually; just wait it out.

However, if you can’t stand being treated poorly, then you always have the option of leaving him. You might have a lot more power than you give yourself credit for.

He Keeps Avoiding You

If he comes home from work or from wherever and immediately hits the shower without giving you a hello kiss, something may be up. Unless he’s been doing outdoor stuff or something that’s made him very sweaty or stinky, something is wrong.

There is a reason why he is avoiding you; he doesn’t want you to get close to him because he is definitely avoiding you… A Capricorn man knows that women can sense when something is wrong.

He is feeling guilty, and this is why your Capricorn man is avoiding you. He doesn’t want you to pick up on anything, and the less time he spends with you, the easier that is for him to do.

Negative feelings are very intense for a Capricorn man to feel, and he absolutely hates confrontation. He is probably acting this way so that you will be the bad guy and end up breaking it off with him.

He Stops Being Intimate With You

Once the Capricorn man has put the brakes on having sex with you, there is definitely a huge issue. When he loves someone, he wants to be close to them, and intimacy is high on the list.

If he starts withholding sex or comes up with excuses as to why he can’t or doesn’t feel like it, there is something more sinister going on, such as him sleeping with someone else or falling in love with someone else.

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He Is Acting Shady With His Phone

Lastly, if you catch him on his phone constantly and smiling, who is he talking to? Get him to show you. If he doesn’t, he’s hiding something or someone. These are all pretty big red flags.

Don’t fool yourself either, because a Capricorn man will still have sex with you even if he’s having sex with someone else at the same time. He doesn’t want you to suspect anything. He thinks he can fool you by still being intimate.

You’ll notice the difference in how the sex feels with him if he is cheating. He won’t be nearly as attentive; he’ll seem spaced out, or just not really as into it as he normally would be.

It is important for him to keep up appearances. This is especially true for the Capricorn men, who seem to have Gemini placements in their charts. It is a lot easier for them to be duplicitous and unfaithful.

Cheating for a Capricorn man is uncommon, but those who do participate in it usually have some other planets in Gemini, and this is what makes it so easy for them to lie.

What To Do When A Capricorn Man Cheats On You

As a woman, you must decide if what he did was forgivable or not. Was he doing it just for sex because you weren’t giving him any? If so, then maybe you can work it out with him and see to it that he’s satisfied and won’t look again.

This will require him to admit what he did and for you to forgive him. Communication is a huge make-or-break factor for the two of you. If you two can talk it out and perhaps even try counseling, then there is still a chance.

You’ll have to keep him happy all the time, though, so that he doesn’t feel as though he needs to stray again. Is that something you can live with and work to aspire to? Is he really worth that effort?

If he cheated with someone he actually developed feelings for, it may mean he doesn’t respect or love you anymore like he once did, and he just hasn’t admitted it to you.

He may be in limbo, trying to figure out if he wants to actually stay with you or call it quits. You’ll need to decide whether to stay with him or ask him for another chance to work through it, but honestly, would you stay with him after he had an affair?

Whatever the scenario may be, you need to decide if you’re willing to forgive him. If you know you can’t, it may be time to let go. If you can, you need to put your foot down and tell him no more of that. Only time will tell if you can trust him again or not.

What Happens When You Cheat On A Capricorn Man

Capricorn man is led by logic and reason; this is the language he hears. He is rarely unfaithful, but if you cheat on him, he will hardly forgive.

A Capricorn man will blow cold if he finds out that a woman has been unfaithful. He is not going to share this with anyone to avoid being embarrassed and judged by others. He will keep it all to himself and process it alone.

Let me clarify: He won’t take it lightly. If you are living together, he will most likely throw all your stuff out the window.

However, if you are cheating on him, you have to make sure he never finds out, otherwise things could blow out of proportion. So, be very careful, because the Capricorn man is not someone you want to mess around with.

When A Capricorn Man Gets Caught Cheating — 3 Possible Situations To Consider

Getting cheated on will leave you feeling absolutely shocked and hurt. This is completely normal, but sometimes the reaction you don’t expect or know how to prepare for is how your Capricorn man will react when he is caught cheating.

Consider these scenarios:

1. Your Capricorn Man Denies Or Lies About Cheating

When a Capricorn man is caught red-handed there is still the possibility that he might deny this ever happened. He will lie about almost anything and make you feel like you have been gaslighted. 

He is very emotionally intelligent, so he knows very well how to manipulate you and make you feel like you are going crazy. You need to be strong and realize that the chances of him lying to you are quite high.

2. He Will Blame You

One of the most common ways a Capricorn man tends to behave when he is caught cheating is to simply blame you and say it was your fault. He’ll say things like you don’t give him enough attention or that you withhold sex from him. 

These things are very important to consider. Although his cheating is totally unacceptable, you need to take a very close look at your own behaviors and how you may have contributed to him behaving this way.

He may say that you have pushed him to behave like this because he has been feeling unfulfilled in the relationship.

3. He Will Say Sorry And Beg For Your Forgiveness

A Capricorn man definitely knows how to pull at your heartstrings. His very sensitive ways may make it easy for you to feel sorry for him and accept his apology. However, you need to really take a look at your relationship and see if this is worth it. 

If you are both really unhappy, then it might be best for the two of you to go separate ways. Yes, this will be very painful, but at least you can move on with your life and find someone who is going to treat you in the way you deserve to be treated.

How To Get Over Infidelity And Heal From Cheating

My first suggestion for you is that you make a decision about what you want. Decide whether or not you want to stay with him and work on forgiveness, or if you need to break up with your Capricorn man

Neither of these choices are easy, but they are both definitely necessary in your process of healing. If your Capricorn man does cheat on you, how do you forgive him? That’s going to rely on you and how much of your time you want to give to him. Was it a one-time deal or has he done it multiple times?

With some, if they’ve done it once, they’ll do it again. If they think they can get away with it, they’ll do it as often as they like. My suggestion is, if you catch him, face it right away.

Even if you don’t have concrete proof to present to him, tell him of his actions and tell him you’re done with it. If you need to, you can always seek out counseling or mediation to help you with your Capricorn guy.

Not all Capricorn men cheat nor do all of them that do it once, continue to do it. There is such a thing as a mistake and he could make one or have made one. If he truly still loves you though and wants to make it work, he’ll agree to whatever it takes.

Make sure he follows it and make him prove to you that he’ll never abandon you or betray you ever again. Naturally, you’ve learned the signs to look for through all of this so you won’t be fooled again.

Stop Crying Yourself To Sleep About Your Capricorn Man…

It can be SO painful to worry about how to make things work with a Capricorn man who won’t commit.

I know. I’ve been there with many of my friends dating Capricorn guys.

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As a friend, it was hard to watch her go through that. But I knew how good he was for her, and I didn’t want her to give up on him.

Even when our other friends were telling her to move on, I could see that he was the most incredible man she had ever met.

How could she just give up on that?

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She had to learn how to speak a different language… his love language.

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