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Capricorn Man Being Hot And Cold All The Time – What To Do?

So you’ve been seeing a Capricorn man who in the beginning seemed as though he was all into you and wanted to be serious then suddenly started ghosting you. Why would he do this? What can you do? Keep reading for more information on why is your Capricorn man being hot and cold.

The Need for Control

If by chance you got into this relationship or situation quickly with a Capricorn man; this may be what caused things to misfire. Capricorn men know that they should absolutely take their time.

Sometimes the temptation of someone so wonderful and level headed turns him on thus making him feel as though he’s understood. Feeling understood could make him think he’s in love when he’s only infatuated.

Going too quickly will result in him suddenly putting on the brakes. He isn’t subtle about this as some of the other signs. He will just dead stop the relationship. He may or may not even tell the person.

If he does tell her; he will tell her he doesn’t think it’s going to work and they are just too different. He probably isn’t lying when he says it either. They are high integrity people.

It will hurt for sure to hear this but if he really feels that way, that is why he says that. If he says he’s not ready for a relationship; he may opt for friendship but don’t expect him to change gears back for quite awhile.

He will for sure want to take his time before he dives back in. He knows that it’s detrimental to his survival as a person. I realize that the way he goes about thing often feels very cold.

He doesn’t mean to be. He just needs to feel as though HE is in control of his own life. By diving into a relationship too quickly; he realizes that he’s lost control of himself and that is unacceptable therefore he wants to correct it as soon as possible.

Being Pushy Pushes Him Away

capricorn man being hot and cold

If you are new to a relationship with a Capricorn man and are already trying to push him for a title, push him for commitment, or even marriage; this is grounds for dismissal.

Capricorn man is in control of himself and his life and will not let someone else try to dominate or have a say so over what he should do as well as when. You will lose him if you try to push any of these issues.

To be with a Capricorn man; you’ve got to be stable, independent, sweet, and give him the time he needs to figure out what he’s doing. Let him decide when the next step is something he’d like.

Trust me; if you’re pushy with a Capricorn man; he will ice you out quicker than you can say “oh no!”. They don’t put up with any nonsense and they don’t like being told what to do or how to do it. Be careful!

Cherish your Capricorn man and be patient. Showing him patience and great care will win his heart if that’s truly what you want. His loyalty comes with a great deal of time and honor. Show him what you’ve got!

Doesn’t Like To Be Smothered

Just as he doesn’t like to be pushed; he also doesn’t want a woman who feels she needs to attach herself to his hip either. He wants an independent woman who has her own life and is pursuing her career/life goals.

He wants to feel inspired by a wonderful woman who has herself together. Someone who needs to be by his side constantly will turn him off and he will turn cold very quickly on you.

My suggestion is that you learn to start doing things without him and having fun. He’ll appreciate this and he’ll want to get to know you better thus allowing a lasting bond to form.

Show him how much you love your life, your career, your job, or whatever you are passionate about. He is seeking someone like him that wants to be financially set for the future and wants to work hard at it.

He’s not looking to play daddy or support anyone. So if you’re looking for a father figure who will take care of you; he’s not the one. While he has strong leadership qualities, he doesn’t like lazy women.

If you show signs of being this way; he will definitely back up or just put the brake on really fast. Either way, he’s not going to keep going with you. He knows with the quickness if you’re not what he wants.


capricorn man being hot and cold

Most Capricorn men do not blow hot and cold. They are either there or they aren’t. They can be cold and they have their reasons. They also aren’t one to rush into a relationship they know they aren’t ready for.

Typically they like to start with a really good friendship that develops into more over time if both parties are on board. So with that said, he’s not one of the signs that are known for the whole “hot and cold” thing.

They get hot when they are a bit more confident in the person they want to be with. That normally takes a bit of time. If he does happen to dive into something too quickly then yes, he will get cold and back out or suggest just being friends.

It’s very rare for a Capricorn to dive right in as that’s a careless thing for him to do and he knows it. It hurts the other person and he’ll regret it. This isn’t to say that Capricorn men won’t take part in one night stands either.

If he knows it’s just sex and there are no strings attached; he may partake of this but again; this isn’t relationship related and he’s not one to lead a woman on into thinking there is more. He’s normally very careful.

I hope this helps you understand what a Capricorn man goes through with his thought process and how you may want to approach him if you want it to last.

To learn more about Capricorn man and his needs, click here. It may help you better grasp who he is and what he’ll be like going forward.

  • Hi all ! I hv met him.on a dating app. And things started in a way that it seems we are destined to meet each other. But he remains distant after one week or so. Saying he considers me only a friend. I m hearbroken. I really really love him. How to get him back ?

    • Hi Sugar! One week or just over is really not a long enough time for a Capricorn man to figure out who you are, what he wants with you, and whether or not it’s going to be something he wants to build on or not. They are a bit slow moving and need more time to cultivate things. Yes, you will start out as a friend but in the event he wants more, you’ll be glad you started as friends as it will make the bond better. If you’d like to know more about the Capricorn man, check out my book.

  • I’ve known this Capricorn Man for 12 years, we went out 12 years ago twice but nothing happened. I didn’t like him that much back then. 6 years later we bumped into eachother and he has changed and was kinda wonder who is this bloke only to realize he was the guy i went out with 12 years ago. but nothing happened in this 6 years. 5 years later we bumped into eachother and he just couldnt stop talking to me as if he was infatuated with me again like 12 years ago. After whole back and forth communication, we went on multiple dates and eventually spending time together and he asked me to go holidaying with him together for 4 weeks which I thought too soon. So I asked his confirmation what are we going on holidaying together as? But his answer was rather vague. It’s been 10 months and he still couldnt confirm whether we’re together or not and I give up. I’m not gonna wait 10 months for a guy who isn’t sure about his feeling. How long does Capricorn Man normally commit? Am I doing the right thing to just drop it?

    • Hi Milosevich!

      It’s true that people change over the years. It sounds like it means something that you two keep bumping into each other. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned from one another. I don’t think there is any time table on how long it takes for a Capricorn man to commit. They want to be best friends first then they want to get to know you and love you. That could take awhile for some while for others, it can go faster. It depends on him personally and what he wants in life. Reach out to him again and ask him if there is anything between you or not. That will at least give you an answer to work with. Trust your gut!

  • I got to know capricorn man since september. Things were ok. Then he started getting hot and cold, and is now colder, but still sits next to me, says hello, and follows me sometimes at work. Not sure what the deal is

    • Hi Tee!

      It seems he’s set a boundary with you right now. He isn’t ready to not be friends but he’s not in the mind set to be anything more than what it is. Without knowing his reason all you can really do is play it cool with him. Act like it’s no biggie that he hasn’t been talking to you more. Keep busy and have less time for him. If he truly cares, he’ll come back around and try to make something happen. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

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