Do Capricorn Men Like To Be Chased? What You Need To Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What's the deal with Capricorn men? Do they want to chase women and show them they’re wanted or do Capricorn men like to be chased? They are so complicated!

Capricorn men are certainly interesting characters. These guys know what they want in life and aren’t afraid to go for it. But this might make you wonder, do Capricorn men like to be chased? Or do they want to do the chasing?

What is the deal with Capricorn men? Do they want to chase women and show them they’re wanted or do Capricorn men prefer to be chased? They seem so complicated at times, so it can be pretty confusing when you can’t figure out how to approach things with this guy.

What happens if you don’t chase a Capricorn man? Here is the truth about the Capricorn man to help you figure him out… Keep reading for useful information that may provide insight:

Do Capricorn Men Like To Be Chased?

The short answer to this question is, no. Typically he doesn’t want to be chased. It makes a woman seem desperate or too quick to jump into a relationship. That scares him.

And this is backed up by his Astrology, you see, Capricorn is ruled by the planet of Saturn. Saturn is all about timing, karma, restrictions, duty, and responsibility.

You can see, from having Saturn be his ruling planet, this guy takes things extremely seriously and is likely very traditional and conventional when it comes to love and relationships.

He wants to take his time, get to know a woman, become really close friends with her, and then make sure that the two of them will mesh well going forward.

On that note, don’t chase a Capricorn man! It’s pretty simple. If you’re the more aggressive type, you will need to learn how to slow down and take your time. Let him make the moves.

By backing up and being a truly classy lady is how you make a Capricorn man chase you. It’s pure and simple. He’s a very old-fashioned type of guy that likes to court a woman instead of diving right in.

If he does dive in faster than he should, he will likely feel bad about himself and will question things, thus, taking steps backward. It’s very important to ensure that your Capricorn man takes it nice and easy, but this also depends on other factors in his natal chart, like what his Venus or Mars are doing.

If the Capricorn man you are dating has either Sagittarius or Pisces Venus, then he probably won’t mind being chased as much as, say, a Capricorn, Aquarius, or Scorpio Venus.

Sagittarius and Pisces Venus are a little more flexible when it comes to love and prefer not to play by the rules. So, a little bit of chasing is okay when it comes to these particular Capricorn men.

However, if he has Capricorn, Aquarius, or Scorpio Venus, then it’s another story. These guys love having the power and making the decisions. If you chase him then you simply take away his need for control and being in a power position and he doesn’t like that one bit at all!

And then when it comes to his Mars sign, if he has it in either Taurus, Cancer, Libra, or Pisces, then he is more likely to be open to you chasing him. These signs tend to be a little passive-aggressive or shy when it comes to love.

So sometimes it is just easier for them to have a woman pursue them to give them the confidence to understand that she is interested in him.

I would say all the other Mars signs will feel a little bit put off if a woman comes on too strong. Keep this in mind if you know what his natal chart looks like.

But a Mars in Aries, Scorpio, or Capricorn is going to hate being chased in particular. These guys tend to be very masculine and want to feel like they are the boss and taking the reins. When a woman takes this away from them, it doesn’t make them feel good. So best try to contain yourself when dealing with one of these guys.

If you try to chase after the Capricorn man, he may very well see it as embarrassing. He will think you’re lowering yourself from your highest capabilities to play after him.

Again; he’d prefer someone to just out and out tell him that they like him and are interested in getting to know him. This is far more of a turn-on and less intrusive or childlike in nature.

Some signs such as Aries are into chasing or being chased. However, Capricorn is probably the most mature out of the signs as he finds it boring and cliché. With that said, show the Capricorn what your qualities are.

He wants to see who you are at the core; he wants to know what you want, what your intention toward him is, and what you would like to happen between the two of you.

Knowing this information helps him to figure out if he wants to spend the time to get to know you or not. He will take his time either way as he is trying to find “the one” and will accept nothing less.

A Capricorn Man Playing Hard To Get – What Could This Mean?

As a general rule, Capricorn men don’t really play hard to get. They’re not into games period, of course, unless it is in the bedroom. But messing with your mind to get you to like him just isn’t his style.

However, if you do come across a Unicorn and suspect that a Capricorn man is playing hard to get then there are a few reasons he might be doing this.

He might be bored and is messing with you until someone better comes along or he isn’t sure about you and is testing the water to see if you are a woman worthy of his time, or finally, he might just be immature and not ready for something serious.

It all depends on the individual of course, but most Capricorn men are straight-shooters and will tell you like it is.

4 Ways To Make A Capricorn Man Chase You

Follow these steps to understand what he is thinking and what you can do to make him run after you like a man obsessed.

1. Be Straightforward About What You Want But Don’t Be Clingy

Since the Capricorn man does already know what he wants, he isn’t into playing any sort of game which would include chasing. Either he likes someone and he puts in effort or he doesn’t.

If a woman is interested in him but says nothing, then this shows her character and isn’t strong enough to be able to handle the Capricorn guy. He’s into independent women that know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.

I’m not saying you should chase him. He’s really not into chasing and sees it as completely unnecessary. Either you like each other and do something about it or you don’t.

Playing silly chasing games will only show him that you’re not mature enough to handle an adult relationship with him. He absolutely will not chase a woman. He figures that if she needs to be chased, then she’s not his type.

He’s far too picky to give anyone any sort of chase. His willpower is tremendous and takes a well-anchored woman to capture his attention and also maintain it.

The Capricorn in relationships can seem really difficult and hard to figure out. The thing is, if you take your time and are patient, you will learn how to rope him in by being a bit more passive rather than aggressive.

2. Encourage Him And Be A Source Of Inspiration

How To Make a Capricorn Man Chase You

The willful goat will respond more to when he feels encouraged or if the woman that is into him shows her integrity to inspire him. THAT is how you get a Capricorn man.

He seems awfully demanding, right? He does this because of the fact that he knows what he needs and what is best for him, unlike most other men. Therefore, he won’t waste time playing silly games.

Chasing, to him, seems very much like silly games a child would play. He’s not into it so you’ll neither find him chasing after you nor will he respond in a positive way to you chasing after him.

It’s best you just be straightforward with him as far as what you’d like to have from him or with him. He’ll respect you far more for being direct and going after what you want.

Actually, it will be quite a turn-on for a woman to approach him and be direct with him. It doesn’t happen often and it will certainly leave quite the impression for this hard-to-get guy.

This is one of the best ways to make a Capricorn man chase you. Optimism is a good tool to use with him. He appreciates it and it makes him feel good about you.

3. Just Be Yourself

Winning the heart of a Capricorn man may seem difficult but worth it. If you really like him, talk to him about it. Don’t talk to others who you want to “deliver the message” through.

Don’t try to make public displays of affection either. That is something he really doesn’t like as he’s a bit old-fashioned. Hang in there and take your time. Patience and determination are what it takes to win this guy.

If there is any chance between you two, be calm and take your time. Let him take lead in the relationship so that you know where you stand and what he wants out of the situation between you two.

Listen to him. He isn’t one that says one thing to you yet means another. He’s very straightforward with you typically. That can either be a very good thing or a not-so-pleasant thing.

That will be up to you as far as what you want to come of it. I do warn you though; if you try to chase after him or try to go public, he will likely shut down and shut you out.

Remember, don’t chase a Capricorn man. Doing things that freak him out, make him feel uncomfortable, or seem unsuitable for a woman to do will make him shut down on you. Be wise and be careful!

4. Be Patient With Himdoes a capricorn man like to be chased

Capricorn men want you to understand that they are willing to take their time in the interest of developing something long-lasting. If you are not, then you may want to go ahead and move on.

He wants the woman who CAN and WILL wait for him. He wants someone who gives him the time he needs to figure out if you’re the woman that he wants to spend his life with.

As a rule, he typically will not waste his time or energy on someone he doesn’t feel it may go somewhere with. He isn’t into flings or one-night affairs. Not to say it’s impossible, but it’s not likely.

He wants that one woman who will put all others to shame and make his life purpose-filled. That one woman is what he will dedicate his time and affection toward working at.

It might be a good thing to learn how to play hard to get with a Capricorn man. Since he wants things to progress slowly, it’s also good not to always be available for him.

If you’re struggling to find the right words to make him know you’re interested without seeming clingy or too easy, I strongly recommend checking out my 100 Magic Phrases for Capricorn Man … It will set you on the right path with your hot Capricorn guy!

If he tries to get physical with you when it’s still early on, put your foot down and tell him that you’re not that easy and you prefer to wait until you two are more committed. He will actually respect you for this!

This is the preferred method of how to get a Capricorn man to chase you. It makes it easy as pie for him to make the effort to show you how he feels and what he wants.

Will A Capricorn Man Lead You On?

For the most part, Capricorn men are incredibly respectful and trustworthy. These aren’t the type of guys to lead you on as a general rule.

My experience with them is that when they are into you, they are warm and inviting, but if they aren’t, they won’t be nasty, but you’ll still get the idea that they aren’t exactly interested in you.

A Capricorn man has much better things to do than lead a woman on and waste both his and her time. But of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Do you think you are dealing with a Capricorn man who might be leading you on? Well, luckily for you, I am here to help out. 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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17 thoughts on “Do Capricorn Men Like To Be Chased? What You Need To Know

  1. This completely inaccurate. I’ve noticed that Capricorn men enjoy the chase. They are extremely insecure and enjoy women wooing them. Every Capricorn guy I’ve known says, “I don’t like women chasing me” but eventually gives in and complains how she’s clingy but engages in her activity.

    I don’t have any issues with Capricorn women (my current best friend and most of my best friends were Capricorns. However, I see the men as walking contradictions. ‘Image is a false perception’ I’ve yet to meet a Capricorn man who actually lives for himself and not other people. I never thought I’d say it but I find capricorn men weak (they don’t defend those they care for, they don’t follow through and have no problems using people but complain like a Pisces when they’re the one who got hurt).

    It’s interesting how you change as a person. I still love them Lol the celebrity ones but I haven’t met a Capricorn guy in real life that is confident and listens to himself. Yet, I keep attracting them to me but from the moment I tell them no. They’re still pleasant but keep their distance.

    1. Hi Ruth! Thanks for sharing your own personal story. Capricorn men are all different from one another. You cannot deem them all as one way or another because they each have different birth charts which gives them different facets of their personalities. I can only give a very surface look into the Sun sign alone. If your expeience is different it’s because the Capricorns you know have different things going on in their charts thus changing their personalities up a bit. If you’d like to know more, please check out my book.

  2. Ruth, why would anyone go after a woman who says, “No?”

    That’s plain rejection, and we (capricorn) understand that, and move on to find the next beauty who CAN and WAIT for us.

    I have like 3 to 4 girls every week to be busy with. If you’re directly telling me “No, I don’t want you to chase me, or whatever…” I will drop you, immediately.

    And, who says Capricorns don’t stand for themselves and the weak? Look at Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mohammad Ali? They were both capricorns, and they stood for all the black Americans’s freedom and also died for it (Martin Luther King).

    We’re weak as many men, but we’re also strong. And that’s a part of being human. I have yet to meet a man who is NOT afraid (or weak) of something!

    You only love celebrity? You don’t love real people? Ha.

    Let me tell you something: Capricorns listen to themselves FIRST than anyone else — even their parents — because they know the only person that can CHANGE them is themselves, and no other person can do that for them.

  3. This is not true my Capricorn man chased me for years, I would not have a proper relationship with him until he got his life sorted out, I ignored him and went out with other guys,he was married and was not getting on with his wife, now we are in a proper relationship , although it has taken 10 years to get to this point, he has always known what he wanted but it took a lot of time and chasing.

    1. Hi Lesley! Each Capricorn man is going to have some differences due to the makeup of their birth charts. There is likely something his chart that makes him do something a bit out of character or perhaps his desire for you actually forced his hand to do something he might not otherwise do. He had his eyes on what he believed was his prize and he went with it with great passion and vigor. That being said, you should really check out my book as it reveals a great deal more about the Capricorn man’s make-up. If you’d like to check it out.

  4. I have to agree with Ruth. I met a capicorn guy, we had great conversations and good chemistry. However, it was always me to text him first or ask him out. Getting him to go out on an actual date was really hard, anytime we tried to make plans he would say “I’m not looking for anything serious right now”. Ugh.

  5. How long do they take though? I’ve been ‘friends’ with a Capricorn man for years. We hook up once in a while but he says he’s not ready for anything serious. I will leave him alone but he’ll come seeking attention. He’s never dated anyone over the past 4 years but will sleep with women. He was with two very controlling women prior but it’s been at least 4 years since that. It’s truly confusing how he doesn’t want a relationship with me but likes me and likes being around me. He’ll accept invitations and go where I’ll be but never invites me. He likes having sex with me but once said that he feels bad about it and has been avoiding it recently.

    So confused, please help

    1. Hi Tricia!

      There is no known time frame as to how long it takes for him to want a relationship. Each Capricorn man is going to be different on how long they may want to take things. Being like best friends is a good way to get into his heart. Don’t sleep with him though because that gives him the message that you’re alright with being only friends with benefits. He needs to know you want more. If he cannot give that to you then you need to move forward and find someone who will give you what you want.

  6. Hi Ruth,
    I have been in a on and off relationship with a Capricorn man for 6 years, till last year November I broke up with him because he forgot my birthday and that wasn’t the first time,we were not contacting each other till February when I reached out to him to asked about his mother’s burial because he lost his mom around October last year of which we were together then and he was very close to her so he has been hurting, he told me the burial will be March, after we started talking I do most of the chatting he replies and if he misses my calls for any reason he will return my calls but wouldn’t say much I let him know how I feel about him but he didn’t say anything will just read and be quiet at some point I invited him out and he said he wouldn’t interested in anything at the moment so I let him be, when he stayed few days didn’t hear from me he called to check up on me, then call again to find out if I was at work always sounds professional, I went for the burial in his home town and he was very surprised to see me, am a Scorpio and truly love the guy and he knows at the same time, we didn’t really talk at the burial because he was and still mourning his mom but we did spend time together. Later he said he can’t handle a relationship right now then I told him to take all the time he wants to sort out himself that his happiness is more important to me I stop calling or chatting him, now he has started chatting me again but am not responding the truth is if at all am ever getting back with him I have to be sure he knows what he wants because I want stability marriage children family. His birth chart is 12 January really don’t know how this things works, my is 12 November. I did noticed some positive changes about him in recent times before I broke up with him but wasn’t really familiar with all this Capricorn things so I guess I mess up some how but the guy still loves me and he is pretending to me, he said that am stubborn. What should I do with him chatting me up and please can you explain his birth chart to me? Thank you.

  7. Hi Grace!

    There is no way I can explain birth charts just based off of Month and day of birth. There also needs to be year, exact time of birth, and location of birth. What I do see is that you are a Scorpio since your birthday is November 12. The two of you are actually There are many things that make you two a great match and perhaps if you can work through your issues, you may find someone that’s a long lasting partner. He’s still into you and if you can tell him that you will come back but only if your problems are worked on, you may actually have things work nicely. I wouldn’t let him in though unless he IS going to do the work. Find compromise from both sides sweetheart but it’s up to you.

  8. Hi Anna, so I too am a Scorpio, and I met a Capricorn guy on a game A month ago. We hit it off and just clicked right away. We live in different states but exchanged phone numbers and we were text for hours all the time. He told me he was in a serious relationship a few yrs ago and was cheated on and very hurt, so he hasn’t dated since but only had a one night stand which he felt nothing for. He said that his previous girlfriend hurt him so bad, he had a guard up and didn’t know how to tap into his feelings, but he was really starting to care for me and would work on them and being more open. We stayed up one night for hours and the next 3 days I never heard from him. Well I’m very stubborn and persistent and I sent a lot of texts asking how he could talk to me then just not for 3 days. He finally texted me and said he was getting scared and wanted to slow down some take his time getting to know me. This is where I looked up his astrology sign bc I knew nothing about Capricorn’s and he seems to fit one very well. So we talked again several days and even got a little sexual on the phone, but he said he was old fashioned and wanted to take things slow and if ever we did have sex, it be special. I also feel the same. The talking was great between us again and he started opening up more saying I meant so much to him and he didn’t want to lose me and he was starting to open up more and more. Well we got into a little arguement, and he said I jump to conclusions to much and he deserved an apology. So I sent him a text and apologized but never heard from him That day. (he has his “reads” on his text so I can see when he reads my messages) I got mad and started blowing his phone up bc I am hot tempered, and it has now been a week and he won’t respond to me but still reads all my messages. I’m trying to stay calm but sometimes I’ll get mad, and go off and then other times, I think about how close we were and I try to be sweet and tell him he means a lot but still no reply. Do you think he is done??? I’m so heartbroken over this. I really started to like him soooo much! And I feel bad I blew up at him. When I read this article I see they don’t like to be chased, and I have definetly been chasing him and texting nonstop. Is there anything I can do!?!? I don’t want to lose him and I’ve never dealt with a Capricorn or any man that ignores me like this before

    1. Hi Nicole!

      You need to remain as calm as possible when dealing with a Capricorn man honey. Do NOT blow up his phone when you get upset. It will only push him away. I don’t think he’s done but you need to space yourself a little bit and give him some time to cool off because when you blew his phone up, he got even more upset most likely Let things cool down a bit and then you can try reaching out to him again. Tell him you want to work on it and would like to learn how to better communicate. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  9. I am an Aries woman who fell for a Capricorn guy almost 2 years ago. We dated 6 months and he was so sweet, doing many boyfriend like things but i had to know where it was going. He said he didn’t want anything serious. I was the forst person he dated afyer his bad divorce 3 years before. I told him i had to cut him off cold tirkey when he wanted to be friends because it was too hard for me. We reconnected because i was very close to where he lived. I initiated and he was so happy to hear from me and see me. He apparently had a relationship after me. He said he missed me, just got me back and didn’t want to mess it up. We texted a little the next day but nothing for the last 3 days. I’m hoping this time is different. I didn’t realuze maybe we were heading for a relationship but that capricorns are SO slow and careful about deciding with a woman. I’ve read many things that say capricorn men back off to see if you stick around but don’t like being chased. So should i reach out again or just hope he contacts me? I can’t stop thinking about him.

  10. I’ve been dating a Capricorn man for 3 months and he’s making less and less first moves but still acts interested when I make moves (but shouldn’t the guy be the one to show more interest?). We met at a bar and I went home with him, we were beginning to hook up but I stopped it right before the sex because I said I wasn’t comfortable having one night stands and he really respected that. Really wanted to take me out after as soon as possible. In the first month he msged me daily. He was never the best texter, the convos weren’t too interesting. But I liked that he consistently checked in once a day to see how my day was and briefly tell me about his. We met at the bar right before Covid lockdowns so after we had to hang out at his since everything was closed and it was winter months, too cold to be in nature. We did end up hooking up on our first “indoor date” but regardless he was a gentleman after, bought us nice takeout dinners, cooked a big dinner for us once (He doesn’t even cook for himself, too busy), always picking me up and driving me home, insisting to pay for things that needed to be paid for. We hung out like once a week. They say caps don’t do PDA, but he was surprisingly very affectionate on our first public date to mini golf, kissing and holding me throughout the game in front of people. He went on a weekend trip with his best friend and stayed in touch the whole time, probably more so then when he’s in the city and busy with work. Saw me the first night he landed back even thought it was late. He started a new very successful business after and has been very busy and addicted to working on that. I noticed after that business took off it switched to mostly me checking in and trying to make plans… when we did talk or see each other he was still really happy to hear from me and see me, he was just rarely reaching out first. Started to feel like if I didn’t make the plans, I wouldn’t see him. We had a really fun night, where he drunkenly called me his girlfriend to his friends (first time I met them) and told me he loved me in private but I didn’t take it too seriously since it was drunk. Just thought I would mention he made some declarations even though it was drunk. he asked me to sleep over that night for the first time after 2 months and was very affectionate. Cuddling and kissing me all night and morning till noon, working on his laptop in the morning in bed and taking breaks to hold me in my sleep. Made me breakfast once we got up. Checked in on me later in the day and the next day over text, then didn’t reply to my response…. But I knew he was having the “busiest week of his year” so I reached out a few days later to check in and we chatted. A few days later I reached out again to make plans and he agreed. We had a good night going to a casual place for dinner and back to his. I saw something in his place that made me question if he is seeing other girls.. and decided to call and ask him about it the next day. I was really chill with my approach, didn’t say it was a problem just wanted to know where his heads at and mostly because we were having unprotected sex. He said he wasn’t and hasn’t been with anyone else since meeting me, and it was prolly a female friends that was there earlier that week. he’s mentioned her in passing before (I do believe him even though that sounds naive) He’s never hidden the fact that he has female friends and my intuition always told me I was actually the only girl he was having a more intimate relationship with.( I have extremely good Pisces intuition and can smell a shitty dude right off the bat. Also don’t have a problem walking away from red flags. I trusted him) We talked about our plans for the day after the sleeping with girls talk, laughed hard about something else, ended the call. I decided not to msg after that phone call because I didnt want to feel like I was pressuring him into anything. First asking about other girls and now texting first again. I just wanted a little reassurance that we were ok and I didn’t scare him. Wanted to wait for him to msg first. I know he was having another really crazy week with a lot of work related and personal stressful situations which shouldn’t be an excuse but… Haven’t heard from him since the call. It’s been a week. I know he was out with friends (which he does on weekends. Very work hard play hard mentality) So it’s not like he’s been in office 24/7. He also doesn’t cook and goes out to dinner pretty much every night alone or with friends. Point being he’s had free time to check in. ( I should mention I work a night job and only have 2 nights off a week so it’s hard to make regular evening plans with him which is why he’s always with friends And not me for dinner etc) Hard to believe he’s too busy to shoot a quick text though… did I freak him out or do caps need the woman to just make all the moves since they are so busy caring about their own goals. I’m not use to this. I love to be chased and needed and it’s getting hard to be the one chasing the man. I wouldn’t mind if I know for sure this would win him over. but I’m starting to second guess and feel foolish for reaching out to a man first all the time. I am very aware I am still not his priority. Defiantly work, the gym family and the friends he’s known for a long time come before me. I don’t mind waiting to be added to the priority list. Regardless, Feels very strange to always reach out even though he always responds so well and there’s been consistent slow progression when we see each other in person. But a week makes me think does he even care if I never msg and disappear? The Pisces in me is beginning to overthink and want to swim away to protect myself. That I’m just convenient?? And if I don’t chase him he won’t even blink

    1. Hi Chrissy!

      If he always responds then there is no harm. It’s when he doesn’t respond when you message him that leaves room for question. Take it slow and be patient. You see there is slow progression so just keep it going. Disappearance is due to his personality. Capricorn men are notorious for doing this. It’s not meant to hurt, it’s just meant for them to have “me” time. Yes, try to calm yourself and not overthink. You have to let go of that desire to control he outcome. Meditation is fantastic for that! Do it daily for at least a month. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  11. Anna, I have been reading your Capricorn books for over a year. I have had a crush for over a year with a Capricorn and you are so right about how slow they are. I met him through my work as a retail manager. He was a customer. I am divorced for 7 years after being married for 30. There was just something so sexy and exciting about him. He’s never really asked me on a date out but he comes by my work at least once a month maybe twice to flirt and fill me in on what he’s been doing. I know alot of details about his past his family and he has a 16 year old son. He’s 49. I am 61. I get butterflies every time I see him. He’s been to my house a few times to have dinner or help me with something I could have done myself. ( how to win a Capricorn lol)
    We finally ended up having sex about a month ago. Amazing. Another Cappy trait. He’s does work very hard and I think is very much into making money and building his business. I usually text first but he always responds when I haven’t heard or seen him in a bit. I could really see myself with him in the future and us being that power couple. Have been patient because they move so slow.
    Now, not trying to move on or anything another sexy much younger Capricorn age 39 has entered into my life. Only about 2 weeks. His current situation is a little messier as he has 3 small kids(9,6,4) and divorced. We really vibe. We had sex on the first date. We weee so drawn to each other. He’s into astrology and much more opened minded about life. Much different from my other Cappy in that he’s more affectionate so he must have some cancer or something. Now I like both but I can’t do two men at the same time or can I. Lol I am have write a book but I had to get it out. What is your perspective? Do I see both or tell them about each other or what?

  12. Continue with my book. My Cappy crush for over a year will like disappear anywhere for two weeks to a month and then come back around. He even met a lady last year and started a relationship with her that lasted for 5 months then
    It ended badly as which time he comes to see me again. If he were done with me he’s be done right? He’s definitely hot and cold but more about work than in relationships. Very confusing. While my new Cappy is new and has given me the attention I needed. Can you combine them into one? Lol anywho. I think I said all I could about my situation without giving every single detail. Thanks Anna. I enjoy your books. They really do give perspective and I also get your taroscope and love horoscope every week plus monthly Capricorn horoscope.

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