Capricorn Man In Bed — The Complete Guide To Capricorn Man Sexuality

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
There are some really important tips to what you can do to have amazing Capricorn man sex. Keep reading for some juicy details!

If you’re getting involved with a Capricorn man and want to make sure he’s well pleased in bed, then you may want to read through this article. There are some really important tips to what you can do to have amazing Capricorn man sex. 

What can you do in bed with a Capricorn man that will drive him wild and make him want more? You need to know how to seduce a Capricorn man in bed and make him crave you…

When you’re trying to win a Capricorn’s intimacy, you’ve got to have patience with him. I’d suggest you keep reading about how to seduce a Capricorn man in bed and make him crave you. I’ve prepared some juicy details for you!

Capricorn Men In Bed — Why Are Capricorns So Good In Bed?

Capricorn men are very passionate and sensual, which makes them fantastic in bed. He applies the same attention to detail in the bedroom as well, providing you with pleasure you didn’t know he had in the first place! Capricorn man aims to satisfy you more than anything else.

It also really helps to know that a Capricorn man is an earth Zodiac sign, this means that his sensuality is strong and he knows what feels good intuitively. He has a sixth sense of knowing what will make you feel content in the bedroom. 

The way Capricorn men view sex is definitely something out of this world. He  craves to establish a deep connection which makes him faithful. One-night stands are not in his radar. He is looking to commit.

Sex is definitely about emotions for a Capricorn man. Sure, he is capable of just having fun but this guy definitely prefers sleeping with women when he feels something more for her.

Capricorn Men Sexual Desires — What Do Capricorn Men Like In Bed?

Keeping It Classy

The Capricorn man doesn’t really like women who are easy, trashy, or tacky. He wants a woman who knows herself, shows off her curves, but keeps them covered enough so that his imagination can run wild. Here’s more on what a Capricorn man likes and dislikes in a woman.

You’ll always want to dress appealingly, so make sure your clothes are somewhat form-fitting. They don’t have to be skin tight, but enough that he can see what curves you do have.

He will appreciate being able to see your form without being able to see you naked. Part of this is because if you become his girlfriend, he won’t want other men to ogle you.

In bed, a Capricorn man may want to play some games, but not out of the bedroom. He’s a closet freak, but he won’t share that until he actually is in the position to do so with a beautiful woman.

In other words, he doesn’t want to know how freaky or willing you are until he’s the one busting the moves to head toward a sexual direction. He’s a dominant guy, so trying to push yourself on him won’t go over well.

Be like a classic woman from the old days who allows a man to court her and romance her. Dress sexy, but not in a way that is too revealing. He’ll be taken by your beauty and sense of class.

Talk About Mental Foreplay

If the Capricorn man presents a time where you can share with him what your fantasies are or what you like in bed, that’s when you can actually be free to open up to him.

I’d wait on the super freaky stuff for when you’re actually finally having sex. However, you can share small things to make his mind get very active. Once it’s in his head he’ll think about it to a point where it may turn him on.

Open up to him about who you are sexually and what you want in bed. Again, this is only when time is appropriate and he’s opened up the door to you with this information.

I wouldn’t just start talking about sex if he hasn’t brought it up or eluded to the fact that he’d like to give it a shot sometime soon. Relax and find the right time then you can open up about what you want.

Once that door is open, you can ask him what he’d like in bed. Ask him what his fantasies are and what would turn him on. Being open will help the two of you be able to have some really intense and passionate sex.

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Be Open To Adventure

Once you’ve established a sexual connection with your Capricorn guy, be sure to be open and optimistic. He is one that will want to try new things or try techniques he knows that you hadn’t done before.

If you’re open for a wild ride, Capricorn man will surely bring a saddle. He’s truly unique and has some freaky ideas. Some of them may bring you ultimate pleasure so why not stay open to suggestions?

What could it hurt to talk about what you want, what he wants, what you’re both willing to try, and what you two both want to stay away from? Open up and be totally candid.

You two can reach the pinnacle of ecstasy if you can be forthright with each other when it comes to pleasures in bed. Talk about trying new things, positions, techniques, toys, role play, or any other exciting method of play.

Subtly Let Him Know What You Like

Getting them to the point where they express their sensuality is an intellectual challenge with a Capricorn man but once he is there, it becomes all about performance and technique.

He will be watching you carefully to see what you like and what you seem not to enjoy so don’t pretend, or be fake, as being frank could deliver you the lovemaking of your dreams.

Capricorn men want their sex to be great and they will go to great lengths to satisfy their partners.

This is one man who won’t be put off or insulted if you tell him clearly what you want, so give him lots of verbal feedback because it’s what a Capricorn man likes in bed.

If you want some more hot tips to drive your Capricorn man crazy, make sure you get my 27 Dirty Phrases for Capricorn Man.

Are Capricorn Men Big On After Sex Cuddling?

One of the best parts of being with a Capricorn man and sleeping with him is the very good chance that he is actually really into you. Your Capricorn man would be open to the idea of cuddling after sex but it will take him some time to get there with you.

In other words, if there is a strong connection between you and him there is also a big chance that he would want to cuddle right after sex. Sex with a random person doesn’t include cuddling in his world. Only sex with the woman he loves and adores. So if you get to that level with him, he will be a big fan of cuddling after sex. 

Capricorns are sweet and caring. They know how important it is for a woman to bond with them after intercourse, so even if your Capricorn man isn’t super into it, he will still do it because he is empathetic enough to understand that it would be important to you.

How To Please A Capricorn Man In Bed (7 Hot Ways To Drive Him Crazy)

If the Capricorn man has finally let you in and is ready to start being intimate with you, here are some things you should know so that you can enjoy yourself and make him happy at the same time.

Don’t Be Assertive

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re not assertive when you come onto him. If you throw yourself at him, he will think this is a bit rude, and he will probably become cold or shut down.

One mistake could make him bolting for the hills again. You’ve got to be really careful with this guy. He comes off as tough and tumbles, but he’s soft on the inside and a bit sensitive.

Dress Sexy

Dress sexy with sophistication. What I mean by this is take a look at some elegant styles that are quite sexy but not very revealing. They leave something to the imagination. Think of someone like Rita Hayworth.

She’s an old school actress that could wear low cut dresses or blouses, but her breasts were not hanging out. She wore flowing skirts that looked quite stunning but not showing off too much of her goods. This is the type of style that Capricorn man is very attracted to. 

Just make sure that it fits well, and it is tidy. Anything showing off your curves without you being half-naked is good. Daisy Duke Shorts do not qualify as too much hanging out. Get my meaning?

Trust me when I tell you, he loves looking at your rear end, but if it’s hanging out of your shorts or skirt, he’s going to think that’s trashy and a huge turn-off. He’d rather see you wearing sexy tight Capri jeans.

Let Him Set The Pace

Aside from dressing for the occasion of spending time with your Capricorn man that leads to some sexy intimacy, you will need to do a few things. One of those things is, letting him set the pace.

He tends to be one that will want to be “the man” in the situation. I’m not saying you have to sacrifice all your control, but he’ll make sex worthwhile if you let him do it the way he thinks you’ll like. You can guide him a little but don’t ever tell him what to do. 

Let Him Be A Bit Kinky

Some women find the Capricorn man sex great, but the truth is, he can also be rather kinky. The thing is, he has to be very close to someone before he opens up and lets his inner freak out. He may really get into things that would shock you, but he’ll never tell you and never indicate as such unless he’s 100% comfortable.

Don’t rush him into the bedroom either because he’ll think you have loose morals and he won’t want to have sex with you. He has to really want it and has to feel ready; otherwise, it’s a no go.

If you have a fantasy, it’s alright to share it with him. Either he’ll tell you it’s not something he wants to do or he’ll give it a try. When you do it, be gentle with him otherwise he’s going to think something is wrong with you.

He may even enjoy a bit of kink that you like, but he won’t know until he tries. You’ll want to entice him to try by being soft with him. Let the tension build and let him figure out if he wants more.

Make Him Open Up To You

Capricorn man wants to feel comfortable with his lady on all levels, and until he does, he isn’t going to rush on the sex front unless he has some random one night stand which is very rare.

Unless he has a rising sign or moon sign that makes him more prone to being promiscuous, Capricorn men can tend to be a bit prudish, much like the Virgo man. He holds back and saves it for the right woman.

You can definitely open up the gates by talking with him about intimacy, what he likes, what he doesn’t, what you like, what you don’t, and just basically establishing sexual compatibility.

When he figures out that the two of you may very well have some amazing chemistry and he trusts you on other levels, then he may start to open up and want to be intimate with you.

After he opens his mind and wants to explore talking to you more about what you like in the bedroom, go ahead and tell him all the nasty details. This way, he sort of gets a feel for what you’ll be like.

Don’t Go Cold On Him

If you are distant and unapproachable, he won’t be able to handle and he may think you’re too much, he may actually tell you his thoughts. Then again, he may go cold, and then sex just won’t happen. The thing is, he needs to know where you stand.

It’s better for him to know about any feelings you may have before you have sex. If he thinks it’s too far-fetched for him, he has to know before he gets into bed with you.

Your Capricorn man may become increasingly turned off by you being so interpersonal in bed, so don’t act that way because he will run for the hills. Here’s more on what turns a Capricorn man off.

Don’t Stick To Routine

In bed, a Capricorn man may want to play some games but not out of the bedroom. He’s a closet freak but he won’t share that until he actually is in the position to do so with a beautiful woman.

Doing missionary at the specified time of day will make him lose interest in you. Not willing to explore in the bedroom is a sexual turn-off for a Capricorn man. 

Breaking of routine and adding excitement is important in maintaining the relationship with a Capricorn man. Communication is the key.

You should discuss with him what turns you on and not be afraid to explore fantasies and role-playing with your man.  Routine sex kills the desire on a long-run.

What Does A Capricorn Man Find Physically Attractive?

If you are trying to impress or attract a Capricorn man, you’re going to have to clean yourself a bit. Don’t be fake though. You have to genuinely want to improve your surroundings, including yourself. Don’t be a slob and take care of your looks. A fit body and clear skin are always in his focus.

He likes his women to be quite independent, though he also doesn’t mind providing for you, once he is committed. In fact, the Capricorn man is one of the best to have in a long-term relationship, as he is incredibly faithful and responsible to you. 

Be patient, but always stand your ground. It will develop respect for you, rather than being a helpless type who needs him and will give into every demand that he has. This will make him physically and emotionally attractive to you!

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FAQ On Capricorn Man Sextrology

There is a chance that you are still confused about your Capricorn man in bed, here are some frequently asked questions that should help you to get straight to the answer:

Do Capricorns Have High Sex Drive?

Capricorn men are passionate, easily aroused, and have a very strong sex drive. Naturally, he thrives on a strong emotional connection with someone for this sex drive to come out in full force.

Passion may come before emotion, but if the connection isn’t there, then his interest in sex may be a lot lower than what it would be like with someone he really likes.

So, yes, a Capricorn man has an insatiable appetite for love and sex. Be prepared to indulge with him.

How Important Is Sex For A Capricorn Man?

Capricorn man has a natural sex appetite. Sex is more important to him than you might realize. Sure, he isn’t as aggressive in his approaches as an Aries or a Scorpio man, but he is an Earth sign and Earth signs need that physical stimulation in their life. 

Connection is also so important for your Capricorn man and he knows that sex can bring him closer to the woman he is seeing. This is why it will always be a priority for him.

Are Capricorn Men Kinky And Experimental In Bed?

Capricorn men are not boring in the bedroom and will definitely surprise you. He can be  pretty wild and kinky when it comes to their sexual behavior. You need to remember that they are ruled by the planet Saturn whose main traits are practicality and resilience.. 

This sign loves to experiment and come up with crazy ideas to explore in the bedroom. You will find a perfect match in Capricorn if you are into role-playing, bondage or spanking. They are particularly kinky and love to try out new things because they can get pretty bored when things are too samey.

What Are The Best Sex Positions For Capricorn Men?

Hot-seat and up against the wall are Capricorns favorite sex positions.  It’s the inherently dirty nature of those poses that ruffles Capricorns’ polite sensibilities and therefore excites them. Perhaps it’s because you’re face-to-face with your partner, it’s truly all about lust that excites him. Missionary – not so much.

Where Do Capricorns Like To Be Touched Sexually?

The Capricorn man’s main erogenous zones are behind his knees. Naturally, you don’t want to just give attention to that spot alone.

This is the Capricorn sensitive spot that turns him on. He may not know it if no one has ever paid close attention to that area. Once you do, he’s going to absolutely be blown away.

How Well Do Capricorn Men Communicate Their Sexual Needs?

Capricorn man assumes he always knows what you would desire and like and typically he is always right. He is a skilled and sensual lover and you will often find him more interested in taking care of your pleasure than him being interested in his own pleasure. 

This may be frustrating for you if you want to make him feel good and satisfied as well. It would be a great idea if you ask him directly what it is he wants and perhaps suggest that his pleasure is your pleasure as well. You’re going to have to nudge him into this. 

Are Capricorn Men Typically Into Casual Sex?

I would honestly have to say no to this. Capricorn men have extremely high standards and this is why you won’t often find them falling into casual sexual relationships. But of course, there are always expectations to the rule, but generally, Capricorn men don’t do this.

I would say that Capricorn men will sometimes get into a friends-with-benefits situation, but behind the scenes, he is actually secretly hoping for something serious. 

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Sleeping With A Capricorn Man On The First Date — Should I Be Worried?

This is a very difficult question to answer without context, but if you are just looking to have fun and don’t have expectations of something serious then I would say it is fine to sleep with a Capricorn man on the first date. 

However, if you are looking for something more serious than I would suggest you wait and figure out how you feel about your Capricorn man first. Sometimes sex can put blinders on your eyes and not make you see very clearly. 

So always take things slow if you are in doubt is my suggestion!

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