9 Clear Signs A Capricorn Man Doesn’t Like You Anymore

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What do you do if he goes cold and expresses to you that he’s done? What are you option? Discover what happens when a Capricorn man is no longer interested.

You have been dating your Capricorn man for a while now and have come to realize that he is a pretty serious person. He doesn’t do anything half-assed, but you have noticed him acting a little strangely.

He kind of seems like he isn’t as interested in you as he was before, but could it be that you are simply missing something and that this isn’t the case at all?

How can you tell if a Capricorn man is no longer interested? What do you do if he goes cold and expresses to you that he’s done? What are your options here? Keep reading what happens when a Capricorn man is no longer interested in you.

How Do You Know If A Capricorn Man Is Losing Interest

Capricorn men are some of the most serious guys in the whole of the Zodiac. These gentlemen don’t do anything unless they are certain about it and this is most definitely the case when it comes to dating and relationships.

The last thing a Capricorn man wants to do is waste his time on someone who isn’t going to be in his life in the long-term. This is why he is very particular about who he dates casually… He’ll go through quite a laborious vetting period before letting a woman get too close to him.

There are some definitive measures that a Capricorn man will take to let you know he’s no longer into dating or pursuing a relationship with you in any way, shape, or form.

The thing about a Capricorn man is that he doesn’t mess around or waste his time, and you can be grateful for that. Here are the surefire signs a Capricorn man is losing interest in you:

5 Clear Signs A Capricorn Man Is Losing Interest

1. He Stops Sharing Or Talking To You

One of the things he may do is stop talking to you about important things. He will shut down and not open up to you about anything. He won’t tell you anything about his life. Your Capricorn man will ignore you when you ask him questions or he will be very short with you.

You won’t know what is happening in his life and it will feel like you are talking to a wall. It will be quite frustrating!

2. When A Capricorn Cuts You Off And Make You Feel Like A Stranger

Sadly, Capricorn men don’t make the best of friends when they decide that they don’t want to be with someone anymore. In their head, it’s time to let go, and so they’ll be cold to show you as much.

They revoke what they once let you in on. It’s a huge telltale sign that he isn’t into you anymore and is probably ready to move on. He will stop asking you questions and stop getting to know you.

Why continue playing the get to know you game if he knows he isn’t into it anymore? That’s how he looks at it. Space will grow between the two of you because he is disconnecting himself from the bond.

3. He Will Stop Inviting You To Events

A Capricorn man will start making plans and not tell you about them, nor will he tell you who he is with or why he didn’t invite you. He cuts you out of his “need to know” circle and figures it’s none of your business.

You will immediately feel the difference in his behavior towards you. You will feel locked out and left in the dark and like you never know what is going on in his life. And yes, this is totally intentional, he doesn’t want you to know!

A Capricorn man is very private and won’t let just anyone into his inner circle. That means that if he was interested before and suddenly finds a reason to cut it off, you won’t be in that circle anymore.

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4. He Is Acting Cold Towards You

As if the ones I listed weren’t painful enough, there are more. He will go out of his way to make sure not to call you, return your texts, and may even remove himself from your social media entirely.

This guy goes ice cold. It’s rare for a Capricorn man to maintain a friendship with a woman they once liked or loved. He cannot figure out how to go back to being only friends because he knows the woman still has feelings.

This is why he becomes like a brick wall. He doesn’t want her to believe that they can be friends again and then start over. He wants it very clear that he’s ready to cut ties and be done.

Here’s more about Capricorn man being hot and cold all of a sudden <<

5. He Lets You Know He Is Not Interested

Ultimately though, many Capricorn men will actually break down and tell you exactly what is running through their minds, which may sound rather harsh. He may tell you why he isn’t interested anymore and wants to end it.

Naturally, no one wants to hear that, but it’s probably better you know the truth than trying to continue to pursue a man who has let you know flat-out that he’s done with it.

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4 More Signs A Capricorn Man Doesn’t Like You Anymore

There are some very obvious telltale signs that your Capricorn man isn’t that interested in you anymore. So, if you see or recognize any of these behaviors in your Capricorn man then I am sorry to say he probably isn’t interested in you anymore.

1. Your Capricorn Man Blocked You

This sign should be fairly obvious to you; if a Capricorn man has blocked you on social media, then he probably has no interest in speaking to you any longer. I know this must really hurt, but maybe this is for the best.

There is no way of contacting him now and this should help you to move on and find someone who is really worthy and deserving of your time and energy. Don’t give up, love is going to happen for you!

2. He Doesn’t Open Up To You

I know one of the most intriguing qualities about a Capricorn man is his mystery, but when he likes someone, he will usually open up to her and show his vulnerable side.

However, if your Capricorn man is never letting you in, then there is a good chance he isn’t that interested in you.

A Capricorn man has a tendency to be quite fearful of commitment. If you are interested in finding out more about why a Capricorn man is afraid of commitment, then check out this article here <<

3. He Can Be Careless With You

Oftentimes, Capricorn men have the reputation for being a little heartless and uncaring, unfortunately, this is definitely sometimes the case with these gentlemen. When a Capricorn man doesn’t care for you, he won’t be shy to make it obvious.

He will be hurtful by saying things without tact or by ignoring you when you reach out to him. If he treats you like this, then is he even worth your time and energy? You deserve so much more!

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4. He Treats You Like A Friend And Nothing More

It is pretty obvious when a Capricorn man has put you in the friend zone! He will do nothing out of the ordinary or special with you. He’ll only talk to you when you reach out to him and never make the effort to make plans with you.

He wants you to know that he is definitely not interested in you and that is why he keeps you at an arm’s length!

There is a chance that your Capricorn man is just using you and was never really interested in you at all. If you think this might be the case for you, click here for more signs on what to look for if a Capricorn man is using you <<

What To Do When A Capricorn Man Is No Longer Interested

The truth is, if a Capricorn man expresses that he’s not interested anymore by any of the above signs I gave you, there isn’t much you can do. He has to want to change his mind. Otherwise, he’s not going to.

As hurtful as it is, there isn’t any magical thing you can say or do that will make him decide to want back in or try again suddenly. He’s pretty closed off when he ends things.

In the event that he keeps a friendship with you (very rare), then perhaps there is still hope. If he ended it because he felt it was bad timing or that he didn’t let the relationship go slowly enough, then there may be another chance.

I don’t want to build your hope up though so be very careful. When he stays friends with you, it’s because he feels there is still something between you two that he’s not willing to give up.

Perhaps being friends again and giving it some more time will help him figure out what he wants if the relationship is something he wants, and if there is still chemistry.

Other than that, when the Capricorn man cuts you off entirely or expresses to you that he doesn’t want to be friends, you have no other recourse but to let him go and start moving forward on your own path.

He is pretty decisive, and once he figures out that it’s not working for whatever reason, he’s fully prepared to move on and do his own thing. It will hurt, but perhaps there will be someone else around the corner for you.

My Capricorn Man Changed Overnight — Is There Anything You Can Do When He Doesn’t Like You Anymore?

My major piece of advice when it feels like a Capricorn man is done with you and doesn’t like you anymore is to just be patient and let time heal all wounds. There is a chance that he may come around, but there is also the chance that you might meet someone who is definitely a lot better suited to you.

The best thing is to let go and let him be. Remember that you cannot control another person, and the more you hold on to him, the faster he is going to run away in another direction.

My suggestion would be for you to focus on yourself and make yourself happy. Build up your confidence and recognize how wonderful you are, because when you do this, the actions of your Capricorn man won’t hurt you so much anymore.

Give yourself all the love you could ever want from a man. And the more you recognize how awesome and amazing you are, the easier it will be for others to see this in you as well.

What can you do to keep a Capricorn man from losing interest? Perhaps you can try backing off, not pressuring him, giving him all the alone time that he requires, and letting him enjoy the friendship.

Don’t pressure him for sex, and don’t let him try to have a “friends with benefits” relationship with you either. He’ll lose respect for you, and it will never go any further than that if you do.

Yes, this is a double standard, but such as it is, you have to be very careful with your heart. Don’t dive into bed with him unless there has been plenty of time for the two of you to really get to know each other and respect each other.

Do Capricorn Men Lose Interest Quickly?

I would say this question is hard to answer and it depends on where the two of you are in the dating phase. Have you just met him and only seen him a handful of times, or have you been dating steadily for a couple of months?

If you just met him then I would say there is a great chance that he may lose interest quickly when he realizes that you don’t tick all of his boxes. Trust me, he wouldn’t want to waste your time or his, so he’ll make his feelings known shortly.

But if the two of you have been dating for quite some time now, then I wouldn’t say he has lost interest, he is more than likely just busy or preoccupied with something else like his work.

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54 thoughts on “9 Clear Signs A Capricorn Man Doesn’t Like You Anymore

  1. I got a capricorn man and i am a libran. We had a misunderstanding, i went deeper into his private life and he thinks its too much. I also think that i put pressure on him since i was aking if he likes me too because i dont want to waste time chatting with him if he’s just playing with me. He never answers that question!so he gave me a head spin. Until i went deeper about his past lovelife.. I acted as a gf as my emotions brought them. We argued a little bit Until he’s not texting me and not calling me anymore. I also found out that he blocked me on our dating site.
    After a week, he chat me and asked “how are you”? But then again, i messed up. I think i misunderstood him again. ’cause after he blocked me and not sending msgs. He tild me to stop talking about “blocking me” because he is not seeing either constructive. I told him that he is too objective and he must not talk to a subjective person like me because we will never undertsand each other’s point of view. he has the urge to still ask me are you okay?
    Then I said, yes.
    Then he said ok.
    I said not really. Good morning.
    The next day he just replied good morning as well.
    And he never txted me until now. I dont know if i will make the move to text him first.
    I am afraid that he wont reply and i might just get hurt. ??
    Pls help me. I miss him so much. He is a Japanesea and his sign describes him so much!he is a disciplinarian to his son, he is earnest and hardworking person!he is a research scientist. He is busy always.

    1. Hi Dimple!

      If you do not talk to him then you will never know if there is still a chance or not. If he’s still communicating with you then he must be having some type of feelings otherwise you’d never hear from him again. Take it slow, be patient, and be honest with him. Don’t change yourself though. Be who you are and you’ll always get what you deserve. If he’s not the one, someone else is and you shouldn’t settle!

    2. Hi Anna, I brought your books! AMAZING! although I may have got them a little late. I’m Pisces, we got intimate too quick I feel. I can’t open myself with him as I feel I don’t know him and he can feel the block as I can’t Reach the big O with him. So I feel I need talks and him to open up and he gives teeny bits of himself so it makes me feel like I’m chasing. It’s very off putting. Then he once said he feels pressured?! Then he’s like I like you, but he’s not making me feel important or special. I like him, but there’s 1000 other men who know how to make a girl feel good, perhaps it’s not a Capricorn’s strong point. It’s a shame

      1. Hi L Joseph!

        Actually when a Capricorn man is really into someone, he does make them feel very special. Yes, you may have gotten into sex a little too quickly. It gave him the idea that it was alright to do that and not develop feelings. Now you’ve got to decide if you want to see if it will slowly develop with him or if you want to let go and let someone else knock your socks off and make you feel special. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  2. Pretty much true, but she isn’t giving more of her time, so in order for her to continue with me all she has to do is give me more of her time and I would give her a second chance but she is giving me more space and my feelings towards are dying off slowly.

    1. Hi Unknown!

      Well if she isn’t giving you what you want then you need to talk to her about it. No one should ever just settle for the sake of being with someone. Speak up and tell her what your needs are and she’ll either gladly work on it or she’ll tell you she cannot or will not. Then if she isn’t willing to, you’ll have to decide whether or not she’s still worth it.

    1. Hi X!

      The two bump heads or they don’t talk at all. Communication is very difficult. If Libra and Capricorn were to learn techniques to better communication they may have a chance. Otherwise they will find each other walking on eggshells OR the Libra will be far too sensitive to the bluntness of the Capricorn and thus things fall apart. It’s not impossible but takes lots of work!

  3. Scorpio woman seeing a Capricorn man.
    We dated briefly for couple of months without having sex. But We have a really, really strong chemistry which is so unusual for me and I can’t explain why. I was going out of the country for few months shortly after so he started picking ridiculous fights over nothing and being angry.
    So I just kept my distance but kept in contact. However we stopped talking and I left then he removed me from his social media. I texted him when I got back but he ignored my text. So we didn’t speak or see each other for about 5 years.
    I then sent him a wave via messenger and he responded almost immediately with a really nice and polite message. We then went back and forth for a week and then suggested he would come over to mine with food and rinks and take it from there.
    I said why? We both know where that will end. I told him I am not into casual sex. I reminded him what we discussed 5 yes ago about marriage and family. Needless to say he came over for dinner, we had sex abs he ended saying all day and all evening the next day.
    I then tried to speak to him about what his intentions were in regards to us? I told him I wanted marriage and children and he asked me “with me” as if he was shocked I wanted all of those things with him.
    I told him yes. But sooner rather than later. However if you don’t feel the same I’ll be disappointed but I’ll accept your decision and respect the honesty.
    He then said he doesn’t know, he definitely not ready for that at this moment as it has only been couple of weeks but in time he might change His mind. I tried to stress that I only want to know if you wanted the same thing in the future as I am of a certain age and I don’t want to waste time if don’t want the same thing.
    This went on for few more weeks but the conversation came up again. So I asked him if he had children and he said yes. 2 both under 3 yrs old. I was shocked and felt like I was punched in the stomach but I kept my composure. He said he has a lot of baggage’s and he can’t talk about them with me as he doesn’t trust me yet and we need time to get to know and trust each other.
    Fast forward to 4 months on.
    I have never seen or been to his place ( keeps making excuses about doing a reverb and wants me to come over when finished), said can’t give me what I want, never asks me anything about my life and doesn’t tell me anything about him or his younger daughters or last relationship, he refused to say what our connection is (said it doesn’t need a ‘label’ BS” doesn’t want to go places together, doesn’t want to show me affection or nor does he want me to give him anything affection outside sex especially in public, turns everything into an argument and wants me to tell him “I want you to come over” all the time, cook for him but he keeps pushing me away and doesn’t make any effort to reach out to me.. it’s always me first. He hardly ever suggests anything for us to do together…. is he just not interested in me and is just playing with me??
    Please Help

    1. Hi Sam!

      It sounds like he really is resistant because he’s not ready. He won’t be pushed into things before he’s ready. If he hasn’t invited you over to his place then he’s giving you an indication he isn’t ready to go there. He isn’t in the same mind space that you are in and either you can wait longer or you can just go ahead forward with your life so that you can meet someone else who may be ready for what you want out of life. Do what is best for YOU.

  4. I had been seeing a Capricorn man and I’m a cancer woman. We started talking in august 2018, and then we met for the first time in may last year, we both live in different countries but we had been talking everyday until we met. We got along very well and then we saw each other again in August 2019 and everything was great we hanged out a lot. He even invited me to his place and I’ve read then don’t do that with just anyone. He was a real gentleman during our time together.

    But when I returned home our contact decreased. I would say mostly from his side. We still continued talking even tho it wasn’t always daily contact. And then I saw him again in January this year, I was visiting my friend who lives in the same country as him. So he of course wanted to see me. When we met it was like the other times, he was being very affectionate but this time it felt like he was doing it in a more loving way, it’s quite hard to explain it in words. But the dynamic I felt was different this time and more stronger and loving.

    Then we randomly started a conversation about something and he said that he thinks that we see things differently in life etc. the conversation was quite long. So basically what I understood is that he didn’t want to continue it anymore. He didn’t say it flat out but I can read between the lines. And even tho it felt like a “break up conversation” he was still being affection so that for me was very confusing. And then before dropping me off he says “we’ll keep in touch and we can have a drink or something before you leave” and I just told him no it’s okey. Because I didn’t see the point. But he wrote to me asking how I’m doing but he never asked to meet. Anyway, I came back home and there were no more contact, I took this really hard because I realized I had deep feelings for him. Then two weeks after he has a competition that he told me about months ago and really wanted to compete in and he won it and put a picture on social media, so I replied to it and congratulated him. And he said thank you and asked me how I am. We exchanged some sentences and I wished him a good day and he did the same. This was a month ago, and we still have each other’s number and social media. I still think about him everyday.

    My question is, would a text be appreciated from his side? Or do you think he would ever contact me again?

    1. Hi A!

      I would go ahead and try. There is no real harm in trying it. If you don’t then you’ll always wonder if it was the right thing not to reach out. Then again he may not reply or he may have something snarky to say but that would probably be better than the unknown right? If you need more Capricorn man help, you should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”

  5. Hey there, so I’ve been talking to a Capricorn man for about a year. We started off talking when I’d go into his work. Our intense attraction was there right off the bat and he asked a lot if we could go out. I was going through a messy divorce at the time and asked that we take it slow. Then I had to leave for 3 mos to deal with messy divorce. When I came back in the scene he was super excited again. Then he went super cold within a few weeks while we were setting up a possible date. Maybe I pushed too much for it but with his excitement, it was difficult for me to hold back my excitement too. So things went cold for a while. It took me two months of slowly talking to him again, speaking to him every few days or so until we FINALLY had a date one month ago. It went really well, so I thought. We both enjoyed our time and kissed at the bar and then again at the ending of the date. Now, 4 weeks later, NOTHING. I’ve reached out and NOTHING. I’m so confused. What did I do wrong? Is he still into me? Or is he completely done?

    1. Hi Cat!

      It sounds like to me that he has some sort of issue he didn’t discuss with you. I don’t think it’s you or that you did anything wrong. For him to act that way shows that he’s not opening up and telling you what may be happening in his life. It’s that time where you need to decide if he’s worth trying to reach out to again once more or if you should just let go. Only you can possibly know that. If you need more direction, you can check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  6. Hi, I too have a whirlwind of fun and emotions with a Capricorn. I’m a Pisces.
    i work with this particular Cap and 7 years ago we had this little thing that was really just over messages. He was taken and so was I at the time, he won me over when we met up a few times just general ‘friend’ hookups. He then decided to cut off and not contact me for fear of losing his ‘then’ girlfriend. I was heartbroken but there was nothing I could do.
    me now married. He was married, had a kid and May 2019 his wife decided to end things. a messy divorce for sure. June last year he added me on Snapchat and we got talking, me being the friendly and somewhat lovestruck Pisces, I thought I would be a friend and talk to him and help. A few weeks later we met up for a drink as friends just for him to relieve his head a little with all the divorce crap, at the end of the afternoon, he kissed me. Felt amazing, but completely unexpected. Later that eve, I’d messaged him and he said he did to see what he may have missed out on 7 years ago.
    Weeks went on and we got closer and closer.
    I had hit a rough patch of my marriage and I felt this Cap could be the happiest and best way out for me. This Cap made me feel like noone else, weve spoke of the future, clicked in so many ways, he would tell me that I’d been the best he’d ever had and was happy that I was in his life.
    A few times he’d cut me off because I was still married and he didnt want me to end my marriage cos of him, which I understand, but he made me so happy. Felt like he was who I shouldve been with all this time, he was everything I couldve wished for. He’d tried dating other girls and all he wanted was me, even though I was still married. So October we were talking better and almost feeling like a couple, but on the sly.
    January this year was when most of his divorce was finalising and he was having a terrible time, he asked for space and I struggled sometimes to give him that cos I was scared of losing him, so end of Jan we stopped meeting up, but still messaged, quite happily, discussing the future. Feb i buggered up. I think Mercury retrograde ballsed up my chances. I got a bit tetchy with him and he got fed up of me, so he said that was it, A month ago, I was heartbroken, still am. He still wanted us to be friends, I thought theres no way I can contact him if I know he wont be mine. I left space and didnt contact him until last week. Only to discover that he has started seeing someone else. Thats the dagger in my heart pushed deeper. Never cried so much. I had told him all how I felt cos it was bulging out my chest, though i know it wouldnt make a difference. He is the best thing to have happened in my life. He just said he didnt know how to respond to my message of how I felt. I’m 31 and never had anyone treat me like he does and make me feel so amazing 🙁
    I’ve seen a lot of threads where Caps have come back after years, when they are usually a one-track pony and if he couldnt ‘get rid’ of me all them times before, do I still have a chance?
    Could I still have a chance with him if I fixed up my act up? Could he still want me?

    1. Hi Razza!

      The only way that it may happen is through friendship first. If you cannot try that route so that you two can have an active relationship then he may not be willing to try again. You’ve got to be his friend and prove that you’ve changed. When he sees it then maybe that spark can be re-ignited but there is never any guarantee. Free will is a strong thing honey. You might want to check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more tips.

  7. Hi, I’m still in love with a Capricorn Man even after he told me that it was over. For me it’s hard to understand because I’m a Pisces, so I feel emotions 10x more. I hate being like that. We know each other for more than 20 yrs, had our ups and downs. First we had a great friendship and moved from there. We had a lot of obstacles in our way but we over came them. We moved in together, now after six year he had enough. My attitude hasn’t been the greatest and we slept in separate beds. I know that it was my fault because i settled into the every day is same. He said that during that time I broke his heart. Now I’m feeling exactly what he is feeling and I hurts so bad. I didn’t know I could love somebody that much.

    1. Hi Miri!

      I’ll tell you what I told Razza, if there is any chance for reuniting at all, you have to be friends first. You have to gain his friendship and go from there. You’ve learned about him but you need to learn more so that you don’t make the same mistakes again. Broken hearts can mend if enough love is there. I wouldn’t give up unless you know for sure it’s done. You might try reading my book for more help “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  8. Aquarius dating this Capricorn guy For about 2 years now he keeps saying he don’t want a relationship n he’s happy being alone but his actions say something different . When we are together he’s nice and sweet .he video calls Everyday and messages everyday we go out from time to time I spend weekends by him, he shares his desires and dreams but I’m never included in them . We plan trips together and he has taken me on a trip before but every time I get emotional and say that I miss him or love him he pulls back and repeats he don’t want a relationship or he feels I want more than he can give . Even though I have told him on numerous occasions I’m not rushing him as my life is not together and can wait he has even said that he loved me also but later on said that he only said it cause he felt bad and it’s not romantic love and he don’t think he can feel that . I really love this guy but I feel like I’m wasting my time and getting deeper and deeper involved with some one who would never love me back . What should I do?

    1. Hi Maria!

      He sounds guarded since he’s treating you like a best friend but not mentioning him in future things. It’s almost as though something is holding him back in some way. Fear most likely. There is no way to know he won’t love you back. I mean he’s already acting like you’re his girlfriend but without the actual commitment. I think it could just be a matter of time. You need more info though. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  9. Hi. My name is fani. I like a man who is capricorn.we met in tinder and hit it off. After 2 months of trying he said he think this relationship cannot going anywhere. He said we are not wanting the same things. And he want to just be friend than something else. I think part of it because of i pressure him too much in this relationship.we live far away and we haven’t meet each other. He said he still like me but not enough to start a relationship with me. He still want to talk and texting. Is there any chance he will change his mind in the future? Or i have to move on and let him go?
    I really like this guy

    1. Hi Faniska!

      Capricorn man needs a woman in person that he can spend time with so I can see why he’d say these things. If he says that then he really does believe that. So unless you can make plans to meet him and be around him then he’s not going to go forward. There is a chance it can work but you’re going to have to do whatever you can to visit him or have him visit you so that you can both see what is there in person for you two. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  10. I am a scorpio and became friends with a Capricorn man, the minute we connected it was as if we knew each other before. We started with friends and benefits because we would always be on the same page with not wanting to be in a relationship due to our past damaging relationships. We both left our ex’s for similar reasons and both listened to bob marley – one love because it reminded me of our happiness even before meeting each other. We always had sponanteous moments of similarities. He was hooked on me and so was I. We hungout everyday single day for months and then one night he was being different. I decided to go and hang out with some other buddies. That night I met and hungout with another guy. The next day my friend told me he was seen with another girl. I did not know what to think. I was interested in the new guy and it still made me upset and so I accepted it and cut flirting with him. One day he put his hand on my lap and I slowly let it go. We continued being friends for a whole year, he was always there for me during hardships. I flirted, he didnt mind…he would flirt…then stop. It was cat and mouse until he cut it. Eventually things got weird, I felt a different energy, I know he was going through a lot and we always helped each other in life but I felt distant from him. Especially since I started school and I hungout with him way less but I always felt faith between us as if there was a future because of some of the things he would say sometimes and help me thru life. I started falling for him because he was the only one there for me. But it was too late, I knew all along he wasn’t into it, I couldn’t accept it because something in my heart wouldn’t give it up. He said we have a rare bond and we even grew up similar. I always thought to myself ‘how can he not see it?’ we are made for each other, but he is too hurt and I don’t think he likes women due to his past relationships. I was very attracted mentally to him and so after a year of being friends one thing lead to another one night. I did not have sex with him but things got heated, after that he said he was not into anything sexual and was not interested in anything sexual at all and how it was weird to explain it. he kind of opened his heart and I believed it. We have amazing passionate sexual energy but mine was always more than his and I believed that maybe he is going thru something in life where sex doesn’t mean as much as it did. he said it will in the future and it did in the past but not now. when he said it, he still kept sugar coating things like ‘i dig your energy too but doesn’t mean we such upgrade in a way even though we both keep repeating how we don’t want a relationship and work on oursleves’ etc…. i still couldn’t see the signs he was giving that he was not interested at all. he treated me as if he cared so much. he would say things as if I’m going to be in his future. i don’t know how to explain it. we grew this bond and he knows everything about me. all me thoughts and so he began to like control over me. he knew exactly what to say. the less he was into me, the more my insecurities grew around him. i felt lost. I finally was indicating how I was into him but things were different. they were not how they once were and I tried so hard to bring it back, to be that women. yet I was losing myself. then after he said that it happened again and we had another intimate moment but without sex. after that one night I sent a sexy picture and he responded with only ‘lol’ something felt weird. I asked a question about needing something and he responded but didn’t answer to if he could hang, 2 times he ignored it and so I said straight up, can u hang or no? and he’s like ‘im not even home’ he was acting short. and so my intuition was finally understanding how he was playing a joke out of me. even the laughing face. he has been a joker all along and I allowed him to make me feel less while giving this love from within my heart and now I feel shattered because after I asked ‘ cant I come hang with you guys? unless your with a girl’ and he said ‘ nah but it would be awkward if you come’ clearly indicating he is with a girl. 2-3 days he was gone and even his friend said have I seen him? I said no. I decided to cut him out and ignore I felt hurt in general how rude he was being and I didn’t even deserve an ounce of it because he knows im a nice girl. either way 2 days after he texted again after I ignored his last message saying he has what I needed and to let him know to meet. I didn’t respond. Everything hurts too deep how all his words are making more sense now in the past. He is clearly stating he will never be into me and that’s simply my last message I gave ‘ I know your not into me and its crazy even after the heated moment we had but its ok you will never hear about this ever again. you can count on that’ ….it is too unhealthy now. I must let go for my own heart. we are on different journeys and even before he said were just reaching for different things, at least we know we had a phase that it was mutual. it hurts my heart and how happy my soul felt with his presence and how much I laughed and shared. how much we understand each other. I cannot even be friends with him. I have officially went scorpio mode and decided enough is enough. he used to challenge me in good ways but it is what it is and I must move on and look forward.

  11. ^ when we also trainsitioned into friends after being friends with benefits after we first met for 5 months and that night we both hungout with someone else, we never talked about it – when I hinted that we should be friends only….I think we both new and never talked about it. not sure but its very complicated clearly and him now texting me saying another message clearly means he cares and I know he has but silence is my only answer. he always out smarts me, he was playing games all along yet even told me straight up he’s not into it anymore yet I couldn’t accept it.

    1. HI Katy!

      I am sorry it’s so hard to move on but with Capricorn man, when they definitively make up their minds, they are to hold strongly to that decision. Friendship can be hard to maintain for someone who still loves or cares for the other person. Perhaps with time the friendship can be more again but I wouldn’t ever go back to the benefits unless you are alright with that arrangement. You may want to read up more on Capricorn via my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  12. I am a virgo lady , my capricorn man was the one who was after me , we were extremly close for 2 years , I was too available and bossy and he lost interest. He never told me had feelings and things ended by a frank confrontation that he mentioned clearly in that he had no feelings and I asked him then in a decent way to stay away from me and to avoid any communication with me and to avoid any gathering I am in and I told him I will cut him off any social media platform .
    I was able to commit to my decision for 4 months where he showed up at a gathering I was in and he came and hugged me though I avoided him . After that I kept holding on to my decision never to be friends or have any communication .
    Deep inside me , I wish to have him back but my ego and pride tells me he has to decide this and chase me harder than before.

    1. HI Virgo L,

      While you believe he must decide this, you have a part to play also if you want him back. How is he supposed to fight to get you back if you don’t let him know you want him to. Don’t be afraid to put it out there on the line that you would love to try again if he would. If he doesn’t want it, he will tell you thus you can move on knowing that you gave him your all. If you want to learn more about Capricorn man then try my program “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  13. I’m a cancer lady.I met a Capricorn guy about an year back.Eventually we became great friends and we started to hangout a lot.I started to have deeper feelings for him.But I tried not to exhibit it cuz I was afraid that if he didn’t have the same feeling then I would end up losing him.So I was trying hard to compress my feelings for him.One day when we went to hangout,he asked me to kiss him.Well I was excited as well as shy cuz it was my first time.At that point I understood that he had some sort of feelings towards me.I was literally very shy that I refused to kiss him.Its not that I didn’t love him but then thoughts ran through my head like why this guy was even asking me to kiss him cuz he never even had officially proposed me.So I didn’t kiss him and it made him lose his temper.We had a huge fight.He blocked me everywhere.And I was really upset and I cried a lot.I tried to contact him through text messages and I apologized for my mistake.And then I confessed my feelings for him.After some days he unblocked me from everywhere and he came back.He told me that he won’t hangout with me anymore cuz I disappointed him.But still we were talking with each other on a daily basis.I was actually more in love with him.By that time pandemic hit the whole world.
    We text on a daily basis but occasionally we used to do video call and talk over phone with each other.Now he is all confused about the feelings that he have for me.And at times he is acting all weird.This is actually driving me crazy cuz I want him to be the love of my life and I can’t imagine any other guy in his place.I asked him if we can hangout now but he is making silly excuses like he can’t hangout right now cuz the situation is worse bcuz of pandemic.But then the thing is he is going out with his friends.And I felt like he is purposefully avoiding me cuz he still have a grudge on me for disappointing him.
    Finally I told him that atleast we should meetup on his bday next year but den he is not assuring me that he will show up.
    I’m really upset.And I regret almost everyday cuz I didn’t kiss him back. I want him to meet me and take things further.I am so in love with him cuz he is such a sweetheart.And I actually cherish our magical bond.I can’t lose it.
    Help me out Anna!!

    1. HI Cancer!

      Ouch… yes Capricorn is the master at holding a grudge. If you’ve already apologized to him for what happened between you and promise not to do it again then he’s probably not going to change. They are black and white. Either they do something or they don’t. When they decide not to do something, they stick with that decision. All you can really do is be patient and let some time elapse. Perhaps that will heal things and you can try again. To learn more, check out my program “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  14. Hlo miss please give me solution im Pisces and i love capricon. He refused many times. Because he said are level was not same and im not that much handsome but i console him and Relationship goes on he call me in his free time and share all their stories but yesterday suddenly he drop a message that he is no longer intrested in me. And hr delete my number but i asked him plzz dont do this so . He says that we are still frnds but do not put a single question about our Relationship. I request him it hurts me but he replyed Concentrate on your study Or work. So what can i do i dont want to loose him. He know that but he said to me donot lie to me you dont hurt and never ask me a question about this so please give me a solution

    1. HI Khush!

      It sounds like he already decided to not have anything but friendship with you. He may never tell you the reason but you could try to ask for the closure. Tell him it’s hard to be just friends after everything but in order for you to be able to accept things, you need him to tell you why he doesn’t want to be more than friends and why he has no feelings for you anymore. More tips and hints can be found in my program “Capricorn Man Secrets” if you’d like to check it out.

  15. Hey there!
    So, I met this Capricorn man through online dating. He was working hard and so was I, also covid changed the rules of this year. We were both curious to see if there is any hope in there.
    We started to chat for about 2 weeks on this online app and then we switched to social media for another week. After that he asked me out for a date. And then the second, and the third… when we finally kissed.
    Our fourth date was at his place, cooking me something casual and then we ended having sex and spent the night over.
    We figured out that we have this intense chemistry and continued dating since then. We talk to each other every day, from good morning to good night but is always casual stuff. He is very, very busy working on a project and i get that. It’s true that he answers right away when i’m writing, but we don’t get to have deep talks because i’m always thinking not to bother him. When we meet face to face he opens up and shares about his work, family and his way of seeing life.
    So far sex is great, he comes to my place from time to time, I go to his more often. He cooks, we have all sorts of passionate and exciting nights, we spend the night at each other. We do stuff like we are in a relationship, but not saying it.
    Last time, we had a conversation about how people are dating these days and he ended up saying he doesn’t know what he wants. Yes, we have great sex and chemistry, we seem to get along, he opens up to me, so the question is: how do I translate that?
    I really like the guy, but I also don’t want to get attached and then hurt.

    1. Hi Alice!

      Oops… he doesn’t know what he wants. That’s a huge statement but also to the point. It means what it means. He needs more time to figure things out and to try to figure out what exactly he does want before he gets wrapped up into an actual relationship. He probably has feelings for you but is afraid to commit due to past issues he’s dealt with. Try not to attach too much until he gives you more to work with. If you’d like more help, check out my program “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  16. what must i do my capricorn man he doesnt text me but sometimes i take to text him we only had sex couple of times i spend a night by his house what must i do re this move on he hasnt blocked me yet so when i text its short and then we move on not talking i dont know much abou his life please advise what to do in this matter my name is Venice.

    1. Hi Venice!

      I think you need to talk to him personally. Try to get him to come over or you go over there but you two must sit down and talk about this. Tell him exactly what you want and what you feel. Ask him what he wants and how he feels. You two need to figure out if you’re on the same page or not and you’re not going to get that information unless you do communicate. I wish you all the luck of the stars darling! If you need more help, please check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  17. I’m a taurus and he’s a cap, we never dated because he was always got that hot and cold attitude and seemed like one day we’re close and the other day he doesn’t aknowledge me.
    Is it because he might think that i like him that he is moody and doesnt want to get close?
    Some of our mutuals have caught him starring at me many times so i’m not sure if he’s interrested.

    1. Hi M!

      Well, Capricorn doesn’t dig deep into anything with someone until they’ve become best friends. So that isn’t surprising that you hadn’t dated. He has some walls up too which doesn’t help matters. To find out if he is interested, you will need to be a very brave Taurus and ask him. Tell him that you’ve noticed sometimes you two are good and other times he’s closed off. Ask him if he’d like to build something more with you. He should be really honest when he answers you. Good luck!

  18. Hello please help,

    I have been in a serious relationship with my capricorn for over 2 months and we had an instant connection he was very expressive about his feelings and we just were drawn to each other . All of a sudden he has grown distant and he doesn’t text on his own but sometimes responds to my text .He has been suppose to call me for a couple days and hasn’t but says he will. I asked him if he was ok and reassured him i was there for him and he can talk to me about anything but he avoided the question . he also is going through a divorce for over 2 years and he just got his boys back after they were with there mom for 2 weeks I know he missed them amd I understand how important they are to him he is also remodeling his home as well so I get he is drained but to just not even acknowledge my concerns is rude . He also picks an chooses if he is even going to respond . I don’t believe I did anything wrong and the last time I saw him he asked me to be patient with him and i said I would but i didn’t expect this and now im just confused on what to do? I told him how I felt and I made sure to express to him how much I care for him and that I just want be an asset to him and I was on his team and he ignored it so what now? My gut is says to stop reaching out and allow him to contact me which I am going to do. However I would appreciate to insight .

    1. Hi Nicki!

      2 months isn’t a very long time. It may feel like it to you but for him it’s like 2 weeks. If he is responding to your texts then that’s good. It’s when he doesn’t respond that there is a problem to worry about. Capricorn really isn’t the biggest texter much like his other earth sign brothers (Virgo, Capricorn). They are all old fashioned and aren’t big texters. He does also sound very busy and it’s not uncommon for him to prioritize which would put texting or calling toward the bottom of his busy list. I understand how you feel but to keep this going, you’re going to have to do most of the reaching out. You can mention to him “I really miss when you used to initiate calls and texts. It made me feel so special. Any chance you can do that sometimes?”. It’s said sweetly but no pressure. Good luck!

  19. Hi I’m finest!
    I’m a capr woman and 2 weeks ago i met this capr man. We both Capricorn so we’ve some similar characters and personality.
    He’s an IT guy and I’m a Psychologist. We both hardworking and ambitious. We were so happy at first he introduced me to his family by talking to them on the phone and i did the same to him( he talked to my family). He like to keep small cycles so he doesn’t have many friends. He showed me alot of love and care, we video call and texting each other the whole day. He shared his Location, his passwords and so many things to me which makes me felt that i was special for him.
    There was this day asked him if he go through my pictures on snapchat since he has my social media passwords and he replied YES! I did is there a problem?? Then i told him NO but there are some half naked photos i hope you won’t share them to anyone. He said I won’t. Then Later he asked every time we talk through video call you al ways cover your self with Hijab or Scarfs and tell me that you cannot talk to me without covering your self. but how can you took half naked photos on snaps?!
    Well i told him that the snap photo that he saw I didn’t post them but they are in my snap gallery,. He didn’t say a thing to me. Then later i find out that he removed my profile picture on whatsap, telgram and ig, he removed me on his family sharing and changed all his passwords.
    I don’t know what to do or think anymore. I love him so much we had a good chemistry together even for just short a while. I believe he did the same But why he suddenly do that?? Did he lost interest to me?, he no longer care, love me anymore? Please help me

    1. Hi Finest!

      Ok well, he feels it’s inappropriate for you to even have photos like that uploaded. Even if you aren’t sharing them, he is suspicious as to why you would have uploaded them. This makes him not trust you and worries that you’re sending those photos to other men. I believe you that you are not but he on the other hand, doesn’t. This made him angry and why he changed his passwords and did what he did with your profile. It was a revenge thing. If all this happened, I think you should consider confronting him to ask him about and if he still wants to be with you or not. You have every right to ask and if he cannot give you answers then you might want to think about letting him go. You deserve better than how he’s treating you. If you want to know more about Capricorn men, check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets.

  20. Me and my Capricorn man jusy broke up recently. We had a stressful fight last April 11. I was the one to break up w/ him because to me, he was too much, what he did was too much to take, trying to ruin things like our big bike when he’s mad at me. At that moment, I really felt trashed & disappointed so I uttered those words. I was just silent for 2 days, detaching myself from social media, waiting for him to remove our in a relationship status, but he didn’t. April 14 is our baby’s 7th month in heaven so we have to light a candle for him. I reconnected with him, thinking we already had a cool down of last time’s situation. But the next thing that happened was that he informed me that he’ll get his things and wants us to end it. So he removed our fb status by then. We had a heated conversation over chat, and enumerated the reasons for the anger and all. We both have lapses & shortcomings. I was willing to change and yes I did, but whenever he provokes me, I get impatient again and we would fight again. The problem is, this man never sees the wrong in him. He never accepts his faults and tries to change them. It’s really hard breaking up again and again and again each time we have an argument., but deep inside I love him, I miss him. Know the song “I’d Rather” by Luther Vandross? It really feels that way, but right now, I don’t know if he still feels the same way. He was also used to me coming him to pursue him, say sorry, and ask him to help me fix the problem and we will become okay, but I never did that this time. I was afraid of being rejected again. I also got tired of the fight issue, but I still love him. I only stopped myself from pulling myself down again to tell him how much I love him, and I badly want us to work and stay. I no longer did that. Yesterday, he tried to contact me through chat asking if where are the other shirts. He used the words “hehe” as if he is now happy and moving on. I still responded a bit cold to him. That’s how I feel though. Maybe he is now moving on and happy. I am still stuck here and waiting for him to come to me to even just say “sorry”. Though I know it might never happen. He is never humble enough. His ego is always bigger than his love for me. And by the way, he told me, he no longer loves me, a long time ago already.. but why was he still living with me and is really thoughtful enough before that fight? Was he avenging his broken heart? He was hurt so he wants to hurt me too through words he knows I really would hate to hear? I don’t know.

    1. Hi Hershey!

      I am so very sorry you’ve gone through so much heartache honey. The situation you have with a Capricorn man is a very unique situation. I think that he’s acting immaturely and needs to tell you what he feels and thinks otherwise you’ll always be wondering if there is or there isn’t a chance at being back together. If he lives with you, sit down a down and talk to him. Tell him it’s time for you two to be real with each other so that you can push forward either together or separately. Tell him “we need to clear our plate”. I do hope you’re able to succeed in getting this talk hashed out but if you want even more tips on Capricorn men, check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets. I wish you all the very best!

  21. Hi.
    So I had started dating this Capricorn man. First 2 months were amazing, and going very well. We were dating about 2-3 times a week. Ended up
    Sleeping together. He had said he saw a life with me even after we slept together. I couldn’t answer that question or tell him I also seen a life with him until 2 weeks later. Well when I told him he had said he still saw a life with me but was very focused on his goals and couldn’t give me one thing out of that be relationship. I was ok with it and gave my reasoning why I was okay with that. We are in our kid 30s and are ready to just live our lives. After that conversation he still was distant but still kept in touch skipping a day here and there. But didn’t make plans to see me until a month later. We are ended up going out, I kinda was distant with him cause I felt confused. He had a little distance still. I spent the night with him, he said he had missed me which he hadn’t said in awhile. I told him he he same. We slept together that night. And that was a month ago and I haven’t seen him since. He still messages me here and there but can go 4-5 days without talking to me. I kinda been the one reaching out and he won’t reply till the next day. He does ask me how my day was and stuff, he doesn’t completely blow me off. I asked him if everything was okay and he explained to me how something so important to him fell through and it was a waste of money. He actually has had a lot going on with his businesses and work so I’ve been trying to be patient. But now I’m starting to think he just isn’t interested and is just trying to be nice like if he doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. He also hasn’t been posting on social media like he did
    The first 2 months when we were happy and dating. Any advice? Should I let it go and move? Or what could I say about us that won’t scare him away cause I have no clue were we stand. He never made it official.

    1. Hi Leslie!

      You’re going to have to actually talk to him about all of this otherwise you’ll never know what is going on. Tell him you miss the way things were and would like to get back to it being the way it was. Explain to him as best as you can with details. Tell him you understand that he’s busy and you also understand when he needs space but you’d like to have the relationship you had before. Ask him if he’s able to do that with you. Either he will agree and will try or he will tell you he cannot handle a relationship while he’s dealing with this other stuff. You need answers though sweetheart. Don’t keep stressing yourself out wondering if he’s still into you or not. Ask him!

  22. hI,
    Im a gemini woman who’s been dating a capricorn for four months now.
    He told me he is in love with me and rarley expresses emotions. I’m very emotional and love words of affirmation, I told him this and he said hes trying. He does show he cares by his actions however I need more words. I don’t know if i’m being picky. I’m getting the feeling that he doesn’t love me because he doesn’t say how he feels often where as i do, i feel like i’m doing the chasing. You can only imagine how i feel as a woman. i’m confused, should i let him go or compromise. I also feel like i engage most of the conversation on text, hes alot better in person.

    1. Hi Lilly!

      Not expressing emotions is very normal for Capricorn. They find feelings to be “icky” and come off as cool or sometimes cold. Actions are far better than words though sweetheart. Usually guys say all the right things but their actions don’t line up. He can only do what he can do though. You need to be patient and understanding of his true nature. He’s the “strong silent” type and if you cannot handle this then you may need to find someone who is fancy with their words but beware of the ones that won’t have action behind their words then you end up heartbroken. Trust that he loves you if he’s showing you he does and be alright with it. He may surprise you by saying the words out of the blue which will mean far more than someone who says it all the time. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

  23. Hello! I was dating a capicorn man for about 5 months. I wanted to know did he want a relationship or friendship. Eventually because we weren’t being that affectionate with each other, he said he wanted to be friends. He said he wanted me in his life and maybe in the future but doesn’t want to be romantic with me anymore. Since then he has called and texted… do you think there is hope he will change his mind? I have met some of his friends and family as well and vice versa and said he still wants to hangout with them.

  24. Hi!
    I’m a leo and he is a capricorn.
    As a leo, I have a high pride and I don’t confess even though I like him alot.
    At first, we were friends and during the first few dates, he always insist to pay for the meal and he kept asking me lots of questions so I thought that he was interested in me. I told him that I’m conservative when it comes to relationship.He then ask me if I have someone I’m interested in and I was low-key hinting him but I think he was playing hard to get.
    During the 3rd date, I stayed at his place and it seemed almost that we were close and he even kissed me.
    Afterwards, although he still message me but the interactions just decrease day by day. I was so scared that he would lose interest in me that I asked if I could go visit him at his workplace. He said yes and the first time he was really excited to see me and I don’t know why he gave my friends staff discounts for the goods. I don’t know why he did that.
    But lately, maybe it was miscommunication but he kept saying I’m scary and went cold on me just because I caught him chatting with a female friend and he then ignore my message for the first time. Later when I asked him about it, he then told me that he and that female friend are just colleagues and she is 6years older than him…
    I confessed I was jealous but it seem like he doesn’t understand.
    But recently, he told me not to visit his workplace again and he doesn’t want to see me.
    What I don’t even understand is he blocked me on some social media and he doesn’t block me on the main social media app that we use to communicate.
    Could you help me discode this????

  25. Am a Sagittarius dating a Capricorn man since 9months, I love him so much….recently I invited over to my house for Christmas lunch and some of my friends as well
    To my surprise he asked one of my closed friend her number right in front of me, while we were all chatting and laughing at jokes, my friend hesitated but because I was confused I said please take her number, but ever since that day I never had peace and am still seeing my Capricorn man ..,one day he said to me that I shouldn’t worry about what happened that my friend will never go behind me and betray me.
    But am already having issues with my friend after asking her if my man called her, she said no(my girlfriend is also a Capricorn)but I don’t believe them…but my Capricorn man is still with me no hitches and I choose not to discuss that with him again but am dying inside I feel like am being cheated and disrespected please what do I do

  26. I met a capricon, 4 months ago and we meet for the first time a week ago, after he is not behaving strange, though we text but the way we chat before the first meeting was not like that again.. I have ask him to meet again, and he just send a reply ” Sure” . I want to know what to do? Or maybe is me who is overthinking???

  27. I am Capricorn female in a committed relationship with a Capricorn male. We have been togethe a year and a couple of months. Lately I feel distance but can’t put my finger on why or where the shift happened. It seems like he is not calling me or texting me as much as he used to and we are only intimate once or twice a month. We used to spend all our weekends together but now we may spend two of four weekends together. We still do things together but somethings different and I don’t know what it is and I am not the paranoid type.

  28. I met G when he rented my guest house for about 6 months. We became friendly and had great conversations finding lots in common. He started getting closer and coming on to me after a couple of months and I put him off saying not yet as I wasn’t convinced he was for real being that he is 52 and I am 74. I am a libra and was in a long term relationship with another Capricorn that didn’t end well with his Suicide.
    G is aware of that and has been very easy to talk to and a lot of fun when he is available. Seems to always be on his terms. We get close and have a great evening then he is too busy for a week or two … but keeps coming back so far. Apologized for those times and seems very aware of his actions. Wanted to talk one night to tell me I wasn’t his girlfriend. But he liked me very very very much. A lot, a lot a lot! I said ok so we are just lovers? And he said yes. I said it didn’t matter, they were just words and he would be leaving anyway. Thanked him for what may be my last fling at my age. Had one more great night together then he was distant the last week or so before he left. Did say he would be back again in October and really really wanted to stay here again.
    I will miss his company and the great conversations. Did say he would call and has once since he left a few days ago. So for the summer I should leave it to him to reach out so I am not pressuring him. Or should I occasionally call to see how it’s going? I know his work is seasonal and very time consuming.
    The red flag for me is that both these capricorns I’ve been involved with have been heavy drinkers. So this would be the time to make a clean break but we really seemed good together.
    I had years of Al Anon so have some tools to distance myself but we are like the moth to the flame.

  29. I’m so frustrated I am a Libra. I met this male Capricorn and the first week was great the communication was good we had long talks and everything was fine. The next week he just started moving funny with me the text was shorter and we haven’t spent time together. I just don’t know at this point. I’m confused and when I ask him about things he tells me nothing is wrong. But his actions show me otherwise. I’m not about to wreck my brain but what I am doing is just backing up from the table. I like consistency if I met you one way I expect you to be that same way. I did nothing wrong. It just baffles me.

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