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When a Capricorn Man Is No Longer Interested – Decision Time

How can you tell if a Capricorn man is no longer interested? What do you do if he goes cold and expresses to you that he’s done? What is your option? Keep reading what happens when a Capricorn man is no longer interested.

Signs Capricorn Man Isn’t Interested Anymore

There are some definitive measures that a Capricorn man will take to let you know he’s no longer into dating or pursuing a relationship with you in any way, shape, or form.

One of the things he may do is stop talking to you about important things. He will shut down and not open up to you about anything. He won’t tell you anything about his life.

He will start making plans and not tell you about them, nor will he tell you who he is with or why he didn’t invite you. He cuts you out of his “need to know” circle and figures it’s none of your business.

A Capricorn man is very private and won’t let just anyone into his inner circle. That means that if he was interested before and suddenly finds a reason to cut it off, you won’t be in that circle anymore.

Sadly, Capricorn men don’t make the best of friends when they decide that they don’t want to be with someone anymore. In their head, it’s time to let go, and so they’ll be cold to show you as much.

They revoke what they once let you in on. It’s a huge telltale sign that he isn’t into you anymore and is probably ready to move on. He will stop asking you questions and stop getting to know you.

Why continue playing the get to know you game if he knows he isn’t into it anymore? That’s how he looks at it. Space will grow between the two of you because he is disconnecting himself from the bond.

Other Signs He’s Losing Interest

When a Capricorn Man Is No Longer Interested

As if the ones I listed weren’t painful enough, there are more. He will go out of his way to make sure not to call you, return your texts, and may even remove himself from your social media entirely.

This guy goes ice cold. It’s rare for a Capricorn man to maintain a friendship with a woman they once liked or loved. He cannot figure out how to go back to being only friends because he knows the woman still has feelings.

This is why he becomes like a brick wall. He doesn’t want her to believe that they can be friends again and then start over. He wants it very clear that he’s ready to cut ties and be done.

However, there are some Capricorn men that will actively treat you like one of their buddies instead of someone he’s dating. He downgrades the relationship in hopes you’ll accept it, and the two of you can move on in separate directions.

Ultimately though, many Capricorn men will actually break down and tell you exactly what is running through their mind, which may sound rather harsh. He may tell you why he isn’t interested anymore and wants to end it.

Naturally, no one wants to hear that, but it’s probably better you know the truth than trying to continue to pursue a man who has let you know flat out that he’s done with it.

What Can You Do?

The truth is, if a Capricorn man expresses that he’s not interested anymore by any of the above signs I gave you, there isn’t much you can do. He has to want to change his mind. Otherwise, he’s not going to.

As hurtful as it is, there isn’t any magical thing you can say or do that will make him decide to want back in or try again suddenly. He’s pretty closed off when he ends things.

In the event that he keeps friendship with you (very rare), then perhaps there is still hope. If he ended it because he felt it was bad timing or that he didn’t let the relationship go slowly enough, then there may be another chance.

I don’t want to build your hope up though so be very careful. When he stays friends with you, it’s because he feels there is still something between you two that he’s not willing to give up.

Perhaps being friends again and giving it some more time will help him figure out what he wants if the relationship is something he wants, and if there is still chemistry.

Other than that, when the Capricorn man cuts you off entirely or expresses to you he doesn’t want to be friends, you have no other recourse but to let him go and start moving forward on your own path.

He is pretty decisive, and once he figures out that it’s not working for whatever reason, he’s fully prepared to move on and do his own thing. It will hurt, but perhaps there will be someone else around the corner for you.

Avoiding Him Becoming Disinterested

When a Capricorn Man Is No Longer Interested

What can you do to keep him from losing interest? Perhaps you can try backing off, not pressuring him, giving him all the time he wants, and letting him enjoy himself in the friendship.

Don’t pressure him for sex and don’t let him try to have a “friends with benefits” relationship with you either. He’ll lose respect for you, and it will never go any further than that if you do.

Yes this is a double standard but such as it is, you have to be very careful with your heart. Don’t dive into bed with him unless there has been plenty of time for the two of you to really get to know each other and respect each other.


Try to be spontaneous with fun activities with him, be sweet, be understanding, and don’t ever tell him what to do or criticize him. If you’re doing all these things, perhaps you’ll avoid this whole situation altogether.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

16 thoughts on “When a Capricorn Man Is No Longer Interested – Decision Time

  1. I got a capricorn man and i am a libran. We had a misunderstanding, i went deeper into his private life and he thinks its too much. I also think that i put pressure on him since i was aking if he likes me too because i dont want to waste time chatting with him if he’s just playing with me. He never answers that question!so he gave me a head spin. Until i went deeper about his past lovelife.. I acted as a gf as my emotions brought them. We argued a little bit Until he’s not texting me and not calling me anymore. I also found out that he blocked me on our dating site.
    After a week, he chat me and asked “how are you”? But then again, i messed up. I think i misunderstood him again. ’cause after he blocked me and not sending msgs. He tild me to stop talking about “blocking me” because he is not seeing either constructive. I told him that he is too objective and he must not talk to a subjective person like me because we will never undertsand each other’s point of view. he has the urge to still ask me are you okay?
    Then I said, yes.
    Then he said ok.
    I said not really. Good morning.
    The next day he just replied good morning as well.
    And he never txted me until now. I dont know if i will make the move to text him first.
    I am afraid that he wont reply and i might just get hurt. 😭😭
    Pls help me. I miss him so much. He is a Japanesea and his sign describes him so much!he is a disciplinarian to his son, he is earnest and hardworking person!he is a research scientist. He is busy always.

    1. Hi Dimple!

      If you do not talk to him then you will never know if there is still a chance or not. If he’s still communicating with you then he must be having some type of feelings otherwise you’d never hear from him again. Take it slow, be patient, and be honest with him. Don’t change yourself though. Be who you are and you’ll always get what you deserve. If he’s not the one, someone else is and you shouldn’t settle!

  2. Pretty much true, but she isn’t giving more of her time, so in order for her to continue with me all she has to do is give me more of her time and I would give her a second chance but she is giving me more space and my feelings towards are dying off slowly.

    1. Hi Unknown!

      Well if she isn’t giving you what you want then you need to talk to her about it. No one should ever just settle for the sake of being with someone. Speak up and tell her what your needs are and she’ll either gladly work on it or she’ll tell you she cannot or will not. Then if she isn’t willing to, you’ll have to decide whether or not she’s still worth it.

    1. Hi X!

      The two bump heads or they don’t talk at all. Communication is very difficult. If Libra and Capricorn were to learn techniques to better communication they may have a chance. Otherwise they will find each other walking on eggshells OR the Libra will be far too sensitive to the bluntness of the Capricorn and thus things fall apart. It’s not impossible but takes lots of work!

  3. Scorpio woman seeing a Capricorn man.
    We dated briefly for couple of months without having sex. But We have a really, really strong chemistry which is so unusual for me and I can’t explain why. I was going out of the country for few months shortly after so he started picking ridiculous fights over nothing and being angry.
    So I just kept my distance but kept in contact. However we stopped talking and I left then he removed me from his social media. I texted him when I got back but he ignored my text. So we didn’t speak or see each other for about 5 years.
    I then sent him a wave via messenger and he responded almost immediately with a really nice and polite message. We then went back and forth for a week and then suggested he would come over to mine with food and rinks and take it from there.
    I said why? We both know where that will end. I told him I am not into casual sex. I reminded him what we discussed 5 yes ago about marriage and family. Needless to say he came over for dinner, we had sex abs he ended saying all day and all evening the next day.
    I then tried to speak to him about what his intentions were in regards to us? I told him I wanted marriage and children and he asked me “with me” as if he was shocked I wanted all of those things with him.
    I told him yes. But sooner rather than later. However if you don’t feel the same I’ll be disappointed but I’ll accept your decision and respect the honesty.
    He then said he doesn’t know, he definitely not ready for that at this moment as it has only been couple of weeks but in time he might change His mind. I tried to stress that I only want to know if you wanted the same thing in the future as I am of a certain age and I don’t want to waste time if don’t want the same thing.
    This went on for few more weeks but the conversation came up again. So I asked him if he had children and he said yes. 2 both under 3 yrs old. I was shocked and felt like I was punched in the stomach but I kept my composure. He said he has a lot of baggage’s and he can’t talk about them with me as he doesn’t trust me yet and we need time to get to know and trust each other.
    Fast forward to 4 months on.
    I have never seen or been to his place ( keeps making excuses about doing a reverb and wants me to come over when finished), said can’t give me what I want, never asks me anything about my life and doesn’t tell me anything about him or his younger daughters or last relationship, he refused to say what our connection is (said it doesn’t need a ‘label’ BS” doesn’t want to go places together, doesn’t want to show me affection or nor does he want me to give him anything affection outside sex especially in public, turns everything into an argument and wants me to tell him “I want you to come over” all the time, cook for him but he keeps pushing me away and doesn’t make any effort to reach out to me.. it’s always me first. He hardly ever suggests anything for us to do together…. is he just not interested in me and is just playing with me??
    Please Help

    1. Hi Sam!

      It sounds like he really is resistant because he’s not ready. He won’t be pushed into things before he’s ready. If he hasn’t invited you over to his place then he’s giving you an indication he isn’t ready to go there. He isn’t in the same mind space that you are in and either you can wait longer or you can just go ahead forward with your life so that you can meet someone else who may be ready for what you want out of life. Do what is best for YOU.

  4. I had been seeing a Capricorn man and I’m a cancer woman. We started talking in august 2018, and then we met for the first time in may last year, we both live in different countries but we had been talking everyday until we met. We got along very well and then we saw each other again in August 2019 and everything was great we hanged out a lot. He even invited me to his place and I’ve read then don’t do that with just anyone. He was a real gentleman during our time together.

    But when I returned home our contact decreased. I would say mostly from his side. We still continued talking even tho it wasn’t always daily contact. And then I saw him again in January this year, I was visiting my friend who lives in the same country as him. So he of course wanted to see me. When we met it was like the other times, he was being very affectionate but this time it felt like he was doing it in a more loving way, it’s quite hard to explain it in words. But the dynamic I felt was different this time and more stronger and loving.

    Then we randomly started a conversation about something and he said that he thinks that we see things differently in life etc. the conversation was quite long. So basically what I understood is that he didn’t want to continue it anymore. He didn’t say it flat out but I can read between the lines. And even tho it felt like a “break up conversation” he was still being affection so that for me was very confusing. And then before dropping me off he says “we’ll keep in touch and we can have a drink or something before you leave” and I just told him no it’s okey. Because I didn’t see the point. But he wrote to me asking how I’m doing but he never asked to meet. Anyway, I came back home and there were no more contact, I took this really hard because I realized I had deep feelings for him. Then two weeks after he has a competition that he told me about months ago and really wanted to compete in and he won it and put a picture on social media, so I replied to it and congratulated him. And he said thank you and asked me how I am. We exchanged some sentences and I wished him a good day and he did the same. This was a month ago, and we still have each other’s number and social media. I still think about him everyday.

    My question is, would a text be appreciated from his side? Or do you think he would ever contact me again?

    1. Hi A!

      I would go ahead and try. There is no real harm in trying it. If you don’t then you’ll always wonder if it was the right thing not to reach out. Then again he may not reply or he may have something snarky to say but that would probably be better than the unknown right? If you need more Capricorn man help, you should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”

  5. Hey there, so I’ve been talking to a Capricorn man for about a year. We started off talking when I’d go into his work. Our intense attraction was there right off the bat and he asked a lot if we could go out. I was going through a messy divorce at the time and asked that we take it slow. Then I had to leave for 3 mos to deal with messy divorce. When I came back in the scene he was super excited again. Then he went super cold within a few weeks while we were setting up a possible date. Maybe I pushed too much for it but with his excitement, it was difficult for me to hold back my excitement too. So things went cold for a while. It took me two months of slowly talking to him again, speaking to him every few days or so until we FINALLY had a date one month ago. It went really well, so I thought. We both enjoyed our time and kissed at the bar and then again at the ending of the date. Now, 4 weeks later, NOTHING. I’ve reached out and NOTHING. I’m so confused. What did I do wrong? Is he still into me? Or is he completely done?

    1. Hi Cat!

      It sounds like to me that he has some sort of issue he didn’t discuss with you. I don’t think it’s you or that you did anything wrong. For him to act that way shows that he’s not opening up and telling you what may be happening in his life. It’s that time where you need to decide if he’s worth trying to reach out to again once more or if you should just let go. Only you can possibly know that. If you need more direction, you can check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  6. Hi, I too have a whirlwind of fun and emotions with a Capricorn. I’m a Pisces.
    i work with this particular Cap and 7 years ago we had this little thing that was really just over messages. He was taken and so was I at the time, he won me over when we met up a few times just general ‘friend’ hookups. He then decided to cut off and not contact me for fear of losing his ‘then’ girlfriend. I was heartbroken but there was nothing I could do.
    me now married. He was married, had a kid and May 2019 his wife decided to end things. a messy divorce for sure. June last year he added me on Snapchat and we got talking, me being the friendly and somewhat lovestruck Pisces, I thought I would be a friend and talk to him and help. A few weeks later we met up for a drink as friends just for him to relieve his head a little with all the divorce crap, at the end of the afternoon, he kissed me. Felt amazing, but completely unexpected. Later that eve, I’d messaged him and he said he did to see what he may have missed out on 7 years ago.
    Weeks went on and we got closer and closer.
    I had hit a rough patch of my marriage and I felt this Cap could be the happiest and best way out for me. This Cap made me feel like noone else, weve spoke of the future, clicked in so many ways, he would tell me that I’d been the best he’d ever had and was happy that I was in his life.
    A few times he’d cut me off because I was still married and he didnt want me to end my marriage cos of him, which I understand, but he made me so happy. Felt like he was who I shouldve been with all this time, he was everything I couldve wished for. He’d tried dating other girls and all he wanted was me, even though I was still married. So October we were talking better and almost feeling like a couple, but on the sly.
    January this year was when most of his divorce was finalising and he was having a terrible time, he asked for space and I struggled sometimes to give him that cos I was scared of losing him, so end of Jan we stopped meeting up, but still messaged, quite happily, discussing the future. Feb i buggered up. I think Mercury retrograde ballsed up my chances. I got a bit tetchy with him and he got fed up of me, so he said that was it, A month ago, I was heartbroken, still am. He still wanted us to be friends, I thought theres no way I can contact him if I know he wont be mine. I left space and didnt contact him until last week. Only to discover that he has started seeing someone else. Thats the dagger in my heart pushed deeper. Never cried so much. I had told him all how I felt cos it was bulging out my chest, though i know it wouldnt make a difference. He is the best thing to have happened in my life. He just said he didnt know how to respond to my message of how I felt. I’m 31 and never had anyone treat me like he does and make me feel so amazing 🙁
    I’ve seen a lot of threads where Caps have come back after years, when they are usually a one-track pony and if he couldnt ‘get rid’ of me all them times before, do I still have a chance?
    Could I still have a chance with him if I fixed up my act up? Could he still want me?

    1. Hi Razza!

      The only way that it may happen is through friendship first. If you cannot try that route so that you two can have an active relationship then he may not be willing to try again. You’ve got to be his friend and prove that you’ve changed. When he sees it then maybe that spark can be re-ignited but there is never any guarantee. Free will is a strong thing honey. You might want to check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more tips.

  7. Hi, I’m still in love with a Capricorn Man even after he told me that it was over. For me it’s hard to understand because I’m a Pisces, so I feel emotions 10x more. I hate being like that. We know each other for more than 20 yrs, had our ups and downs. First we had a great friendship and moved from there. We had a lot of obstacles in our way but we over came them. We moved in together, now after six year he had enough. My attitude hasn’t been the greatest and we slept in separate beds. I know that it was my fault because i settled into the every day is same. He said that during that time I broke his heart. Now I’m feeling exactly what he is feeling and I hurts so bad. I didn’t know I could love somebody that much.

    1. Hi Miri!

      I’ll tell you what I told Razza, if there is any chance for reuniting at all, you have to be friends first. You have to gain his friendship and go from there. You’ve learned about him but you need to learn more so that you don’t make the same mistakes again. Broken hearts can mend if enough love is there. I wouldn’t give up unless you know for sure it’s done. You might try reading my book for more help “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

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