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What Does It Mean When a Capricorn Man Ignores You – Trust Me

There are a several reasons why a Capricorn man may ignore you. It’s probably a good idea for you to learn what they are so that you can tell what is going on with him if he goes quiet suddenly. What does it mean when a Capricorn man ignores you? Keep reading to find out more.

Capricorn Man Hot and Cold Behavior

One of the first things you need to understand is that the Capricorn man does tend to run hot and cold. He wants to move slowly but sometimes his excitement makes him jump the gun.

He may seem very into a woman and tell her all the right things but then remembers that he should slow down and make sure he’s choosing the right woman. Then he becomes more reserved, pulled back, and doesn’t talk as much.

He could go from telling you he wants to marry you to talking to you about very basic and mundane things that are devoid of any excitement or indicate his happiness in the relationship.

It’s very confusing for any woman to really understand. She thought everything was going really well then suddenly he just pulls back and doesn’t indicate wanting to be with her going forward.

The thing is, if he remembers he needs to take it slow, he just does it without explaining to the woman why he’s doing it and what he intends to do going forward thus she’s left hanging and wondering what is going on.

He will stop talking as much or he may just go dead quiet. Sometimes he can fall deeply in love with a woman but then goes ice cold because he’s terrified of her and isn’t sure how she feels for him so he disappears like a ghost.

It really doesn’t make much sense but for the Capricorn man, he believes that either he’s not good enough for her or that he’s not really ready for a strong long lasting love.

He also does hot and cold behavior if he’s not sure about a woman. Perhaps she has some habits that don’t sit well with his high moral standards therefore he’s not sure she’s a good fit for him. He goes quiet to figure things out.

Other Reasons Capricorn Man May Ignore You

What Does It Mean When a Capricorn Man Ignores You

There are a variety of other reasons that the Capricorn man may ignore you outside of the things I already listed. Let me try to cover these for you as best as I can so that you understand what may be going on with him.

One of the things that he may start ignoring you for is if he feels that he doesn’t have enough space or personal time to himself. This is an absolute must for him. He has to have some time to be alone, decompress, gather his thoughts, and relax.

He doesn’t feel he can do this with his partner around all the time. Instead of communicating and telling his partner this, he’ll hold it in until he can’t take it anymore and then just vanish for awhile.

This includes not responding to calls or texts and if he does, it’s minimal. It’s like he forces for himself to have the time he wants. It’s not really right that he doesn’t tell his partner but they’re known for doing it this way.

If you think back and notice that you two normally spend a great deal of time together but he’s been rather agitated as of late, then this may be what he’s doing and just being quiet in return may make him feel better.

What I mean by this is don’t keep texting and calling. He will see this as pressure and he’ll make it justified as to why he’s being quiet and spending time on his own.

Another reason he may be ignoring you is because he noticed some behavior of yours he doesn’t like. Perhaps you’re gossiping, talking badly about people, talking too highly of yourself, or treating others less than kind.

These are qualities Capricorn man doesn’t like in a woman. He expects his partner to be sweet, kind, and someone that you can rely on. The funny thing is, he can be a jerk sometimes too but he feels his morals are high standing.

Perhaps you didn’t live up to what he expected you to be from the beginning. He may have had some grand illusion of what you should be and you just didn’t line up with that so he decided to go cold.

When he’s disappointed or feels that his partner just isn’t the one, he will remove himself from the situation. He should always tell his partners when he’s exiting but he doesn’t always do it.

What Else Causes Capricorn Man to Turn to Ice?

There are a variety of other things that don’t set well with his morals such as a partner who is too flirty with other men, too emotional, too dramatic, and unsupportive of his goals or passions.

Truly he has a laundry list of things he doesn’t like and sometimes it can feel like it’s hard for a woman to satisfy him. He’s looking for a very specific type of woman who is classy, independent, and loyal.

Those three things are pretty simple but if they act like the things I’ve described so far, he will be turned off and will shut the door. When he does, he’ll move on and try to find someone better.

Now that you’ve got some information on why he would turn cold or start ignoring you, you sort of get the idea of what category you fall into. If it’s any of the minor things, you could still salvage this.

You could tell him to take the time he needs and you’ll be there when he returns. Also go ahead to live your life and do what you want to do. When he understands that you’re not sitting around waiting on him, he’ll probably come back to you and be the man you want.

If you want to better understand what does it mean when a Capricorn man ignores you, and how you can prevent this, click here and learn everything you need to know about your special Capricorn guy.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

26 thoughts on “What Does It Mean When a Capricorn Man Ignores You – Trust Me

  1. My Capricorn man takes me for granted and expects me to wait on him but is mean with money and expects me to buy my own food but to cook and clean for him whilst he spends all his time on the internet and don’t speak to me hardly at all

    1. Hi Maryann!

      I’m sorry to hear that your Capricorn man is ignoring you and doing what he wants. I think you should put your foot down and tell him it’s unacceptable to ignore you and not spend time with you. If you don’t speak up then things will not change and you’ll end up breaking up. Tell him enough is enough and either things need to improve or things need to end. It’s up to you to make the change!

  2. Me and my Capricorn were good, everytime we got close he would back off. In the beginning we discussed we would just be friends but later we both caught feelings. Instead of him growing some balls and being an honest man, he’s acting like a female. So he cut me off cold for no reason.

    1. Hi Tymia!

      Well, it sounds like kept getting cold feed and would back down. He must have gotten pretty burned in the past by someone which makes him gun shy to have another committed relationship. Capricorn men don’t speak up and tell someone their innermost feelings. It’s not because they’re weak. It’s actually because they are trying to be strong by not getting emotional. It’s easier to be cold than it is to speak up. They don’t want to appear weak by talking about their “feelings”. He cut you off cold because he probably got the impression that you were pushing him to open up or felt you wanted more than he was ready to provide. Fear is a powerful deterrent.

  3. I leave my capricorn man. after 2years. Am a Tauran woman. I expected him tobe a hardworker as much as i do. run business with passionate. Turns out, he become lazy and counting to his workers. and too slow to make decisions regarding to business. He seems too tired to do everything, and i feel to be the only person who give him access to develop business and managing time/effort. He asked me to borrow money under my name for business and promise to installment each month. Also didn’t work out, meanwhile i must pay to the bank monthly. It suck. I know he loves me to death, cant live without me. but enough is enough. he cried when i leave, but am too strong to accept less. i date other man, and he try to stop me and want me back. I said NO. He’s not the King. A hardworker. A strong personality. He can’t even being alone for more than 20minutes. he always need tobe with friends or me. i think, he is a Hurt Capricorn. Too bad

    1. Hi Tauran B.

      Your Capricorn guy must have some lazy aspects in his birth chart thus making him not the typical Capricorn. They normally are hard working to a point of being workaholics. Asking you to borrow money and not taking care of his own business is definitely not a good sign. It sounds like he’s more in love with your support than you. He needs to get himself together before trying to be with anyone. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

    1. Hi Nanzia!

      If he is totally ignoring you then he’s probably done with the relationship. If he’s calling you names then he’s trying to show you that he doesn’t care for you anymore or doesn’t want to be with you. Drop him and find someone who wants you and wants to be with you. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  4. Hi there

    My capricorn guy seemed to have rushed me. We met on tinder and on the first date he wanted to open up to me. I stopped him yet on the second date he did. His told me he really likes me. On the third date, we made love, its uncommon for cappy men to move so fast, why has he done so with me?

  5. Hi, thank you for creating this space and sharing this info. I like a Capricorn guy and I’m an Aries. I asked him out to lunch, paid for it—cause I wanted to, and we had good convo. We were both laughing, and he was sharing about himself, his latest project, and healing his relationship with his dad. But when it was time to say goodbye, I said, “we should hang out again in the future.” He said “ok” kind of ambiguously. Then I could feel it was awkward, so I said, “if you want, no pressure.” And he repeated the same response. Then we hugged and said bye.

    That was weeks ago. He randomly likes my IG posts, but doesn’t text me or call. I haven’t called or texted because I don’t want to make a fool of myself again.

    What should I do? Does he like me or not? Cap men are so confusing.

    1. Hi G!

      You are so very welcome sweetheart! I’m glad you decided to reach out. Well that is odd. I think you should message him and ask him “what happened, I thought we got along well. Did you not want to get together again?”. You have to be more blunt and up front with Capricorn. You definitely should reach out to him. If you don’t want to ask him anything yet then just say “hey you, how you been? You still want to hang out again?” and see if he answers you. You won’t make a fool out of yourself for a simple text like that. Either he will agree and want to or he won’t then you’ll know he’s not into it. It’s really that simple sweetheart. If you’d like to learn more though, check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets.

  6. Hi my name is helen. Thankyou for sharing. I am in relationship with Capricorn man and I am a Scorpio. He want me to travel his ways .We argue a lot of times about this. Now he is telling me he loves me but tired of arguing with me. He is saying he is sad because of me and ignore me. What should I do?

    1. Hi Helen,

      If you two are tired of arguing then you need to find a new way to communicate that will work for the two of you. Tell him that and see if you two cannot find a solution that helps with how you talk to each other. It may help things to be clearer for you two and find a more successful relationship. You might want to check out my books because it may help give you the keys to unlocking important things to know about Capricorn. I wish you the best!

  7. I’m not really what’s going on. My Capricorn comes to my workplace and I admit I didn’t really pay him much attention at first. One day he told me I have pretty eyes and I still didn’t think much about it. I went to his workplace a few weeks later, not knowing he even worked there, and he literally ran up to me to thank me for being so nice to him when I come to his work. We talked a bit and I must say he got my attention after that. He came to my work a few days later and I told him my name bc I realized he didn’t know it. He held out his hand to me and I gave him mine. It was slow so we talked a bit about his work and he said if I never need him he’s there. When he left he said talk to you later hun. I haven’t seen him since. Thoughts?

    1. Hi Marie!

      If you haven’t seen him then go see him yourself. He may just be busy or have stuff going on. Reach out to him and let him know you want to get back to the flow of what you had going on. Tell him if he needs to talk about anything at all to reach out to you. He needs to know you’re there for him. Be bold! If you need more tips, check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets!

  8. Hi , there is this guy capricorn who chased me for 3 years but I didnt like him so I didnt give him chance. He got all of my social app accs he collected to text me . When I gave him chance and date , I am cancer girl as you know we are very loving and show emotion alot , he ignore my text most of the time , one day he would very loving and another day , he gone quiet , ignore my texts , i am so angry cuz i am not patient . I blocked him for several times now but he text me in another acc , tried to comfort but same shit happen always.
    His conversations like hey ? How are you feeling ? Then done each day . Very boring. One thing i hate is he dont tell me about his everything like even what he is doing. He only know what I am doing . That selfish and i am disappointed. What he exactly want . I am running out of patience madam.

    1. Hi Kristina!

      I am so sorry sweetheart. If he’s not acting interested and not being more enthusiastic then he’s probably not that into you. If he was, he’d have more to say to you and would be trying to spend time with you whenever he can. This guy doesn’t seem as though he wants anything solid with you. I can totally understand running out of patience. He should give you more but since he’s not, you can try asking him to see where he stands with you. If he doesn’t pick up the pace, you can move forward and leave him behind. I wish you all the best!

  9. My capricorn crush always liking my pictures and watching my stories on Instagram he asked for my number so I gave it to him and the conversation was dry. We both was responding alil late and I’m a capricorn woman we talked for 2 days and I thought the conversation was going good but then he ghosted me on the second day , Then he comes back the next day and picks up where the conversation had left off… He texted me like nothing has happened, I ignored him and didn’t respond now he keeps watching my story on my Instagram account what does this mean?

    1. Hi Hope!

      Ah yes, the “disappearing” thing. Capricorn men like to prove to themselves that they are still free and that means being quiet or disappearing for a day, two, or three. This is a VERY normal thing. When he does this, you need to tell him it makes you uneasy when he goes silent. If he needs time to himself he should let you know that’s what is going on so that you aren’t wondering if things are alright. He’s watching you because he has feelings for you but it’s not alright for him to ghost you. Also this could be a test to see if you will stick with him despite what he does. They’re notorious for testing like this. You can pass it with flying colors when you don’t react to him badly. Stay cool as a cucumber like it’s no big deal but once a relationship is established, you need to let him know it’s not alright to ghost you. I hope this helps but you can always read my guides on “Capricorn Man Secrets” as well. Wishing you the best!

  10. So i met the most amazing man who I found out is definitely a Capricorn. We met in person at a bar and hit it off right away. he ended up asking me out on a date which i agreed. he wanted me to stay with him at that bar that night but i insisted i was going to stay with my friends and head to another. Keep in mind i recently moved to this new city at this time i had only been there about 3 weeks and was still meeting new people, settling in and having fun. I wasn’t expecting to meet any love interests so the fact it happened caught me off guard. I also have had a horrible dating history mostly because i have been naive on how to act and get guys to respect me so everything would always just be a situation ship or FWB they would end up ghosting me everytime once i was too attached.

    So this capricorn man and i went on a few dates he was a gentleman and honestly i never had that experience before having someone pick me up, have everything planned and pay etc. we started liking each other a lot he would open up about his plans to buy a house soon and about his family and stuff. I honestly struggled being vulnerable with him which i told him bc of my previous experiences.

    Long story short he was leaving for another trip (he travels a lot) and he wanted to see me before he left so he came over so we could walk to dinner. that particular day i was feeling very insecure, and toxic just in a really shitty mood overall so i pretty much took it out on him trying to push him away bc i was unhappy internally. i also had intentions on asking him what he really wanted from me in the long run since it had been almost 2 months we’ve been seeing each other and we were just intimate for the first time the week before. i know my bad attitude and seemingly childish behavior turned him off but before he got in the uber i stopped him and apologized and brought up what was bothering me. he took the time to answer me but made it clear this wasn’t the best time to discuss it. he picked me up..gave me several kisses and said we would need to discuss this again when he got back to which i agreed.
    he texted me when he got to the airport that night and i wished him a good trip.

    a week went by, i had purposefully not texted him just to give him some space, so i texted him another apology for how i acted and that i looked forward to talking with him again, that i really like him and want to continue spending time together and getting to know one another. he hasn’t responded at all and i sent that text 4 days ago.

    i know he said we would talk again and i trust him and am doing my best to give him space to think but I’m just worried its over. he has ALWAYS been 100% upfront and honest with me since we met. there was a time we had gone out and i had a little too much to drink i got to the point where he had to take care of me and we had a discussion about it and i agreed with him and i changed.
    I’m just scared that with that and now how i acted on my bad day i might’ve pushed him away for good. he’s such a good guy and he’s told me so many times he genuinely likes me and my friends say the same. Will he come back ?

    1. Hi Olive!

      Oops looks like your message duplicated. Check your other “Sad/worried Leo” comment to find my answer. I do hope everything gets sorted out for you. I want nothing but the best for you!

    2. Pls I need your advice, honestly I don’t understand my Capricorn man, am a vigor. He said he wanted friendship, he ask for my number I gave him & we were charting & communicating, we even make out plans to meet in person, after telling me sweet words & how he likes me, even prayed for me each time he calls, convinced me about how he likes me & d next thing he disappear. I tried to figure out d problems, d night he called me on video calls I picked & told him to call audio cos I was busy that night, he refused & sent me a message that he wanted to pray with me & wish me a good night rest, so I replied him that I was busy he should pls call audio, I can put it on speaker & continue with wat I was doing but he refused & sent me good night. D next morning I sent him good morning message he replied but did not respond well, & since then he refused to chart me up, I see him online but not charting me

  11. I met a capricorn at work. Things were nice, talking, he would observe me and the things I said and did constantly. This was september through january. Then february til now we dont speak much. I have tried to initiate conversations and he has kept his responses short and sweet. He still sits by me most days, talks comfortably to everyone but me, and still observes me and gets nervous based on body language, so nothing is clear or consistent. I have no clarity. It seems like he has lost interest, which is fine, but then there are times I think otherwise. What gives here?

  12. It’s funny my Capricorn guy was eyeing me before I even knew who he was! We went to the same school, have the same friends & I didn’t even know till I met him later (he’s older than me). We had a few convos & even went on a date, had a great time, we have ALOT in common! There was another time I was trying to see him but he was telling me that he’s an introvert and wanted the day to himself to unwind etc. I said no prob, he even called to explain it to me. Which I thought was sweet. It was kinda weird at first b/c I’m an extroverted Gemini that isn’t used to this! Lmao. But He opened up to me about his family, (even sent me a pic of him & his niece) but the biggest thing is he was dumped not too long ago and is still getting over the relationship. He even ran into me at an event & he told me “I want to be a gentleman & I like to take things slow, get to know. And I’m trying to heal & want to do it the right way so if you could be patient with me” his exact words. I said absolutely take the time you need, no prob. He even called me to clarify that he did he “didn’t want to hurt my feelings, don’t feel as if I’m rejecting you cuz I’m not, I’m just healing” I was super surprised b/c men never do that lol. And we had a really good & fun convo after that, he was way more open & funny. Ok cool right? So he won a huge position, I called him to congratulate him, he was telling me just some personal details that he’s going on a quick vaca etc regular convo. That was almost 2 wks ago and I haven’t heard from him since!! I don’t wanna pressure him in any way but I also feel like damn did he lose interest in me?? Like how are you to get to know someone if you don’t talk to them?? lol. The only thing is he literally watches all of my IG stories. But haven’t heard from him lol. I really like him and want to get to know him more, I think he’s a good man worth taking the time for. I still do my own thing and live my life but I find this so weird!!!! Does he not like me anymore? Does he not wanna talk to me?? lol

    1. Hi Ray!

      There is a distinct possibility that he’s afraid of what you two could have. If he truly IS working on healing then maybe he just needs time. I think you should just do your thing and take care of YOU right now. Let him look and let him think about you. If he heals up and wants to get together with you then trust me, he will. For right now you deserve all life can offer you so do what you want to do and enjoy it! I wish you all the best.

  13. Thank you for creating this space. I really like my Capricorn but find myself confused by his behavior often and I don’t want to give up but I also feel like he is playing games and taking me for granted at times. It’s been about 6 months but let’s say 3 where we have been in constant contact. The beginning he disappeared a few times I let him for weeks at a time but then I would text and see how he was and he would respond and we would be back on again. Fast forward to now, he told me he knows he wasn’t consistent before and wants to do better so that we can move forward, well he had been we’ve spent time, I let him lead so he primarily has been doing all of the calling but I always answer and initiate text, after a good week he seems to always then turn cold. For instance, we had a great conversation yesterday he told me he loves our chemistry spending time and seems so sweet most times but then I get nothing the next day. I reached out a few times via call/text and still nothing, I see he read my text but still has not responded, there was no argument or anything and I’m just wondering is this normal for them or is he stringing me along. We even have plans to attend a concert together to bring in the new year but I find myself nervous that he will just wake up and decide to go cold not sure what to do here if there is anything for me to do?

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