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When a Capricorn Man Is Done with You: How to Be 100% Sure?

What does the Capricorn man do or not do that shows you that he’s done with you? If he’s broken up with you but hasn’t said it, how can you tell where he’s at in his mind or heart? Keep reading to find out some facts on how to tell when a Capricorn man is done with you.

Loses Interest in your Passions

Capricorn man gets rather flippant when it comes to your interests or desires in life. He’ll act like they’re not necessary, and why are you bothering him with it? He will seem like he is uninterested or doesn’t have time.

He will try to make excuses as to why he cannot listen to what you have to say. He may even say something mean or condescending about what you’ve just said. He comes across as short and rude in his dialect.

Certainly, if you’ve pissed him off or disgusted him in some way, he’ll probably let you know as much by the things he says to you. He won’t be really all that nice because he feels you crossed a line, so why take it easy on you?

He can seem harsh and judgmental. When he reaches the point of not caring about you anymore, he pretty much sees no reason why he should be nice or cut you any slack.

Also if you’ve done something to hurt someone else, cut someone down, or demoralized anyone, he definitely will not be nice. He’s a justice type of guy and will stick up for the underdog, especially when you’re in the wrong.

Rarely See Him

when a Capricorn man is done with you

When the Capricorn man starts to decide he’s possibly done with you, he will pull back from making plans with you. He won’t call you to ask you to hang out, and if you ask him, he’ll have an excuse for why he cannot make it.

Unless you’ve really pissed him off, he’ll just sort of blow you off until you realize he isn’t into talking to you anymore then he’ll disappear. Until then, if he just doesn’t dig you much, he’ll still try to be civil at the very least.

Just know that if he starts canceling out on you or making other plans when he’s supposed to have plans with you, this is one sign he’s giving you that his interest in you has left the building.

He’s pretty obvious when he wants nothing to do with someone anymore. This still applies to someone he was forming a relationship with as well. It’s often something that someone did or didn’t do that did not add up to him that makes him want out.

Again, he doesn’t like women who gossip or treat others bad to make themselves look good. He will turn his back on someone like this and never look back. Keep gossip with your other friends because he won’t want to hear it, ever!

Ignores you when you’re around Him

Clearly, if you’re trying to spend time with or around your Capricorn guy and he ignores you, he’s done. Why did he bother to show up? Well, he may have felt obligated because he said he would.

If this was an outing with other people, then his vested interest is in not letting those other people down. He certainly doesn’t want to appear as a flake or unfriendly.

He’ll go out of his way to avoid having to talk to you or make chit chat regarding the relationship you two shared with anyone. He is a very private person, so if anyone asks him anything, he’ll skirt around the issue.

There is also a chance he may tell the person who asked him anything private, to butt out. He isn’t typically afraid of anyone and has no trouble putting someone in their place whether that’s you or someone else.

Avoids Physical Intimacy with You

when a Capricorn man is done with you

If you previously had any intimacy going with the Capricorn man and he cuts that off, he’s done. When he’s not willing to have sex or closeness with someone he has with before then it means he’s lost interest.

He will do everything he can to avoid being physical with you. He may sit far away from you, he may move his hand if you reach for it, he won’t kiss you back, and if he does, it will seem very cold. You’ll notice it’s not who he used to be.

He definitely will cut you off when it comes to sex. He’ll have all sorts of excuses as to why he doesn’t want to have sex. He has no interest in having sexual relations with someone he feels isn’t good for him.

He’s typically not someone who will sleep with someone who there is no future with or at the very least, a friendship with. He’s a stickler for sticking to his guns when it comes to intimacy.

Cold, Unresponsive, and Unpleasant

Capricorn man is pretty obvious when he’s done because he starts to cut you out of his life. It may be in pieces, or it may be all at once. One of the ways he’ll do this is by not responding to you at all.

He will stop taking your calls, won’t call you back, won’t answer your text messages, or if he does, he’ll be rather short or rude sounding. He’s trying to make it clear he wants nothing to do with you.

These are the ultimate signs of when a Capricorn is out and doesn’t have any interest in interacting with you anymore. Just remember, he can also be very frank with you and tell you to flat out that he’s not into you anymore.


His honesty can seem painful, but it’s better than him pretending to be something he knows he isn’t with you anymore. He’d rather tell you and let you grieve the loss of him than to lead you on.

It’s often the case that he’ll tell you it’s over. If he says it, he means it, and you should take it at face value.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

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8 thoughts on “When a Capricorn Man Is Done with You: How to Be 100% Sure?

  1. Capricon ex help!

    I was seeing an amazing capricon man fpr 3months, we got along really well, we clicked, he said he liked me and I saw signs of attraction. He wasnt ready and I understood, we were enjoying each others company and shared many interested. I suffocated him and got a little needy. He slowly lost interest. One day just told me he likes me, wants to be friends but he is happy alone.
    Now he avoids me. We no longer speak. We work together so its akward. I saw such a soft side now to him. I simply want to tell him i do like him and here for him if he decides to talk me, that he will make a women happy some day. But as much as i want to text how I feel, part of me thinks its useless since he is stubborn.
    What should I do ?

    1. Hi Martina!

      It sounds like a classic Capricorn issue. He didn’t like you getting clingy and felt you were pressuring him so he backed out and downgraded it to friendship. All you can really do is either move on OR you can start the friendship and let it build over time. He may decide to give you another try if you’re able to be what he needs for awhile. It’s up to you whether or not you want to wait him out or move forward. I wish you the best!

  2. Hi everyone. I met this Capricorn man about 2 years ago on my birthday (May 12) at a party. We didn’t actually start talking until August-October. I knew he was trouble because he’s tall, dark, handsome, with a huge amount of sex appeal, intelligence, and confidence. One night we got caught in the moment and shared and intimate evening together. He let me stay the night because I had been drinking and I left in the morning. I think I started to like him then because he seemed like a classic man that I might have read about in a book or something. I felt so close to him and I almost thought we had met at a different time and that there was so much to look forward to. A few weeks later he told me he slept with someone else. At that point I knew he must have had a lot of women around him. He saw I was upset. He never wanted a relationship, but when he told me that the person he slept with was someone he knew that was desperate to talk to him again, I suggested that we can just see each other because of some inconvenient outcomes from seeing multiple people. He agreed and we continued for several months. In the length of one year, we went on all but 2 outings. I knew he wasn’t ready for a relationship (with me) but I just wanted to meet his friends, spend time with him, and communicate with him more. I would get frustrated numerous times because there would be a series of days where we wouldn’t talk, and slowly he stopped calling me and making conversation. When I would get frustrated I would tell him we shouldn’t continue this and that this isn’t going anywhere . He would then tell me that I’m just saying these things, and that he needs me to fight for us blah blah blah. He wanted me to place his faith in him and when I would be really frustrated he would tell me that he wanted me to be happy even if he’s not around. Then, he would call me in the moment asking me to go over his place with food. He seemed lighthearted about it all and would brush off every complaint I had. In October a woman texted him asking to come over and he didn’t talk to me for a week after that. He stopped checking up on me and calling to see how I was doing around November. In December we saw each other three times. January he started giving me one-worded responses even after I initiate conversation and meetings. The other night I texted him saying I was bothered that we was talking to me less and he said that if I expect more from him then we should just end it. I didn’t exactly see it coming because usually he would just say something along the lines of “Come over so we can talk,” or something. But he was very cold and I guess I felt it coming. A few exchanges later, he said that he doesn’t want to lead me on because I want a relationship and he can’t give me that. It had been almost 2 years of the same cycle and I felt as though I couldn’t let go now. I asked him if he wanted to work on this, but maybe not now. And he said, “No. Goodnight.” And blocked my number. I panicked, I’m hurt, but I’m also humiliated and drained. I tried my best just to have the door shut in my face. I feel as though I have my all trying to make it easy for him to fall in love with me. I don’t know if he wasn’t ever interested in me or if he just can’t handle a relationship, but the intimacy and connection we shared was real. We were connected physically, and what I thought was mentally and emotionally but I guess not. I miss him so much and I know I should have seen the signs earlier but I just liked him so much and couldn’t hide it. I didn’t want this to go away. I don’t play games, I’m not hard to get, and I don’t always have sex appeal. But I’m smart, loving, charming, funny, and still willing to give whole-heartedly again. I doubt he will ever want me in his life again but I’m sure that if he does, I will have been way past him financially, intellectually, and romantically. I could say that he was the love of my life, and I am content with knowing that even though it was the wrong person I still tried my best to make it work and didn’t give up. I stayed when I shouldn’t have, but I shared moments that some people might not have had the opportunity to. I did things that some wives would think twice about, and I did it with someone akin to an Adonis. I forgive him because he did the best he can do with whatever little he had, and I forgive myself for taking it and giving more than I had.

    1. Hi Taurus!

      I hope you don’t ever feel that you weren’t enough. As you stated, you did the best you could and that’s all you can do. He clearly wasn’t on the same page with you and he had already probably been thinking of ending it before he said anything. His rude response to you is a tell tale sign that he was already contemplating breaking up with you. He probably had reasons of his own for doing it but stayed quiet waiting for the right time. I”m so sorry you went through this but always know that you deserve love and you deserve a man who IS on the same page as you.

  3. hes 100% done when he stops texting you, doesn’t look at you in the face/eyes as often, stops kissing you, doesn’t look for you, has excuses why you cant hang out or spend the night. No efforts to be intimate.

    My capricorn and I (pisces female) had been talking and he was kind of sort of but not really my boyfriend for a year and some months. We started off electric. All over each other very close and very intimate. I was staying at his apartment all the time, he met my best friends, we went on constant dates or we’d stay in and he cooked dinner. he seemed all about me, my birthday came and he did something special for me, called me babe. we had all aspects of a relationship without being in one. As time went on we had some drama with people saying they were also interested in him. Because of this bump my trust went down a bit however he ended up choosing me and putting all his focus on me. About a year later we had some ups but mostly downs. He stopped being intimate (except for sex) and we started to develop a friendship over being romantic. We began to get really close with each other. He became my best friend and lover at the same time. Since we were getting so close i figured this was the perfect chance to really be open n honest about how I wanted to be in a relationship not just a friendship. He said he knows i do and ive hinted at it times before but that hes just not there and hes not ready. He says he doesn’t want to do that to himself and that I can go be happy and do my own thing and he will understand. i told him that him not wanting to be in a relationship means he doesn’t want to be with me. He says thats not the case and he just cant do that to himself again. This broke my heart lol But he started to detach himself from me (i felt). Texted me less and made no effort to try to see me. I saw him once more after not seeing him for 2 weeks. I came over kinda tipsy wanting to have sex. We talked a little had sex and i left. The next day i completely regretted going over in that condition because he doesn’t drink at all and I know he smelled the alcohol which im sure bothered him (in the past he was always quick to call me out if i had a drink even in a joking manner). After this day he completely stopped texting me back, i try to give him space and i tried again 2 weeks later and no response and he didnt answer the call. He completely ghosted me I didn’t get any closure and he was someone I genuinely loved. Im a pisces so I tried my hardest to see where he was coming from or how he could’ve felt but i just couldn’t. He knew how deep my feelings were and he literally ghosted me.

    1. Hi Lori!

      He ghosted you because he knows you want more from him and he knows he cannot give it to you because he’s terrified of being burned again. This is a typical Capricorn man behavior. They fall for someone and get close but then they’re too afraid of getting hurt or hurting someone else so they back out. I don’t think he’s done talking to you yet. I think he’s flexing the fact that he’s not “taken” and in a relationship. He wants you to feel it and know it. He thinks this is the only way you’re going to get it is by not talking for awhile. The alcohol may have set him off but he also knows that because you’re not his girlfriend, he has no right to tell you anything about it. He used this opportunity to back down. Give it awhile and I bet he’ll reach out again.

  4. Hi, I dared this cap for 6months. He proposed after two months of dating and i accepted. Along the line several issues came up that delayed out wedding plans from my end and that really ticked him off. He always complained that i was manipulative and i always liked to emotionally blackmail him. He was irritable and rude on and off through out the 6months but while still trying get along the wedding plans. I would ignore his tantrums but other times i would lash back. We had a quarel and it escalated so much that he was so insultive and even called my family to tell them how bad he thought i was. That got me upset because he wouldn’t take that from me. Infact he had previously warned me to never get his family involved in our relationship. As a result i ended things with him. But two weeks later i tried to reach out with texts and calls to say i didn’t mean it and that i wanted him back but he blocked me and totally ignored me for another 2weeks after which he texted to say he wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore and i should leave him the heck alone that it’sfucking over. But i love him and still want him back

  5. I have been dating a Capricorn guy for a year now he was so lovely and very good to me. In the beginning he was very straight forward with what he wanted and wanted to take me seriously. He would call constantly, see me constantly ect. The thing is I was not as serious but I had feelings for him, but I felt he was just moving to fast and quite clingy and possessive, he didn’t really trust me as much and always used to think I was lying about things. Fast forward I done something that he did not like, which was put my other friends before him when he was supposed to see me, but thing is with me I always put my friends before people, but when I was trying to communicate that with him he just wasn’t hearing it. He later forgived me but we had many arguments and when it was his birthday I didn’t really show interest because I was so mad at him. He started to pull away after this and stopped calling me, and seeing me. Even started to avoid my messages. We finally rekindled after weeks of not talking but since then it’s never been the same. He always tells me he still cares for me ect still supports me ect but we just don’t talk anymore how we used to, he never even calls me anymore and it’s always me making contact most times. We never saw each other for a long time but we eventually met up and we talked about everything and I apologised for the things I done because he didn’t trust me at all, he’s told me he’s starting to open up with me and we will see each other properly soon after his fasting but since his fasting has finished he hadn’t seen me, we haven’t had sex in months but the problem is I really do miss him and I am ready to be serious now that I have figured out what I want but I feel like he’s done with me. We still message each other but he just hasn’t seen me, I know he’s been going through a lot but when I see him meeting up with his friends I just feel like why can’t you meet up with me but you can see your friends. I spoke to him recently about the way I felt and he called me and we spoke about it, he told me he knows I have been having sex with other guys ect As he doesn’t trust me and due to some of my previous antics I think it’s affected his trust with me even more, he also told me we are never having sex again, but he told me he still cares for me and that we are friends. I just don’t understand because I have been soo patient with him and truly believed we will see each other after his fast but he hasn’t seen me, and I want to be serious with him and really like him but I don’t know if he’s actually done with me, or I should just be patient. He still talks to me and supports when I need it but I don’t want a friendship with him I actually want to be with him, but i don’t know if there is any hope. Could I get some advice on what I should do and whether you think there is any chance of us going back to how we used to be.

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