What It Means When A Capricorn Man Cuts You Off

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What does the Capricorn man do or not do that shows you that he’s done with you? Here's everything you need to know.

When a Capricorn man cuts you off, you will know. This man is pretty straightforward, but most of all, he is very respectful and won’t do anything to hurt you on purpose. 

However, a Capricorn man is often pushed to his limits with his relationships and this is why you might find that when a Capricorn cuts you off. This is a side to him that can be extremely hurtful, but he definitely doesn’t act this way without cause.

The two of you may have argued or come to an impasse in your relationship, but does this mean your Capricorn man is truly done with you, or does he just need some space?

It is best not to make assumptions, so let’s look at all the possibilities you might be facing with your Capricorn man and if he is truly done with you and your relationship.

When A Capricorn Man Is Done With You — 3 Possible Reasons Why Capricorns Cut You Off

Capricorn men are really lone wolves and it is difficult for them to trust and let people in so there could be many reasons why a Capricorn man is done with you. Here are just some of them:

1. He Has Lost Interest In You

The Capricorn man is rather flippant when it comes to his interests or desires in life when he is done with you. If you even ask him to be interested, he’ll act offended. It simply doesn’t fit into his life anymore.

There will be excuses given by Capricorn men as to why they can’t listen to what you have to say. In fact, he may even say something mean or condescending about what you just said. It appears that he is short and rude in his dialect.

Capricorn men are difficult to date because they don’t always care if they’re in a relationship. Having always intended to survive on their own, they are independent individuals. In some cases, Capricorns don’t give a damn whether you’re unhappy.

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When a Capricorn man stops seeing you as a prize to be won, they simply let you fall by the wayside. You are no longer being wooed by them. Instead, they treat you as if you don’t exist.

Capricorns are no longer required to care about what you are invested in. If a Capricorn is truly done with a relationship, they will pull away completely and no longer show any interest in what you care about.

2. Capricorn Man Seeing Someone Else

When a Capricorn man commits, he commits for life. He won’t settle down with just anyone, but until he does that, he definitely doesn’t see him dating other women as a problem. 

It is quite possible that your Capricorn man has met someone else who feels like a better fit for him. This isn’t something you should take personally as Capricorn men know exactly what they want and these standards can be impossible to live up to. 

And if he has met someone else, then at least you don’t have this pressure on you any longer and you have the opportunity to meet someone who would be a much better match for you in any case. 

You can trust a Capricorn man not to mess you around, he will always be honest and straight up. There isn’t much guess work you need to do with this gentleman.

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3. He Doesn’t Want To Commit

I mentioned above that Capricorn men have impossible standards and sometimes this can be very difficult to live up to. This is why Capricorn men oftentimes only end up settling down much later in life. 

They need to feel extremely sure and secure in the relationship they have with a women. This is a man who really hates wasting his time and committing to something that might not have much longevity. 

However, this does not stop a Capricorn man from enjoying his life and exploring his options with multiple women he dates while he is young. He needs to figure out what works for him and he can only do this through experience. 

He might not feel ready to commit to you, and there is really nothing you can do to change his mind. If you push him, you will only push him away and make him feel like you are definitely the right woman for him.

Learn here for more reasons why do Capricorn men refuse to commit.

How To Know For Sure When A Capricorn Man Cuts You Off

You may still not quite understand why a Capricorn man is cutting you off, have you considered any of these options perhaps?

1. He Rarely Sees You

The Capricorn man will pull back from making plans with you when he decides he’s done with you. If you ask him, he will have some excuse for why he can’t hang out with you, and he won’t call you to ask you to hang out.

He’ll just ignore you until you realize he’s no longer interested in talking to you, then he’ll disappear. At the very least, he’ll be civil even if he doesn’t dig you much. This is the Capricorn man making excuses.

It’s a sign that he’s lost interest in you if he starts canceling on you or making other plans when he’s supposed to have plans with you.

When he no longer wants to work with someone, it’s pretty obvious. It still applies to someone with whom he was forming a relationship. A person’s actions or inactions that don’t add up to him are often what make him want to leave.

Again, a Capricorn man dislikes women who gossip or treat others badly just to look good. He will turn his back on someone like this and never look back. Keep gossiping with your other friends because he won’t want to hear it, ever!

2. He Ignores You

When a Capricorn man stops caring he will probably start to ignore you when you try to spend time with him, he’s done. What made him bother to show up? Probably because he said he would, he felt obligated to comply.

If he was going on an outing with other people, then he has a vested interest in not disappointing them. In no way does he want to come across as a flake or unfriendly.

There will be times when he will go out of his way to avoid discussing the relationship you had with anyone. If anyone asks him anything, he’ll avoid the subject because he is a very private person.

Capricorns like to display what makes them proud. It’s not a good sign if the Capricorn steers clear of you in any way he can when you’re with people. You may be done with the Capricorn guy in this case.

Check here for the best ways to respond when a Capricorn man ignores you.

3. He Avoids Intimacy With You

If you previously had any intimacy going with the Capricorn man and he cuts that off, he’s done. If he isn’t interested in having sex or closeness with someone he has had before, then he has lost interest.

He will do everything in his power to avoid getting physical with you. He may sit far away from you, he may move his hand if you reach for it, he may not kiss you back, and if he does, it will seem very cold. You’ll notice that he’s different from what he used to be.

When it comes to sex, he will definitely cut you off. Whenever he doesn’t want to have sex, he will have all sorts of excuses. It is not in his interest to have sexual relations with someone he does not feel is right for him.

Typically, he will not sleep with someone with whom he does not have a future or at least a friendship. As far as intimacy is concerned, he sticks to his guns and cares about the long term.

4. He Becomes Cold And Distant

A Capricorn man will cut you out of his life when he’s done. It may come in pieces or all at once. You can expect him to do this by not responding to you at all.

It’s likely he’ll stop taking your calls, won’t return your calls, won’t answer your text messages, or if he does, it’ll be short or rude. I think he is trying to make it clear that he does not want to be involved with you.

This is the ultimate sign that a Capricorn has lost interest in interacting with you. You should also remember that he can also be very honest with you when he tells you that he is no longer interested in you.

Why A Capricorn Man Disappears After Intimacy — And What You Can Do

There is a tendency for Capricorn men to be distant. However, when the Capricorn man is especially distant after intimacy, it can leave you wondering what you have done wrong.

Capricorn is ruled by an outer planet, so the physical position of Capricorn men is located at a greater distance from Earth than most of the other primary planets. Capricorns appear to be far away from us as a result of this. This is what Saturn does.

The nature of sex and the nature of Capricorns are like polar opposites: the former is like a volcano eruption, while the latter is like a slow-moving iceberg. However, this does not mean that Capricorns don’t enjoy sex, but that they are extremely terrified of the level of intimacy involved in sex.

Although a Capricorn man will still choose to have sex, like most men, he will do his best to find some time alone to compensate for the closeness they had to endure.

Even if they don’t get up and leave you in bed physically, they could act standoffish or he could immediately act like he’s asleep if they don’t get up and leave you in bed physically.

The Capricorn uses this defense mechanism to make himself feel as if he is in control, even when it is to his detriment. A Capricorn man distant after intimacy is something you might need to get used to, at least for a while…

What you can do to change this within him is to not be so available all the time. It is so important that you lean back and live your own life so that you aren’t at his beck and call when he needs you. He will respect you a lot more when he knows you are respecting yourself.

When To Give Up On A Capricorn Man

Leaving a Capricorn man alone is sometimes the best thing you could possibly do if you feel like he is messing you around. If he can’t make up his mind about you then there is no point in wasting your time on someone who isn’t equally invested. 

If you feel like you are abandoning yourself by trying to be with him because you keep chasing him trying to make it work, then perhaps this relationship isn’t healthy for you in the long run. 

You deserve to be with someone who sees you as a prize and is willing to come to the table. The last thing you should do is chase a man, but I know that you might feel like you need to if you care about him and you want him in your life. 

Just remember, if he wanted to be there he would’ve made the effort to do so. Take a step back, remember who you are, and why you are lovely, and don’t define yourself through the relationship you have with this man. 

It is important to know your self-worth and be strong and unaffected by this relationship. Put yourself on the pedestal, because when you do there is a small chance that your Capricorn man may finally realize what he is missing out on.

Why Are Capricorn Men So Cold?

Perhaps you’re wondering if you’re just bringing out the worst in your Capricorn guy. Maybe you’re wondering if you’re the reason that he became so cruel? I have good news because it’s definitely not you bringing this out of him.

Capricorns are famously thorny individuals. They feel the weight of the world on top of them, most of the time. They feel immense pressure to succeed in the physical realm (being an Earth sign).

Capricorn men get so cold because of their planetary rulership. Saturn rules Capricorn guys and while this planet may be one of the prettiest, it’s definitely not one of the easiest to deal with.

The harsh nature of Saturn can have Capricorns feeling flattened by the world. Their overall worldview isn’t that positive so they become harsh to those around them. They inherently expect others to have this same pessimistic outlook, so their defenses go up quickly.

Capricorn men are so cold because their basic worldview assumes that others will hurt them if they allow others to get close. Check here for more reasons why Capricorn men sometimes seem so cold <<


Are you still wondering what might be going on in your Capricorn man’s head when you notice him pulling away? Is it possible that he might be done with you? Here are some frequently asked questions that will give you greater clarity:

Does A Capricorn Man Fall Out Of Love Easily?

Capricorn men take their time to fall in love with someone, and due to this, they also tend to fall out of love quite slowly. This is why Capricorn men can come across as aloof and distant because they actually are trying to keep you at an arm’s length. 

They are very scared of feeling vulnerable and attached to someone else, so when they do, it can be particularly heartbreaking when things end for them. And this is why Capricorns have a difficult time falling out of love. 

Will A Capricorn Man Regret Losing You?

Capricorn men often live in regret. This is because they know that they take their time and they often are only ready for relationships when the other person has long gone moved on already, unfortunately. 

If you were a kind and loving woman who gave him a lot of support and encouragement he is definitely going to regret that he might have lost you. But we can’t force his timeline, he needs to come around himself. 

How Do You Tell If A Capricorn Man Is Using You?

Capricorn men are extremely respectful and thoughtful in character. These men have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders and believe in treating people with the most respect possible.

It isn’t a common experience for a Capricorn to be using a woman. He is far too honest and respectful to do this.

But, if you would like to look out for the surefire signs a Capricorn man is just using you, check out here <<

The 3-Step Formula To Pull A Capricorn Man Back

It may seem as if all hope is lost with your Capricorn guy, but I have come to realize there is another way to look at it. It is in this version that the Capricorn makes a return.

It’s not a joke, I promise. According to my experience, there are ways to make a Capricorn guy reconsider you as an option if you have the right qualities.

Without a doubt, these are the steps you’re going to want to know if you want to learn more about it. 

There is no doubt in my mind that you can get back into the good graces of the Capricorn guy. I can assure you that you are going to want to know everything you can about this.

As a result of the steps that I have in mind, the results have been astonishing. As a matter of fact, I was shocked.

In order to regain the trust of a Capricorn man, there are a few things you need to remember…

I would recommend that you take a look at my method for getting your Capricorn man back if you want to be safe

>> The steps outlined here will ensure that you’ve met with romantic success with the Capricorn man.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,


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42 thoughts on “What It Means When A Capricorn Man Cuts You Off

  1. Capricon ex help!

    I was seeing an amazing capricon man fpr 3months, we got along really well, we clicked, he said he liked me and I saw signs of attraction. He wasnt ready and I understood, we were enjoying each others company and shared many interested. I suffocated him and got a little needy. He slowly lost interest. One day just told me he likes me, wants to be friends but he is happy alone.
    Now he avoids me. We no longer speak. We work together so its akward. I saw such a soft side now to him. I simply want to tell him i do like him and here for him if he decides to talk me, that he will make a women happy some day. But as much as i want to text how I feel, part of me thinks its useless since he is stubborn.
    What should I do ?

    1. Hi Martina!

      It sounds like a classic Capricorn issue. He didn’t like you getting clingy and felt you were pressuring him so he backed out and downgraded it to friendship. All you can really do is either move on OR you can start the friendship and let it build over time. He may decide to give you another try if you’re able to be what he needs for awhile. It’s up to you whether or not you want to wait him out or move forward. I wish you the best!

  2. Hi everyone. I met this Capricorn man about 2 years ago on my birthday (May 12) at a party. We didn’t actually start talking until August-October. I knew he was trouble because he’s tall, dark, handsome, with a huge amount of sex appeal, intelligence, and confidence. One night we got caught in the moment and shared and intimate evening together. He let me stay the night because I had been drinking and I left in the morning. I think I started to like him then because he seemed like a classic man that I might have read about in a book or something. I felt so close to him and I almost thought we had met at a different time and that there was so much to look forward to. A few weeks later he told me he slept with someone else. At that point I knew he must have had a lot of women around him. He saw I was upset. He never wanted a relationship, but when he told me that the person he slept with was someone he knew that was desperate to talk to him again, I suggested that we can just see each other because of some inconvenient outcomes from seeing multiple people. He agreed and we continued for several months. In the length of one year, we went on all but 2 outings. I knew he wasn’t ready for a relationship (with me) but I just wanted to meet his friends, spend time with him, and communicate with him more. I would get frustrated numerous times because there would be a series of days where we wouldn’t talk, and slowly he stopped calling me and making conversation. When I would get frustrated I would tell him we shouldn’t continue this and that this isn’t going anywhere . He would then tell me that I’m just saying these things, and that he needs me to fight for us blah blah blah. He wanted me to place his faith in him and when I would be really frustrated he would tell me that he wanted me to be happy even if he’s not around. Then, he would call me in the moment asking me to go over his place with food. He seemed lighthearted about it all and would brush off every complaint I had. In October a woman texted him asking to come over and he didn’t talk to me for a week after that. He stopped checking up on me and calling to see how I was doing around November. In December we saw each other three times. January he started giving me one-worded responses even after I initiate conversation and meetings. The other night I texted him saying I was bothered that we was talking to me less and he said that if I expect more from him then we should just end it. I didn’t exactly see it coming because usually he would just say something along the lines of “Come over so we can talk,” or something. But he was very cold and I guess I felt it coming. A few exchanges later, he said that he doesn’t want to lead me on because I want a relationship and he can’t give me that. It had been almost 2 years of the same cycle and I felt as though I couldn’t let go now. I asked him if he wanted to work on this, but maybe not now. And he said, “No. Goodnight.” And blocked my number. I panicked, I’m hurt, but I’m also humiliated and drained. I tried my best just to have the door shut in my face. I feel as though I have my all trying to make it easy for him to fall in love with me. I don’t know if he wasn’t ever interested in me or if he just can’t handle a relationship, but the intimacy and connection we shared was real. We were connected physically, and what I thought was mentally and emotionally but I guess not. I miss him so much and I know I should have seen the signs earlier but I just liked him so much and couldn’t hide it. I didn’t want this to go away. I don’t play games, I’m not hard to get, and I don’t always have sex appeal. But I’m smart, loving, charming, funny, and still willing to give whole-heartedly again. I doubt he will ever want me in his life again but I’m sure that if he does, I will have been way past him financially, intellectually, and romantically. I could say that he was the love of my life, and I am content with knowing that even though it was the wrong person I still tried my best to make it work and didn’t give up. I stayed when I shouldn’t have, but I shared moments that some people might not have had the opportunity to. I did things that some wives would think twice about, and I did it with someone akin to an Adonis. I forgive him because he did the best he can do with whatever little he had, and I forgive myself for taking it and giving more than I had.

    1. Hi Taurus!

      I hope you don’t ever feel that you weren’t enough. As you stated, you did the best you could and that’s all you can do. He clearly wasn’t on the same page with you and he had already probably been thinking of ending it before he said anything. His rude response to you is a tell tale sign that he was already contemplating breaking up with you. He probably had reasons of his own for doing it but stayed quiet waiting for the right time. I”m so sorry you went through this but always know that you deserve love and you deserve a man who IS on the same page as you.

  3. hes 100% done when he stops texting you, doesn’t look at you in the face/eyes as often, stops kissing you, doesn’t look for you, has excuses why you cant hang out or spend the night. No efforts to be intimate.

    My capricorn and I (pisces female) had been talking and he was kind of sort of but not really my boyfriend for a year and some months. We started off electric. All over each other very close and very intimate. I was staying at his apartment all the time, he met my best friends, we went on constant dates or we’d stay in and he cooked dinner. he seemed all about me, my birthday came and he did something special for me, called me babe. we had all aspects of a relationship without being in one. As time went on we had some drama with people saying they were also interested in him. Because of this bump my trust went down a bit however he ended up choosing me and putting all his focus on me. About a year later we had some ups but mostly downs. He stopped being intimate (except for sex) and we started to develop a friendship over being romantic. We began to get really close with each other. He became my best friend and lover at the same time. Since we were getting so close i figured this was the perfect chance to really be open n honest about how I wanted to be in a relationship not just a friendship. He said he knows i do and ive hinted at it times before but that hes just not there and hes not ready. He says he doesn’t want to do that to himself and that I can go be happy and do my own thing and he will understand. i told him that him not wanting to be in a relationship means he doesn’t want to be with me. He says thats not the case and he just cant do that to himself again. This broke my heart lol But he started to detach himself from me (i felt). Texted me less and made no effort to try to see me. I saw him once more after not seeing him for 2 weeks. I came over kinda tipsy wanting to have sex. We talked a little had sex and i left. The next day i completely regretted going over in that condition because he doesn’t drink at all and I know he smelled the alcohol which im sure bothered him (in the past he was always quick to call me out if i had a drink even in a joking manner). After this day he completely stopped texting me back, i try to give him space and i tried again 2 weeks later and no response and he didnt answer the call. He completely ghosted me I didn’t get any closure and he was someone I genuinely loved. Im a pisces so I tried my hardest to see where he was coming from or how he could’ve felt but i just couldn’t. He knew how deep my feelings were and he literally ghosted me.

    1. Hi Lori!

      He ghosted you because he knows you want more from him and he knows he cannot give it to you because he’s terrified of being burned again. This is a typical Capricorn man behavior. They fall for someone and get close but then they’re too afraid of getting hurt or hurting someone else so they back out. I don’t think he’s done talking to you yet. I think he’s flexing the fact that he’s not “taken” and in a relationship. He wants you to feel it and know it. He thinks this is the only way you’re going to get it is by not talking for awhile. The alcohol may have set him off but he also knows that because you’re not his girlfriend, he has no right to tell you anything about it. He used this opportunity to back down. Give it awhile and I bet he’ll reach out again.

  4. Hi, I dared this cap for 6months. He proposed after two months of dating and i accepted. Along the line several issues came up that delayed out wedding plans from my end and that really ticked him off. He always complained that i was manipulative and i always liked to emotionally blackmail him. He was irritable and rude on and off through out the 6months but while still trying get along the wedding plans. I would ignore his tantrums but other times i would lash back. We had a quarel and it escalated so much that he was so insultive and even called my family to tell them how bad he thought i was. That got me upset because he wouldn’t take that from me. Infact he had previously warned me to never get his family involved in our relationship. As a result i ended things with him. But two weeks later i tried to reach out with texts and calls to say i didn’t mean it and that i wanted him back but he blocked me and totally ignored me for another 2weeks after which he texted to say he wasn’t interested in the relationship anymore and i should leave him the heck alone that it’sfucking over. But i love him and still want him back

    1. Hi Pisces!

      Ouch plenty of hurt to go around. He said mean things because he was lashing out at you with anger and frustration. He shouldn’t have. In return you lashed out at him by breaking it off. He’s angry and bitter and will take him some time to work through but he can and most likely will. Give it some time and patience for things to cool down. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  5. I have been dating a Capricorn guy for a year now he was so lovely and very good to me. In the beginning he was very straight forward with what he wanted and wanted to take me seriously. He would call constantly, see me constantly ect. The thing is I was not as serious but I had feelings for him, but I felt he was just moving to fast and quite clingy and possessive, he didn’t really trust me as much and always used to think I was lying about things. Fast forward I done something that he did not like, which was put my other friends before him when he was supposed to see me, but thing is with me I always put my friends before people, but when I was trying to communicate that with him he just wasn’t hearing it. He later forgived me but we had many arguments and when it was his birthday I didn’t really show interest because I was so mad at him. He started to pull away after this and stopped calling me, and seeing me. Even started to avoid my messages. We finally rekindled after weeks of not talking but since then it’s never been the same. He always tells me he still cares for me ect still supports me ect but we just don’t talk anymore how we used to, he never even calls me anymore and it’s always me making contact most times. We never saw each other for a long time but we eventually met up and we talked about everything and I apologised for the things I done because he didn’t trust me at all, he’s told me he’s starting to open up with me and we will see each other properly soon after his fasting but since his fasting has finished he hadn’t seen me, we haven’t had sex in months but the problem is I really do miss him and I am ready to be serious now that I have figured out what I want but I feel like he’s done with me. We still message each other but he just hasn’t seen me, I know he’s been going through a lot but when I see him meeting up with his friends I just feel like why can’t you meet up with me but you can see your friends. I spoke to him recently about the way I felt and he called me and we spoke about it, he told me he knows I have been having sex with other guys ect As he doesn’t trust me and due to some of my previous antics I think it’s affected his trust with me even more, he also told me we are never having sex again, but he told me he still cares for me and that we are friends. I just don’t understand because I have been soo patient with him and truly believed we will see each other after his fast but he hasn’t seen me, and I want to be serious with him and really like him but I don’t know if he’s actually done with me, or I should just be patient. He still talks to me and supports when I need it but I don’t want a friendship with him I actually want to be with him, but i don’t know if there is any hope. Could I get some advice on what I should do and whether you think there is any chance of us going back to how we used to be.

    1. Hi Angela!

      He’s getting revenge by spending time with his friends just like you did with yours is what is going on. He wants to show you what it feels like to prioritize your friends over him. The lack of trust from him is astounding though. Capricorn men are very jealous for sure. Paranoid as well sometimes. I think you two need to learn how to communicate your feelings to each other better so that you can work through things and maybe find your way back to each other. You both need to be very open and clear with each other. There is no other way. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  6. Hello everyone.

    I am a Taurus and I meet my Capricorn man threw my best friend. My husband at the time cheated on me with a family member and I ended up booking with my Capricorn. I never expected to fall in love with him. It was suppose to be friends with benefits and I ended up claiming him and he me. Four months went by and I accidentally got pregnant. My best friend who is a leo got supper upset with me. A year went by before she even spoke to me again for hooking up with her brother. In that time frame my Capricorn man was in and out of prison. I ended up breaking up with him i couldn’t bare being a single mom anymore, but a year and half after he got out of prison I ended up falling for him again. We share our son so it’s hard to not fall in love with the man again and his sister is my best friend. Well about a month ago my sister in law decided it was okay for her to invite her brother my Capricorn man over for drinks. While she had another female companion and neither of them bothered to invite me or tell me about it. I got extremely hurt and left out and Jelouse. My Capricorn man decided to break up with me instead of apologizing for his behaviour and my Leo friend and I are no longer on speaking terms, she brought up the past in my defense and tried to blame me for insecurities claiming she did nothing wrong. My Capricorn man has been Cold, won’t reply to my text messages won’t answer my call. But all of a sudden a month after everything went down. He asked me to help him out and I went over. I felt trapped after I helped him report on my computer my son and daughter wanted to stay and play. He acted like nothing happened. His mom was ignoring me the whole time and he kept asking me and the kids where hungry to go into the kitchen and get a bite to eat. I don’t know if he is really done with me or just playing with me. I am really put off and I am trying to hold back from showing him any affection or emotion. He hurt me so bad when he broke up with me and said the meanist things.

    1. Hi Rose!

      I know this may sound really difficult but it sounds like you need to step back and look at whether this is the life you want or not. Ask him flat out what he wants and if you two will be together or not. He needs to decide and start moving forward with you or he needs to leave you alone. You need to decide whether or not you want to keep him in your life as well. Read more in my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  7. I have known my Cappy for 2 years. In that time he has told me 3 times it’s over. I’ve sat quietly doing nothing. After a month he rings up and we act like nothing has happened. Since Aug we have talked a lot more. I had a heavy week with work, he had about 3 days where he was under pressure. Tried my best to support him but it ended up getting twisted. He has now decided he doesnt want a serious relationship but does want me in his life. He also wants us to have a sexual relationship. I think he is concerned about the future and rebuilding relationships with his sons. I do want a relationship with him but feel if I do the friends with benefits it wont develop – please help

    1. HI Confused Virgo!

      Friends with benefits normally do not pan out with the Capricorn man. He’ll keep you around until he finds someone he wants to be with or marry. I think that if he’s come and gone 3 times, it’s time to put your foot down and tell him to crap or get off the pot. Tell him you’re not going to do this yoyo system with him and friends with benefits doesn’t work with you. Find out more in my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

      1. I have been dating a Cap for almost three years, when we first started dating he seemed smitten started calling me his gf bashful, hung out a lot even introduced each other to family. I found out he was seeing someone else. And I tried to end it. He and I agreed to be FWB and it was working out l. I kept him at a arms reach, but he encompasses my life he always texts calls every day sees me 3-4 times a week but not as affectionate. We started getting close again. Then he completely pulled back. I had a feeling he was seeing other women and he lied to me but my gut told me differently and I tried to end it. I had done this prior a few months before because I started falling for him again. I ignored him I do this sometimes and he is relentless he won’t stop texting me. He shows up to my gym he knows I go to with another woman. It was ugly I told him to never speak to me. I cold turkey for a month and he kept asking to see me and talk. I finally have in and told him I wanted more and loved him. He was nervous and couldn’t even speak!
        He continued to text me keep asking to see me and have sex saying he was obsessed with me, so like a idiot I gave in. I then decided look I can’t do this please allow me to get over this don’t contact me. He kept texting me at all times wouldn’t leave me alone. He asked me to talk I go over to his house and I said listen I love you I can’t do this please let’s discuss this. He got infuriated and told me he was going to erase me out of his life. I cried he was so cold and mean. So I left he said he never said he did value me in his life. I never replied we haven’t spoken in a week. I’m in love with him. Why won’t he crap or get off the pot?

        1. Hi Cancer Chick!

          Yikes it sounds to me like he wants it all his way or no way. If he cannot compromise and meet you halfway then he doesn’t love you as much as he thinks he does. Obsession isn’t love. Honestly I think you should go silent on him. Him acting the way he is isn’t healthy and isn’t what you deserve. He sounds like a jerk and you could do a whole lot better. Just know that not all Capricorn men are like this.

  8. 2.5years back a capricorn man broke up with me after a 6years relationship.His reason was “he has changed as a person” but he started being aloof maybe 8months before the breakup…he was going through an early stage of depression for the last year beacause of work, dads death(happened 10years back) and in general he wasnt happy about the way life was moulding for him. i was no saint, as i have fought with him on some occasions as i wanted my friends and family to know about us but he wanted to keep in wraps till he is better off in life.so our 6years relationship was unknown to everyone, i did sound needy the last 8months of the relation because he had changed, wouldnt meet much, not call back, be low.today we are still friends(no friends with benefits) still talk, meet up, he says he wants me to be that person in his life who would be there next to him on his death bed. i am still in love with him but have kept it as just friends, sometimes wonder will we ever be together again, he is slightly at a better position in his life today, the depression is gone1.5years ago,but his focus is work work work now…dont know what the future holds for us but i haven’t moved on and wish to be with him. BTW he wasn’t seeing anyone else during our relation and even now heis single.

    Any advice and thoughts?

    1. Hi Sabrina!

      If he is better, why not give it a try? Work may be his priority however. If that’s the case then he may feel he doesn’t have enough free time to give you what you want. You need to talk to him about it and figure out if you two can be together or not. Read more information in “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  9. Hi I’m Gemini

    Been dating this cap for 8mo and it’s been cool some challenges but we pushed through them then he starts saying he wants to be friends then he switched it to us remaining how we were then two days ago he said “we both want different things & that’s okay gn” he then turned off his phone so i spazzed i sent him a lot of messages kept calling and expressing how he hurt me … i haven’t gotten anything since … is he done with me?

    1. Hi Gemini!

      It sounds like you made yourself look clingy or needy by blowing up his phone with your feelings. He feels you’re overly emotional and it’s not something a Capricorn man can deal with easily. Give him some time, back off, and try reaching out after awhile just by keeping it simple “hi, hope you are well”. I wouldn’t do it right away. Wait a few weeks to a month before you do. He needs to have time to himself. Need to know more? Check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  10. Ok I am dating my cap BFF from high school and I suffer from anxiety ?. I still trying to accept this and it’s hard explaining my emotions sometimes. I will be so happy with him for months and then I’ll say something like I don’t want to waste our time if ur not resdu for a relationship. This is the second time he has said he wants to step back from us but he don’t want me to leave his life and keeps taking my calls, txt and coming over . I’m so confused

    1. Hi Leo lion Ton!

      Well he cannot have it both ways. Either he wants to be with you or he doesn’t. Back and forth isn’t right and definitely not something you deserve. I would tell him flat out “it’s either me or it’s not” then put your foot down. Don’t let him come back around if he decides to leave it. Move forward and let go. You deserve a heck of a lot better than this. You need to choose and so does he!

  11. Hi all

    I am a 28 year old Aries woman, who dated a Capricorn man (28 y/o) for 2.5 years. I really felt like this relationship could go the distance, but my Capricorn already comes from a conservative household and hasn’t got much life experience beyond his “family life” and work, whereas I have worked for about 3 years longer, am ahead of him professionally, have suffered and struggled to make it to this point and live by myself. In short, from my perspective, I have had to adult for much longer than he has an am emotionally at a point where I want to be in a serious relationship i.e. spend a few days a week together maybe, got on dates, cook together etc.

    We started off well enough, but my free-spirited, independent, open and spontaneous nature seemed to make him insecure and controlling and led to toxic behavior. He got very suspicious of EVERYTHING about me. i.e. I would have a bottle of champagne in my fridge (because I like champagne) and he would get angry/suspicious that I am doing things behind his back/drinking champagne with someone else etc. I tried to be really kind, compassionate and understanding, because from the little that I got from him, it seemed that trust had been an issue in his past and it was even worse now, because I love learning and experiencing new things and he kept seeing it as I would outgrow him and he didn’t want me to do anything he didn’t want to do or had an interest in. It really broke down my self worth.

    On top of that, after 2.5 years together of mostly having a weekend relationship, I just felt that if he was really *that* into me, why would a guy living at home, not want to spend more nights with his Girlfriend living in her own apartment. I was just really looking for some indication from his side that our relationship was going somewhere i.e. take me on a date, come spend some week nights with me – anything else than just sitting at home every weekend when he would come and just be in front of the TV the whole weekend. At some point during last year he said he wasn’t ready to be so serious i.e. move-in together or think about marriage and I then said, fine, I will take the foot of the peddle, but then I am going to live my life i.e. see my friends, travel. Not cheat on him or look for another guy, just live. But he also didn’t like that i.e. because he was too scared that I would outgrow him.

    So eventually after I felt that he was acting too suspicious again and wanting some confirmation about where the relationship is going, he broke-up with me. He cried and said he does love me, but he thinks we may be a bit too different and he is struggling to trust me. He told his friends after the break-up that he does still love me and maybe our paths cross again. We had one heated conversation after the break-up in which he simply said but he did nothing wrong and always treated me with respect – which made me so sad. Because a relationship can work/improve unless both parties are honest about why it failed. So from my perspective, I put too much pressure on him to be serious, but I also didn’t want to be stuck in this for another 2 years where someone gets abusive over control/jelousy and then decides thereafter that he doesn’t want me anyway.

    I guess in many respects, it wasn’t a positive relationship, but for some reason I miss him a lot and I really thought we could make this work, if we could just understand each other better and communicate better. I really do want him back although I am not sure if it is wise.

    We haven’t spoken since our heated interaction about a month ago. But neither he, nor his family, have taken me down/unfriended or blocked me on social media and our photos are still up on his Facebook.

    Any advice??

    1. Hi Jenna!

      It sounds like he’s not totally done with you if he hasn’t removed photos or unfriend you on social media. That says something. When he’s totally done, he’d do that and more. His family probably would have dropped you as well. I’d say that’s a door not quite shut. Give him some time. You can message him as a friend just to keep contact but don’t go back to how you were because he may not necessarily want that connection quite yet. Maybe with some time, he’ll come back around. If you need more tips, please check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  12. Hi Anna!
    I feel you are my only hope!
    Started seeing a Cap guy last summer. Things are- and always have been- quite laid back and casual. Very relaxed and no pressure. Sometimes he’d text, sometimes I’d text. Not every day, but every week or so. Then we decided we would spend Christmas together and he asked me to stay over. It was a fun day and HE took selfies of us. I then asked what he was doing the week after, he was happy to see me and I asked if he minded I stay over again. On that day, he seemed rather stand offish, not very affectionate, body language was like he didn’t feel comfortable with me being there. He said he had woken up in a bad mood. I went home, wished him a Happy New Year.
    His birthday was just over 2 weeks ago. I wished him a Happy Birthday and he did reply, even with pics of the gift I sent him to show me that he was using it and said thanks. He sounded happy in his text. However it’s almost 3 weeks since I last heard from him.
    I don’t know if I overstepped the mark. I really do not feel I am clingy or needy so I don’t know what I did wrong. I did bring him a little gift each time I visited as I felt this was a polite thing to do seeing as he be the one cooking. He did mention last time I didn’t have to bring anything over.
    I do need to point out that in November, there was a 15 day period where no texts were exchanged at all and he text me asking how I was. It wasn’t like anything major had happened to him in that time. It was literally as if he chose to switch off and switch back on. So today is now the 11th day since I texted him Happy Birthday. The reason I have not initiated texts is because of how stand offish he was in person last time. I have read these ladies’ stories and it scares me that this can happen after years with Capricorn man it’s only been almost 7 months for me. I have read that you shouldn’t chase a Capricorn man? So here I am being patient. Also, he hasn’t blocked me on Whatsapp (yet lol).
    Do you think IF we meet again, I should mention it??? See now I’m scared. I’m not asking for a relationship but it would be nice to know if he was too busy to see me or that he’s still alive??

    PS- I’ll keep you updated IF I hear from him again and many thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Natasha!

      It sounds like you should text him and ask him if he’s still alive. No joke. Sometimes he isn’t thinking about the fact that he’s not reaching out much. If he is busy or has a lot on his mind, he simply spaces off. Seriously though, reach out to him and say “hey you, you still alive? haven’t heard from ya in a minute” and see if he responds. If he doesn’t you’ll have to consider that maybe he’s not into this. If you need more help, check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  13. Hi,

    I have been friends with a married Capricorn man for a year and a half now. We had sex once. It was awkward and he became cold after.

    After I told him how he is making me feel he told me he is sad how he made me feel. It was never his intent.

    He wants to be friends with me but never really makes plans to see me. He talks to me 5 days a week on the phone and text. He initiates conversations with me.

    I told him I love him and he stayed quiet.

    He says he likes our friendship and doesn’t want to lose it. He is not happy in his marriage but he said he is in it for the bitter end.

    It’s hard to get over him because he always gives me advice and helps me out. He says he values our friendship.

    There were times he would flirt , wink, text stuff and now for the past 3 months he doesn’t flirt.

    I am so confused because I want to be with him.

    He told me he has feelings for me and is scared.

    What should I think?

    1. Hi Aries Woman!

      I hate to say it but he’s never going to be able to give you what he wants unless he gets a divorce or at the very least, separated. He is married and on some level he is still loyal to his responsibilities. It’s also why he felt so bad after letting the sex happen. Yes he does like your friendship but sex takes it to another level he cannot go to. If he is unhappy in his marriage he needs to get out of it instead of cheating. I wouldn’t trust him either if he kept seeing you while still married to her. He isn’t a loyal man then. Be careful. To know more about his sign, check out my book.

  14. Was dating the cap for about 3 years he kept sayin he didn’t want a relationship but expected relationship things . We talked everyday would spend time with each other when ever he wanted it He consumed my entire life as he made it so he was the centre of my universe while he was free to do what he wanted . Recently I started to feel him pulling away he would still call everyday but he wouldn’t initiate to meet up and if I asked he would make excuses or limit the time I would b there for . He organized a trip which we went to and he did not touch me for the 3 days we were there when I asked he said he was just stressed out with work and stuff he had happening but he was distant and although there wasn’t there . When we got bck home I found he was being cold wasn’t telling me what was going on so I got upset and accused him of going out with this other girl as I just couldn’t understand why he didn’t touch me or was being so distant he stopped talking to me and would just respond when I messaged briefly so I gave him his space till after a week he called and started back calling and video calling but would be brief I just felt that something was up so I pushed to find out the real reason for his behavior then he said he just feels a little trapped . of course I lost it and told him how is this possible and outlined the reasons y I didn’t think he should. Told him I was done cause it does not making sense if he feels so after all this time . Of course the next day I apologized n said to him How much I loved him and missed him and asked him how I made him feel trapped and he said when I say I love him and miss him I was trying to understand how this could be so . He went on being cold and responding to the things he wanted to i felt as though he was trying to downgrade the friendship after a couple of days I apologized to him n told him I was sorry I did t realized how stressed out he was n I promise I’d fix it n then he told me he doesn’t want to and he’s sorry he’s just not feeling it any more of course I begged him not to do this but he just ignored me .I tried reaching out to him when I talk fluffy casual stuff he responds if I ask him questions or try to b like we were he ignores me I asked him if he really meant what he said and he did not respond spoke to him asking how was work and the stiff he was doing going he answered sent another message saying how much I missed our convos, no response . I really loved this guy does this mean we are over for good ?he has not blocked me but i have not messsged him in 2 weeks and neither has he what do I do ? This guy used to call me everyday sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and now no communication .

    1. Hi Charlene!

      Right now what you have is a standoff with your Capricorn guy. I would go ahead and message him and ask him if you two are still together or not. Tell him you need to know so that you can either work things out or if you should move on. If he felt trapped then he trapped himself. You are not responsible for that. How selfish of him to want the relationship without the relationship title. He wanted to have it all with no strings. That’s not nice. Get your answers…. ask him. If you need more help, check out my books on Capricorn Man Secrets.

  15. im a 32 gemini women been with a capricorn men for 12 years. i honestly dont even know myself i have lots myself to this wack relationship. i know deep down he is not the men for me but we have 2 boys ages 13 and 7. we are total oppsite he soooo boring and cold and blah. im a social butterfly i love being around people, traveling just making the best of life. i love him very much but im not in love with him, i dont think i have ever been. im fully aware he will never change and its my fault for staying for so long. his 7 years older then me im not sure if this has anything to do with our lives not matching up or if its just that we are not a match. his been my longest ever relationship can i do anything to helo him love me. also may i add he has never proposed to me or even made a attempt to get me a ring.

    1. Hi Marilyn Torres!

      Yikes, I’m sorry to hear that things aren’t what you really want with your Capricorn guy. It sounds like you’ve been with him long enough that you two have possibly grown in different directions. It does happen. I think you need to start working on yourself and doing your own thing independent from him. Either he can get with the program for change or he himself will want to call it quits. Your children want to see happy parents not miserable parents that don’t like being together. When you’re living your best life, you’re showing your kids some inspiration to always chase your desires and dreams~! I hope this helps guide you in the direction your intuition is telling you to go in.

  16. Im an Aries Woman (26 yrs.)
    Back in high school I had a big crush on the Capricorn (26 yrs). man and the feeling was mutual… although we never dated we were very close and and communicated on a daily. We even kissed at one point. Still after that we never got into a relationship but kept in close contact. A situation happened sometime in highschool where we grew distant because he did something that hurt me really bad. After that there was not really any more contact… about 10 years go by in with that time he had his friends contacting me and begging me to talk to him as he “really liked me”. Also within that time frame he would cross paths with friends of mine and even at one point we worked in the same mall but when he would come to my store I would have already went home for the day. At the end of April we got back in contact and things moved extremely fast… we were spending EVERYDAY together and even when he’d leave to work I’d stay at his place… we’d go on dates I’d get him from work we were inseparable.

    On July 25 he asked me to be his girlfriend and I told him yes… I was extremely happy cause I knew I’d always felt strongly for him despite what we experienced in previous years…

    Out of know where he began to grow distant and I didn’t understand why… I would check on him and he would tell me he was okay I’d ask him if we were okay and he reassured me that we were good and that he wasn’t going anywhere and if he ever grew tired of me he’d go to bed and we’d pick up tomorrow lol.

    Occasionally for me when something bothered me to avoid confrontation I’d just got mute for like the rest of a day or tell him I’ll give him “space” ( knowing I really didn’t want to ) because I was feeling the distance and change…

    On the night of august 13th something of similar sort happened and I ended up telling him good night cause I was upset and then we hung up the phone.

    On the morning of August 14th I woke up and saw he hadn’t said good morning as he usually would… so I then FaceTimed him.. when he answered he didn’t look like hisself and eyes were really red… I asked him what was wrong and as he began to cry told me that he could do this anymore and at that moment my world shattered cause I knew this was who I wanted to be with… we continued to exchange calls back and forth but as he continued to grow more emotional he hung up… but I remember in the mist of it all he said something along the lines of “ your just going to leave him “

    After that he hung up and we texted I told him he couldn’t just break up with me over FaceTime and not help me understand why and try and fix it… he told me we’d talk that night ; but we never did….

    I then contact him and asked him like what happened… he said he got in late and we’d talk tomorrow… tomorrow came and I asked him if I’d be picking him up from work as that was our routine … he first said yes then , responded with a NVM I’ll come to your house , and then expressed that he wants me to know that his bodies been in pain ever since he made his decision so to not think that I meant nothing to him ….

    I told him I felt it’s something we can work on as we just need to better communicate with one another… got no response so then from there I just waited until he got off to see if he’d show or text or call but of course he never showed up…

    I reached out later that night again in regards to his second flake in a row… he responded that “the whole situation is too difficult”

    I expressed how I felt about him and how this is something not worth just throwing away and that I’m here if he needs me etc but then again … no response ; so then I text and told him the back and forth is pulling too many heart strings and that it’s a lot so I’ll go on and I wished him the best… he then responds with I’m going to talk to you ( but that’s only if you want to) and I really appreciate for for understanding I know I’m not making this easy.

    After that I just let the conversation be… however the following days I still reached out to let him know I’m here for him and each time he texted back… so I back off a bit and gave it a day of no contact but then…

    I reached out again told him I hope he was doing well and hoped the same for me.. I asked him how him and family was he told me family was good and avoided the question of how he was so I then asked again if he was okay and he responded “as much as I can be”

    I then expressed again how I’m here for him etc and he told me he was with his mom and would talk to me after as they were handling some business… but then again no contact..

    It gives me comfort that he responds to me because he is someone I’m willing to put the time in for, but it’s starting to drain me guessing on if there is even a chance we can move forward … I’d just like some possible insight on how I should move with the situation…

    1. Hi Shadawn!

      I think he’s frustrated and though it’s nice that you tell him you’re still there for him, when you tell him too many times he starts to find it annoying. My advice to you is to lay back a bit. I’m glad he responds to your messages but I think you’re in need of keeping the conversations light so that he doesn’t feel pressured in any way. Yes, I know Capricorn men are difficult but if you think he is worth it then the tactic would be to only text sometimes and when you do, make it light conversations, inspirational quotes, or funny pictures. When he figures himself out and gets back on track the likelihood will be higher that he will want to be with you. Please feel free to check out any of the many guides I have on Capricorn man if you need more guidance. I wish you all the best!

  17. I’m a Capricorn woman who likes a capricorn man. He is 58 and I’m 60. We first through a good friend because he needed his house organized. We got along great and flirted quite frequently via text. I got upset with him over something and we stopped texting. He recently reached out after 6 months and asked it I was interested in just getting together for conversation and sex. I agreed because we can sit for hours and talk about anything and everything and there is definitelya physical connection there. We had sex which was awesome for me but he feels he failed me due to issues with ed. He tells me a week later he thought he could do this but he can’t now. I told him I completely understand and asked if he just wanted to get together for conversation, no pressure, no expectations. He agreed and we now get together for 5 to 6 hours once a week and just talk. I am tge one who always initiates texting and suggesting what day to get together. Is he truly interested and just upset with himself due to performance issues or should I just back off and just be friends?

    1. Hi PJ!

      Something is holding him back but unless he will tell you the reason, you’re kind of left to decide whether to stay friends or leave him alone. This falls on you sweetheart. Only you can make that decision. Personally I’d like to know why he can’t do it. Say something like “No pressure but I was wondering why you feel you can’t be with me so that I can understand where you’re coming from”. Maybe he’ll tell you the truth then you can decide from there. If he doesn’t I’d go ahead and stick with friendship and go about your own life’s path so that you don’t miss out on someone else who could come your way. It’s up to you though. I wish you all the very best!

  18. I met a Capricorn man age 50 and (I am 50 as well) on Facebook dating back in March. He responded to me right away after he swiped and then I swiped and we went on a date that week. Several dates and several calls and texts and on the fourth date I was invited over to his house for dinner and a movie and we we love the that night. He has been saying how he finds me intelligent and how easy I am to talk to and after two or three times of making love he said we really feel comfortable together don’t we? It’s been great since we started talking on March 12 and he’s had some stress in his life since we’ve been dating as he owns his own construction business and has a 10 year old daughter that he sees every other week. So of course I know you’re not going to see each other that much but we’ve been seeing each other every week either on the weekend or during the week since we had our first date. He’s initiated pretty much everything and I have initiated some of the texting while he’s called a few times. I did invite him over for dinner once so I’m trying to let him lead. After a great Sunday two weeks ago with him where he made some more remarks about he wants to introduce me to someone that he’s friends with and that we should do this and we should do that, Something in him flipped when I left his house on a Monday. I didn’t hear from him for days and then I reached out. Was receptive and said that he had a good week and wished me a happy Friday. He had his daughter. That weekend so I thought he may reach out after she left. I messaged him on that Sunday and he messaged back to say that he has been sick all weekend and felt horrible . I felt bad and asked him if he needed anything and he said no you’re sweet but I don’t feel like eating. I didn’t wish to bother him so Fast forward to Friday because I didn’t hear from him for a few days because of being sick and being busy I called him and left a message to check in. Instead of calling me back he reached out with a text and said this “hey I’ve been meaning to reach out to you this week. With being sick and this new project I’m feeling overwhelmed, also my father is not doing well and wants me to come up and see him and start taking some things out of the house. I feel like I’m not in a good mental state for dating right now, you’re a great person and I don’t want to waste your time. I’m sorry it’s just bad timing” and he put a with a sad face emoji at the end.
    His father is not doing well with his age and lives five hours away so it’s definitely a lot of stress for him to deal with him and take care of his estate so I understand that. On our last date we were actually talking about it. did tell him that I understood and I was disappointed considering he’s been telling me all along that he wants to do this with me and take me out on his boat and go away with me and such and now he’s done a complete 180 because he’s so overwhelmed. Capricorn men do get overwhelmed and run away so I get it. I told him I would respect what he needs and that he has my number if he changes his mind and that I would miss him but to take care of what he needs to do and take care of himself. It’s hard since we have only been together two months as of yesterday but I do understand it. I guess at this point my question is Will this man come back or is he essentially saying that he’s not interested in me and does not wish to pursue anything even if things get better?

    1. Hi Christina!

      Unless he’s given you a reason to believe otherwise then you should trust that he truly is just overwhelmed in his life. He cannot juggle right now and needs to put his focus on whatever he believes needs it most. It’s possible he will come back. It’s not wrong to reach out now and then just to say hi and tell him you hope he’s doing well. Tell him if he needs anything, you’re there. I’m afraid that until he gets everything under control, he won’t be active with you. Hang in there sweetheart! Maybe you should stay tuned to my blog for weekly love horoscopes or tarotscopes.

  19. Hello! I am a Gemini just broke up with my capri bf 2 months ago, I’m lost and dono what to do, initially we are all going well and he was sharing me everything, some argument happens and he seems not opening up sharing anything with me and slowly losing interest to me and just 1 week before breakup he was overseas and make me insecure and become needy as he didn’t response so he ended the rs. Please help me, what can I do to get him back to me.

    1. Hi Renren!

      Well, you’re going to have to work at healing that side of you gets insecure enough to become needy. You need to work on yourself and make sure that the only person you NEED is yourself. He won’t take you back unless you do, trust me. You’ll have to give him some time so why not work at your self esteem during this time. When you’re confident and know you’re doing well, reach out to him again and tell him of your progress. Tell him that you became afraid that he was going to break it off because you felt him pulling away. He needs to know why you suddenly started acting this way. If that doesn’t work then you should use your confidence to let him go and find someone who loves you “as is”. They are out there! I wish you all the very best!

  20. Me and My capricorn had an argument over him assuming i played him and used him because i told him something came up at last minute for me to cancle our plans, He also express hes sexually frustrated and feeling like i played him, When he does calm down he will switch it up and be polite and respectful and talk about sexual stuff with me and send me pics and videoof his penis and asks me what i think of it, He also has been ghosted me and ignoring me for weeks and days and only text and calls me twice a month mostly and when he does reach out he constantly brings up sex and wants sex with me, he barely talks to me about anything else, Is he using me or hes reaily board or is it because i cancle our plans

    1. Hi shanetta stephens!

      It’s odd that he’s talking to you about sex so much. It sounds like that’s all he really wants. I hate to say it but he sounds like he’s not into having an actual relationship. He wants sex and that’s where his head is at. If you want what you really deserve then you should move on from him because there are men who will respect you so much more than this. I wish you all the very best sweetheart!

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