How To Keep A Capricorn Man Interested And Happy Even After The Honeymoon Phase

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Keeping a Capricorn man interested and happy is easy when you know what to do. Read on to learn how to support him and keep him interested.

Capricorn men have notoriously high standards! They’re not the easiest guys to bag, so good on you girl! This is probably the reason why you’re interested in knowing how to keep a Capricorn man interested…

There are a few secrets you MUST know how to keep a Capricorn man. Luckily for you, I am about to share them all with you so that you can have the happiest relationship with your Capricorn man.

So, how can you keep your cap man interested and happy in a relationship? Here are the most important things you should know to support, care for him and make him hooked forever. Here is everything you could ever need to know how to keep a Capricorn man happy in a relationship.

What Makes A Capricorn Man Happy?

Capricorn men might seem quite hard to please because they have such high standards, but if you know what they are looking for, then it is relatively simple and straightforward. 

You might be wondering what does a Capricorn man look for in a woman… Luckily I know the answers and can tell you exactly what you need to know. Here are some of the things a Capricorn man is looking for in a woman:

  • A woman who is ambitious
  • A woman who makes an effort with her appearance
  • A woman with intelligence
  • A woman who gets his dry sense of humor
  • A woman who is supportive of his goals and aspirations
  • A woman who is hardworking
  • A woman who is independent
  • A woman who is respectful
  • A woman who is honest and truthful
  • A woman who is stable and secure

How to Keep a Capricorn Man Interested and Hooked – Even After The Honeymoon Phase

Many of my clients ask me the question of how to keep a Capricorn man, especially after the honeymoon phase when all the passion and excitement might dwindle.

First thing you need to be aware of is that for your love to be the true, one-and-only kind of love, you need to go through some ups and downs in your relationships. Actually, scientific research shows there are 3 stages all long-lasting relationships go through. The romantic, or the honeymoon phase, the insecure and readjusting phase and the mature love phase.

If you’ve just got out of your honeymoon phase, you definitely shouldn’t give up. The crucial and the determining factor of whether your relationship will succeed is exactly the shaky period where there are a lot of doubts.

Don’t you worry, we are going to go through all the ways you can make a Capricorn man happy and make him interested in you, no matter in which relationship stage you’re currently in.

Discover 3 ways to keep your Capricorn man interested:

1. Rational Attitude and Grounding

The Capricorn man is often well-grounded on his own. As his partner; you’ll want to also have this sort of energetic pull. He doesn’t do well with women who are very emotional or daydreamy.

To appeal to the long-term with this guy; you’re going to want to make choices based on pros and cons rather than how you feel. If you do have emotions in it; it’s best not to let him know.

He wants to see a strong woman who knows that decisions must be well thought out rather than made via how her emotions play into it. Keep your feet on the ground.

Even if you do have some daydreams; make sure that you either try to take steps to make them come to fruition or you keep them to yourself. If your man senses that you’re flighty; he may not want to stay.

Capricorn man will want to be in an environment where he can feel as though his life is solid and reliable. If you can help provide that for him; he’ll be forever grateful to you.

2. Be Supportive of Him

While he will be supportive of your endeavors; he’ll want you to be supportive of his. Even if you don’t necessarily like what he does for a living; make sure you stand by your values.

If he wants to start projects that don’t seem that exciting to you; be excited for him and for how he goes about taking on things he enjoys. Being supportive doesn’t always mean you have to like it.

It means being there for your partner no matter what. Unless it’s something that is wrong or uncomfortable; you should let your Capricorn man know you’ve got his back in his decisions or activities.

He wants to know that the woman he loves is home waiting for him for when he gets done working so hard all day to make sure the bills are paid. Even if you just got home from work yourself; he wants to be in your arms.

Love him, show him you care, and do things that let him know how much you’re willing to do to keep your relationship alive.

3. Give Him Alone Time

Though the Capricorn man will want to spend lots of time with the lady of his heart; he will still require some time where he can go work on a project or spend time reflecting.

Whatever it is that he needs; don’t be afraid to allow him to do it. He is very loyal and will not likely tell you one thing and then do another. That is sketchy behavior that doesn’t sit well with his ethics.

He will always try to do the right thing and so when he asks for time alone; he simply wants to breathe and remember who he is. It helps him to ground himself and keep himself from being self-destructive.

When he doesn’t get what he needs; he may suffer from self-destructive behavior such as taking life risks, developing addictions, or doing things that aren’t good for his health and maybe not even yours.

To keep him on track and healthy; he will want to go work out at the gym or in the garage. Wherever he can be himself and do it in a healthy way; you’ll need to let him go ahead and do that.

Struggling to keep him happy and interested in your relationship? Then I strongly advise checking out my Forever Love with A Capricorn man guide. This will give you exactly all the shortcuts to more romance and happiness you are looking for. 

How to Make a Capricorn Man Happy? – 5 Ways to Ensure He’s Happy in a Relationship 

Stability is without a doubt the most important thing for a Capricorn man when it comes to his perfect lady. He needs this security and stability to be happy in a relationship.

But this isn’t all a Capricorn man needs to be happy, here are some other things to think of when you want to keep a Capricorn man hooked and happy. Check out these points:

1. Take Pride In Your Appearance

If there is one thing you need to realize about your Capricorn man is that he is absolutely obsessed with status! He loves to keep up appearances and give the impression that he is successful and going places. 

A Capricorn man cares about his reputation and understands that the way he looks can reflect his status in life. This is why to make your Capricorn man happy you need to put in a lot of effort into the way you look. 

You don’t have to dress fancy or anything, but looking put together and like you care about the way you look will go a far way in impressing him. He wants to have someone who leaves an impression by his side. 

Try to look elegant and graceful. Being feminine is definitely the way to a Capricorn man’s heart.


Little Things Mean So Much To Capricorn Man


2. Show Your Smart Side

A Capricorn man has a highly intelligent side and is definitely impressed by smarts and someone who knows how to have a good and interesting conversation with him. 

If you have something to say, then say it to your Capricorn man. You want to show him that you’re a smart lady and have your own opinions. Trust me, a Capricorn man doesn’t want a wallflower for a partner. 

Find topics that you and your Capricorn man can discuss at length. This will definitely keep him interested and invested in you as a partner. Showing your smart side is exactly what you need to do to keep your Capricorn man happy!

3. Laugh At His Jokes

If you have spent enough time with a Capricorn man you will know how odd his sense of humor is. This guy is definitely a little dark and dry when it comes to his jokes. It definitely isn’t for everyone. 

Sense of humor is a pretty big deal for a Capricorn man and he definitely feels misunderstood by people. His jokes usually just go over everyone’s heads and make them feel a little awkward. 

But if you can be open to getting to know him and getting used to his sense of humor you are definitely going to impress him and make him feel seen for who he is. 

You could even crack your own jokes and make him see a different side to you. Humour is everything to a Capricorn, but don’t be shocked when it is a little bit on the dark side. 

4. Be Ambitious And Hardworking

I’ll keep on reminding you that a Capricorn man is incredibly ambitious and hardworking. He’ll do whatever it takes to get where he needs to be in his career. He is always going to strive for more in his life. 

If you really want to make your Capricorn man happy then you need to show him your ambitious side and that you want to be successful yourself. He wouldn’t ever be able to be with a woman who was lazy or undetermined. 

Ambition is really a turn-on for these men. A Capricorn will always pursue success, and he wants the same for his partner for him to feel totally happy in the relationship.

Focus on your goals as much as possible and work hard to manifest them in your life. This is exactly what you need to keep a Capricorn happy in a relationship with you. 

5. Always Be Honest And Truthful

If there is one thing you need to remember about a Capricorn man is that he is extremely reliable and trustworthy. He has a very strong moral compass and he likes to uphold these values. 

What a Capricorn man is looking for in a partner is the same kind of trust and respect that he gives to her. Honesty is the best policy for a Capricorn. He would rather know the truth than not know at all. 

You can be direct with your Capricorn man about everything, in fact, this is what he would prefer from all his relationships because he absolutely hates drama and dishonesty. 

If you want to get your Capricorn man to respect you, then you are going to have to respect him with your values and morals. It is important that the two of you are aligned on this to create the most successful relationship possible. 

How to Support and Care for Your Capricorn Man? – 3 Things To Pay Attention To

There are some things you absolutely need to pay attention to when you want to support and take care of your Capricorn man. You need to remember that he is very traditional and old-fashioned in his life but especially his relationships. 

Here are some of the best ways you can support and take care of your Capricorn man:

1. Be Patient And Keep The Pressure Low

When you’re dating a Capricorn man you will come to realize that this guy can often find himself in a depression which makes him rather moody. This is probably when he is quite busy and stressed at work. 

One of the best ways you can support and care for your Capricorn man is to be patient with him and keep the pressure low on your relationship. Just for the time being while he figures his emotions out. 

You have to take things slow and make him realize that you are there for him no matter what. If you stress him out then he is going to feel pressured and make him rethink the whole relationship. 

Just let him know that you are there for him and that you will be around when he needs you. But lean back and focus on your own life. This is the best way for you to hold space for him. 

2. Respect His Need For Space

When a Capricorn man is going through something you might notice he is the type of guy to withdraw and want to figure things out on his own. Your natural inclination will be to become more clingy and want to be there for him. 

But you need to respect his need for space and that he might not want you to faff over him. Ask him what he needs from you directly and be respectful of what he needs. 

If he needs time and space, this is exactly what you need to give him otherwise you will just push him away even further and further. It is important that you put your own needs second. 

This is why I always encourage my readers and clients to have their own hobbies and ambitions to focus on when these times come to a head in a relationship. Don’t make your man the center of your universe because it will get uncomfortable when he goes through his own issues. 

3. Take Care Of Yourself

This point might seem counterintuitive to some of you, but the best way for you to support and take care of your Capricorn man is to take care and support yourself first. 

When you are good, you will have more strength to be there for your Capricorn man when he needs you. Take care of your own needs and fill your own cup and only then you’ll truly be able to be there for him. 

This means prioritizing yourself over the relationship you have with him. I promise you, he will respect you for this and see that you are a woman with strong self-esteem and confidence.

10 Reasons Why Capricorn Men Stay Interested and Happily Committed

Let’s dig right in to the magical ways of molding the relationship with your Capricorn man! Yes, you absolutely can manifest the relationship you really want with a powerfully loyal man. 

Here are the reasons why he’ll stick around:

1. He Longs For A Best Friend

One of the reasons a Capricorn man takes so long to commit is because he wants his one and only woman to be his very best friend first. I know that may sound a little strange, but that’s what he wants in a partner.

He wants to be able to open up to you and be the person he turns to when there is something bothering him. Capricorn man wants to share everything with his best friend and partner!

Yes, it does take a while to show him that you are exactly that woman but once you do, he will commit to you and as long as you keep that rhythm flowing, you will keep him committed. 

2. Put Your Faith In Your Capricorn Man

If you don’t believe in your Capricorn man, then who will? Remember, he wants a best friend and part of this is supporting him. If he’s day dreaming, that’s alright. This is part of his goal-building process.

Capricorn needs a partner who is going to be on board with what he wants to do with his life, provided it’s not going to land him on the street with a cardboard box. 

He’d never do that, so don’t worry. I’m just emphasizing the fact that he needs to you always be loyal and have his back. Who better than his bestie and partner in one? That’s you! 

3. Be Kind & Understanding

Woman Kind And Understanding With A Capricorn Man

Your Capricorn guy wants you to really get where he’s coming from, and even if you don’t get it, try to understand. He’ll appreciate the effort at the very least. If you ask him to explain a bit better, you’ll be on the right track!

Capricorn wants you to be his sweetheart. His ideal life partner is someone who is independent but still makes him feel needed. Show him how much you appreciate him.

In fact, telling him thank you every time he does something for you will make him very happy. He knows you are grateful and therefore, he will do more for you. He will stay committed because you know him best. 

4. Bring A Smile To Your Capricorn Guy

Capricorn men tend to be very serious much of the time. Break up the monotony and make him laugh! Take him to a comedy film or tell him some jokes. He needs you to teach him how to loosen up. 

Put on a funny outfit or dance like a goof ball around him. He’ll love it. It will help him to relax and he’ll find you irresistibly adorable. You bring out the best in him by giving him a good chuckle.

If you not blessed in the comedic sense then you can stick with funny movies or heck, take him to a comedy club! There has to be a way to break through that tough exterior and I’m sure you can find it! 

5. The Little Things Mean So Much

One of the things that your Capricorn guy will need is someone to show him how special he is. He’s a strong guy but at the same time, he needs to be reminded of how fantastic he can be.

Try doing things for him that he isn’t good at doing for himself. Pick up his favorite foods or treats that he loves. 

He’ll love the thought you put behind doing something sweet for him. Leave him a love note on a post it on the mirror telling him why you love him. 

There are so many small things you can do that will make him feel amazing which he will attribute to you, thus his desire to stay committed to you forever!

6. Talk Lovingly About Family

Whether or not you are ready to have a family of your own with your Capricorn man, you will want to at least talk about it. Does he have kids? Does he want some? 

Tell him about how you feel about it too. He needs to know all the time what you think or feel otherwise he cannot do things properly with or for you. 

Capricorn is an excellent provider for his family (typically). If any of his family calls him for help, he will do what he can because family is a HUGE thing for him. 

Talk about your family and ask about his. This brings you two closer and helps you build a path forward about what you two want for your own little family (or a big one!). 

7. He Needs Security, Trust, and Loyalty

Reasons Why The Capricorn Man Stay Committed And Interested

One of the reasons Capricorn man stays committed and interested is when he knows that you confide in him and that he can confide in you. In the beginning he holds back a bit.

He only does this because he needs to know that you are his “ride or die” lady. That means you’ll be by his side and have his back no matter what. That is what he craves. 

Show your trust in your Capricorn guy by revealing your own secrets to him and encourage him to share his own. Don’t be pushy. Let him open up when he’s ready.

You’ll find that once he does, it will be a flood gate and he will be all yours for the long loving path ahead!

8. Your Capricorn Needs You To Flirt With Him

No matter how long or how short your connection is with a Capricorn man, he needs you to always show him admiration and desire. He needs to feel like you not only need him but want him.

You can go on ten dates and feel like maybe it’s over the top but no, it’s not. He becomes almost dependent on the attention you give him. He’s a little self aware when it comes to this.

He is the type to look in the mirror every chance he gets to make sure every hair is in place. When you see this, tell him he looks amazing. I kid you not, it works!

By you appealing to his charms and making him feel wanted, he’ll show you this is one of the reasons why Capricorn men stay committed and interested. 

9. Inspire Your Capricorn Man With Your Own Successes

Your Capricorn man may sometimes need to be pushed to get going on his path. One of the ways you can lovingly do this is by showing him how successful you are.

Your motivation will motivate him to also do his best. If you slack and become a couch potato, he may not respect you as much so be careful. He loves women who stand out and who want to always strive for their best.

He may fall in love with you the way you are but if you decide to become complacent, he may not be the right guy for you. To keep him interested, you’ll need to keep yourself interested.

If he asks, you can certainly advise him on how he can succeed but whatever you do, don’t try to push off unsolicited advice. That may turn him off. 

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10. Be Sexy & Affectionate

Just like most people, your Capricorn man wants to feel like you are really turned on by him and want him intimately. So, show him! How? Well, you can start by picking out some sexy lingerie. 

He loves the classic sexy look. You can wear a sexy bustier or bra with panties that match with thigh highs. A garter belt will add to the spicy flavor for him. 

I’m not saying you have to dress like this every single time, because goodness knows you get tired after awhile. It’s understandable. Just do it to give him something to look forward to. 

If you have figured out what he likes in bed then do that for him. Spice it up with a new technique, position, or incorporate toys. If he doesn’t like it, he will tell you. 

The idea here is to keep him interested not only in your relationship but in the bedroom relationship as well. He won’t have a need to be with anyone else but you. 

This is absolutely one of the biggest reasons a Capricorn man stays committed and interested. 


Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand that all relationships go through their ups and downs. As we already mentioned, there are different stages to romantic relationships that every couple needs to go through.

This is a perfectly normal process to go through when you are in a committed relationship with someone. Don’t beat yourself up about it when the honeymoon phase fades. 

Mature love is always going to go through a process of insecurity and uncertainty. All couples need to go through this to get to the other side. Mature love is totally possible, remember that. 

If you want to make this process easier on yourself and your Capricorn man then it would be a good idea for you to become proactive. You should definitely check out my Forever Love With a Capricorn Man Guide.

This should give you all the answers you need to make the strongest and healthiest relationship with your Capricorn man. Remember, a Capricorn man is all about longevity and seeing something through for the long haul. 

If you put in the work, then so will he. It is all about your shared determination and hard work. Everything is possible with a little bit of sacrifice. 

I am wishing you all the love in the world,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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