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What Is The Capricorn Man Looking For In A Woman?

What type of woman is the capable Capricorn man drawn to? What is the Capricorn man looking for in a woman? Here are some qualities he’s most likely looking for. Hopefully, it will help you get a good idea of what he wants.

Determination is Important

The Capricorn man is typically turned on or drawn to a woman who has a great deal of determination and appeal. He isn’t normally into women who live the very minimum to get by.

He’s into taking action, getting things done, and fulfilling his life’s purpose. He’ll want a woman who is basically the same way. A woman who carries herself well and knows what she wants will win him over.

Capricorn guy is full of pride in what he does in his life. He’s the “do the right thing” type of guy. A lady with the same types of qualities will be what he’s looking for in the right match.

As long as you show him that you’ve got the energy necessary to make sure that everything you hold dear is taken care of, he’ll be turned on and ready to rock for a future romance.

He isn’t the “one night stand” type of guy typically so this is another area of determination you can show him as far as standing your ground in not being intimate right away.

Being Able To Take Care of Yourself

what is the capricorn man looking for in a woman

Just like many of the other signs, the Capricorn guy appreciates a woman who is independent. He isn’t turned on by the women who are needy or want to cling to him for dear life.

What’s weird is, he’s one that is into being a caretaker. That means he likes to be the man and wants to provide. However, he still wants his lady to know how to take care of herself.

The capability is an important thing for him. If he knows you know how to do it, he’ll feel more comfortable and appreciated when he does things to make your life more favorable.

This makes for an interesting twist in the story. Taking on the world as you see fit, getting the best out of your career, and trying to make your finances stable are all noble qualities he’ll feel inspired by.

He’ll do whatever he can to help you achieve your goals as he believes in you and your desires in life. If you lack desire, you may not be the one for him. If you lack direction, you may want to find another guy.

This man wants a woman who definitely has a good idea of what she wants and where she’s headed with it.

Strength to Speak Her Truth

Capricorn men really love a woman who has no fear of standing up for what she truly believes in. This doesn’t mean he wants you to argue with him all the time or make a big deal of nothing.

It simply means that he doesn’t like women who are like doormats. If there is something you genuinely have a good reason to disagree with; speak up. If you don’t there may be resentment that builds in you.

You want to keep communication open with your Capricorn so don’t be afraid to tell him what you think or how you feel. Just try not to do with angry intent. He listens better if you do it calmly.

Getting to know each other isn’t always the easiest thing to do but as long as you two can really talk to each other; you can succeed. He’ll appreciate you more via you telling him what’s on your mind.

A Woman with Classic Manners

what is the capricorn man looking for in a woman

This man tends to prefer women who are very classy and have been raised with old school type manners. He’s already naturally this way and so he’ll expect this of his partner and/or spouse.

Saying please, thank you, holding doors open for your elders, being gracious and carrying yourself well is a total and complete must in the Capricorn’s life if you expect to be his lady.

He also wants a woman who knows how to dress sexy but in a classy way. Cappy man doesn’t care much for women who show too much of themselves or look trashy. He is rather an old school man.

Handling yourself with dignity and grace in public will be something very important to him as this is the way he handles himself typically. He wants a match more like him than not.

Be friendly when you’re around others. You don’t have to be outgoing but when you are around people; you should mind your manners so that you don’t come off as rude.

Your Own Life

Capricorn men typically want a woman who has a life of their own. He will monopolize much of your time, however; he’ll sometimes want to conduct his business.

This is where the independent woman draws him in. He doesn’t want a partner that will revolve around him. He wants the love and care from his partner but he doesn’t want to be her everything.

This can make him seem really confusing at times for sure. Just remember that he likes women who have their own desires, passions, and goals in life. When he’s jealous later on it will make you wonder what is going on.

You’ll have to remind him that he fell for you due to your independence in the first place so there is no room for jealousy now. This can definitely create some future conflict.

Again; keep communication open with your Capricorn guy and you should be able to work out any bugs or problems between you. Be open-minded and talk to him as though he’s your equal and he will love you.

Passion for life outside of him will turn him on but later turn him off. He’ll have to work out some sort of balance so that he doesn’t build resentment.

Click here to find out more about the habits of the Capricorn man. I hope this helps you discover what you need to know about the Capricorn guy you crave.

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