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How To Make A Capricorn Man Feel Appreciated And Loved

Dating a Capricorn man can sometimes leave you frustrated and confused. It’s just so hard to read his mind and know what to do to keep him happy. 

These mysterious men like to keep everyone at a safe distance, even the woman he shares his life with, so no wonder you’re confused on how to have him feeling loved and appreciated!

This is why I have devised this list on how to make him feel completely adored. So, continue reading to see what makes these sexy men feel like the woman they are with loves and appreciates him. 

Be Committed & True

Capricorn men take their relationships very seriously. He wouldn’t be dating you if he didn’t think you have long-term potential. He’s not looking for a relationship that’s going to blow over quickly, he’s looking for the real deal.

If you want him to feel really loved, then your best bet is to make him certain that the way you feel about him is just as serious. Prove to him your commitment and dedication in the relationship.

It’s really important that you can show him that you’re trustworthy and not seeing him as an option or a means to an end. One thing he certainly won’t tolerate is adultery, so keep your friendly flirting with other guys to an absolute minimum.

You don’t want to give him any cause for suspicion, because the truth is, he’s rather afraid of getting his feelings hurt. That is why it takes a lot for him to want to commit to a woman, because he really needs to be sure.

Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Making Capricorn Man Feel Appreciated And Loved

One thing a Capricorn man really loves is status and the feeling of achievement. This is why he works so hard, because he wants to live an aspirational life, one that other people look up to and want for themselves. 

You’ll never see a Capricorn man with a woman who doesn’t take care of herself. He’s always dating someone who is dressed to the nines and takes a great deal of pride in her appearance. 

So, if you want your Capricorn guy to feel really special, then make sure you hit the gym and get your hair and nails done often. For this guy outward appearances are everything, so when you put in effort into the way you look, he sees it as a reflection of the way you feel about him. 

Plus, being healthy and looking good won’t hurt you in any way, it will only boost your confidence and make you feel really amazing about yourself. Which will make your Capricorn man even more attracted to you in the first place. So, this is really a win-win situation!

Keep Things Professional

A Capricorn man sees life as one big business transaction. He likes things neat, tidy, and very clear. He keeps things professional, even in his romantic relationships. So, he expects you to act accordingly and keep drama to a minimum, especially when you’re in public.

Embarrassment is a big no-no for a Capricorn. If you’re in a relationship with him and want to show him you care, you should never air your dirty laundry in public or pick a fight with him when there are others around you. He’ll just see this behavior as one big slap in the face.

He wants to present the perfect image to the world; therefore, he can’t have you making a scene by having any emotional outbursts. Even privately, it would be best for you to have a hold on your emotions because he doesn’t cope very well in these intense situations. 

This is a sure way for him to go all distant and detached, and that is the last thing you want when you’re in a relationship with a Capricorn man.

If you want him to feel loved and appreciated, you would do well by approaching any negative feelings you may have in a rational manner. I know, I know, this doesn’t really make sense, but this is the only way a Capricorn man knows how to listen and come up with a solution.

He understands the world, and even his emotions in practical terms, so it’s best for you to respect his need for privacy by trying your best to uphold his squeaky-clean image. 

Give Him A Good Time In The Bedroom

How To Make A Capricorn Man Feel Loved

Capricorn men are incredibly kinky, probably some of the most adventurous men in the bedroom. I know it might come as a surprise, seeing how emotionally reserved and distant he can be. But, wow, this man likes to get down and dirty between the sheets!

Because he’s so stern and serious in his day-to-day life, he needs a release and finds the best way to get this is through sex. This is where he can be really free and let all of his inhibitions go. So, it would be best for him to have a lady who is quite adventurous and isn’t shy in the bedroom.

You can show him how much you care about him by being open to exploring your wilder side and indulging in his darker side, which definitely involves a few kinks and taboos. Ask him what his fantasies are and try to reenact them as best as possible.

Of course, don’t do anything that feels too much for you or anything you don’t feel ready for, because it is important to know and understand your own limits. But if there is a sexual act you feel curious about, you could mention it to him and see what his reaction is.

He’ll be very excited to know that you’re willing to be open and try something new. This is a sure way for him to feel very turned on by you! 

Be Patient With Him

A Capricorn man refused to be pushed or forced into anything. He has his own value of time, and he only does things when he feels ready, and one of those things is opening up emotionally. This is no easy task for him, as he’s very uncomfortable with any kind of expression of feelings.

Emotional intelligence is just not his strong suit, he just doesn’t get that being in a relationship means talking about feelings and perhaps showing a more nurturing side of himself. Instead, he’s more likely to just go very cold when you talk about your emotions. 

But just give him time to open up and warm up to being more open. Because the truth of the matter is, a Capricorn man is terrified of getting hurt and that’s why he always has his guard up. He might also question his lovability and if he’s good enough to be in a loving relationship. 

Like I mentioned before, he hates feeling embarrassed and tends to feel that way when he shares his most intimate thoughts with someone. He’s really scared of feeling rejected by the woman he cares about, so instead of putting his heart on the line he is way more likely to want to protect it. 

One of his greatest desires is to actually build a family and take care of his wife and children. This is why he works so hard. He might not be the best at giving emotional support, but he sure knows how to provide for the people he loves most.

He just needs time and a lot of your patience. If you can show him that you’re willing to wait and give him the grace to slowly warm up and become more comfortable with being vulnerable, then he’ll definitely feel a lot more loved and supported than if you were to force him into something he might not be ready for. 

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My Final Thoughts About How To Make A Capricorn Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

Capricorn men are really on a league of their own. They are so determined and ambitious, it’s quite surprising that they manage to find time for relationships. This is why it’s good to take extra care of your Capricorn man by showing him how much you love and appreciate him.

Your best bet is to just take a traditional approach when expressing your love to him. He likes things to be practical, so taking a bit more responsibility at home or being his support is really all he needs from you to feel loved. 

Have you ever dated a Capricorn man? What would you do to make him feel loved and appreciated? Is there something he really liked? I’m so curious to hear your tips so please leave a comment in the section below!

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • I’m a Gemini Iv been dating my Capricorn man since March just found he’s planning out wedding already he’s only just told me is thus normal behaviour

    • Hi Kathleen!

      I would say no, this isn’t normal behavior for a Capricorn man. I would ask him to slow it down a little because you’re not ready for that step quite yet. I’m assuming that he’s marrying you or wants to? That’s good but he needs to wait a bit. Learn more about this man by reading my books on Capricorn Man Secrets.

  • I met my cap man in 2014, wasn’t my type. I always dated “bad boy” type of men, he is a cowboy, he was so touchy feely acted in love with me real soon. I love kissing and holding hands and hugging, I love all affection but I think I was scared to fall in love so soon since that was my pattern. Then he just dropped me to be with someone else that had been in his life. I had told him to never call me again. I ended up going back to my alcoholic boyfriend. After 1 year we connected again, I let my wall down a little more than before, posted and tagged him a picture of both of us on Facebook, he got a post on his wall that said “thank you thank you thank you” with all hearts, I asked him about it, he avoided me then I just again, told him to never ever call me, text me or anything, to just leave me alone and blocked him. Another year went by, we connected again and have been together a year and a half now. We pinky promised we would never bring up the past and move forward. I’ve met his mom, sister and nieces who he always spoke about, met his friends and best friend. Met most of his relatives. He introduced me to his uncle as his girlfriend so that made me feel so good. I’m in love now but he really doesn’t include me when he makes future plans. He’s a roper so his time is always practicing every day and that’s after working 8 to 12 hour days. Friday nights is our movie night which I love cuz we spend one on one time together. There are times when I feel our relationship is so solid and I’m feeling good and strong. I’m use to jumping from one long relationship to another and moving in together. We don’t live together, I don’t know if he wants to marry me, I want to be married. I’m 54 and so is he. I’ve told him I love him and he’s told me he loves me too. He won’t initiate it. I asked him if he was in love with me, he responded by saying “don’t force me to answer those questions”. . . . that really hurt my heart. I felt like if someone loves or is in love, it wouldn’t be so hard to say. He calls me everyday, all day long till he is already laying in bed to say goodnight. But there will be times when he says, “I’m going to ride, I’ll call you later” that is after a long day at work, so four hours pass by and I’m dying inside because I’m thinking he’s with another girl. My anxiety levels are going crazy and my pit of my stomach hurts. So I call him, he doesn’t answer so again I think the worse and panic but I won’t call again. I’m really never the initiater when it comes to calling. He ended up calling telling me he just got out of the shower, I told him I was worried. I think he already knows me well because he just said uh huh. He explained how it just got so late and his brother kept talking he really didn’t realize how late it was. I hate feeling so insecure but after a year and a half I still feel so so insecure. This guy never gave up on me, he always tried to get me back and now we are together but I don’t feel like it’s a done deal. I still feel in limbo.

    • Hi Yvonne D. Valdez,

      Alright so the issue is actually your insecurity causing you to worry more than you probably should. With any partner no matter what sign, you have to trust them and feel secured with them. If you cannot do that then you will always worry and cause your own self stress. I would highly suggest seeing a professional or try meditation that will help you get your thoughts under control so that you can be happy and open up better to love without suspicion. You need to feel the difference between intuition and anxiety driven thoughts so that you can make the right choices. You can do this! I have faith in you sweetheart. When you can absolutely trust your gut, you’ll make the right decisions and you will be happy.

  • Leo here talking to a Capricorn for almost 3 months. We have had 2 dates (we live 6 hours away from each other). Your advice has helped. Patience is hard for me ? I have realized now why he doesn’t text so much so it doesn’t hurt my feelings when he doesn’t respond. We both appreciate our space and don’t speak everyday. I do wonder if he likes me as much as I like him but his actions and sometimes his words (communication is hard for him ??‍♀️) tell me he does. I lost my husband of 31 years about a year and a half ago and he has been patient and sweet and his glacial pace is allowing me to enjoy getting to know someone new. Who knows where it will go? Sometimes I think he sees a future and sometimes I think he doesn’t. I am just enjoying the ride for now.

    • Hi Stacy!

      Ah yes, I can imagine that with you being Leo, you don’t like it that he’s not lavishing you in attention. Capricorn men are sort of hard asses. They also don’t like it when you try to fish for compliments either. They think this is weak character. I’m glad that you’re working on following my advice. Patience is the only way to go with him honestly. He may never give you all the attention you crave but if you love him and you can accept that he’s like this, you can possibly make it last. Go with the sweetness he DOES give you when he does it. Yes, enjoy the ride and see where it goes sweetheart. Thumbs up!

  • I’ve been dating a separated Capricorn with taurus moon aquarius in Venus man for 6 months. He left his wife (they are foreign) a year ago. His country requires documentation of 2 years separation before divorce can begin.
    He didn’t tell me he was married until we actually had our first date. He treats me like no other man has treated me. He’s very busy working in oncology. We met up several times for dates then 2 months of FaceTime. The 3rd time we met up he was visibly nervous and couldn’tstop talking. He always initiates text except on weekends I usually initiate. His ex lives in another state. He often sends photos of what he’s doing where he’s at. Has hinted at future times like “well we can do that next summer when I’m done with school ” he’s never made me pay He always comes to me and picks me up. He was talking about starting a relationship with me and then randomly backed off when his roommate told him that he’d probably not get custody or partial custody of his kids and since then he’s been quiet where he used to text anytime he had a moment. He’s opened up about his childhood and parents his ex and kids. He cannot keep his hands off me when we are together and very much wants to get intimate.
    I’m confused about what he wants. He knows I didn’t and don’t want my time wasted.

    Do I let go or wait for it to be completely over with on his exs side? I’ve already started falling in love and have said multiple times “if this isn’t going anywhere we should stop ” and he says he knows and continues to talk to me.

    • Hi L!

      He’s doing the typical thinking and over-thinking that Capricorn men do. If he felt that he might lose custody of his children then yes, this would cause upset and make him re-evaluate whether it’s possible for him to move on with you and still have some custody as well. I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be able to quite honestly but that seed that was planted makes him worry now. I wouldn’t think too much into it yourself though. Keep being yourself and doing what you normally would do. He’s still in there with you and so that’s where you should focus. Know he’s going through something and he has to deal with that. Stay patient and sweet!

  • Hi, Anna. Another Anna here. I am an Aquarius and I have known Mr. Capricorn “not my boyfriend” for two years. He was an acquaintance of my late husband.
    He told me a few months after my husband passed that he felt I might be interested in something more, and called a hard stop. He has had a brief & bad marriage in the past and basically, I was his friend’s widow.
    So…it is 2 years later (past the rebound point) and we text almost every day. We get together every week or two at his house for dinner (which he sometimes makes) & movie. We take day trips. We share what is happening in our lives. We hug. And that is where we are. I want more & I think he does too, but if I even ask for a kiss on the cheek I’m afraid I’ll freak him out. Fyi, I am 60 and doing well on my own.

    • Hi Anna Johnson!

      Alright so someone has to say something or you two will wait forever and a day for each other to initiate. That’s not going to work if you really do want something more with him. Ask him something like “have you given any thought to maybe us trying for more?”. That let’s him know you’d be up for it if that was something he wanted. Give it a try honey. I’m afraid if you don’t speak up, you won’t get all you desire with him. Don’t be afraid. Be bold!

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