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How to Seduce a Capricorn Man in Bed: You’ve Got to Do One Thing…

When you’re trying to win a Capricorn’s intimacy, you’ve got to have patience with him. What can you do in bed with him that will drive him wild and make him want more? I’d suggest you keep reading for how to seduce a Capricorn man in bed and make him crave you.

Proper Settings for Intimacy

If the Capricorn man has finally let you in and is ready to start being intimate with you, there are some things you should know so that you can enjoy yourself and make him happy at the same time.

One mistake could make him bolting for the hills again. You’ve got to be really careful with this guy. He comes off as tough and tumbles, but he’s soft on the inside and a bit sensitive.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re classy when you come onto him. If you throw yourself at him, he will think this is a bit classless, and he will probably become cold or shut down.

Dress sexy with class. What I mean by this is take a look at some classic styles that are quite sexy but not very revealing. They leave something to the imagination. Think of someone like Rita Hayworth.

She’s an old school actress that could wear low cut dresses or blouses, but her breasts were not hanging out. She wore flowing skirts that looked quite stunning but not showing off too much of her goods.

This is the type of style that Capricorn man is very attracted to. If you like wearing jeans and t-shirts, he’ll be alright with that too if he’s one that tends to wear something similar.

Just make sure they’re classy, fit well, and are tidy. Anything showing off your curves without you being half-naked is good. Daisy Duke Shorts do not qualify as too much hanging out. Get my meaning?

Trust me when I tell you, he loves looking at your rear end, but if it’s hanging out of your shorts or skirt, he’s going to think that’s trashy and a huge turn-off. He’d rather see you wearing sexy tight Capri’s or jeans.

Things You Want To Follow To a “T”

how to seduce a Capricorn man in bed

Aside from dressing for the occasion of spending time with your Capricorn man that leads to some sexy intimacy, you will need to do a few things. One of those things is, letting him set the pace.

He tends to be one that will want to be “the man” in the situation. I’m not saying you have to sacrifice all your control, but he’ll make sex worthwhile if you do let him do it the way he thinks you’ll like.

You can guide him a little but don’t ever tell him what to do. He’ll look at you like you’re crazy. Some women find the Capricorn man’s sex great, but the truth is, he can also be rather kinky.

The thing is, he has to be very close to someone before he opens up and lets his inner freak out. He may really get into things that would shock you, but he’ll never tell you and never indicate as such unless he’s 100% comfortable.

Don’t rush him into the bedroom either because he’ll think you have loose morals and he won’t want to have sex with you. He has to really want it and has to feel ready; otherwise, it’s a no go.

If you have a fantasy, it’s alright to share it with him. Either he’ll tell you it’s not something he wants to do or he’ll give it a try. When you do it, be gentle with him otherwise he’s going to think something is wrong with you.

He may even enjoy a bit of kink that you like, but he won’t know until he tries. You’ll want to entice him to try by being soft with him. Let the tension build and let him figure out if he wants more.

Getting Him To Open Up

Capricorn man wants to feel comfortable with his lady on all levels, and until he does, he isn’t going to rush on the sex front unless he has some random one night stand which is very rare.

Unless he has a rising sign or moon sign that makes him more prone to being promiscuous, Capricorn men can tend to be a bit prudish much like the Virgo man. He holds back and saves it for the right woman.

You can definitely open up the gates by talking with him about intimacy, what he likes, what he doesn’t, what you like, what you don’t, and just basically establishing sexual compatibility.

When he figures out that the two of you may very well have some amazing chemistry and he trusts you on other levels, then he may start to open up and want to be intimate with you.

After he opens his mind and wants to explore talking to you more about what you like in the bedroom, go ahead and tell him all the nasty details. This way, he sort of gets a feel for what you’ll be like.

If he can’t handle it or he thinks you’re too much, he may actually tell you his thoughts. Then again, he may go cold, and then sex just won’t happen. The thing is, he needs to know where you stand.

It’s better for him to know about any fetishes you may have before you have sex. If he thinks it’s too farfetched for him, he has to know before he gets into bed with you.

Then again, he may become increasingly turned on by listening to your desires and what you would like to try with him. He may become erect on the spot and want to take you. You just never know with him.


Just keep in mind that he won’t open up and get down and dirty unless he thinks there is a future for the two of you. Click here to learn more.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

  • I meant a cappy man and we had sex after two week. Prior to us being intimate he expressed what he would do to me in bed, and asked me what i liked. Based on what I’ve read about cappy man i thought they don’t rush into intimacy unless they believe they found there life partner. He’s now ghosted me. after great conversations via phone and text. He expressed how much he enjoyed being with me. Why?

  • I’ve been friends with a cappy man for 21 years(since 9th grade). He’s about to be 37 with no kids and I’m 36 with 3. Hes been telling me that he tried approaching me with conversations over the years but I was always in a relationship. It’s crazy now that he wants something more with me. Hes very open to being there for my kids but he also wants kids in the next 1-2 years…..omg! Hes also stated that he has been stacking his money to get a place to live. Hes even told me a side of him I never knew since hes so reserved! Hes actually what I been looking for and hes been in my life all his time. I’m nervous but anxious at the same time. I’m 16hrs away from him a d bern talking and texting for a out months now. I’m praying that things will prosper for us and that history will turn into love a d gaining a new bestfriend.

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