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Why Is Your Capricorn Man Holding Back – Will He Make A Move?

So you’re completely in love with a Capricorn man but not sure why he hasn’t been forthcoming with his own feelings with you? Why is your Capricorn man holding back? Here are some reasons why he hasn’t made his move yet.

The Capricorn man distancing himself is a problem and it’s a good idea to figure out the reason. Keep reading to learn as much as you can about this confusing and difficult to figure out guy.

He Isn’t Sure About Commitment

One of the main things you need to know is that he’s not going to commit without one important ingredient. Capricorn man wants to be friends first and foremost.

Getting into a relationship with someone he doesn’t know well is not something he does. This makes him very leery when a woman wants to commit before he’s spent ample time with her.

That means that if he isn’t sure about you, he won’t be sure about being in a relationship with you. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t like you or wants to be with someone else. It’s more that he doesn’t know yet if you’re the one.

Capricorn men tend to take their time when they commit. They want to be absolutely sure that you’re going to stand the test of time, inspire him, and remain who you are.

He’s afraid of being with someone who will change once the commitment has been put in place. He wants to be loved for who he is and wants to love a woman for who she is.

It’s that making certain that she is who she appears to be is what makes him take his time. There is no way to know for sure if someone is who they say they are without time elapsing and getting to know one another fully.

That being the case, sometimes Capricorn will step back to see how you respond to him. He has to test you and make sure that you’re going to be there for him when things get rough or silent.

Capricorn man won’t commit without being certain of what he’s doing with himself and where his future is headed. He also needs to know you more.

Perhaps He Isn’t Into You

why is your Capricorn man holding back

This isn’t the popular answer of course, but there is the chance that he just isn’t that into you. Capricorn men will become despondent or even distant if they are not interested.

Many times, he’ll just come out and tell you that he isn’t into you in that way or just wants to remain friends. Take it at face value. He’s not telling you one thing but meaning another.

If a Capricorn man tells you he only wants to be friends, he is being very serious and isn’t just saying it for the heck of it. I’ve had a few women write in and say he tells them that but they feel he has feelings for them.

No, if he tells you he doesn’t, he doesn’t. He may also feel his life isn’t lined up for any relationship at all. As such, he will blow you off for anything more than just a friendship.

Just remember that sometimes it starts out as only friends and develops into more. This is why Capricorn man wants to be friends first. It’s part of the process of dating him.

Something else you need to know is that Capricorn man won’t commit to someone he doesn’t feel a connection with or feels at least compatible to some degree.

He Isn’t Ready to Be With Anyone

It’s possible he’s been through the ringer in another relationship which makes him a bit gun shy about getting into another relationship. Perhaps he’s still carrying around emotional baggage.

If he isn’t ready, he’ll likely just tell you that though. He won’t be one that will act like he’s hot for you but then shies away. Not to say he can’t do the hot and cold act, he can and will, depending on the circumstances.

What I can tell you though is, they have high integrity and will often just tell you that they’re still wounded or are dealing with past garbage and are simply not in the right space or time to begin a new relationship.

Only those that are young or inexperienced will not know what to do with themselves thus resulting in a Capricorn male who backs off when he gets too close to someone.

So beware of the brooding in silence types. If they seem as though they’re sulking or suffering from depression, they probably are and nothing about you will change this. He is who he is and only HE can change it.

His past will often dictate much of what he decides in his life for the future. Just like you, he may have been hurt or had difficult times. He just takes longer to recover than many.

The Cautious Capricorn Mind

why is your Capricorn man holding back

As you may have read in some of my other articles, the Capricorn man usually takes an inordinate amount of time before he’ll commit himself to someone special. He has to be sure and then be sure some more.

Capricorn man isn’t one to quickly dive into something that he isn’t sure of. He doesn’t throw caution to the wind. So if you’re involved with a Capricorn man, you can expect to wait until he is sure of you and of the relationship.

If you know he’s not being cold with you and hasn’t “friend zoned” you, just give him time to come around. If you truly care about him, you’ll be willing to wait and give him all the space he requires.

There is no need to hurry up nor to push him into something he’s not sure of. If you do try, he’ll likely push you back and then you’ll be left wondering what just happened.

Capricorn isn’t nice to people who push them. He would rather logically discuss things and if this means ironing out what is going on between you two, it’s best you talk to him about it instead of worrying unnecessarily.

Sometimes Capricorn man goes silent to make some kind of point. If not a point then he is subconsciously being very cautious. This is something to pay attention to and take note of.

He May Be Waiting For You to Speak Up

Capricorn men are typically into women that are independent and know what they want from a man. If you’re sitting back and waiting for him to take the lead, he may not be aware.

It’s possible he has no idea how you feel or what you want which would make him proceed as though nothing is happening. In this case, you may want to speak up and make it known what you want.

If you never tell him what you want or where you see things going, he’ll never actually know for sure thus holding back on pushing things forward. Why would you try to cultivate something you aren’t even sure is there?

Make sure he understands you want something more with him. Once he has that information, he can then decide if he wants the same thing or if he feels one of the other options I’ve mentioned in this article.

Capricorn Man Distancing Himself – Why does this happen?

Something else you need to know is why Capricorn man goes quiet on you. As ridiculous as it may seem, he sometimes does this if he really likes someone.

He fears what could happen if he keeps trying to build something and so it makes him have a knee jerk reaction. He will pull back and need to think things through some more.

Another reason Capricorn man goes silent is because he’s aware of your feelings and perhaps isn’t on the same page. He fears that he will hurt you and because you’re a good person, he tries to be subtle by going quiet.

He needs time to process and tell you what he’s thinking or feeling. The Capricorn man goes quiet when he needs to reflect and figure out if this is going to be something he will grow or something he should walk away from.

I know it sounds awfully confusing but it’s actually sort of black and white in his mind. He knows what he has to do but doesn’t often communicate it to anyone else.

The Capricorn man won’t commit until he’s absolutely positive that you are the one he wants to have a future with. That is why he takes so much time to figure things out.


Capricorn man distancing himself is a normal phenomenon. It doesn’t seem normal to anyone else. He’s a rare type of guy. He’s old fashioned and he takes lot of time to decide huge life changes.

The bottom line is that you’re going to have to have patience with him if you want to be with him. He’s not going to move fast and he’s not going to allow for pressure. Also, Capricorn man goes silent when he feels panic.

You can absolutely succeed with him but it’s going to require class, patience, and time. You have to learn how to court him and allow him to be the man he is as far as doing things his way.

Always remember Capricorn man wants to be friends first. If you can do that, you may be able to convince him of more over time. If Capricorn man goes quiet, it’s a need for caution for you.

Speaking of his way, did you know that alluring actor Kevin Costner is actually a Capricorn man? Wow! I wouldn’t have guessed that in a million years. He is tall, sexy, and smoldering for sure!

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Has your patience paid off and your Capricorn man took the plunge? Tell me how you did it!

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “Why Is Your Capricorn Man Holding Back – Will He Make A Move?

  1. I met a Capricorn man 6 months ago. We met on a dating site, but agreed in friendship 1st. We are long distance but have seen each other twice in person already. I am in love with him. I think he is aware of this but the distance has always been the main issue. He pretty much told me that if we lived closer, a relationship would be a no brainer. He reaches out to me with a call once or twice a week. Recently he told his son about our good friendship & camping trip we took together. This is not sexual at all, so he really likes my company and friendship. I am scared because he was married 35 yrs & divorced 4 yrs. He takes his time & you’re right…friendship is #1. I want to run but I love his friendship and hope that one day we can be together. He is a sweetheart. I do not see signs of a player. I can’t bash him at all. I just wish that we had a definite commitment or plan for the future. Patience is difficult, but I am doing it. Thank you for this article.

    1. Hi Toya L West!

      It sounds like you two have definitely got a chance but to make it happen one of you would have to move closer to each other. It might be a good thing that you’re long distance in the beginning stages. It can help you two get closer without the physical so that when you are together, it will be magical. Goals are good too though. Learn more about what a Capricorn man wants by reading my books Capricorn Man Secrets.

    2. Hi Anna, there’s a certain cap guy in my life I like. I suspect he may have been studying me for quite a few months now – he would always beam with a smile when around, say hi and compliment me. I never realised this until about four months ago when he asked me out for a drink. We talked and laughed all night. I felt like both our mental connection and physical attraction was palpable (no, nothing happened – I’m a virgo so I take my time too). That evening he told he was interested in something between casual and serious (he has recently started a new job, and he shared a few goals with me around that). When he asked me what I was interested in I never replied. At that point I had just broken up with someone who consumed a good couple of years of my life and didn’t want to commit. So, I wasn’t sure myself what I was into. Still am not.
      A couple of weeks later the cap guy asked me for dinner at his place, hinting that I could be dessert. I brushed the comment off – like I said, I’m a virgo and would not rush to be intimate until I thoroughly know the person. We spent another amazing evening together – there were times when I could pretty much finish his sentences. His stare was so intense – it felt like he was trying to see into my soul.
      Unfortunately, he’s been acting distant ever since. On one occasion I’d asked him out for a coffee and then to join me for a walk another time. He declined both. We occasionally meet at social dancing (which is how we met a couple of years ago), we dance and we chat but nothing else. He continues to compliment me (my looks, my dancing, my taste in music). Yet, the last time I messaged him he did not reply and when I followed up he checked the msg but never responded. Due to circumstances outside of our control we could not go dancing for a few weeks and he never reached out. I refused to also. We saw each other again a couple of weeks ago. Again, danced and chatted for a bit (although, it felt like I had to push for a conversation so I left it after a while). Physically I am really attracted to him. I would love to get to know him as a person. He just seems like someone very interesting. Plus, I can’t ignore the intense connection I feel. But again, I’m a virgo. I’m stubborn. So far I refused to reach out. Mostly because I’m scared he will not respond again. I also do want to come across desperate.
      I am just not sure if he actually likes me or if it’s my heart fooling me.

      1. Hi Anonymous!

        Sounds like he just wants to be friends at this point. He may have something going on in his life that’s keeping him from taking the plunge with you. He probably is attracted to you but he doesn’t want to go further as of yet. Give him a bit more time being friends. Try to be the best friend he’s ever had. With time, he’ll see you as more and you’ll know it. Patience is a huge one for Capricorn. You’ve got this!

  2. I met this Capricorn man a couple of months ago (Capri Sun, Capri Moon, Capri Mars, Capri Venus!) and have seen him 7 times since. The first four were official dates but I could sense him pull away after I pushed for a commitment. The confusing part is after he said he doesn’t want to have a relationship with me and would prefer we be friends, he made sure we spent more time together by doing activities and that he bought chocolates for me the last time I met him (chocolates he claimed to have bought right after we fought)?! It’s confusing me!

    1. Hi CattyKnutz!

      Wow he’s really a full fledged Capricorn with all those aspects. To be honest, Capricorn men prefer to be friends first and was probably put off knowing you wanted more when he’s not really ready. Fights are normal, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you anymore. Girlfriend, dive on into that friendship and be the best friend he could ever have and he will likely change his mind and want to be more but be patient if you really want this to work. For more tips, check out my guides on “Capricorn Man Secrets”.

  3. Hi So I’ve Been Talking With This Cap. Man For About 8 Months . When We First Met We Talked All The Time He Was So Sweet & Open He Still Is But Much Less We Dont Talk As Much Sometimes We’ll Talk For A Week Straight Or Barely At All For A Week & He Even Goes Days With Out Contact Until Either I Or He Reaches Out … Aries So Of Course I’m Always Honest & Upfront With Him Says He Likes Me & We Could Have A Future Together Whenever I Ask If He’s Wasting My Time Or Not Continues To Say No & That He Does Like Me Though Whenever I Want To Spend Time With Him Hes Always ” busy ” I Dont Like The Hot & Cold Games Not Sure What To Do & Need Help ! Growing Inpatient Atp & Just Feels Like He’s Playing Games With Me … Any Insight Would Be Great !

    1. Hi Grazie!

      As much as I hate to say it, impatience will be the end if you don’t control it. I know you want everything to go smoothly and easily; Capricorn doesn’t operate that way. They are methodical and they require solitude at times. They’re not good at letting you know when they need it, they just disappear. This is what makes them frustrating. If he’s telling you that you have a future together then believe him. Accept that he will take time for himself when he needs it. Ask him to let you know when he’s going to do that so you won’t worry. Don’t keep asking him if you’re wasting your time thought. He doesn’t like questions being asked over and over. He’ll get worn out and frustrated with it. On the flip side, if you feel he’s playing games then you should call him out and make a decision. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

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