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How To Tell If A Capricorn Man Is In Love With You

Falling in love is an exhilarating experience, especially if it happens to be with a very sexy and mysterious Capricorn man. These guys are out of this world and seriously know how to make a woman feel loved and cared for.

They are so ambitious, hard-working, and actually very caring, despite what some might say. However, a Capricorn man does tend to have a bit of an aloof and detached nature.

He may come across as cold sometimes and this can be pretty confusing when you try to figure out if he feels the same way about you. So how can you truly know if a Capricorn man feels the same way about you? Are there signs you need to look out for? There sure are!

Keep on reading to see the signs of what a Capricorn man looks like when he is in love.

5 Signs A Capricorn Man Is In Love With You

When you first start dating someone, you don’t know them that well, so it can be hard to figure out what your Capricorn’s feelings are for you.

The two of you might still be a little awkward around each other as you figure things out, so here are a few signs to take note of at the beginning stages of your relationship.

1. He Dedicates His Time To You

When a Capricorn man starts to fall for someone, he will definitely start spending lots more time with that person. He is normally very busy with work and possibly other projects.

However, when he falls for his partner, he begins to shift his schedule around to accommodate more time with his lover. His love becomes a priority in his life and thus, he spends more time in adoration.

This is such a positive sign, when a Capricorn makes you a priority you can say with certainty that he is falling for you. He has so many other things he could be doing but he chooses to spend it with you. What a lucky girl!

His career is one of the most important things in a Capricorn’s life. If he starts making time for you despite his workload, he’s falling for you or already has fallen for you.

He takes love very seriously just as he takes work seriously. He will treat love just like business and that means time and devotion must be put in. If you see this trait in him, you’ll know that he’s developing some strong feelings for you.

The Capricorn man will want to hold you more, talk to you more, and spend time doing fun things with you. He will put his work on the back burner a bit more in an effort to dedicate time to you.

2. He Opens Up More

capricorn man falling in love signs

The Capricorn man takes his time to get to know someone and this is because he is very cautious and careful with his heart. If you’re already dating him, you’ll notice that he drags his feet a bit. He isn’t trying to be cold on purpose, he’s just making sure he’s making the right choices. A Capricorn man hates being wrong about someone.

To know whether or not someone is worth his time, it will be an evolvement process that isn’t one that goes quickly. He needs to see the development over the course of months rather than weeks.

Capricorn doesn’t open up to everyone because he’s a very private person. If he starts talking to you about his hopes, desires, and dreams, he may actually be developing some heavy feelings for you.

Trust doesn’t come easy for him so once he lets you know he trusts you, you should know that he’s probably already in love with you and hasn’t told you quite yet.

He isn’t the most romantic guy but he has ways of showing you how much he cares for you and what he wants to have with you for the future. Watch his actions to tell you what you want or need to know.

3. Bedroom Surprises

When this sexy guy decides that he’s ready to give up his heart to the right woman, he’ll become a hot potato in bed. It’s not that he’s otherwise a prude, but he doesn’t give it his all unless he’s committed.

In love, the Capricorn man will turn the world upside down to make sure that his woman is very well taken care of in the bedroom. He’s actually rather kinky and typically “in the closet” about it. This is why he needs a certain level of trust to feel totally comfortable about letting his guard down and showing his true colors.

He’s a private person and he doesn’t want the world to know how freaky he may be behind closed doors. That is for him to know and for his lover to find out. Once he’s in love, he lets his freak flag fly.

Don’t ever be afraid to open up to him about your sexual fantasies. He wants to please you and make you as pleased as you can be in life. It turns him on to turn you on.

4. Jealousy Comes Out

how to know if a capricorn man loves you

Again, Capricorn is very private. He won’t let anyone know that he’s the jealous type until he’s fully blown and in love with her. This man might start to show signs of not liking you talking to other guys.

He may not like the way that your male friends are around you. If he’s giving off any vibes of being jealous, he may very well be well on his way to falling in love with you.

He wants to keep you safe and happy. He feels he’s the only one that can do that and so if anyone else seems to try to come into the picture, he’ll feel threatened and not deal well with it.

Showing jealousy could be snide comments about not liking the way someone is talking to you, looking at you, or touching you. If not comments, you’ll notice the way he looks at other guys around you.

Keep your eyes open and you may just see this jealousy revealing itself. Take it as a compliment though, as it means he’s giving you his heart and trying to protect what he feels is his.

5. Wants To Take You Out And Show You Off

When this man falls for you, he’ll want to show you off. Though a very private guy, he still likes to take his lady out for a night on the town so that everyone knows he’s taken and so are you.

If you find he takes you out often and wants to take you to places where you will need to dress your best, he’s probably seeing you as his equal partner and is in love with you.

He absolutely loves to dress up and get out and about. Even if you’re only going to a fastfood place, he’ll want the two of you to look like you’ve just come from a modeling shoot.

The Capricorn man always wants to take pride in his appearance and will expect the same from the woman he loves. Taking you out often indicates he’s proud of you and wants to share that with the world.

The Capricorn guy is someone who is a bit reserved but does like to get out and be social sometimes. Having his lady love on his arm will make him feel more confident in who he is and what he presents to the world.

How To Tell If A Capricorn Man Truly Loves You – 4 Clear Signs

When you and your Capricorn have been dating for quite a good period of time and things start to get a little more serious, you may notice that his behavior towards you might change a little. He feels more committed and responsible towards you in some ways.

But if you’re doubting whether or not he loves you, you can take a look at these four signs to see if you notice some of these behaviors.

He Becomes Sensitive and Tender With You

Signs A Capricorn Loves You

A Capricorn man is the type who is strong and doesn’t want to open up much to those he doesn’t know well. That being said, he tends to hold off on telling a woman how he feels or his deepest feelings about anything else.

When he finds someone who he trusts with every fiber of his being, he will start to open up and tell her about how he feels about life, his world, and even about her. He’ll appear to be more sensitive than he ever let on before.

His tough exterior will suddenly seem like a ruse. He will see how much he really cares about the world, about humanity, and about her. This is a side that most people rarely see.

The Capricorn man becomes a sweetheart to the woman he’s falling in love with. If you find that he’s opening up and becoming very endearing, he’s definitely starting to fall for you.

He may even act shy when he’s around the woman he’s in love with because he suddenly becomes that timid schoolboy who finds it hard to tell a girl he likes her. He’s really cute about it too!

He’ll be terribly romantic and someone that a woman really adores. It’s hard not to fall hard for a Capricorn man who shows signs of adoration for a woman who’s been waiting for him to show signs of care.

When it happens, it’s heavy, sweet, and will make a woman feel as though she’s the queen of the entire world next to her Capricorn man’s side. So, if you’re feeling like this, he’s in love with you!

If you struggle to decode his love signals, you should definitely check my Capricorn Love Language guide. It will help you finally speak the same love language and connect to him even deeper.

He Makes More Time Available For You

Just as with most other signs, the Capricorn man will want to make more time to see the woman he really cares about or is in love with. He’s a working guy who will pursue his career with passion and vigor.

He can become a workaholic if he isn’t careful. When he’s in love though, he’ll back off his work a little bit in an effort to spend time with the woman he’s falling madly in love with.

If he suddenly starts squeezing in more time with you between work, then you know he’s definitely falling hard for you. He doesn’t typically like to blow off his work for anything but for the woman he’s craving, he’ll happily make an exception!

The Capricorn man isn’t the biggest social person, so giving up other plans with other people won’t be that hard for him. He likely would prefer to make plans with his lady love than with other people who aren’t as close to him.

I’m not saying he’ll be willing to flake out on plans he may already have but he may suggest that his lady go along with him so that he can make an appearance and then take off together to enjoy their quiet time alone.

Capricorn men are serious guys but they will make time to be funny, caring, and show tenderness to a woman that they want to have a future with. He is very clear when he starts making time for you.

You’re Spending Time In His Space

Signs A Capricorn Man Is In Love

The private Capricorn man is one that doesn’t invite many into his personal space. His home is his castle that he doesn’t want any intrusions in. He will only allow those he’s close to into his home.

When he’s falling in love with someone, he will absolutely invite her over to spend time with him in his domain. He wants his lady to become comfortable in his space and he knows it helps the relationship form a deeper bond.

His home is his cave and so letting the woman he cares for in shows how much he wants to be with her and have her in his world. This is a huge sign that he’s falling in love or wants to deepen the union that has begun.

He knows it’s important for a relationship to blossom, he has to let his partner in or rather, potential partner. Sometimes he still isn’t ready to commit until after he’s taken some of these steps I’ve mentioned.

Just know that inviting you over for dinner, dessert, or asking you to come over to cook for him are all ways that a Capricorn man lets you know that he has deep feelings for you or is falling in love.

He Acts Hot and Cold To Test You

Much like a Capricorn man, the Capricorn guy will test your patience to make sure that you have a “staying” ability. He won’t waste his time with a woman who flakes out at the first sign of turbulence.

The way he will tend to do this is by acting sweet and adoring as though he really wants things to go somewhere. He will then out of nowhere pull back and pretend that he’s unsure.

It could be that he is unsure, but if he gave off no other signs that he was losing interest, this is likely what is happening. He wants to see if you have the patience to wait for him and the understanding he needs when he takes personal time.

This will mean him suddenly going cold with texting, calling, or getting together. He wants to see if you hold out for him or if you will bailout. If you bail out then obviously, he cannot rely on you.

This test he gives is one because he really feels deeply for you and wants to make sure that if he commits, you will not disappear on him when things get tough or if he goes through a hard time.

He wants a woman who will stick with him through thick and thin. If your guy is doing any of these things, he’s in love with you!

Why A Capricorn Man Will Love You Better Than Anyone Else – 5 Reasons

Capricorn men certainly have their flaws, but they are also amazing people who really know how to make a woman feel loved and appreciated. They take their relationships extremely seriously and only commit when they feel something deeply special with someone.

Here are a couple of reasons why a Capricorn man will love you better than anyone else:

He Is Extremely Loyal

When a Capricorn man commits, he commits for life. One of his best qualities is that he is so dependable, reliable, and above all, loyal. He will never go behind your back and hurt you on purpose.

If you are his woman, he will do everything in his power to prove how much you mean to him. He’ll never look at any other women, and will always try his best to keep the relationship pure and sacred.

It may take a while for him to become warmer and show you that he trusts you, but be patient, because it will definitely be worth it when you see how much he values the relationship.

He Will Be Extremely Protective Over You

Security is very important to a Capricorn man. When he falls in love with a woman, one of the prime duties he feels is protecting her and making her feel safe from harm and troubles.

If anything were to happen to you, he will completely flip and lose his mind. He will always go out of his way to make you feel secure and safe in his arms. Once he has formed a bond with you, he will never allow someone to hurt you, and if they do, he’ll have something very serious to say about it.

He Is Super Monogamous

When it comes to committing and settling down, a Capricorn man is hard to beat in that department. When he finds a woman, he only has eyes for her and will go out of his way to make sure she knows it.

This guy is super traditional and conservative when it comes to romantic relationships. He likes the idea of a white picket fence with lots of children running around, and an open relationship has no place in that world is his opinion.

He’ll Be Patient With You

One of the best qualities about a Capricorn man is his patience. He knows that good things take time and that nothing that is worth it can ever be forced. This is a really beautiful quality he has.

A Capricorn will never force you to do something you aren’t ready for and if he is teaching you something he’ll be very patient and caring and make sure that you understand before moving on.

This is a great quality to have in a relationship, it means that he has the patience to work hard to make the relationship work. He isn’t just going to run away when the going gets tough. Nope, he respects the relationship and will put in the time and effort.

He’ll Be Amazing In Bed

A Capricorn man is a bit of a wild one in the bedroom. He definitely has skills and a lot of endurance. Remember, he is an Earth sign so sensuality comes to him easily and he likes to make his partner feel good.

You will feel like a goddess in his arms as he gives you so much pleasure and satisfaction. You are definitely a lucky girl to have a guy like him.

Oh, and he also really loves oral sex, and not receiving it, but giving it. He won’t back down until you’ve experienced pleasure again and again!

Why most dating advice can be dangerous with a Capricorn man

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of my clients send me advice they got from dating coaches.

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Wishing you all the love in the world,

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