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9 Signs Capricorn Man Wants to Commit To You

When you’re so in love with a Capricorn man and you want so badly for him to commit to you, how can you tell that he’s even ready? I can help you to see the signs he gives off when he’s just about there!

Commitment is something a Capricorn man takes very seriously. 

If he’s truly ready, he will give off signs that he wants to dive in. Keep reading to learn the nine signs Capricorn man wants to commit to you…but first let’s take a look at six signs he’s into you in the first place!

  • A Capricorn man in love will treat you like a queen. He will give you lots of affection. 
  • He opens up about his innermost secrets. He will tell you very personal information about himself and his life.
  • This hard-to-get man will let you into his home. This is huge. He doesn’t invite just anyone to his personal space. 
  • He may act a bit weird because he isn’t used to having emotions like this. He may be quiet one day and talkative the next. 
  • He may want you to take initiative because he’s too afraid to get rejected.
  • He will become a bit possessive and jealous. 

Now that you’ve got an idea of how he acts when he’s in love or falling in love, you can determine if he’s ready for commitment or if he wants to take it slower and wait a while longer.

What Makes Capricorn Want to Run Away

It’s important to let you know what not to do so that your Capricorn man doesn’t run off and leave you with a broken heart. There are some statements that will cause him to do a 180, so beware!

  • “You are not all that” He wants to feel he means a lot to you, and even if you’re embroiled in an all-out battle, if you insult him this way, he will check out.
  • I need you” He wants an independent woman that doesn’t rely on him for everything. He needs you to want him, not need him.
  • If you don’t commit to me, it’s over”  Don’t give him that ultimatum—you may not like the answer you get.
  • I hate the music you listen to” or basically any other comment against things he likes.
  • “I don’t need you” Bear with me–you don’t want him to think you’re dependent on him, but telling him you don’t need him will make him feel unappreciated.
  • Any perceived slight will make him want nothing to do with you. 

The typical Capricorn man doesn’t like women who are rude, crude, clingy, needy, or who often put down the things he loves. If you make him feel as though he’s below you, he will drop you like a hot potato. 

Just be careful how you talk to him. He wants to feel good, and he wants to feel appreciated, cared for, and loved—as long as you don’t cross the line into neediness.  

Show him there is a balance between him and your life outside of him. That will impress him and inspire him. 

9 Signs Capricorn Man Is Ready to Commit

Now that you know what to look for when a Capricorn man is in love and what turns him off like a light, let’s finally get into the signs that he’s ready to commit to you!

  • He starts talking to you about really important things or people in his life. You’re part of his world now, so he’s going to make you feel like it. He may ask you questions about your past more or tell you about his life or childhood. 
  • He starts to depend on you and your advice. What you have to say is important to him. He may want to know what you think of what he’s doing or what he wants to do. Be supportive of him! 
  • He wants to be around you more often than not. You become part of his daily routine. He will ask you out on dates and will want to be near you for as long as possible—more than when you were just friends if that’s how you started.
  • He becomes protective over you and somewhat possessive. He sees you as his, and no one had better mess with you. The Capricorn man protects those he loves, so you’ve got him hook, line, and sinker when he’s doing his best to shield you or look after you. 
  • He starts talking about living together. He won’t invite anyone into his home like that unless he’s ready to commit. Living with someone is very difficult for him, so if he wants you there, he’s very serious, and you should take him up on it if you want to keep him. 
  • He may start talking about a future with you in it. He’ll include you in discussions of future trips or events as though you’ve already agreed to them. There is no more “I”—it’s “we” now.
  • He man will bring you around his family and closest friends. He may invite you to dinner with his family or some sort of outing with his close friends. He has a very tight-knit and likely small circle. Bringing you in means you’re with him for real. 
  • You become one of the top priorities in his life. Capricorn men are a touch self-absorbed, but when they want to commit to being with you, they will raise you up more in their priorities. He sees you as someone who deserves his attention. 
  • He will ask you flat out to be his for the long haul. When he does this there, is no question what is on his mind. He’s not the type to play mind games, so when a Capricorn tells you what’s up, you can believe him. Sometimes you won’t even know he’s ready until he actually does speak up. 

These nine signs are the keys to whether or not you’re about to take the next step with your Capricorn love! 

It takes a Capricorn man a long time to fully commit to someone. When he does, it’s because the bond is special. You are special, and he wants you to be in his world for as long as you’ll have him.

I truly hope this helps you get to know the Capricorn man and his mind better when it comes to love. He’s not an easy one to establish a love with, but once you do, you’ll be glad you did. He isn’t someone to make this connection without thought. He’s picky, he’s unsure, and he’s careful. 

Letting you in means that he’s ready to let his walls down and have a life with you. Don’t take that for granted. You’ve got to give it back to him so that he’ll feel loved and appreciated.

Love is a very big deal for this guy. He’s not the most emotional type. When he finally does speak up, he really and honestly means it. 

If you’ve gotten to this point, be very sure you want your Capricorn man to take this step because you will absolutely crush his soul if you end up hurting him or pulling away after committing. 

Speaking of committing, can you imagine capturing alluring actor Orlando Bloom for life? He’s a dreamy Capricorn for sure! 

Has a Cap guy ever shown you any of these signs? I love learning from my readers, so go ahead and leave a comment below if you have questions or tips to share! It’s all anonymous. 

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