How to Make Your First Dates With a Capricorn Man a TOTAL SUCCESS!

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Should you make the first move on the first date with a Capricorn man? This is where Astrology can be your best friend.

Dates are scary! And there’s nothing worse than awkward silence, right? This is where Astrology can be your best friend. The Capricorn man has some juicy subjects he adores! Here’s what to talk to him about when you’re out on a date. 

You’re finally going on a date with a sexy and sensible Capricorn man. 

What will you talk about with him? How can you grab his attention from the very start? How can you keep him interested?

The first dates are crucial! Keep on reading to learn all you can about what to talk to about with a Capricorn man on a date. 

How to Get a Capricorn Man Interested in You

The very first thing you always need to do with a Capricorn is become his friend. Make sure you’re always there for him, let him talk to you when he needs to, and be a rock for him.

The woman he can trust and feel comfortable with is the one that he will consider moving forward with. Chances are if you’re going on a date with him, you’ve gotten yourself to that point through friendship, no matter how new. 

But if you’re hoping to get a date with him soon, you need to know what you can do in order to capture his attention for more than just friendship. 

Be confident in yourself. He’ll be able to tell if you aren’t, and he won’t be attracted to a mousy woman. You may need to do a bit of self-care in order to get yourself there, but you can do it! He wants the real, unapologetic you, no matter who that is.

A Capricorn man’s interest can be captured by showing him you are good with who you are but that you’re always working toward improvement. You never want to come off cocky, but you do want him to know you work hard.

Be very sweet, friendly, and knowledgeable. He loves a woman who has brains but also has charm and is personable. He also loves women who are the humanitarian types. 

Be flirty, but not too much. He wants a classy lady who is a bit on the conservative side. Hold off on sexual talk in the beginning. 

Be open with him about liking him. He needs to know.

He Asked You Out, Now What?

So you’ve finally gotten him interested enough that he wants to take you out and spend time with you one on one. You’ve won half the battle! Now how can you make sure it goes smoothly?

Planning doesn’t hurt! Capricorn men can be rather methodical. To match that energy, you may want to plan out what you’re going to wear, what you will talk about, and how you’re going to flirt with him.

I know this may sound like overkill, but just hear me out. When you get set ahead of time, it makes it much easier when the time comes, and you’ll be far more successful with him.

If you have actually taken the time to get to know him well enough, you’ll know what types of things he likes to discuss. You can even recite what you’ll say to see how it sounds to you before you actually go on your date. Try talking to one of your other friends to see how they think it sounds. 

Be sure that when you plan out your outfit you choose something that is classy and sexy. Think Audrey Hepburn. It will knock him off his feet.

Watch any of the classic black-and-white movies, and you’ll see what I mean as far as looking sexy but keeping class intact. Wearing stockings under your skirt is a great idea. He loves thigh-highs.

Just be sure not to overdo it. You don’t want to look sleazy—just sexy enough to get his attention and make him want to see more.

Wear a light perfume or oil that smells of vanilla. He likes fruity, fresh scents also. Woody or earthy scents are another option that make him feel comfortable and drawn to you. 

It goes without saying that you should be very clean, your outfit tidy, your hair impeccable, and your makeup on point. Impress that guy!

Conversation With a Capricorn Man

Your first impression is going to be huge with a Cap guy. It will determine whether or not he sees you as someone he can be with for the long term or not.  It’s crucial to avoid things that will turn him off.

First of all, tell him how great he looks. Tell him he looks handsome or dapper. Those are classic terms that will make him smile. It’s likely he’ll tell you how amazing you look as well—if that wasn’t the first thing he said!

Ask how he’s been and tell him how excited you are to be out with him. Compliment him on his hair or style. Basically you are flirting but being sweet and a little reserved about it, which will go over well.

Be very cute when you talk to him about anything. This is especially true when you flirt with him. Use terms that are old-school. He’ll get a kick out of it. 

Once you’ve established a bit of flirtiness, you’re going to ask him what his interests are. Once you get that ball rolling, you’ll find there is plenty to talk about. He will likely ask you a few things to see if you’re into some of the same things or not.

Allow him to do a lot of the talking in the beginning. It makes him feel important, and it makes him feel that you’re a great listener, which is important for him. He wants to be with a woman he can talk to.

He will know he can trust you to share his feelings with you as time goes along. Try talking about your own dreams and desires in life. Tell him how hard you work on your own stuff and where you’d like to go with it.

You’ve got to somehow let him know that even though you may not be where you want to be with your career or life path, you’re working at it all the time. This will impress him.

Your forward thinking will inspire him, which he will absolutely love. He craves a woman who will inspire him. Working a lot or putting effort towards goals is a winner for him.

You can also ask him questions about his standards and values. He will have no trouble talking about those. It’s important that you know his background and where he’s coming from so you can see your compatibility.

You need to get to know him just as much as he needs to get to know you. Remember that! 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you have some tips to work with, you should do very well on your date with your new Capricorn man! Once you get him talking, you won’t have any trouble getting the date to flow well. 

Show that you’re independent. Strut your confidence, and inspire him. 

He has an appreciation for a woman who takes care of herself and doesn’t need a man but rather wants to spend time with the right one.

He can be very picky, but once you show him that you are someone he should pursue, he will hang in there, and you’ll find yourself on another date soon enough. Impress the heck out of him, and there will be more to come.

One last thing… Don’t talk about what you’re looking for in a relationship just yet! Hold off until you’ve been out with him a few times. You want to make him want to spend more time with you before you dive into that.

He’s a slow mover, and you’ll need to pull back a little bit to show him you’re in no hurry either. Love will come through patience with your Capricorn man. 

Did you know that sexy actor Orlando Bloom is a Capricorn man? Look at his presentation next time you see him on any interviews or red-carpet events. He is the epitome of what Capricorn man is. 

What are your go-to date topics of conversations? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! It’s always anonymous.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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