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5 Top Things A Capricorn Man Really Craves In A Woman

Are you really into a Capricorn man but wondering if you’re able to provide him with all that he desires? What are those things a Capricorn man REALLY craves in a woman that is by his side?

Better yet, what does it take for you to be Capricorn man’s dream woman? Here are some things that turn him on and make him want to keep you in his life. Be sure to take notes!

Top 5 Things A Capricorn Man’s Dream Woman has

1. To Feel Freed In a Relationship

The Capricorn man may be “hard to get” but once he does finally settle down into a relationship, he actually feels more able and free instead of tied down. He really doesn’t care much for the “dating pool” to be honest.

Capricorn man feels he can be himself completely once he’s found his mate and can be fully immersed in the world of a serious relationship. He’s a bit different from many men of other signs.

He doesn’t avoid commitment like some guys. He will still take his time but only because he wants to make sure that who he commits himself to is the right person to dedicate himself to.

It’s more of a self-protection thing than it is being picky or prudish. Though they are sometimes seen as prudes; they are far from it. He wants security and safety that a relationship can provide.

Capricorn man will feel more assured and confident himself when he finally has the love that he’s always desired in his life.

2. Inspiration from a Lady Love

things a capricorn man really craves in a woman

Capricorn men will gravitate more toward a woman who is about something in her life. Watching a woman stand up for herself and chase her dreams will not only inspire him but turn him on as well.

He most likely will not settle for a woman who isn’t motivated to do something with her life to make it better. Women who do the basics to get by and spend the rest of their time on the couch will not turn him on.

That type of woman isn’t what he likes and he’ll likely walk in the other direction. It’s likely he won’t be seen with this type of woman, actually. He’ll want to be seen with a woman who is in high demand or has some type of authority.

He likes leadership and will respect a woman who sorts of commands attention by way of success in her life. He thinks it’s sexy to see a lady who can be the head of her department or class; whichever the case may be.

Watching his woman be a big success inspires him to also do all he can to be successful. It’s motivation for him to be better than he was before as well as what he will be later on down the line.

Capricorn man’s dream woman will absolutely know how to inspire him and make him feel alive. She will cherish him in a way that will move mountains. He’ll feel like a poet basking in her love.

3. Daily Love Inspires

This is one of the guys of the Zodiac who enjoys being in a committed relationship and all the trimmings that come with it. What do I mean? I mean being able to have someone to come home to, someone to cherish.

He’s among the caretakers of the zodiac as well. This means his life is built on being a strong man, teaching or learning all this strength and wisdom, and of course being a caretaker.

Capricorn man wants to be a provider and protector. Nothing turns him on more than being able to be “the guy” that helps make a woman’s dreams come true. No one will be more supportive of your goals than this goat.

He’s strong, has willpower, and is all inspiring. He will feel complete and excited about his life when he’s in a full-blown relationship to last. He feels he can let his guard down and be who he really is.

Typically a Capricorn man is a bit guarded when he’s single but once he becomes a unit with his lady love; he feels stronger and more powerful. He enjoys being part of a “team” rather than remaining autonomous.

4. Sharing Life Together

things a capricorn man really craves in a woman

Ultimately, the Capricorn man doesn’t want to live alone. He isn’t one that’s good at being an eternal bachelor. Although, he may go through bouts of testing that theory, all in all, he wants to be loved and to love someone.

Cappy guy is built to be a partner, husband, and father rather than be a hermit type that is alright with being alone. His goal and desire in life is to make someone special happy, fulfilled, safe and desired.

This man has no trouble serving the woman he loves. This isn’t to say that she should lose her independence as that is one of the qualities he’s turned on by. However in some way; he wants to be her rock.

He feels it’s his life mission to be someone else’s anchor. There is nothing wrong with this but he really must be careful in the choice of mates. He sometimes draws in women who want to take advantage or turn him into a doormat.

This is why he’ll take his time in choosing the right mate. He wants to be absolutely sure that the woman he chooses will be independent, have her own passions in life, and will appreciate him for who he is.

5. Intellectual Banter that’s Fun

Naturally, a Capricorn man will choose a woman who they have much in common with so that they have plenty to talk about and plenty to keep them busy. He’ll love discussing their latest favorite album or movie.

He may also want to discuss much deeper issues that they feel need some work in the world. Having his perfect match will be something that drives him in life and gives him more meaning than he had without her.

Many Capricorn men will be very successful while they’re in a happy relationship. This is when you’ll see them at their very best in life. He’ll seem to have it all together and on top of the world.

Is there any more fun with him than by creating chit chat that is fun and smart? He loves a woman who can hold her own in a conversation instead of looking to someone else for ideas.

Being witty is an amazing quality a woman has that will absolutely appeal to the Capricorn man’s senses. It will turn his head, his mind, and his heart to lean toward her.

Be brainy with him and let him know that you have what it takes to keep up with him. His brain is the best organ to turn on in this guy. Once you do, he’ll see you as a keeper.

This is why gifting him with amazing conversations will turn him on. Give it a try and watch him. Watch him turn into a big kid when he gets excited. Making jokes that he gets will also get noticed.

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So ask yourself if you have what it takes to be Capricorn man’s dream woman? I’d be willing to bet you do. If you take things slowly and be his very best friend, you can accomplish more than you can imagine.

This man is not easy to get but if you do things right, you’ll easily penetrate his heart and get him to see you for who you are. Loving him may be difficult but sometimes he’s well worth the effort you put in.

The only way you’re going to know that though is if you invest in him. If he’s important to you, you’ll absolutely do what you have to in order to make this guy crave you and your touch.

He’s looking for a specific type of woman and if you ARE that woman, then by all means, do what you need to in order for him to figure that out. He’s picky but if you’re the one then you’re going to knock his socks off.

Speaking of knocking socks off, did you know that super good looking and talented actor Orlando Bloom is a Capricorn man? I mean, what wouldn’t you do to win him over if you could? Everything! Am I right?

He knows this is who he is and as long as he can find a woman who will allow him to feel this way; he’ll be happy as long as he lives. Click here to find out more of what turns the Capricorn man on.

Did you win a Capricorn man over? What did he find irresistible in you? Tell me the qualities you have that captured his soul.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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