7 Things to Know When Dating a Divorced Capricorn Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Dating a divorced guy can be intimidating—everyone’s scared of being burned! Here’s what to expect when dating a divorced Capricorn man.

Dating a divorced guy can be intimidating—everyone’s scared of being burned! Capricorn men are known for their ultra-tough shells, and it takes a lot of endurance to get this guy to open up to love again. Here’s what to expect when dating a divorced Capricorn man.

Let’s face it—it’s unusual these days to find anyone who hasn’t been through a tough breakup or a divorce. 

Capricorn men are some of the toughest guys out there to get through to, and this is only magnified when he’s been through a divorce—I’ve seen it time and time again in my experience as a relationship astrologer. 

But the hard work is so worth it! 

Once you have the heart of this solid and committed earth sign, you have it completely. You just have to be strong and enduring and never give up on him. You need to show him that it’s safe for him to love again. Only then can he drop his defenses and pledge his heart to you. 

Here’s what I tell my clients to expect when dating a divorced Capricorn man: 

7 Things to Know When Dating a Divorced Capricorn Man

1. It’s Going to Take Time for Him to Open Up

Divorced Capricorn Man Opens Up

You’ve probably already noticed this, but here’s a bit more affirmation for you—a Capricorn man’s heart and mind are sealed up tight, especially after divorce. 

This is one guy that doesn’t like to be taken for a fool or let down. He’s reliable and consistent, so when he’s been let down before by someone who wasn’t, he tends to shut down completely. 

This can be really tough for you, the one who cares about him now. Especially if he’s acting in ways that seem very bachelor-on-the-loose! The truth is, he’s been disappointed by love, and he may have even sworn off the whole thing and decided to play the field. 

However, if you’re patient and curious, you’ll soon see that tough shell start to crack. His insecurities will show, and his softer side will appear. 

In fact, Capricorn men are real softies, deep down. They are romantic, faithful, loyal, and dedicated—and they really want the opportunity to show that to someone who’s trustworthy. 

So, ladies, take your time and don’t put too much pressure on him. If he sees that you’re not going anywhere, he’ll slowly begin to believe in love again.

2. He’s Actually Quite Insecure

Divorced Capricorn Man Insecure

It may look like he’s ultra-confident, especially when it comes to work. Capricorn men are magicians in the material world, yet when it comes to their personal lives, they can be like lost little boys! 

He’ll hide it well, and he may sweep you off your feet with his romantic gestures, but this can often be another defense against real intimacy and true vulnerability. 

Deep down, most Capricorn men simply don’t believe that they’re worthy of love and affection, and this often leads to their rigidity. So, what can you do to make him melt and open up to you? 

Remind him how wonderful and lovable he is. Boost his self-esteem, praise him, and make him feel like a king. This will go a long way toward getting into his heart and soul!  

3. He Craves Security

Capricorn is the sign of tradition. This means that these men want marriage, commitment, and stability in their relationships. 

That whole persona of being the playboy? That’s not who he really is. At heart, these guys want to walk down the aisle (again) or, at the very least, settle down with a life partner. 

If that’s what you want, too, then you have yourself a winner! However, again, you’ll need to go slow and avoid the “talk” for a long time. 

He needs to trust the idea of love first before he goes there with you! 

4. He Needs You to Look After Yourself Emotionally

This is one sign that is truly self-sufficient, sometimes infuriatingly so! A Capricorn man takes care of himself, though he may take care of others in a material sense.  

But these are not particularly emotional men. After divorce, even less so. This may make him appear rather cold, detached, or distant. He does have a heart—it’s just buried underneath fear and perhaps some cynicism about relationships in general. 

With this in mind, don’t expect him to emotionally take care of you. You’ll only end up disappointed. You have to be able to take care of your emotional self, as he cannot manage your feelings. 

This can be hard to hear, but it’s important to remember when things become tense or challenging. Remember to validate and nurture yourself. You are your own best partner.

5. He Can Be Hurtful

Hurtful Divorced Capricorn Man

Ladies, in my experience, men of this Zodiac sign can be a little hurtful at times before they deeply commit. Especially if they have been divorced or if they’re still in a bitter place about an ex. 

This may mean shutting you out, playing the field, or being unable to be truly intimate when it comes to feelings. 

So, what can you do about it?  

My best advice is to try and see through it and see where he may be coming from. You don’t need to put pressure on him, but be sure to let him know that you are high-value and not willing to be treated poorly. 

Once he sees what a gem of a woman he has, he’ll be quick to make it up to you! 

For a Capricorn man, respect is everything. Let him know when you feel disrespected—this will help create a much better atmosphere for you both!

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6. He’s Looking for An Equal

Capricorn Man Looking For Equal

A Capricorn man is ambitious, as you’ve probably realized by now. And he will find your ambition really sexy, too

He wants someone he can stand shoulder to shoulder with and conquer the world! In other words, if you’re a lady who prefers easy living, indulgence, and a lack of challenge, he may not see you as the person he wants to commit to. 

A Capricorn man wants a powerful woman at his side. Nothing less will do! 

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7. His Career Comes First

It’s likely that when this man got divorced, he threw himself even deeper into his work. It’s possible that he’s still in that place, and his late hours and weekend work may be a little frustrating to you. 

It may even feel like he’s shutting you out

However, work comes first until you do. And that will take a bit of time, patience, and endurance! 

Stick with him and let him ease into making you a priority. It will come. Until then, try to respect his passion for his career. There are worse traits!

Have you ever dated a divorced Capricorn man? Are you dating one now? What have been the pitfalls and the victories? I always love to hear your stories and questions, so feel free to post in the comments! It’s completely anonymous.

For more on this sensual and attractive Zodiac sign, check out my Capricorn Man Secrets book. Learn who he is and improve your relationship! 

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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6 thoughts on “7 Things to Know When Dating a Divorced Capricorn Man

  1. I’m a Taurus in a relationship with a Capricorn man. 5years older then me I’m in my younger looking 60s
    We have a great relationship but my problem although I am very patient person which I don’t mind I like to know where I stand now and again after a year dating It’s a distance relationship we have, he live in the us I live in Europe. We txt a lot or phone call . I have been a great support to him I love him he loves me too. He’s moved out of his marital home not long before he met me. He needs to make money to get back on my feet? Is wat he tells me I don’t know wat to think. He’s still married living out with his daughter family house. Look forward to hear from you

    1. Hi Mary!

      I think that it’s time you figure out how to make a visit to him. If you cannot then you two need to make a video call so that you can look at each other, talk, and see each other’s facial expressions. It says a lot about a person. Ask him how he feels while you have him on video and see how he responds. If he truly loves you, he will show it and he will do what he can to get everything in order. You should check out my book “Capricorn Man Secrets” for more information.

  2. We are both Capricorns (but I resonate more with my moon sign, Pisces).

    When we met, he had just recently become separated from his wife of 18 years and was seeing a therapist. The divorce, which he initiated, became highly contentious and dragged out for many months. For the first 7 months in our relationship, he seemed emotionally available and vulnerable, and was very open with me about his anxiety and depression. Over time, he communicated he was withdrawing from everyone, his family, his friends, but yet he still was very loving with me. I noticed he was drinking more and taking anti-anxiety medication. One night he told me his divorce was killing him. Those were his words. Then he went away on a sabbatical for 4 weeks. After he came back, he was so distant and cold. It blind-sighted me. He also told me he just wanted to be friends and could handle only a casual relationship. As hard as it was on me, I took a step back and gave him his space for healing. We had little/no contact. 18 months later, he reappeared and still is not available for an emotional connection. I was hoping we could at least keep our friendship, but my needs for communication and connection aren’t being met. His withdrawal hurts. I care deeply for him but I know it’s best to walk away.

    1. Hi Dee!

      Alright so his self esteem is in the toilet right now due to the divorce. It’s nice that he’s opening up to you but right now you’ve got to try your hardest not to be a source of stress for him. I am glad you did actually give him space because clearly he needed it. I think that until he’s healed from what happened with his divorce, he’s not going to be ready to be anything serious. It takes earth signs a lot longer than it does anyone else to heal. They hold onto stuff. Text him out of the blue and try to spark a friendship by keeping it friendly and not too frequently. It will take time but you might be able to build it back up slowly… VERY slowly. If you cannot handle it the maybe he’s just not the one. It’s for you to decide but I wish you all the luck of the universe!

  3. Thank you for your response, Anna!

    It broke my heart when he came back from his trip so detached and cold, and showed little empathy. He was behaving like a completely different person… not the warm, loving, emotionally available man I knew, and loved. I wonder if he really loved me like he said he did… was he attached to me at all? Or just loved the way I made him feel…? I thought there was mutual love between us but now I’m not so sure.

    1. Hi Dee!

      It sounds like something happened with him while he was gone. Something may have caused him to clam up and re-think his life. I believe that when he said it, he meant it. Capricorn men can love but not attach themselves. They still like personal freedom to be who they are. I would be patient and give him some time. He probably is trying to sort through some things happening in the other aspects of his life. My thoughts are with you!

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