Capricorn Man Horoscope For April 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Capricorn man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweetheart, are you looking for clues on how to handle your Capricorn Man or lover in April!

The key this month is having compassion as he attends to things of a personal nature which are closest to his heart. He’s a little more contemplative and may need time to think.

If you are married, family matters take precedence, so attend to matters around the home. It’s a very good time to contemplate where you guys want to be living and make arrangements for improving your property, or possibly moving.

So this is a good time to focus on family priorities and then have conversations to discover where you are all going in the next few years.

Solar Eclipse in Aries –21st April

The solar eclipse happens in the last degree of Aries, which means it is influencing his solar 4th and 5th house.

This brings an emphasis on family life, particularly children, so if you are young you may want to think about starting a family or extending your family. If you are older, activities and the focus of this month could be very much to do with celebrating children’s birthdays, achievements or helping them in their development.

Capricorn fathers tend to be quite hands-on and rather protective of their children, but it’s important this month for him to let them be their own people and make their own choices. It’s vital for you as parents to let your children have independence, and for you to encourage him to trust them.

It’s time to let them express their desire for freedom and self-expression, and you guys shouldn’t try and over-regulate or plan their lives for them. I know it’s often difficult for Capricorn Man to see his children going down the wrong route, but isn’t that how we all learn, so help him to allow them to be free spirits.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Aries – 11 April

This particular conjunction has a couple of effects: on a mundane level, it’s great for renovating your home, redecorating or just giving the home a spring clean or a fresh coat of paint, so that you and Capricorn guy feel ready for the new season. You may be inspired to buy new furniture and household appliances, particularly for convenience, but also to help with entertaining.

On a spiritual level, this month is excellent for reflection and taking time to medicate on what your needs and priorities as a couple are at a fundamental level. You need to get back in touch with who you are and you shouldn’t forget where you came from.

It’s ideal for Capricorn Man to take the lead in family affairs, so if there are any big family events coming up, why not help him with the organization or even hosting the event. This is a suitable time to have family members to stay, and it’s easier than it would be other times of the year because he feels a lot more relaxed and he will enjoy the company.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus Conjunct Uranus – 21st April

From the 21st of April, Mercury is retrograde in Taurus, thus after that date is not ideal for any internet dating, singles nights or double dating with respect to Capricorn guy, so be wary if you meet him in these circumstances. You should be quite cautious in your romance with Capricorn Man and watch out for miscommunications and crossed wires.

In general, April is a pretty cool month for meeting a Capricorn Man simply because random meetings or chance hookups can actually lead to a very promising romance. The only problem is the high degree of unpredictability which leads to some temporary disappointments.

So any new relationship that begins now has a rather nerve-wracking edge to it, simply because you are going to be a person who is out of Capricorn guy’s normal frame of reference, and therefore it’s very hard for him to anticipate your needs and communication can be quite a struggle at first.

However this is a year when Capricorn men are drawn to challenging relationships, relationships that will help them see the world in a different way and grow, and one of those relationships could well come along this month.

So yes, there will be some clashes, and yes there will be some treading on each other’s toes, but be diplomatic and stick with it.

Venus in Gemini Square Saturn – 14th April

This represents an excellent month for creative design and artwork. It’s very important to encourage him to approach his work from a people friendly perspective, and also to be well aware of the optics and the aesthetics of any approach. This is a time when appearances count, and he has to be very congenial and warm in order to get results with his colleagues or clients.

Right now functionality is not enough, and he has to pay attention to the creative side of his work, and this may mean making his reception area or his website more attractive and appealing, so let him know if you have any ideas in that vein especially if you are creative. April could require him to work harder at his social skills, it’s very important right now for him to show a lot of empathy and compassion towards his colleagues, employees or clients, because that really helps give him the edge.

So help him to understand that success is not just about doing a job well, it’s about a huge emphasis on politeness and friendliness.

Theme of the month – Family and Roots

The key theme this month is the importance of family, roots and re-establishing a deeper connection with himself via better family relationships.

He’s looking for greater meaning and he finds this through cooperation with family members and through contemplating his purpose.

Magic Phrase “You can be so charming and persuasive and have a fantastic eye for beauty.”

Text Magic: “ I’m waiting for you to thrill the pants off me.”

Do: It’s definitely beneficial for him to throw himself into creative hobbies, if there’s any particular outlet or interest that he hasn’t been paying much attention to, this is the month to encourage him to re-engage with it. Get out his guitar, his paint brushes or the tennis racket and make time for hobbies and fun together.

Avoid: All work and no play makes Capricorn a dull boy, so it’s very important for you to remind him get out of the office and not be a workaholic. He must delegate, trust other people to be able to perform and so he has some time out for you and his family.

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Week One – Romance

While this is an absolutely fabulous time for meeting Capricorn guy, in that you don’t even have to work hard it because an opportunity should fall into your lap, often in the most unlikely of places, that doesn’t mean that new romances aren’t hard work. Often communication is a struggle initially and you have to work very hard at relating and getting to understand each other’s love languages, as a new romance with Capricorn guy can be quite confusing at the beginning.

This is likely to be quite a significant time in terms of financial affairs across the globe, and all star signs have to pay more attention to money. However when it comes to Capricorn guy, he’s likely to be fairly lucky because he is in a good position.

You guys should be able to manage your affairs quite well, however it is important to keep an eye on the long-term, don’t do anything connected to your finances right now that could damage long-term prospects. So keep an eye on the news, watch current affairs and definitely stay flexible but don’t be negative, just stay alert.

Capricorn Man tends to be quite cautious with money but right now conservatism is not necessarily the way forward he may have to take a few risks.

Week Two – Forgive and Forget

This week is an excellent time for him to get on top of things of a personal nature. It’s important for him to spend some time alone where he can mull over events of the recent past and put them into context. It’s very important to work on forgiveness and bridge building as a couple, particularly within your family or extended family.

This is not a time to be carrying around baggage or harboring bad feeling, so as a couple work on releasing and letting stuff go. It’s not just about forgiving each other, it’s about forgiving people you have both has issues with.

Consider what you guys can do, either in a practical way or in a spiritual way, to release negative attachments or toxicity related to the past as this is vital to the success you’ll be having in the next 12 years.

Week Three – Foundations

The importance of this week shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of its relevance in terms of setting the stage for a positive path forward. His emotional and internal attitudes really need reevaluating right now.

For Capricorn guy, it’s not about talking the talk or walking the walk, it’s not about saying the right thing to others, he has to say it and he has to mean it.

So don’t let him cop out, it’s no good doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, you guys have to come to terms with what you really want, and what actually makes sense for your family at a core level. Then you must both follow that path, once you have discarded the negative emotions which lead you down dead end streets.

Week Four – Patience

This week encourage him to be patient, as even if he works hard, he will not necessarily get the recognition he deserves right away, but it’s very important to urge him not to be competitive and resentful. You should genuinely support him and cheer him on, even if he feels that he’s not succeeding.

It’s important for him to be patient about his goals and ambitions, even if that’s difficult for him. Always remind him of how far he’s come and help him to hang in there.

If you’ve been dating Capricorn Man regularly for a while and know him really well you should have a fun week with respect to romance. However, you should still be ready to initiate surprises, so express your restless side, start suggesting new things that you want to do, or new ways in which you wish to conduct the relationship, and some of these should come out of the blue, because he enjoys the odd curve ball.

If you’ve only recently begun to get to know Capricorn Man, sudden events and your reaction to them may surprise you both and you may realize this week that you don’t yet know very much about each other at all, but you should embrace this and use that as an opportunity to develop the relationship deeper and to find out what more there is to be revealed.

How does that sound Darlings?

April will not disappoint you if you have a Capricorn guy in your life. It’s an excellent time to embark on a romance with Capricorn guy and have a little fantasy and escapism in your life.

This is also a positive time for family events and bonding with your children.
This is a very exciting time for love, as long as you guys throw out the rulebook, embrace a little bit of adventure and don’t allow yourselves to be rigid. Go with the flow and put all the logical questions on hold as you let your hearts do the talking.

You and Capricorn guy will be able to enjoy entertaining and having replenishing downtime within your home.
If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Capricorn Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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