Capricorn Man Horoscope For August 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly June predictions for your Capricorn man. What will his mood be for the season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, how has your July been going?

It’s time for the August reading for Capricorn man and I hope that you will find this very helpful in terms of understanding his attitudes moods and needs this month. In these monthly guides we aim to give you a wide range of information in terms of theme of the month, planetary aspects and also a weekly report so you get a full understanding of the potentials and the pitfalls of the month.

Remember we also have yearly guides which will attempt to answer all the questions you have about your Capricorn partner, whether you are married, dating or just have your eye on him.

August is a very interesting month because Venus is retrograde in Leo for the entire month, Mercury goes retrograde on the 24th and we have a New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus retrograde, so there is a kind of lazy feeling to the month, although the first and last week are quite busy, but the general feeling is one of chilling out and indulging.

It’s not the best month for diets or discipline, but it really is good for having fun and also reaching a renewed understanding about your relationship and how it’s working out.

Venus retrograde in Leo – all of August

When it comes to love, there may well be many coincidences, which means that romances with Capricorn Guy will be fated, they may perhaps feel ‘meant to be’ and they may come about in the most bizarre of circumstances.

So if you are hooked up with Capricorn Guy, perhaps you’ve recently met or maybe you have your eye on him, you can be sure that this relationship is going to be both passionate and quite transformative for both of you.

You may be thrust together in unusual circumstances and thus your relationship will have rather unique challenges and also opportunities. There could be something mysterious about the way your relationship comes to be, or maybe you and Capricorn Guy have known each other in the past but in a strange set of circumstances you find your way back to each other and form a relationship which brings a lot of unexpected pleasures and revelations.

Capricorn Guy can be drawn towards relationships that are somewhat obsessive, often he is compulsively drawn to someone who’s really not right for him at all, but who fills him with a sense of adventure.

He is drawn to what is taboo or somewhat forbidden, so relationships that have a lot of pushback or problems can be quite appealing to him, however in many cases it remains to be seen if these can last or if these are just appealing to a sense of rebellion within him this year.

Capricorn Guy could be compulsively drawn to someone he knows it’s not good for him, he almost wants to go for people that he wouldn’t have considered before because he knows he needs to discover something new about himself, and that may mean pursuing people who are opposite or unsuitable.

New Moon in Leo – 16th August

The New Moon in Leo is really important for Capricorn, it’s a time for focus and reaching understanding, it’s important to examine agendas and motives in relationships and also to try and create clarity. It’s a period where you have to be really careful of any feelings of jealousy and possessiveness creeping in, you need to examine any attitudes, fears, and anxieties and how these may be creating negative scenarios in your relationship with Capricorn Guy relationship.

This is often a time where power games, manipulation, and control are themes in a relationship and therefore you have to be very aware of subtleties. It’s important to try and iron out any lingering issues.

This is also an important time for purging, so it’s a great time to arrest any bad habits that are kicking in and it’s also a time to get rid of toxic influences in his or your lives. So whether it be activities issues in the community or colleagues that are creating problems, it’s time to find ways of distancing yourself from those people or those situations.

Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune – 23rd August

Breaking free from reality is really important for him this month, and you can help him do that, perhaps by a greater emphasis on movies, literature or hobbies in your personal life.

Real process happens when he lets go of reality, stops rational thinking and allows himself to just drift and to explore his subconscious. The more he learns to use fantasy and intuition over information, the more he can discover a new paradigm which helps him think for himself and be who he’s meant to be.

Romance is definitely likely in relationships where there is not too much pressure, so if you are dating Capricorn Guy and you guys have a little bit of free time or are maybe on holiday, romance is definitely on the cards. However, if you are both working right now and have a lot of other things competing for your energy, it can be really hard to get into a romantic frame of mind.

The best way to encourage romance right now is total escapism, so a short break, a road trip or using your fantasy life to escape is vital.

To the extent that you are able to really switch off and have a good night, you can stimulate romance, but sometimes it can be very hard for him to switch his mind off, to calm down and to truly engage, thus a lot of the time, even when you’re trying to have a little bit of romance, you may still may feel that there’s something bothering him and that he’s miles away.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo – 24th August

Mercury retrograde in Virgo can indicate issues arising with his parents, so it’s more important for you to cultivate good communication with his mother and father because they can be a thorn in your side.

It’s often important to appease them but also to sidestep and avoid, try not to go head to head and be at loggerheads with them, and in some cases it may be better to step aside and let him cope with his parents. If it’s a situation where you are always having to deal with his parents, don’t let him pass that buck to you.

This can be a time in relationships where you have vastly different backgrounds i.e. from different cultures, religions on ethnicities etc. where a lot more work has to go into communication because of these differences.

You really have to decipher the deeper driving forces going on within your Capricorn partner otherwise you are never really going to get them, so it’s important to communicate about essential issues where you guys can really get on a similar wavelength or at least get a better understanding of each other.

Theme of the month – This month the keywords in terms of relationships are commitment, trust and communication. There’s a great opportunity to bring romance and affection back into relationships, however, without trust there can be a lack of security, which means that you both are held back in terms of self-expression.

Magic Phrase – “Change is the only constant in life.”

Magic Text – “I have something planned that you will never guess!”

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 16th of August to the 30th of August this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

An excellent month for marriage and engagement. Marriage counseling and initiatives to reignite understanding and cooperation in love are favored. Great for teamwork.

A favorable month for new romance and meeting potential partners. Creative and artistic ventures are successful. Great for launches and entertaining or throwing parties. Activities connected to children and young people are successful. Great for entering competitive arenas.

Suitable for investing and stock market activity. Analysis and problem-solving is favored. Excellent for budgeting and organizing financial affairs.

Avoid – The waxing phase is not ideal for his promotional activities, competitive goals, higher education, publishing and team leadership. Not ideal for planning an important holiday. This phase is not suitable for publishing and advertising. Community goals and social work are not favored. Long-distance travel is not favored.

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Week 1 – The Fire in your Eyes

It’s an ideal week for you both to explore possibilities and seek out new opportunities, even if these require great inner strength, as he has the ability to remain calm and strong even when he is up against it.

This is an excellent week to refresh a marriage by speaking your mind and encouraging each other to reveal all. It’s time to open up and then look forward to a new phase of greater transparency and more meaningful conversation in your marriage.

He may well find himself in a high-tempo and fiery romance. Love this week is not ‘take it or leave it’ as intense feelings are likely to develop leading to both a strong relationship and also one that can be prone to outbursts, jealousy or emotional volatility.

There are both pros and cons to any relationship that begins now. The downside is mainly related to you both getting carried away and things moving too quickly, with expectations getting exaggerated.

Week 2 – Pride and Passion

This tends to be quite an adventurous phase for Capricorn Guy, if he’s ever going to do something radical it could be now. Things tend to arouse his passions, so in terms of a relationship, this is a time when the relationship is much more intense and that can lead to really good sex and a deeper connection, on the other hand, it can also lead to conflict over money, priorities and issues surrounding perceived infidelity.

This will really test how much trust there is in your relationship; in relationships that are very open with you guys pursuing your own hobbies; or where you think you don’t know each other that well; it’s very easy for you guys to both imagine things and start playing games or holding back. It’s important right now to try and be as honest with each other as possible, because the more the games come into it the frame the more difficult it is to really work out what’s going on.

So the key phrase this week is, “a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” So even if you can’t control what he’s doing, retain the moral high ground, be honest and straightforward, and demand that he follows the high standard you are setting.

Week 3 – Spontaneity

This can be an extremely roller coaster, yet exhilarating week of romance with Capricorn Guy. He is certainly more enthusiastic, he’s wearing his heart on his sleeve, but he can also surprise you because he’s not in his typical reserved Capricorn mode as he loves to be surprised, he enjoys spontaneity and he’s certainly looking to address any boredom.

So if your relationship has fallen into a groove that’s not particularly exciting or stimulating, he could actually create some arguments or behave erratically as a way to stir things up. So often it’s best to use this time for a total review and renewal of the relationship, in terms of introducing better communication, new activities or shaking up the routine, rather than to just carry on and hope for the best.

Trying to play it safe this week almost invites upheaval, the planets are demanding that you guys try something a little bit new, and resisting it can only lead to friction. This is a fantastic time for him starting a brand new romance, but it’ll probably come about in a really unexpected way almost as if fate is involved.

Week 4 – Show don’t tell

You can grow exceptionally stronger as a unit right now, by facing things head-on. This is not a time to be conflict avoiding; you should be diplomatic, but don’t be in denial about when a more assertive approach is needed in terms of debate within the relationship.

In love, it’s very important to be honest and affectionate. You should be careful with communication this week as words can get in the way, it’s important to focus on playfulness, affection and showing Capricorn guy in meaningful and practical ways. You should be careful not to make promises as these will be difficult to keep due to changing circumstances.

In Closing

This is a wonderful time for him to break free of restraints and do things totally out of Left Field, which may be a little bit unorthodox, but could pay off. So it’s important not to freak out if he’s a bit outrageous.

His mind is more open right now, which means that although doors may close, he’s more interested in the windows which open. So change and novelty tends to come your way courtesy of a Capricorn man.

Encourage him to embrace any opportunity to move beyond his comfort zones and get his adrenaline pumping by doing something totally new.

So have fun, go wild, and I’ll see you next time around.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Capricorn Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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