Capricorn Man Horoscope For December 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly November horoscope for your Capricorn man. Things to know about your Capricorn man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello sweethearts and a warm welcome to this festive seasonal prediction for Capricorn Man.

Step into the enchanting realm of December festivities with open hearts. ‘Tis the season of merriment and celebration, where the world seems to slow down, inviting us to unwind and revel in joy. Amidst the twinkling lights and the warmth of crackling fires, the spotlight turns to relationships.

With more time spent with our partners, expectations soar. For those flying solo, the potential for loneliness exists, yet it’s also a splendid opportunity to encounter new souls.

Picture the mistletoe as a symbol of magic, ready to weave spells of good cheer, aromatic delights, and snug affection into our lives this December.

This definitely represents a time when he is extremely communicative, curious and generally in a light-hearted frame of mind. This is certainly a time where he can enjoy some titillation and he’s quite sociable.

While he’s quite focused and contained emotionally, at the same time, he likes to keep his options open. He’ll resist any pressure in a phlegmatic way.

Mercury enters Capricorn – 2nd December

Short breaks away are very important to relieve tension right now; it’s also during travel that you guys may have more meaningful conversations. Perhaps riding in a car together, where you don’t necessarily experience the tension of sitting around the kitchen table, could be a time when you both open up.

Good communication is really important in relationships, but that doesn’t mean long-winded conversations, as that can create more problems than solutions. The key is renewing the fun-factor to communicate with Capricorn Man, having more banter, joking around, being supportive to each other and being thoughtful. You don’t necessarily have to put aside time for long-winded debates around the kitchen table, because there’s not a lot of time and this it is not a good period for that kind of communication.

He can feel a little bit stressed and so he needs to avoid situations where there are large crowds or any aggression. This is certainly a time when he can be more evasive; he likes to deal with things quickly and move on as he hasn’t really got the patience for anything long and involved.

He’s definitely in a more rational and realistic frame of mind so the best way to connect with him is to be succinct and be logical.

Venus enters Scorpio – 5th December

This definitely a time when he needs to let his hair down and hang out with people who support and appreciate him. This is certainly a time when his networks, both professional and social, provide a lot of reassurance for him.

He can often feel as if his life is lacking direction or moving in the wrong direction and he benefits from the advice of other people, he can easily feel lonely and isolated, and that’s why it’s important for him to be with supportive friends or alternatively join new groups and organizations of like-minded people who are going to be there for him. Therefore support him in his quest to find his tribe.

New couples need a sense of purpose which you can work together on as a team, so couples who are strongly aligned in terms of having the same ideals and vision for the future will really gel, however, this is also a time when political and ideological differences can be problematic in relationships.

So if you and Capricorn are chalk and cheese in terms of what you want out of life and what you believe about life, this can be a time when you really have to give each other space or come to compromises to prevent locking horns.

New Moon in Sagittarius – 13th December

It’s important when dating Capricorn Man that you keep your own boundaries up because he’s quite persuasive right now, and he can draw you into situations that maybe you aren’t particularly comfortable about. If you feel that he’s becoming too dependent on you, which is something you need to watch out for because he does have insecurities right now, and you don’t want to be drawn into a position where you are accountable for too much of his emotional well-being.

The theme this New Moon is gaining a deeper understanding through contemplation. On the surface, he may feel a bit all discouraged and unmotivated, at times, he is confused, but he is looking for solutions and a positive way forward.

This is a fantastic month for him to understand what truly makes him happy or passionate. If he does feel apathetic, then it’s a key indication that he is moving in the wrong direction and needs to put that right. As the month goes on, he will pull himself out of this mood and he will realize the solution is right in front of him and he will be able to move forward.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn – 13th December

It’s very important that he reads between the lines right now, there is a lot to be understood about the dynamics of what’s going on in terms of family life and his career, and so it’s a good time for him to use his gut feel and intuition. You guys should talk more about how you instinctively understand situations as well as what’s actually happening because it’s very important for you to understand the hidden motivations or agendas at play. There’s more to events than meets the eye.

Sit back and talk honestly about the way you are perceiving certain matters in your personal life and then identify ways to move forward in a holistic way.

Things that happen this week are a double-edged sword, it cuts both ways and that’s why it’s important for him not to see things as black and white. I know it’s not in his nature to be a fence sitter, but he should do a little bit of fence sitting this week, weighing up his options, keeping his options open and not nailing his colors to any particular mast.

Themes: What’s important right now, is not necessarily what decision you make, it’s the fact that you, together, commit to making something work and do your best to actualize a plan.

This is a wonderful time to show him strength by being assertive and taking control, the more in control you are, the more secure he feels. This is a time when he is insecure, and he likes a partner who is firm and isn’t afraid of standing in their own power.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 12th of December to the 26th of December this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals and being proactive.

This is a good time for dealing with large corporate entities and government bureaucracy. Charitable and humanitarian affairs are favored. This is also a great time for retreats, being alone or introspection. Spiritual matters are favored. A good time for new work involving water, the ocean, water sports or sailing.

Leadership, innovation, enterprise and new activities are favored. Good for artistic inspiration, performance and activities that require confidence. Suitable for competitive activities.

Great for using intuition, understanding dreams or working alone on artistic or musical goals. Good for writing romantic love letters.

A good period for love, finding love and dating. A good time to improve social relationships and enjoy parties and leisure activities. An excellent time to be affectionate, have date nights and show appreciation to a partner.

Excellent for new creative ventures and entertainment events and launches. Business and matters connected to children are favored.

Avoid: The waxing phase is not great for large-scale financial reorganization, managing money for others or accounting goals. Negotiations about money can be fruitless. Getting married or engaged is not favored.

Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn from the 14th meaning that debating and presenting himself or doing activities involving a great deal of communication can be tricky. This can be frustrating for travel, negotiations and discussion in love.

Learning, writing and journalism need patience and attention to detail. He needs to be precise and organized.
This is not the best time for highly competitive events, public speaking or debate.

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Week 1 – Scatter and Support

It’s a vital for you guys to take a holistic attitude to your relationship, it’s not just about sex, romance or communication, it’s also about good habits like regular exercise and good food which can help you to develop a better mentality and therefore develop a more rational and constructive approach to your relationship.

Show him appreciation, in his career he’s more likely to be in situations we he’s unappreciated and he doesn’t get credit for what he does, or says, so try not to demoralize him because he quite self-critical and down on himself now, so boost his confidence and show him love by showing appreciation.

He may have difficulty saying no, and lack of discipline is sometimes a problem. This is not a time for strict self-control, however, at least in certain areas of his life encourage him to apply moderation.

He tends to do well when he can scatter his energy in a number of different directions without a need for precision. He’s more competitive and can get along quite well in any situation, but any demand for detailed information or intensely emotional confrontation may leave him frustrated.

Week 2 – Taking control of the vibe

While this week is excellent for dating, there are some cautions. He tends to be quite sensitive, and he picks up on things you may not realize, so when you’re dating him, you have to be really careful about what thoughts you are having.

If you’re on a date, but you’re really worried about work or how you look or something like that, he will pick up any bit of negativity that you’re projecting, and he could take it quite personally. So, it’s very important when you’re dating him to be mindful and focused on the date, and if you’re not feeling up for it, just be honest and say it’s not a good time for you.

As a partner, it’s good not to force the issue on any subject, as sometimes he’s a victim of his own fears and insecurities, but the good thing is he is reaching a new stage of self-awareness (which is a very good thing) and as the week goes on a more confident him will emerge.

Week 3 – Judgement and Understanding

It’s important not only to be realistic, but it’s also vital to judge the situation in terms of where you are at in a relationship, try not to get the cart ahead of the horse. In all relationships, things evolve organically, but I find that many people become very impatient and frustrated because they want to run their romance like a textbook, but what’s so vital right now is to understand the uniqueness of your relationship.

Every relationship will have its struggles, flaws and its misunderstandings, but these should not demoralize us, these should simply be a spur to greater self-understanding and awareness. So one of the key things right now is increasing your level of awareness of his emotions, his reactions and how to get the best out of your unique relationship.

This is a fertile time regarding ideas, and he has many plans in action, but he can be rushing between things not knowing which to devote time to, and he can end up using plenty of energy and even wasting money and not achieving a heck of a lot.

Week 4 – Your hand in fate

You and Capricorn Man can reach high levels of spiritual enlightenment by appreciating the cycles and patterns in your relationship, whether positive or negative and understanding what, from these experiences, you can take forward.

This period is also karmically active, so ensure that you act in ways that are fundamentally good and fair to each other. It is essential for you to balance a desire to fulfill yourself with accepting some responsibility for the impact of your actions on him.

It is important to take ownership of your fate, in nearly all instances, you do make a contribution in some way to what is transpiring in your relationship and lives.

In Closing

The most important thing this month is not dwelling on mistakes or arguments, because the key is what you have both learnt from successes, failures or even the arguments you’ve
had, and how you can now take things forward.

So this is a very important time of deconstructing, analyzing and being highly philosophical about the relationship.

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