Capricorn Man Horoscope For January 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly January predictions for your Capricorn man. Check out the first monthly predictions of 2023! How is January going to treat him?

Hello, darlings! How was your New Year’s? All is in order and going by the (great) plan I hope! If not – you can vent down below, just first bear with me because I’ve got the forecast for the Capricorn man and this first month of the new year. So, let’s jump right in!

The first week of January looks good for the Capricorn man’s dating life in general. At the very start of the month, he can have some good times out and about, living in his romantic bubble, however, toward the end of the week, when there’s a Full Moon, he must watch his tone and what he says. 

The second week of January will give way to philosophical thinking, and rearrangement of his daily routines and finances. This week is a good time to ask for guidance and advice and to observe his work magic. 

The third week has him focused on summing up the impressions from hanging out with his friends, and trying to decipher his dreams’ meanings. This is a good time to be cozy and relaxed together, with no drama and no big crowds – just the two of you, and a pleasant atmosphere. Light some scented candles, too. 

The final week holds a Super New Moon in Aquarius in his second house, and a good dating opportunity at the end of the month. Come prepared and be practical above all else. 

Theme Of The Month: Learning to open up about his bottled-up emotions on time, not giving in to the passive aggression and silent treatments; opening his Heart Chakra more. 

Magic Phrase: Babe you did great, but now it’s time for you to rest and take a breather, come chill with me. 

Text Magic: You are officially invited to a weekend adventure of steamy landscapes and naughty nights under the stars with me, please confirm your presence at the designated spot. 

What to Do: Go on wild dates; surprise him with a nice (but small) gift; ask for guidance and advice; be patient; talk about dreams and symbolism; be pragmatic; receive or give advice; have fun doing mundane activities. 

What to Avoid: instigating a fight, starting unnecessary drama; losing focus, wasting his time; pushing him to open up, inviting big crowds over when he’s around; not taking interest in his business, refusing to be adventurous.

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If There Were Two More Of Me, I’d Still Be A Busy Man 

The start of the first week of January puts an accent on the Capricorn man’s fifth house, and it’s a good time to go out on interesting and unexpected dates. I say unexpected because of the Uranus factor in his fifth house – the activities ought to be unplanned and a little bit wild, if you ask me. 

Then there’s the highlight of his sixth house, and once again, although his daily life and routines take the wheel, there’s still room for dating maneuvers. If he plans to revisit an old routine or start going to Jiu-Jitsu classes after many years, that could be your window to integrate yourself into his daily routine, if you share a common interest, of course. 

And at the very end of the first week, there’s a Full Moon in Cancer, taking place in his seventh house of partnerships and love. This is going to be a pretty tense aspect, as it symbolizes a certain opposition between you and him. 

If you had any quarrels or the tensions were running high in the days leading to the Full Moon, my advice is to give each other room and space to breathe (apart from each other). If not, then spend the restless night together doing something passionate and fun. 

Time Is Money, But Time Is My Domain

When the second week kicks off, his focus will shift to passion and intimacy, so these days are a good time for the two of you to make your peace (if need be) and to enjoy some fun and games behind closed doors. 

As the week progresses, his focus will shift to improving his daily life by implementing wiser and more articulate philosophies. Although a die-hard romantic at heart, a Capricorn man is nothing if not practical, so you can expect him to be more ascetic these days. 

After that, the end of the second week lights up his career and public life area of the chart, and this will give him ample opportunity to make the best use of his social contacts in order to enhance and improve his financial status. Once again – his pragmatic mindset strikes back and strikes right at the center. 

This week is a good time to either support him or learn from him. He will be more than glad to provide ample advice and guide you on your way to financial greatness. Make no mistake, he doesn’t spare the time and energy when it comes to the people he cares about. 

Alice Fell Through The Narrow Hole And She Kept Falling

The third week of January will put the Capricorn man in a retrospective mood. He will be open to meeting with his friends in a chill and cozy setting, if he invites you – accept it, if not, don’t insert yourself forcefully, this is the best advice for this moment in time. 

After the initial phase of socialization has passed, he will feel the need to isolate himself and work on himself from the inside out. This is a good time to ask about his dreams, to send him Angel Numbers, and to hear his opinions on the symbolism of your dreams. 

If you’re sleeping together, you might witness his restless nights, as he might experience some night terrors or nightmares stemming from the trauma and wounds he’s buried deep. If that’s the case, don’t force him to talk about it, instead, be pragmatic and let him come to you when he’s ready to open up about it all. 

This is a good period to spend time at home, watch good movies and have movie commentaries afterward. It’s not a very good time to go out and about or invite big crowds to come over. 

It’s Always A Good Time To Invest Money, Trust Me… 

The final week of January kicks off with a Super New Moon in Aquarius; this takes place in his second house of income and finances. Knowing him, the Capricorn man will intuitively use this celestial opportunity to enhance his earnings and save up some money by investing it into something tech-savvy. 

This is a good time to observe and learn from him how money is (well) made. Adversely, he might seek your advice on some financial matters, and you might be the one who turns out to be the savior of the day. Either way, it’s a good time to invest in something technological and to spend money now in order to save up for the future. 

This week also offers a good opportunity to communicate your feelings, so you can feel free to ask him “personal” questions and to have a heartfelt talk if you feel like it. 

The end of the month promises good times for going out on dates and having adventure times in sunny and crowded places. If you had the plan to hit the road for a while, on your bikes nonetheless, then it is a good plan, you have my seal of approval. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, my ladies. I hope this forecast helps you manage both your and his time in January, and you have a blast. 

Remember to give him space when he needs it, don’t be afraid he’s not thinking of you – he’s too romantic not to. Just relax, be practical, and use every chance you get to learn from him. 

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Stay creative, free of mind, and free of spirit. Until next time, my darlings.

Love and light,

Anna Kovach

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