Capricorn Man Horoscope For May 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly February predictions for your Capricorn man. What will his mood be for the Valentine's season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, I’m very excited to bring you this reading for Capricorn Man, because he is one of the luckiest signs this month.

The great news is that it’s a very good month for romance, so whether you are dating Capricorn Guy, or are married, there’s every opportunity to inject inspiration, imagination and some passion into your love life and romantic life.

Now April was a very busy month for the planets with the eclipse and various interesting planetary activities, but May is set to be another really intense month with Jupiter entering Taurus, Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus and Mercury going direct.

The key areas this month are romance, children and creativity. There are lots of opportunities for you and Capricorn Guy to recapture your youth and a sense of enjoyment, and there may also be developments regarding your children that can help bring relief and take situations forward.

Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (9th May)

This is a fantastic conjunction for Capricorn Man as it superchargers his individuality and helps him to be more confident and outgoing. One of the problems Capricorn guy has is that he struggles to value himself and may have low self-esteem, but this will bring a boost of confidence, and that will help him to relate in a more romantic and affectionate way.

If your relationship had felt a little bit dull or stuck in the doldrums, or maybe you’ve been in a rut as a couple, this is a really welcome conjunction. Uranus brings the winds of change; it brings renewal and refreshment and that in turn brings excitement and fresh perspectives that can help you to see yourselves and your romance differently.

Alternatively, if you are dating Capricorn Guy, it can be a mixed bag this month as some of his emotions will be a little bit surprising and erratic. He’s likely to be more outspoken, so if there are any fantasies he wants to explore or, on the other hand, any problems that he’s encountering in the relationship, he’ll be more likely to verbalize them.

In some cases, he can come on really strong, but then suddenly and unexpectedly, he wants a little bit of a break, so you have to be prepared for anything when it comes to romance, and the last thing you should do is to try and restrict him or be controlling.

Mercury direct in Taurus Sextile Saturn (15th May)

Mercury going direct is always a positive because it means a time when contract negotiations, investment opportunity discussions, your romance and also decisions concerning children can go ahead.

This is also a very good time to be thinking about planning your summer: booking tickets to concerts, arranging leisure activities or organizing getaways. It’s a fantastic time to be enjoying yourselves with mutual friends and also making new friends. So whether you are married to or have been dating Capricorn Guy, this is certainly a time to get out, be amongst people and explode on the social theme.

Jupiter enters Taurus (17th of May)

This represents a time ripe with dating opportunities. I’m guessing that if you’re reading this you already know Capricorn guy, but there’s a possibility that you’ve only recently met him and you are interested in the prospects he offers. So, well done if you’ve just met Capricorn Guy, you are onto a winner because this is a wonderful time to begin a romance with him.

Capricorn men, in general, are feeling a lot more self-confident and happier within themselves, and they are projecting a positive proactive energy into relationships. So whatever your relationship has been like, or even if you’ve been a little bit down, during May, he’s got the extra energy to lift the spirits of yourself and everyone in the family, and generate a lot of new ideas on how to get onto a positive new track.

Remember that right now, he needs a lot of affection, he wants to have fun, and if you go with it, your relationship can improve, however, if you are feeling a little bit more reticent, sensitive or laid back, it can be quite hard to keep up with him because he can be quite demanding.

Right now, he wants to see his energy reflected in his partner, and he’s looking to jump into some quite radical new activities or even seek a little bit more adventure in the bedroom.

Although he can be flirtatious right now, it’s basically because he wants attention, and it’s nothing necessarily sneaky or underhand, he’s not going to be disloyal, but he does kind of want to get a reaction out of people, which means he is a little bit of a flirt, which is actually quite usual for him.

Mars in Leo Square Jupiter (21st May)

This is a fantastic time for teamwork and getting things done; this is a really good phase for Capricorn Guy and his partner if you like sports, because the energy level is quite high, so it’s great to be outdoors doing fun activities together or doing things with your children.

This can also be a good time to work as a team on projects around the home, but these should be creative, like improving the look of your home, redecorating or doing something to help entertain family or friends.

Sometimes a high level of energy and a certain mismatch in intention can lead to arguments, so it may be that Capricorn guy’s grating your gears, and you need to tell him a few things straight out. It may be that you both need to get something off your chests; you shouldn’t be concerned by any arguments that happen right now as you are both a little bit feistier, and a little bit more hot-headed and thus, arguments can easily happen.

However, these need not be very upsetting or emotional as outbursts can be quite productive. Arguments where you both get a chance to express yourselves and establish some boundaries or some get some answers are useful.

Sun in Gemini Square Saturn (28th May)

This is quite a tiring week for most star signs, it’s highly likely that there is a lot of work to be done and some serious and important tasks to be tackled. This is a time when you and Capricorn guy have to be quite focused and can’t afford distractions. Therefore this week is not the best week for entertaining, date nights or for frivolous activities, this is a week to get your head down, finalize everything for the month and be quite level-headed.

Theme of the month – This represents a fantastic time for problem-solving, so if he’s having any difficulties within his business, his job or other elements of your lives as a couple, this is certainly the time to develop a very positive attitude, to brainstorm and then to start implementing. Even if you start in a small way, any seeds that you plant now are likely to generate fantastic results, so there’s no excuse for being defeatist. This is a time when you can have great success in improving your lives or remedying problems.

Magic Phrase – “Life is all about taking chances.”

Magic Text – “Our love life is an adventure that I can’t get enough of.”

To do – Be spontaneous and embrace new activities. Meet his children and have an open mind about the potential for a relationship with them.
Go on a spontaneous weekend away. Take time off work together. Avoid each other’s parents.

Avoid – Avoid attempting any extreme diets and strenuous exercise together. It’s not a good time to accept added responsibility and reserve time for fun and romance. Don’t be critical or ‘parental’ be the person who’s ready to look at life from a fun new angle.

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Week One – Crazy in Love

During this week, he’s in a very romantic frame of mind, but he’s inclined to get carried away and, uncharacteristically, he could make promises he can’t keep.

He’s very scatty about details, and so you may definitely have to keep track of important dates. This is certainly a time when you can appeal to his softer side, and being a little vulnerable can definitely bring out the knight in shining armor in Capricorn Guy.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help; he absolutely loves it when you allow him to take control and assist you with a problem because it shows you trust him and respect him. If you need to open up and cry on his shoulder, this is a great time to do it as he’s in a very compassionate and sympathetic mood.

Use love letters and music to inspire a loving mood within him. He’s far less focused on work this week, so a perfect time to talk him into a getaway.

Week Two – Following his Heart

It can be disconcerting when he’s giving you mixed messages, but the important thing is that he’s feeling a surge of energy, and it’s making him feel quite excitable, and he’s bound to act out of character. So, even if you’ve known him for a while, his change in tastes and ideas and his sudden desire for more freedom can be a little bit disruptive to the relationship.

However, if you accept it, go with it and encourage him to follow his heart, it will ultimately be really good for the romance and the relationship.

If you are married to Capricorn Guy, he can surprise you with some of his new hobbies. This week, it could feel like he’s having a bit of a midlife crisis, but he’s really just getting in touch with emotions that he doesn’t usually allow himself to feel.

So ultimately, although some of what he gets up to may be a little bit shocking, it’s helping him to tackle some of the really big internal barriers that he has and will absolutely help him to be more open emotionally in the long run, so the last thing you want to do is to be controlling or possessive or to stunt his emerging inner child.

Week Three – Family Affair

If you guys do any stock market or trading activities, this is quite a favorable time, I don’t advise stock market activities if you don’t do them as a regular course of activity or know what you’re doing, but if you’re au fait with trading currency, stock market or crypto, this is a good time for those activities.

Whatever your age and your relationship with your children, it’s a fantastic time to be re-engaging with your children, reestablishing good communication and getting on their level. There’s definitely a more fun-loving, youthful vibe to Capricorn, and he’s more likely to enjoy spending time with young children. Alternatively, he may find it easier to deal with rebellious teenage children because he’s a little bit more open-minded right now.

If you meet Capricorn guy around about now or recently got to know him, this is a fantastic time to meet his children, if you haven’t so already, and you should be able to establish a great relationship with them. In fact, doing activities with Capricorn Guy and his children can really help cement the relationship.

Week Four – Up close and personal

The first week is not a good week for any kind of internet dating, and it can also be full of pitfalls for those of you who are communicating mainly via text message or WhatsApp.

If you’re in a relationship with Capricorn Guy where you are seeing him physically every day because you are married, it should be easier to judge the situation and use your emotional intelligence to navigate things with him. However, if you are mainly communicating long distance and you’re not making eye contact or seeing his body language, it’s highly likely there are going to be misunderstandings and some upsets simply because you are misinterpreting things.

So right now, it’s important to be compassionate with him, be understanding, don’t jump the gun and don’t overact to anything that happens. So it’s simply more difficult to get clarity and to communicate properly this week, especially if you’re not communicating in person.

In Closing

It’s very important to encourage him in the pursuit of his hobbies and his creative ventures. This is an important time for him to express himself in a variety of ways, both within work and during his spare time, and so sporting and other more creative hobbies can be something that he spends a lot more time on, or picks up again.

In some cases, rekindling a hobby that you both once really enjoyed but have not had time for in ages, can be an excellent way to reboot the romance. So whether it’s the golf clubs, the tennis rackets or the paintbrushes, get them out the attic and start creating again.

Honesty is vital now, so don’t put up and shut up; if there’s anything that needs to be said, come right out with it, be straightforward. It’s time for you both to be adults, don’t be over-emotional, don’t be hurt, deal with the subject at hand and stay and stay positive.

Any argument or upset you guys experience is a passing thing, it’s to do with the energies, and it’s great for you both to have your say, so don’t hold back.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Capricorn Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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