Capricorn Man Horoscope For November 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly November horoscope for your Capricorn man. Things to know about your Capricorn man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, it’s once again time for our update on Capricorn Man and we will be looking forward to a passionate and super-charged month of November.

I do hope that you have been enjoying these guides and that they have been useful in navigating you through the year, we’re almost at the end of 2023 but when it comes to relationships, there is still plenty to play for, there’s no time better or for love and romance.

Cupid never takes a day off, so there’s no time for slacking when it comes to love, there’s always an opportunity to improve our relationships, and understand more about the emotional journey we are on and how our relationship with Capricorn Man is evolving.

I aim to give you an insight every month into the mindset and the moods of Capricorn Man so that you can feel empowered and be proactive about improving the relationship. Now this is quite an interesting month because we have Sun conjunct Mars in Scorpio, which is bringing a zest for life, a desire for different perspectives, and possibilities for new friendships into your lives.

We also have Mercury entering Sagittarius, Venus entering Libra and so that the outgoing and ambitious sides of his personality are highlighted. Dating, sharing exciting experiences with mutual friends, and encouraging each other to reach new heights is important.

I should say that it won’t be long at all until we release the really detailed and fascinating yearly guides for each man, these are totally different to what we chat about on a monthly basis because there’s a superb yearly overview and some slightly different topics so do keep an eye out for that one.

Mercury enters Sagittarius – 11th November

During this time it’s more difficult for you to draw him on certain subjects, he can be quite evasive and may even shut you down, so this is possibly not the best time for interrogating him or trying to get his opinion on certain sensitive issues.

This is one of those phases where you have to rely on your knowledge of him and your intuition to navigate the relationships, because he doesn’t always give you a clear cut answer. One of the things to note right now is he doesn’t want to be wrong and sometimes he’s undecided but he doesn’t want to show weakness, so he’s very keen to cover up any vulnerabilities and not reveal his Achilles heel, and that’s why he’s not totally forthcoming.

Thus this is not the best time for clarity of communication, however, if you are able to use your senses and to sense what’s lurking between the words by being quite observant and a good listener, you can still get all the information you need.

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th November

This New Moon he’s rather excited as many of his hopes and dreams feel more accessible and this brings a burst of positivity that feeds into a dynamic energy.

This can invigorate relationships as it’s a time when he’s outgoing and eager to seize opportunities for fun, even if it’s work related. Friendships can quickly become emotional and could lead to love.

In marriage, it’s important to be each other’s best friends and to be generous and open minded towards him. Understand that his freedom and expansion is yours, anything that’s bringing positive, progressive attitudes should be encouraged.

Group activities, attending large-scale event
with lots of people, social gatherings or becoming more involved in activism are rewarding and life affirming activities.

It’s also a great time for him to raise money or awareness for his favourite causes or charities.

Organising events aimed at raising can be very satisfying.

Sun Conjunct Mars in Scorpio – 18th November

This conjunction could mean matters of the heart are quite confusing. Capricorn Man is very busy, he may be abrupt and when he’s free, he could want to spend time alone or with large groups rather than with a new partner, specifically. Bottom line is it’s really hard to get his attention right now, unless you embrace similar ideas and aims.

He can be a little too impersonal in close relationships, so you may feel he’s a little cold, but he’s merely distracted and his energy is quite scattered. He can be a little selfish this month. He’s unlikely to want to commit even if he’s in love, so it’s best for you not to read too much into his behaviour. His goals this month and often distract him from love.

He’s often a flirt this month and if single, he may lead women on because he comes on strong with a lot of desire, but then suddenly rushes in another direction leaving them hanging. So, love with Cappie Man can be exciting but also deflating and he needs to be cognisant of what he’s doing.

Mars enters Sagittarius – 25th November

Scorpio represents the 12th house for Capricorn guy and Mars’s entry into Sagittarius is not one of the most proactive positions for Mars, this can be a time when he’s more likely to procrastinate, suffer from low-energy, fatigue and to doubt himself.

Therefore this is a time when he needs you to be positive, to give him a lot of support and also to be intuitive and not to raise any issues that are likely to be sensitive. It’s also important to inspire him to eat well and eat less of the coping foods, like the caffeines and alcohols, because this can actually further drain and deplete.

The problem right now is his energy is easily sapped, so caffeine can boost him for a while, but then he tends to just fall flat, so getting a good night sleep and eating clean is very important.

Theme of the month

Relationships are subtly changing as he’s got a more flexible perception of himself making him emotionally more elusive during this month. He’s decisive, but his actions are often out of character giving you as his partner pause for thought.

The boundaries that have defined the relationship up until now may dissolve or become less rigid. Fortunately there is much to gain from this, but if you like predictability, you can experience a loss of control and may feel a little insecure or at sea.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the 27th of November this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

This favors legal matters, negotiation, diplomacy and making deals connected to import export. It’s favorable for sporting events or community fundraising. Ideal for academic goals and further education. Business expansion to new geographical areas, advertising, promotion, and publishing is successful.

Avoid: The waxing phase is not great for investing and buying assets. He needs to be more cautious with money. It may be harder to start a new business venture or money-making scheme. It’s best to stick with what he knows. Lack of information makes it hard for him to make financial decisions. He should stay flexible financially and avoid increasing costs.

This is not a suitable time for marriage or engagement. Marriage counselling is not successful in that waxing phase. New business associations should not be initiated. This is not a good time to employ a new advisor.

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Week 1 – Cupid is busy

This is an excellent week for him to get involved in new romantic activities, so it’s perfect for all new relationships and dating. He’s meeting a lot more people socially and within work as there are more relaxed, social occasions and the chance to hobnob with colleagues.

This can also be a time when internet dating, dating apps or long distance relationships work really well for him, he enjoys the communication side of these relationships and finds it very stimulating and pleasantly distracting to be finding little romantic messages on his texts or message apps.

One problem right now is that although new romance develops, it can be quite superficial, so he’s not necessarily getting to know people at a deep level. It’s more about sharing laughs, becoming comfortable with each other, gauging each other’s sense of humour but nothing particularly deep will be shared this month.

Existing relationships need flexibility as he’s heavily involved in multi activities. Welcome his new friends and encourage different activities which he feels are vital for his work or to help him achieve his dreams.

Week 2 – Power Grab

This week he’s got enormous focus and determination in achieving his aims, and he’s are capable of exercising considerable power. However, he can be obstinate and quite controlling.

He’s imposing himself on relationships and what he says goes and that can create security and stability in a relationship, however if you don’t enjoy him assuming this power, you could be resentful. Try to diplomatically steer him rather than taking him on directly through confrontation.

Intense desires are highly likely to manifest this week, causing an uncompromising side of him in love. He’s likely to be amorous and he’s determined to win you over but he can also be a jealous lover who wants to possess you.

He’s so compulsive he can lose sight of the effects of his actions; he tends to go to extremes, as his deepest urges are a source of motivation and also inspiration.

This is a hot time for love, it’s passionate not necessarily romantic and feelings run high.

Week 3 – Pumping the gas

Capricorn Man is impulsive and he could easily feel inspired to take a weekend off with you to enjoy romance and relaxation, but it’s not actually a good time to settle down and relax more generally because there is a lot going on and he needs to keep abreast of it, as if he steps away for too long, he can lose touch and lose sight of the opposition.

It’s easy for him to be distracted by novelty and indulgences, he’s got his eye out for things that can pique his interest or provide some titillation , so he needs to set himself schedules and keep to his diary or agenda, so there’s nothing important which gets missed as his concentration is not always what it should be.

Help him to shake off any personal discouragements with humour and wisdom and encourage him to keep moving forward boldly.

Week 4 – The magical threads of awareness

This week is quite a tense one where he could lack self-belief. As a couple, you cannot be ostriches, there are inescapable facts that you have to face now. If your relationship is based on some denial or duplicity you guys will find it a challenge to continue along in the same path as it’s impossible to keep certain illusions going. Actually, the more you try to keep up a false façade, the more problems you probably encounter.

Success is to be found in accepting what is inevitable and not trying to fight it, through facing things as they are rather than how you wish them to be, you can achieve a clearer grasp of what steps you must take.

In new relationships and committed relationships, a deeper awareness of the interconnectedness of everything, where one small indiscretion or a seemingly insignificant detail can have a major domino effect is absolutely crucial to progressing the relationship.

Circumstances this week will make you appreciate the importance of honesty and a mindful approach to your goals in order to minimize unintended results.

In Closing

He wants to be freer now, with less encumbrances and he won’t let responsibilities rule his life to the extent they did in the past.

New relationships move seriously quickly and it’s quite breath-taking, but you won’t always be able to predict his next move, so don’t become emotionally geared to consistency as that’s not part of this month.

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