Capricorn Man Horoscope For October 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly October predictions for your Capricorn man. Things to know about your Capricorn man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts, once again it’s time for the monthly report on your Capricorn Man and I am excited to be bringing you all the information that you will need to navigate your relationship with him.

So whether you are in a committed relationship, just dating or maybe looking to get to know him better, this guide should help you to avoid the pitfalls and have a better grip of the kind of things that are important to him and are motivating him. Now the planets are very busy this month, all the internal planets are moving signs, plus Pluto goes direct in Capricorn for the very last time in our lifetimes, which is also quite an important event.

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Mercury enters Libra – 6th of October

This position of Mercury indicates that he’s eager to talk about plans, Capricorn Man is after all a planner, he likes to know where he’s headed and therefore he enjoys a partner with whom he can discuss ideas and good strategies, not only for his career but for relationship goals. He’s a very goal-driven person therefore if he wants to speak about these particular subjects, take an interest, engage with him, and show some enthusiasm and this will definitely help the relationship.

If you are dating Capricorn Man, it really helps if you are in some way more knowledgeable about a certain subject or have more experience about an issue, as he loves to learn and he respects your opinion and your knowledge, so don’t be afraid to show off a little bit and to display your knowledge or opinions about certain subjects.

This is a busy time for him at work, there’s a lot of bureaucracy, red tape and he has to get things right because he might be assessed or judged by his superiors, so it’s important to respect work commitments he has and to know when a passion and love need to be put on the back burner.

Venus enters Libra – 10th October

Now this is quite a lucky time for Capricorn Man, so he may be feeling quite chuffed with himself and therefore it’s a great time for him to capitalize on any progress, opportunities or avenues at work involving publicity and self-promotion. It’s vital for him to be seen and therefore you guys may be attending some work events together and it’s ideal if you can help him on his presentation and image, this is certainly another good time for being his cheerleader and encouraging him in his aims and pursuits.

This is also a great time for him to showcase his more creative side, Capricorn is actually a very artistic sign and they have a huge appreciation for the aesthetic side of life, so if you guys as a couple enjoy going to places like art galleries or having city breaks to see architecture, this is a wonderful time to lap up some culture. In terms of dating Capricorn Man, mind your manners, because right now he is looking for a lady with class as well as styles, so this is time to show him what a superstar you are.

Definitely dress to impress, take a pride in yourself and don’t be scared to show him the very best of yourself.

Pluto goes direct in Capricorn – 11th October

This represents the end of a 15-year period in which Pluto was in Capricorn, and it brought about many significant changes in the life of your Capricorn Man however as it leaves Capricorn for the final time it may be important for him to have a life audit, a period of assessment and some quiet time to reflect on everything that he’s been through and achieved, and to let go of the negatives while consciously opening a new chapter. So while he is embarking on an entirely new phase of his life, there are times this month when he may become quite reflective and events may feel quite poignant in terms of what he’s leaving behind.

Mars enters Scorpio – 13th October

This position of Mars is also rather good for his confidence and his ability to achieve, so once again it indicates that he has a lot of different avenues that he wants to explore, it’s almost like he is really keen to jump into every opportunity, but at times he can become overstretched. It’s very important for you to be a slight handbrake on some of his ideas because he can get carried away with himself and he sometimes opens up a lot of different avenues but can’t really pursue things properly, so maybe you could be the voice that helps him to narrow down his options and find the best way to use his energy.

He can become quite competitive, in that if you have a lot of close male friends this may arouse his jealous side, so it’s probably a good time to spend less time with your friends, especially your male friends, because he may see that as a little bit of a threat.

New Moon in Libra – 14th October

The new moon in Libra represents a good time for a career move, a new start in a career and also for you and Capricorn Man going public about your relationship or even having an engagement party or you may be doing a big social media reveal on a new relationship landmark.

Mercury enters Scorpio – 23rd October

This is a great time if you are a dating Capricorn Man, as it’s ideal for attending festivals, large events and concerts together, however, sometimes you may feel you’re having to share him with his friends, because of his shorter attention span and he tends to spread himself quite thin around a number of different activities that are vying for his attention.

Theme of the monthThis is a month where he is fairly confident and outgoing but at the same time he can also be a little bit emotionally reserved, there is a certain degree of self-control and to an extent, he puts a brave face on things.

So although things are generally going well, he can still conceal vulnerabilities and that’s why it’s important to be supportive and encouraging even if you think he doesn’t need it, because he’s probably still needing your advice and encouragement.

DoThe new moon phase extends from the 14th of October to the 28th of October this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

In the waxing phase it’s excellent for financial analysis and business decisions. Getting promotion or achieving a pay rise or greater sales is favored. Good for better cash flow, investing and buying new assets. A good time for purchasing and expanding a business.

AvoidHe should be cautious in getting advice, employing a consultant, legal battles, asset management, financial audits and tax affairs.

New sexual relationships aren’t favored.

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Week 1 – Power Couple

This is generally a positive week, it’s great for activities that are outgoing and it’s also important to take your relationship to a new level. Ambition and positivity is key to relationships, so it’s important that you are both inspiring or teaching each other.

Be bold about choosing a different relationship direction or trying things that you haven’t tried before which can help add a new dimension to your relationship.

What’s vital in love with Capricorn Man right now, is not to just let things stand still or settle for second best, it’s a vital that you want the best for yourselves, for your children and for your future and you should aspire to be a power couple.

Week 2 – Great Expectations

During this week, the energies are quite intense. With Pluto in his first house being triggered by Mars in Libra, he is very ambitious, quite focused and yet he can become fixated and can often get things out of proportion. This may be a good week to have some space from each other, alternatively it’s an ideal time, if you both need to work together on a project or problem that needs a lot of determination and courage, because you can certainly achieve great things.

So if you guys have an agenda for this week, put your heads together and work strongly at it and you will achieve it. However, if there’s nothing specific that you need to do, he may tend to exhibit some of his more frustrated energies and this is when you may need to exercise together or just have a little bit of space separately so he can work off that energy.

This can be a very good week for sex, but in some cases he the energies aren’t exactly free flowing and you have to be careful of how you manage it because it doesn’t always go to plan.

Week 3 – Hot Off The Press

Unlike last week, this week the energies are far more flexible it’s not necessarily a laid-back week, it’s a busy time for you both but there’s far more scope for reasoned discussion. Last week, the ego energies were very high and you were both invested emotionally in certain outcomes which brought it a little bit of irrationality, but this is a great week to restore calm, logic and to work with facts.

One of the important things for relationships this week is communication, reaching agreements, continuing with plans and making brand new plans that you are both excited about. One of the other important things this week is to pique his curiosity, so don’t be bland or predictable, present him with different opinions or exciting news that he’s not expecting.

Week 4 – Who Cares What They Think?

With Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, this is a stressful week for all star signs, in fact, the energies in the universe are quite turbulent and there’s more likely to be drama and this could also affect life from a political and social point of view.

So for everyone, it’s important to stay abreast of the news, be versatile and open-minded, this is not a time for any of us to be wedded to the past because the future beckons. As for you guys, this is not a good time for networking within groups or getting political.

In fact, often it’s better to get away from your usual social scene to enjoy a little peace of mind as a couple and to escape into pursuits that are a little nostalgic and which settle and ground you. Seek what’s real and what can sustain you, don’t look for quick fixes in your relationship and resist peer pressure.

In Closing

This is an exciting time to be dating Capricorn Man because he will tend to make his move and pursue you quite relentlessly, he is very eager to impress and he will work hard in new relationships.

However, sometimes he may want to move faster than you want to move, or than you’ve been used to with him. If you’ve known for him for a while, you could wonder exactly what his motives are when he acts a little bit out of character, but don’t worry, it’s simply just an expression of eagerness and his current energy.

This is quite an important month for Capricorn Man in terms of his career aspirations and his public life, so he’s quite concerned about his future and he’s also concerned about appearances, so it’s vital for him to have a partner who is supportive of his aspirations and who can cheer him on.

Friendship and camaraderie are vital in love, there should be a feeling of innate togetherness. Remember, everyone wants to feel important, we are all playing the leading role in our movie, and Capricorn Man, especially, certainly appreciates getting positive feedback from his partner, so don’t forget that as an element of your relationship.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Capricorn Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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