Capricorn Man Horoscope For September 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Capricorn man. Things to know about your Capricorn man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts,

it is now September and I’m happy to welcome you to the horoscope for Capricorn Guy for this month. I hope you have been enjoying these guides, as here at Anna Kovach Astrology we know that relationships are a tricky business and we aim to give you an insight into the likely moods, attitudes, and priorities for your guy every month.

We are heading into the fall in the Northern Hemisphere but in the Southern Hemisphere they are heading into the Spring, and both are changeable seasons when there’s a lot going on and likewise there’s plenty going on this month with the planets: Jupiter goes retrograde in Taurus, Venus is finally turning direct in Leo and Mercury turns direct in Virgo at the same time as the New Moon so there’s more forward momentum, but there are still things to work on in relationships, so it’s not a time to be complacent or take anything for granted. Let’s have a look at all the details!

Venus goes direct in Leo – 4th September

First up, this is really positive for things financially, particularly your joint finances, so in terms of any household budgeting or pooling of resources you are doing to achieve important goals, you should see progress.

This is an important time to get your shared money or resources organized, it may also be a good time to get on top of your taxes, insurance or anything of that nature. This is definitely a time when you guys are more likely to feel prosperous and to detect opportunities to invest or improve longer term financial security.

If you do need a loan this is a good time to apply, and although you should still be slightly cautious, you should generally find it easier to get financing or to consolidate debt.

This is a particularly good time for new and emerging relationships, particularly those where it feels like Capricorn Guy is your soulmate, where there’s a karmic bond. In fact, it’s likely that fate will throw you and Capricorn guy into a relationship right now, or alternatively, fate can produce events that will force you to reevaluate your relationship and to make the commitment deeper.

So while there can still be issues around possessiveness, jealousy and even control, you should be able to work with those energies to produce some concrete results, like improved trust and commitment. This is certainly a time when he wants a substantial romance, he is not concerned with flirtation, fleeting or open relationships. In all relationships, he wants to dig deeper, to find out if there’s more and he wants to experience the full flavors of love.

In fact, right now it’s not just about sex, it’s about the fact that sex allows you to get close in a way you may not do in everyday life. There’s something about sex that involves dropping your guard and being vulnerable to each other, that in turn shows a high level of trust, so if things are going well in the bedroom, this tends to feed back into the rest of the relationship making it stronger, more workable and more compatible.

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus – 5th of September

This movement of Jupiter retrograde will last for quite a few months, it’s very important for the romantic sphere for Capricorn Guy, but first of all this is a great time for him to work on developing creative and artistic autistic talents. So if you guys are both keen on any hobby that involves creativity, this is definitely a time to be doing more of that, because the more passionate you both are about something together, the more that feeds into your relationship.

So part of improving romance, is not just about going out together, having fun and enjoying a chocolates and flowers kinda thing, it’s about tapping into the passion you share for certain activities. So whether you guys love the same sports team, enjoy a certain outdoors activity or have a love of music or theatre, you definitely can use that as a way of bringing you together.

New Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus – 14th September

This is really a great time for his high-energy goals, it’s a wonderful time for you guys to possibly travel, particularly long distance, however short distance travel if it involves going to the seaside for boating trips or river cruisers is also favored, but what’s important right now in your relationship, is your ability to escape the humdrum and the routine.

This is definitely a time to be flexible, you and Capricorn Guy want to embrace novelty, creativity and escapism in your love life. It’s a wonderful time for more romantic communication, so try and be creative in the way you express love to each other, it’s important to use eye contact and body language but also to introduce more interesting things like role play and props, just to stimulate the imagination.

You guys may rather enjoy radically different sorts of activities or travel as a way to help you connect with a feeling of being carefree. Sometimes it’s good to be a little bit unavailable to all the people who usually hassle you and cause yourselves concern. It’s time to address anxiety by just disappearing off into the blue when no one can contact you and when you guys can just settle down and approach your relationship and an entirely new way without having to keep up pretenses.

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Mercury goes direct in Virgo – 16th September

This particular Mercury direct is great for relationship communication about long-term goals. This is an important time for you and Capricorn Guy to be philosophical about the romance, to understand that they are ups and downs, but over time these all smooth over. It’s vital now to keep things in perspective, so there needs to be a balance of vision and logic, you shouldn’t lose sight of your long-term goals, but at the same time you shouldn’t ignore detail.

You need to attend to what’s most important first, while also making sure that you’re always working towards things that represent a future you both believe in. So in new relationships, this can definitely be a time where you think of the longer term, you broach commitment and you chat about your views on children.

However, it’s also a time to be very open in your relationship with Capricorn Guy, go into all debates and discussions with a totally open mind. Sometimes couples fail in discussions because they have preconceived ideas that they’re going to stick to and they have an inflexible attitude.

It’s not necessary to compromise, sometimes brand new solutions you haven’t even thought of emerge this month, that’s why you need an open mind so you can glimpse these.

Theme of the month – It’s very important that you guys are focused on each other and you allow your passions to flow, it’s likely that your relationships will feel more intense right now, this can cause both arguments but also heightened levels of affection which can bring a sense of great satisfaction.

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 14th of September to the 29th of September this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for dating, new relationships and his social life. This period is ideal for date nights, attending sporting and leisure events or theatre. It’s an excellent time to pursue creative and artistic ventures for business and pleasure.

Activities with children, both his own and within his work are successful. New jobs or business connected to children is favored. This is a good waxing period for fun, but also for problem solving and new innovative solutions in his work and personal life.

This is a really great time to revitalize your sex life and to be having more date nights aimed getting you in the mood be with each other intimately. It is certainly a time where you need to drop your guard, to explore issues that are holding you back from experiencing intimacy and beginning to enjoy that side of your life again.

Avoid – This is also an important time for decisions about children, but these shouldn’t be taken lightly, it is possible that your children (ones you have together or possibly ones from other relationships) are slightly more challenging, they need dedication but they also need fairness.

It’s vital that children are understood and feel acknowledged, they want to have their emotions validated by you guys as parents or step parents.

So sometimes, the way you handle your children can also be an important way to smooth the way for romance, as when things are difficult with the children it’s hard to focus on relaxing and romance. So children are an issue which is quite important to address.

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Week 1 – Deeper Meaning

This is certainly a time when deeper and more meaningful interactions with Capricorn Guy are possible and romance doesn’t necessarily have to follow a traditional form.

Romance is simply a tingly feeling we get when we are really connecting and you can get that in a variety of ways, so it’s important to broaden your perspective about what romance could actually mean, because sometimes even getting dirty and helping him revamp his car engine can, in a way, be romantic.

It’s all about showing him that you are a good mate, a supporter and someone he can have fun with. So it’s vital right now, not to forget the fun factor, to embrace each other’s inner child and that means not being critical and snobby about things that are a little bit whimsical or slightly immature, often it’s important to just allow yourselves to be young again, to do useful things and to allow yourself the freedom that brings.

Week 2 – Poles Apart

Some of the things that happen this week can be quite polarizing, so it’s important for you both not to take an extreme point of view. You have to meet in the middle somewhere, so trying to break each other down through brinkmanship is really not a good idea. You both need to soften your approach, and he will follow your lead if you do so.

So it’s time for you to be diplomatic and quite conciliatory, but you don’t necessarily need to compromise, because it is about meeting him in the middle.

Now this is a time when you can use your energy to fight each other or you can come together to fight a common enemy, so it’s all about identifying what is most important in your life and going after it, rather than just trying to take things out on each other.

This is a time when his sensors are really strong, his dislikes and likes are emphasized, so if you know him well and you know what likes, go for it, but definitely avoid what he doesn’t like.

If you are only getting to know him in a new relationship, this can be quite a tricky time because there’ll be some things that he really hates, which you haven’t discovered yet, and you may inadvertently slip up and tread in that area, so be prepared for some rather stringent reactions from him, but don’t let it let it put you off as you’ll also uncover what he really likes.

Week 3 – Words Get in The Way

This week the key to communication with Capricorn Guy is being really subtle, this is not a time where you can call a spade shovel as he’s just a little bit more sensitive and he can take things too heart quite easily. The way to win him over, and to win his heart, is to show him a lot of compassion, empathy and to be a good listener.

He doesn’t necessarily want to talk a lot, but he enjoys being with you, so it’s a good time to choose dates that aren’t too conversation driven and where there are a lot of distractions.

It’s not always easy to know exactly what he’s thinking right now, if there are any doubts in the relationship, these can definitely surface as some of his behavior can be a little bit odd and you may wonder if you have upset him or if there’s anything you need to know about.

However, usually it’s just a passing thing and which should taper after this week, so try not to overreact to anything, just go with a flow, take it as it comes and don’t apply any pressure.

Week 4 – Public Life

Mars has been in Libra all month and now the Sun moves into Libra on the 24th, which means this is quite a good time for him at work. He can be more ambitious and it’s a good time for him to be following an assertive and dynamic path.

He may be more focused on external appearances and sometimes home life is not necessarily a priority. It’s important for him to make a success of whatever he’s doing and he needs a partner to be supportive. This is a time when he can be a little bit more assertive and hopefully, you managed to get some agreement during the previous weeks because right now he is in a less compromising frame of mind and is more likely to take things in his own hands and not consult with you.

In new relationships, he can sometimes be a little distant or brusque but don’t let worry you, he’s simply trying to nail certain ambitions or projects at work.

In Closing

You will also see improvements to your finances and also to the intensity of your romance.

So this is a good month for your sex life with Capricorn Guy and it’s also a great time for introducing romance, but you do have to be slightly careful with communication because at times it’s hard to understand him and his true motives, as often his reactions are quite extreme and other times he can be a little bit moody and silent.

Also remember that it’s important to find the middle ground and to maintain a perspective.

Positivity and the desire for purpose in life is very important, but you have to remember Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Capricorn Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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