How To Get Your Capricorn Man To Miss You And Think About You?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you wondering how to get your Capricorn man to miss you and think about you when you’re not around? Maybe you’re trying to get your Capricorn guy back?If you need help with getting how to get a Capricorn man to miss you, keep reading! It’s really important that you do the right things in order to make this strong man crave you!

Are you wondering how to get your Capricorn man to miss you and think about you when you’re not around? Maybe you’re trying to get your Capricorn guy back?

If you need help with getting how to get a Capricorn man to miss you, keep reading! It’s really important that you do the right things in order to make this strong man crave you!

Keeping Yourself Busy and Unavailable

You may be saying to yourself “I need to know how to make my Capricorn man miss me”.  Well, I can definitely help you there. It’s all about appealing to him in some very simple ways.

What I mean by this is by doing things that will help you further your own career and life path ahead. Work on your goals and achievements. This helps you solidify your own life.

That alone should be impressive to the ambitious Capricorn man. You never want to ignore him or put him off but if you show him that you’re busy working toward your goals; he’ll be happy about it.

The more you sit around worrying; the more he’ll feel it and it won’t get him running back to you. In fact; it may scare him off which isn’t what you really want at all.

Whether you’re currently dating him or trying to win him back; take care of yourself. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and could play a very positive role in where the relationship may go.

Remember that the Capricorn man loves independence and intelligence. Flex it and let it shine! He’ll appreciate all your efforts and may actually be inspired by you.

If you’re always around then it doesn’t give him the opportunity to miss you. Don’t always be at his beck and call. Make sure that you’re doing things and are not waiting around on his call or texts.

Get out there and have fun with your life. That’s more inspiring to the Capricorn man anyway. He loves a woman who is passionate about her life and doesn’t need a man to fulfill her.

Make Him Feel Useful

how to get your capricorn man to miss you

Capricorn men are born with a sense of duty and will always want to feel as though he’s doing something that helps you to have a better life. When he’s not around much and you worry if he misses you; ask him for help.

Whether it’s helping you change the oil in your car or asking for him to help you fix something in your home; he’ll feel happy he’s doing something for you and you’ll be happy he’s there.

If he feels as though he’s doing something that makes your life improved; it makes him feel better about himself thus making him reflect back to you. This will make him think about you and what type of future you may have together.

Friendship should probably be first and foremost in a relationship with a Capricorn man. He will hold that dear and it will allow things to develop and make a deeper connection.

If you weren’t friends first; you may try it out now and see how that works for you. Ask him for advice, offer him advice, call him up for a casual conversation, and basically treat him as though he’s a really great friend.

When he’s around, you need to make him feel as though he really and truly IS your man. Ask him to fix something in your house. Even if you know how to do it yourself, it makes him feel good.

Let him service you as the man in your life. He’ll really see value in it and it will make him appreciate you as his woman more.

Sweet Text Messages

Some ladies go overboard and text their man a whole bunch. While there are some men that may be alright with that; Capricorn may not like it quite that much.

He appreciates attention and care but be careful not to do it too much. Send him simple and sweet messages that will make him feel warm and fuzzy about you. Simple things like “Hi handsome! Just thinking of you and hope you’re doing well” will go a long way.

Be easy and free-flowing. It’s easier for him to follow without feeling overwhelmed or smothered. It’ll also get his wheels turning thus bringing his attention back to you.

It’ll make him wonder what you’re up to and may land you a phone call asking you what you’re doing and if you’d like to have dinner. Give it a try. Less is sometimes more and texting is one of those things.

There’s nothing like receiving an adorable and loving text message from your loved one. Capricorn man loves it too. He may act hard and strong but he loves hearing how special he is to his lady.

Send Him a Thoughtful Gift

how to get a capricorn man to miss you

As shallow as this may sound; Capricorn men have high standards. Their taste is typically exquisite and expensive. However; if you want to get his attention or make him think of you; a small gift may achieve your goal.

If you know what type of cologne he likes; maybe you can buy him a small bottle or if he’s turned on by a certain scent you wear; you can send him a card that says something sweet but not too intimate.

Spray the card with your scent and mail it to him. He’ll be thrilled to receive a card from you that smells like you. That will definitely make him think of you and wonder why you sent the card.

The more interested he is in what your motive was; the better chances you have of him missing you and reaching out. Anything you can do that is thoughtful and caring without going overboard should elicit a response from him.

If you spend any time with him at his home; you can spray some of your perfume on his pillow when he’s not paying attention. Later on when he lays on it when you’re gone; he’ll smell it and think of you.

You can also send him a thank you card for no real reason. Thank him for being him and for being such a great person in your life. He’ll eat that up!

Cook for Him

As silly as this is; he knows that a meal cooked for him is done so with loving care. Make sure it’s something that is really tasty and something he’ll crave when you’re not around.

If not a meal, then make him some baked goods that are made from scratch. Store bought won’t work as well because it wasn’t made by you. You are the key ingredient to this plan working well.

A man will always remember an excellent meal from a woman who took time and dedication to cook it for him. He’ll remember what it was, how it tasted, how you looked and how you tasted.

Yep, he associates the food with the very essence of you. If you don’t know how to cook; you may want to learn. Holding onto your Capricorn may require a meal or two from time to time.

Whether you bake, fry, or slow-cook, he’ll be an extremely happy guy to have his belly filled with your delicious home cooked treats.

You keep his tummy happy; you have the keys to his heart. That is a fact! Click here if you’d like to learn more about how to please a Capricorn man.

Conclusion to Get a Capricorn Man to Miss You

I truly hope that this helps give you a good scope of the things you can do or say to get your Capricorn man to be nostalgic about your presence in his life. These techniques really do work wonders if you do them properly.

You may be asking “will my Capricorn man miss me?” The answer is, yes! If you do these things I’ve given you, you will absolutely get him craving your touch or your words.

These tools should absolutely help you get your man to pay more attention to you and to feel lonely without you. Remember to keep your independence though as that’s what drew him in.

If you lose that, you lose him. He needs to see you be strong and successful in whatever you do in your life. That passion is what fuels his fire. Don’t put that fire out by becoming dependent or clingy.

Speaking of fire, did you know that sexy classic actor; Denzel Washington is a Capricorn man? Makes so much sense given how strong and talented he actually is. Interesting piece of information isn’t it?! 

Did you find a really great technique to make your Capricorn miss your presence? Tell me how you did it!

If you’re ready to dive deeper and start your journey to unconditional love with your Capricorn man, you can purchase Capricorn Man Secrets here.

Share your story (or situation) with our community in the comment section below (don’t worry, it’s anonymous).

Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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4 thoughts on “How To Get Your Capricorn Man To Miss You And Think About You?

  1. Well, i am a capricorn, and i want someone dependent and clingy rather than a independent woman. If she’s independent then it’ll make me feel so insecure. And this relationship wont work.

    1. Hi Prabir!

      You’re going against your sign by feeling insecure by a woman who is independent. It sounds like you need to work at building your own security up and not leaving it up to someone else to boost it up or tear it down. This is something that you must do alone. Putting it on someone else to build your security will backfire on you time and time again if you are not careful. I wish you all the best in your journey!

  2. Ex capricorn man wreaked my property, due to my career goals. Due to his controlling behaviour I couldn’t copeso ended it. I hate being suffocated in the relationship. He became aggressive and sent death threats to me that is definitely NOT the sign of love. Was so glad to see the end of the insignificant little runt. Can breath air now & new life. So for any man or woman in a position In life like this, please run your the hills and never look back. Never misconstrue, that playing hard to get the cool attitude wins a capricorn man back. Just be lucky you get away in one piece

    1. Hi Angelwings!

      Oh my, I am so very sorry to hear that you’ve gone through so much with a Capricorn man. They are not all like this though sweetheart so please don’t write the sign off due to one failure of a man. In fact, I’d really like you to read more of my articles or check out my books on Capricorn man. Many of them are actually amazing. Just like any sign, there are always bad eggs. Your Capricorn guy is an example of one. Here’s wishing your soul mate to arrive in a timely manner sweetheart!

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