The Capricorn Man With Aquarius Cusp: How Different Is He?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you met a Capricorn guy that seems to have “out there” ideas? Perhaps he is a Capricorn man with Aquarius cusp. Read on to find out more about him.

Have you met a Capricorn guy that seems to have some really “out there” ideas? Maybe he thinks out of the box, is open-minded and sometimes non-committal? Perhaps he is a Capricorn man with Aquarius cusp.

If your man was born somewhere around 19th of January, close to the Aquarius time period, then we say that he is a Capricorn man with Aquarius cusp. What does that mean? It means that he has some Capricorn personality traits that are dangerously mixed with the Aquarius personality traits.

Unique brand of a man

This man is likely to be social but when he’s out is around other people; he’ll find himself keeping parts of his life reserved. The two signs are almost opposite as Aquarius is outgoing to the core.

Capricorn is more of the type to travel in small circles and even when he does go ou, he sticks to what he knows. This conflict will make for an interesting life for the blend.

Both signs are intellectually charged and therefore will doubly enjoy conversations with people who can bring out the intellectual side of life. Ladies, if you’re after a guy like this, use your brain.

He’ll be far more drawn to you when you talk about Science and Technology than he will be when you’re wearing a short skirt with high heels. He’s into who you are on the inside and what you can bring to his life.

He isn’t one to typically dive into bed with just anyone either. He’s picky about who he will sleep with. Capricorn is already really picky but the Aquarius will enhance that need to choose wisely.

This man will have high standards in friendships, relationships, and even places he will work. Aquarius likes to be free so this Capricorn guy may actually want to have his own business or work for someone that lets him do it his own way.

How he operates with relationships

capricorn man with aquarius cusp

The Aquarius side of this Capricorn will make him a bit more charismatic and able to make friends with very little effort. He’s fun to be around and is very smart. He is likely very funny and just a likable fellow.

As such, he easily attracts women. He likely has plenty of ladies to choose from if or when he’s ready to settle down. However, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t welcome someone new should she come along.

If you’ve got what he’s looking for, you’ll be up toward the top of his list. Aquarius is never in a hurry to commit. Capricorn is very picky. The combination of the two will make him move slowly where getting serious is concerned.

Not only does he want to be sure the one he’s with is the right one, he may also have a bit of a roaming eye and wondering if there is anyone else out there that is better.

However, if you’re truly special to him, he won’t allow the roaming Aquarius eye to dictate his level of commitment or intimacy. Aquarius loves to play the field until they find “the one”.

Capricorn’s sense of duty and desire to take care of his mate will help him to maintain his head instead of floating away with his dreams.

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Ability to manifest well

This combination of man will absolutely allow him the ability to make his dreams come true. He knows what to do and how to do it. He’s one that doesn’t tend to want for much as he’s able to get what he needs and/or desires.

He is revolutionary and able to accomplish just about anything he sets his mind to. He’s ambitious and can reach any goal he sets for himself. He’ll do it with shining success that leaves others in awe of them.

He is very confident in what he does but he also knows when to be cautious as to not fall into any traps or make the wrong choices. In this way, he’s very balanced and able to move forward with little to no effort.

Anyone around this guy will enjoy his company. He is far from boring. His personality is one that people cannot help but get drawn in. He has ideas that blow people’s minds.

It’s also likely he’s amazing at giving really good advice. If you ever have a problem that you’re not sure how to solve, ask a Capricorn man with Aquarius cusp to help you.

He’ll know exactly what would help you and perhaps get you on top. Whether you’re just friends with him or you’re exploring a relationship, he’ll be a rock for you to turn to.

His care for others

capricorn man with aquarius cusp

Remember that a Capricorn man feels a sense of duty to those he cares for. Aquarius will always protect those he loves. This makes this guy a force to be reckoned with should anyone try to hurt his loved ones.

He will go up and out of his way to make sure that his partner is well taken care of, protected, and loved. This is a rare guy and if you find one, you may want to hold onto him.

He’s the type that other women will for sure be trying to steal because they can see how valuable he is. The thing is, he’s not one to fall victim to women who are so willing to snatch another woman’s man.

In that respect, you should never have to worry about him stepping out on you. His Capricorn side will know how wrong this is and will not allow it. The Aquarius side may have the “grass is greener on the other side” outlook.

However, he will not likely dive into that route. Once this man commits to someone; he takes that contract very seriously and will stick it out. Try not to take too much offense if he flirts.

He isn’t doing it to acquire a new mate or a sexual conquest. He does it to ensure that he’s still “got it”. It makes him feel good about himself. Learn more about what makes a Capricorn man tick by clicking here.

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