The Capricorn Man With Scorpio Rising: What You Should Know

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you met a Capricorn that is different from the others you’ve met before? If he’s a go-getter and social then he is Capricorn man with Scorpio rising.

Have you met a Capricorn guy that seems really different from the others you’ve heard of or met before? If he’s a real go-getter and social then this guy is quite a mix. Here are some things you may find very interesting about the Capricorn man with Scorpio rising.

What is Ascendant or a Rising Sign?

Ascendant or a Rising Sign is the most important part of a natal chart of every person, even more important than the position of the Sun in your chart (your main Zodiac sign).

It represents the Zodiac sign in which the 1st house of your natal chart is positioned. It can be easily calculated on various websites, but you must know the exact time, date and place of birth of the person whose Ascendant you are calculating. Or, you can just ask them ????

Goal accomplishment

capricorn man with virgo rising

Both signs are ambitious and both signs tend to get after it when something needs to be done. They want to succeed at all costs. This is a mutually beneficial mix.

This guy can plan and create goals that are not only tangible but very successful in nature. He’s brilliant and is the type of guy that is sought after. He’d make a great lawyer, investigator, or some type of scientist.

He’ll dig the heck out of research, development, and make sure that everything is handled the way it should be. He has plenty of vigor and is ready to be aggressive where it’s needed.

His instincts are sharp and he knows what he’s doing. He will always be a bit of a perfectionist. However, it won’t be in a nitpicky negative way. It will be in a positive way to promote growth and a wonderful future ahead.

So if you’re looking for a guy that has brilliance, drive, and instincts that don’t quit, this will be a great fit for you. If you’re looking for a guy who is dumbed down, this isn’t the right guy.

Temper problems

Scorpio is a bit of a hot head. Capricorn always thinks he’s right and when he has Scorpio rising, this could make for a hot mixture and he’ll have to learn to cool his jets before he goes overboard.

The Capricorn side will make sure that the reactive side of him doesn’t do anything he’ll regret. It won’t be easy though. As long as the Capricorn remembers who he is, things should work out.

If anyone hurts him or wrongs him, he will not be very quick to forgive. He tends to carry grudges. He may forgive but you can be sure that he will never forget what you did to him.

There are certain situations though where he may not want to forgive. So you’ll have to be very careful how you treat your Capricorn guy. If you know what angers him, try to avoid it.

Pushing his buttons will not do you any favor. If you yourself are angry, you should probably take a step back before approaching the Capricorn man with Scorpio rising mix.

He will file the wrongdoing in his filing cabinet in his brain for later on and use it against you. The Scorpio rising will give the Capricorn more bravery to stand up for himself.

Just watch your step around this guy. If you accidentally tick him off, it’ll probably be alright. However, if you try to piss him off on purpose, you’ll likely regret it. So be forewarned… he doesn’t like when people mess with him.

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Relationships and Sex

capricorn man with scorpio rising

Scorpio rising will make the Capricorn man more amorous. Most Capricorn men are very loyal and don’t like to play around with one night stands. However, with this ascendant sign, he may be more prone to slips here and there.

That doesn’t mean that the Capricorn man will cheat because he has Scorpio rising. However, it does probably raise the chances of him doing it. Just be aware and look for the signs like you would with any guy.

He will likely be kinky between the sheets and the passion will be elevated thanks to the Scorpio rising. There should be much sexy time with this guy as his libido will likely be a bit higher than the standard Capricorn guy.

Remember that since he’s easily fueled by emotion due to the Scorpio rising, he’ll be more likely to do things that a Capricorn wouldn’t normally do. This could be a very good thing or a bad one.

It will be up to you what you determine as being something you’re into or not. Always take care of yourself and be sure that you’re doing the right thing in choosing your potential mate.

Taking Time to Cultivate

Scorpio rising will have a tendency to want to jump too quickly with certain things. However, Capricorn knows that anything good takes time. So he’ll be aware of what he needs to go slower with.

Anything that he’s planned on, he may take awhile to accomplish because he doesn’t want to hurry up and screw up his chances. Because of that, he may still want to go slowly with a relationship.

Some of his projects may be a lifelong project. Though you may not understand it or feel it’s something he should do, there are some things that will come out better if you allow him to take his time.

In other words, never try to rush the Capricorn man with Scorpio rising. He will do things in his own time and for the good of himself as well as anyone else involved with him.

He knows what he is doing even though it may seem like he doesn’t at times. Trust that he will do what he needs to and in the time needed. If you hang in there by his side, he will surprise you with how wonderful things can be.

There are likely to be many envious folks around him throughout his life because they can see how able he is to get what he wants out of what he plans. Lots of people do not have this type of willpower or drive.

All in all, Capricorn man with Scorpio rising mix is quite lucrative and if you like to be with a man who lives for success, this is your guy. Just don’t tick him off on purpose and show him how much you care. That’s the mix for success with him.

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