10 Ways To Find Out His Birth Details Without Scaring Him Away

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Dying to find out if you’re an astrological match? Astrology is all the rage now when it comes to relationship compatibility, and it goes far beyond just “Sun Sign” compatibility. What are some ways to get his birth details without scaring him away? 

Dying to find out if you’re an astrological match? Astrology is all the rage now when it comes to relationship compatibility, and it goes far beyond just “Sun Sign” compatibility. If you’re serious about Astrology, you’ll want to see if you and your new crush are going to hit it off – or miss the mark completely. What are some ways to get his birth details without scaring him away? 

No one wants to look like a crazy star-stalker. Even if we are deep down inside! Astrology, as accessible as it has become to so many of us, seems to still be considered very “fringe,” and we could still have our new guy look at us like we are some kind of crazy for demanding his birth time. 

So how do we work around it, knowing that we are absolutely desperate to get our hands on his details and find out what makes him tick? There are many ways and means of finding out his birth details that don’t exactly have to involve him – much more than you may imagine! 

Most of these ways do involve not telling him, so you may need to decide within yourself if that’s morally okay for you. 

However, with so many details available online, given freely, it’s anybody’s game. And it’s very much the same as checking out someone’s Myers-Briggs profile, or just taking a look at their LinkedIn profile. 

So, if you’re wanting to get the low down on his astrology chart without scaring him away, then these are my top tips to help you get the information you need: 

10 Ways To Find Out His Birth Details Without Scaring Him Away

1. Find Them on Facebook or Other Social Media Platforms

Finding His Birth Information On Facebook

Ladies, the easiest way to get those details you need is to simply find them on Facebook, Instagram or some other social media platform- even LinkedIn. Most of us freely share our birth details on these sites, even right down to the place we were born. 

Sure, you may not have a time, but this is still more than enough to understand the dynamics between the two of you. For example, you’ll have all the signs of his planets which you can immediately compare to yours. Yes, it’s as easy as that! 

2. Discreetly Call the Hospital Where He Was Born

In your chats together, you can casually ask which area he was born, and which hospital, simply pretending as if that’s interesting to you. 

Once you have that information, you can just call the hospital and make up a story about who this person is to you – for example, a long-lost brother, or family member you want to track down. Most hospitals do keep records for quite number of years, so it shouldn’t be too tough to track down. 

Sneaky? Yes. Effective? Very! Plus, he never needs to know, and so, you won’t scare him away! 

3. Ask to See His Birth Certificate (Out of Curiosity, of Course!)

Another way to get his birth details is to ask him to come over and hang out. Make sure that you have your own Birth Certificate lying around, perhaps on a coffee table with a frame nearby, pretending as if you’re going to hang it somewhere. 

As you snuggle up on the couch, he may get curious, have a look at it, and this could open up a way for you to ask to see his the next time you’re at his home. Maybe, he’ll even have all the information is his head and will simply tell you everything

He’ll never know that you’re secretly storing that information to check him out later according to his planets! 

4. Strike Up a Friendship with His Mom and Get the Details

This is one of the cleverest ways you can get his birth details! He doesn’t even really have to be around for this one to work – in fact, it’s better if he’s not. 

The next time you’re visiting with his family (hopefully you’re at that stage), you can get cozy with his mom and ask all about how he was born and where, what time, and what he was like as a baby. 

She will love how curious you are, how interested you are, so this is a win-win situation – you get to make friends with his mom, and get his details all at once! 

5. Search “Birth Records Finder” (US)

How To Find Out His Birth Info Capricorn Man

If you live in the US, you can simply Google “Birth Records Finder” and type in your crush’s name. This may bring up all the details you need, such as where he was born and what time. This is freely available, and totally legal, so get your phone and go! 

6. Ask an Astrologer Friend to Do a “Rectification”

Ever heard of a Rectification? It’s something that all astrologer’s worth their salt can do, to figure out when someone was born. All they need is the person’s birth day and place, and a few of their most important life events. 

That’s where the work lies. You will have to somehow find out when big things happened in his life, such as any deaths, births of children, medical operations, moving countries, job changes and other major life events. It shouldn’t be too hard to find out, if you have a good memory and clever conversational skills! 

Just remember you will have to pay for this service, and it can be expensive. My advice, ladies, is to only do this if he’s someone very serious in your life. 

7. Get His Birthday and Then Use a Pendulum

Got skill with a pendulum? Then this is a great way to figure out his birth time! Just get his birthday – which is not hard, considering all the available information online or just be having a casual conversation with him. 

Then, what you can do is write down morning, afternoon or evening on a piece of paper and see which one the pendulum points to. After that, pick times of one-hour slots, narrowing further and further down to ten-minute slots. There you go! 

8. Visit A Psychic

You can always visit a Psychic at a pinch, and show them a picture of him, asking the question of when he was born – what time. Most good Psychics work well it photographs and should be able to answer this question for you. 

9. Casually Mention Astrology as a Passion

If you feel like he could be open to it, then maybe you’d like to just mention how much astrology has helped you in your own life, and if he’s ever used it for himself. You can even show him some example of your own birth chart and point a few truths out. 

This may stoke his interest and make him want more! Plus, you’re not scaring him away if you share your own chart, you’re just making him feel interested in looking at his own! 

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10. Share Your Own Birth Story (And Find His Out)

One way to get his birth details is to tell him the story of when you were born. Where it was, how long your mom was in labor, if you were early or late – anything interesting that you think he will enjoy. 

This will help him to open up about his birth too, or at least get him curious to ask his parents and share with you. Easy peasy! 

Do you have any tips? I’d love to hear them. Feel free to share in the comments box below! 

And once you get his birth details, you have to try my free compatibility quiz to find out what they Stars have to say about you two! Try it out here.

Your friend and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

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