8 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With A Capricorn Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What can you do to secure your Capricorn for good? I have eight secrets to a happy marriage with a Capricorn man, so keep on reading for all the answers!

Are you about to marry a Capricorn man and aren’t sure what you should do to make it a success? Maybe you just married him and now wonder what’s coming next for the two of you.

What can you do to secure your Capricorn for good? How do you keep him happy? I have eight secrets to a happy marriage with a Capricorn man, so keep on reading for all the answers!

8 Secrets To A Happy Marriage With A Capricorn Man

1. Financial Security Is A Key Ingredient

If you’ve gotten to know your Capricorn man, then you know that money is important to him. He craves the finer things in life and he definitely wants a secure future.

He wants a wife who will strive just as hard as he does for a strong nest egg in which to build a family and retire on at a later age. These things are very paramount for a Capricorn man.

He’s not one that will think it’s alright that you stay at home and share his money. Capricorn has never been known to be a supportive guy financial. He wants you to work and earn.

Do not quit your career or job once you marry him, because if you do, then he may see this as lazy or that you’re not trying anymore to do your best in the financial department. Your work ethic must be strong and consistent.

2. Be Romantic & Thoughtful

How To Have A Happy Marriage With A Capricorn Man

You might try writing down sweet daily messages on post-it notes. You can say things like, “I love you because…” or “you’re an amazing husband.” Basically, compliment him and make him feel good.

If you make Capricorn man’s lunch, you can slide a love letter into it or into his work bag. Whatever you can do to make him smile when he finds it will make him a happy man indeed.

Occasional, spontaneous gifts will leave him with a warm heart and a huge smile.

Sending him a playlist that you’ve made him for his drive to work or his workout at the gym will have him grinning from ear to ear.

3. Know That The Small Things Are Important

As weird as it may seem, Capricorn men love things that you do for them without a second thought. When you pick up his favorite food or drink, he notices this.

If you’re doing it without him having asked you, he will think you’re a fabulous wife.

Making sure that his work clothes are clean and put away is a thoughtful but simple chore that you could complete for him. If you’re not a laundry person, then you can try having it laundered or sent to the dry cleaners.

Pick out his favorite snacks and put them in a location so that he sees them. He’ll enjoy diving in and knowing you were thinking of him when you were doing the shopping.

Small things are much more important than most people realize. The Capricorn man appreciates this and sees this as a form of security.

4. Stay Loyal & Honest With Him, Always!

Happy In Marriage With A Capricorn Man

Capricorn men want to be with a woman that they can trust. You should always tell him what your plans are, where you’re going, and who you will be with. He should do the same for you.

It’s mutual respect that you both need. He will trust you when he knows that you are both open with one another. That communication will make or break your love, so be very careful.

Never lie to him. He will feel it and he will either call you out on it or he’ll go silent and cold.

Loyalty is having his back and knowing that when you go out, he is your husband. No other man matters outside of that scope. Be honest with yourself as well when you’re married to a Capricorn man.

5. Respect Is Required

The Capricorn man puts a high value on respect. It’s never a good idea to belittle him or tear him down. Try lifting him and making him feel like the loving husband he is.

When you talk to him, don’t yell and raise hell with him. Stay level-headed and try to talk like an adult. If you’re outspoken, then when you talk to your Capricorn guy, you’re going to have to do your best to take a calmer approach.

He will respect you when you respect him. If he doesn’t then something is wrong and you need to call him on it otherwise, be kind to each other. You can be level without screaming and name-calling.

Once he’s heard bad stuff enough, he gets cold and starts looking to leave. If you’re able to tell him things without sounding like you’re criticizing him, he will appreciate this and love you dearly.

6. Be Supportive & Loving

Marriage With A Capricorn Man

When a Capricorn man finds his perfect partner, he wants her to be supportive of his plans, goals, or ideas. Marrying him means you are the love he needs.

While you may want to laugh at some of his aspirations… don’t do it! You can just tell him to do what he thinks is best and you’ll be right there for him.

Even if he makes mistakes, knowing you are there and encouraging him, he’ll keep trying and will appreciate you as his life partner. That’s exactly what he requires in marriage.

A soft hand, loving kiss, and tender loving care are something Capricorn men appreciate. It’s almost a requirement for being married to him.

7. Do NOT Give Up On The Marriage

This should work for all marriages really, but with Capricorn, he expects you to always try and work at it. He won’t give up if you don’t. Fight for your marriage together.

When you two have problems, sit down and find a logical solution that will work for you both. Be very sensible with your approach to him.

Even if you do get really angry with him or sad… do not leave and expect him to want to work on it. He will find you leaving as a sign that you don’t want to be with him anymore.

He wants a strong woman who will stand her ground and make sure the marriage lasts. Capricorn will do his part if you are doing yours so hang in there!

8. Be Open In The Bedroom

Capricorn Man Happy In Bedroom

When possible, wear something sexy around the house when he’s home. He will appreciate it and be turned on. Appeal to his sexuality. Dig into his deepest desires and fantasies.

Play with him and enjoy yourself. When there is passion in the bedroom, then there is room to work on everything else in your marriage. This is where you connect and have a good time.

Suggest to him to try something adventurous sexually. He’s willing to try anything once, as long as it doesn’t humiliate him or make him feel degraded.

Capricorn does love as much sex as you’re willing to indulge with him in it. Your marriage should be well-rounded and sex is definitely part of the package!

Having a happy marriage with a Capricorn man is a bit of work, but when you put in the effort, you’ll be glad you did.

Be attentive, romantic, and passionate. Elevating things in the bedroom will put him in a great mood to deal with any other issues he has going on outside of the marriage.

It’s a great way to burn off some stress for you both as well. Give him a reason to want to come home. If you follow these tips, you’ll secure a happy marriage with your Capricorn man.

Have That Forever Love With Your Capricorn Man

These steps should help you to make your marriage happy. It can also help you to maintain your Capricorn man love. There is more though…

Wouldn’t you like to know what to do when he goes cold?

He’s alright when he’s with you but has gone quiet when he’s gone.

What is he doing? Does he still love you?

Will your marriage last?

It can and it will but you have to do the right things to hold onto him.

Being his forever love requires things you have to be able to do.

There can be success with the Capricorn man if you really want it.

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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