Capricorn Man And Cancer Woman in Bed – Is It a Promising Match?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
These two are opposites but seem to really be drawn to each other in a way that is unexplainable. Find out more about Capricorn man and Cancer woman in bed.

If you’re a Cancer woman who is totally into a Capricorn man and wondering how delicious he may be in bed, this article may be something you should read. In fact, keep reading now to find out more regarding Capricorn man and Cancer woman in bed, is it a great match?

Opposites Do Tend To Attract

These two are opposites but seem to really be drawn to each other in a way that is unexplainable. However, I will do my best to explain to you what may draw them together and what they’re like together intimately.

Capricorn man isn’t the most expressive when it comes to emotion while Cancer woman tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. Everything she does is based on how she feels where Capricorn uses more logic and thought.

Somehow through what would seem to be an odd situation, these two actually have quite a bit in common that opens up a door to a great romance and certainly a great sex life should they decide to do so.

Cancer woman wants a secure relationship which is something that a Capricorn man can definitely provide. The Capricorn man wants a stable love that will last him a life time which is something Cancer woman easily gives.

Whether or not they have some differences, they have enough footing that they can make this type of situation work out for the benefit of both. They are drawn to each other by the instantaneous attraction they feel.

It’s not very likely that a Capricorn man will hook up with a Cancer woman solely for sex. He’s typically the type of guy that wants an actual relationship first and to get there is a slow moving process with him.

Cancer woman may be up to move quicker but she’ll have to utilize her patience if she wants to win her Capricorn man over. I’m not saying it’s impossible for either of them to have a one night stand but it’s pretty rare.

Cancer woman also would prefer to be with a man sexually whom she’s going to have more with in the future than just intimacy alone. She wants a family and a close bond with someone that lasts for all time.

Where Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman Are Alike

Capricorn Man And Cancer Woman in Bed

These two do actually have things in common enough that they can make a very strong match should they choose to do so. One of the important qualities that they see eye to eye on is trust.

When the two finally become a partnership, they both have gone through time and effort thus allowing trust to be something that holds them together like glue. They trust each other enough that jealousy should never be an issue.

Emotionally they connect on a level that is rather shocking. Capricorn man doesn’t open up easily and takes a long time before he’ll share his feelings about anything really.

However, Cancer woman seems to be able to show him enough nurturing that she trusts him and shows him this trust. He then feels safe and secure enough to open up to her about how he feels.

Communication seems to work well with these two as well. They can not only open up to each other about their emotions but they can talk about just about anything else as well.

They seem to enjoy many of the same things which opens up plenty of topics of conversation that is very interesting. Their life values are similar as well. They both want the very best and tend to nurture this within each other.

As high as the Capricorn man’s standards are, he seems to feel that Cancer woman knows how to live a life that he finds inspirational and quite a pairing with him and his style.

Their shared activities may also be something that keeps them filled with excitement, adventure, and great joy between them. It’s doubtful either of them will ever be bored in each other’s presence which is amazing!

Where They Fall Short

I mentioned communication being one of their strengths but it can also be one of their weaknesses if they aren’t careful. They need to be totally honest with each other at all times or they may find some problems to overcome.

Cancer woman naturally keeps some things to herself that she feels her Capricorn doesn’t need to know or she doesn’t want him to know. Cancer never reveals 100% of themselves to anyone.

While she wears her heart on her sleeve, there are things about her that she will never want anyone to know. Capricorn man will be uncomfortable about this and will want to know everything about her in time.

He won’t ask up front to know everything but the longer the Cancer woman is with him, the more he’s going to ask. She will have to tell him or there will be conflict between them that may be an ongoing issue if she doesn’t.

This is the one area in their lives that may cause a bit of a rift but it’s certainly not bad enough that the two would want to part ways forever. There are exceptions though. If Capricorn man doesn’t like something Cancer woman did in her past, he may see her differently.

Sexual Match Between Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman

Capricorn Man And Cancer Woman in Bed

I have to tell you, this match is possibly one of the best when it comes to sex and intimacy. Since they connect on other levels, they certainly will be no different in the bedroom.

The passion between Capricorn man and Cancer woman is very strong. They awaken their deep desires and are able to unleash it on one another which makes their sexual intimacy quite powerful and fulfilling.

Sex is even better if these two decide to have a relationship. They will have such a bond that they’ll feel more comfortable sexually than they ever did with anyone else. This makes them a fantastic match both in and out of the bedroom.

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