Capricorn Man & Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility: Are They Soulmates?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
When two people are the same Zodiac sign, are they a good match? More specifically, are you and you Capricorn man meant for each other? Are you Soulmates? Let’s explore together what your compatibility says about your relationship:

When two people are the same Zodiac sign, are they a good match? More specifically, are you and you Capricorn man meant for each other? Are you Soulmates? Let’s explore together what your compatibility says about your relationship:

As a Relationship Astrologer, I see plenty of successful and not-so-successful couples marching through my office, and have picked up certain patterns about couples that have the same Zodiac sign: 

You’ll either annoy each other, or adore each other. It’s very much love or hate here, and the same goes for Capricorn with another Capricorn! 

However, you do have an edge to your relationship. Being earth signs, you’re more committed, stable, and willing to work together. You are each the type of person who’s faithful and dedicated to their partner. 

It does take some time to build up a solid connection, as you are both cautious and careful in love. You don’t just jump in heedlessly – you feel each other out to see if this is someone who you can, in fact, spend your life with. That’s how serious you are about relationships!  

Here’s how the two of you will get along, emotionally, intimately, and in other ways: 

Capricorn Man And Capricorn Woman Emotional Connection

Capricorn Man And Capricorn Woman Emotional Connection

Capricorn is not known as the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. It does of course, depend on the rest of your Astrology chart which can reflect a more sensitive nature. But generally speaking, you are both quite detached and cool

And of course, if you are both rather reserved, it can be harder to open up to each other emotionally. You both may fear being truly vulnerable, and have strong personal defenses, throwing yourselves into work to channel your feelings. 

I encourage you, Capricorn, to slowly and gently let yourself become softer with your Capricorn fella. He’s going to have it harder than you, being a man with his social conditioning. If you are brave enough to take that first step, he will be too! 

Even with that all said, the two of you are very unlikely to spill your innermost feelings out to each other on a regular basis. It’s just not how the two of you are built, and that suits you just fine! 

Capricorn Man And Capricorn Woman Communication

Capricorn Man And Capricorn Woman Communication

What’s the communication like between the two of you? Will you get along? Agree? Disagree? 

Well, as fellow Capricorns, you will have very similar ways of thinking and communicating, though it of course expends very much on where your Mercury sign is to get a full picture. 

However, as a rule, you are both practical and sensible in your style of communication. Neither of you are particularly drawn to flights of fantasy or imagination, and prefer to talk about realistic, down to earth subjects. 

Like work, for example – you can talk all day about work and your goals! This is your “safe place,” Capricorn, and you’ll very much enjoy setting plans out together and planning your achievements for the future! 

What you’ll pick up about you Capricorn man is that has the same sense of dark humor that you do! He’s just as cynical and slightly sarcastic, which you’ll love, Capricorn, because together you can really make each other chuckle! 

Just be careful of being too serious and heavy when it comes to the topics you choose to talk about, Capricorn. You’re both the types to take yourselves and life far too seriously, leaving no room for lightness. This can weigh you down when you talk. 

Also be aware that both of you like to take the lead in a conversation. This means you can both be a little bossy and authoritative. Gracefully allow each other to lead at times when you talk, and all will go smoothly! 

Capricorn Man And Capricorn Woman Common Values

This is a biggie! Do you share common values together? It’s important that you have similar goals, especially seeing as you are such goal-orientated signs, Capricorn! 

Luckily, being the same sign has some real benefits here, as you really do share very similar desires and life objectives. Namely, work is going to be valuable to you both. You both crave success and recognition in the world, and will always support each other in that. 

This makes the rest of life much easier (even if you don’t see each other much!). You understand long working hours, and extra effort put in at the office. Work trips become a source of pride rather than a source of drama, Capricorn. 

Some of you Capricorn couples may even choose career over family, which doesn’t unsettle either of you – thank heavens! How many couples have countless fights over whose priorities are most important? Not you two, at least. 

That’s for the most part, Capricorn. Of course, you may have a few things you value that aren’t the same, as all couples do. But usually, you’re on the same page. 

You are also both traditionalists, which informs many of your values, including enjoying monogamy, sending your children to excellent schools and respecting society’s rules in general. Count your blessings to have found each other, Capricorn – a true Soulmate!

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Capricorn Man And Capricorn Woman Intimacy

Intimacy is something very important to everyone, and especially to earth signs like yourselves! Being the same Zodiac sign, once again, can make things smoother for you when it comes to getting up close and personal! Physically speaking, that is. 

On an emotional level, intimacy may be harder to achieve because we’ve seen, Capricorns don’t open up easily and show their hearts. If you can work on this, Capricorn you’ll find that your sex life gets hotter and hotter! 

However, in general, you have a great physical connection. You’re both highly sensual and tactile, and love to touch, taste and smell, to feel each other’s bodies.  You both tend to have a high libido (as long as you’re not overworked), and can go all day and all night! 

Luckily for you, you’re not shy of experimentation with each other physically. Being in a relationship, you feel, gives you every right to enjoy every inch of flesh on each other’s bodies! 

What you may find, Capricorn, is that your physical chemistry allows you both to emotionally connect, softening your defensive energies so that you can be vulnerable with each other. In this way, physical connection is a fantastic tool you can use

In conclusion, are a Capricorn man and a Capricorn woman Soulmates? Sure! Your Souls are the same, after all – you’re two peas in a pod! 

Just be sure that you aren’t projecting your issues onto each other, because you are, effectively, looking into a mirror of yourself, Capricorn! And don’t walk all over each other in your desire to have all the authority and power! 

Otherwise enjoy your long-lasting, strong and faithful bond to each other and remember to appreciate watch other every day, Capricorn – you don’t get this kind of stability every day. You really can be a power team! 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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