Capricorn Man And Pisces Woman in Bed: Is It a Promising Match?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
These two can complement each other and help each other’s lives to become more balanced. Keep reading for more on the Capricorn Man and Pisces woman in bed.

This might seem like an odd mix for some because Capricorn is so much grounded and Pisces is a daydreamer. The truth is, these two can complement each other and help each other’s lives to become more balanced. When it comes to sex, they seem to really know what they’re doing. Keep reading for more on the Capricorn Man and Pisces woman in bed.

Overall Chemistry with Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman

Before we go into sexuality, it’s important to understand how these two line up. Capricorn men aren’t into one night stands typically and yet take a very long time to get to know someone before he will get sexual with them.

That being said, it’s important to know how these two might line up should a Pisces woman want to cultivate a bond with a Capricorn man. If she’s looking for just hot sex, she may be disappointed because he’s not going to give it up easily.

Looking at the basics, the Capricorn man with Pisces woman is a really decent matchup overall. They really are terrific for each other. They don’t seem to have trust issues with one another.

That could change if one or both of them were badly burned in a past relationship. Otherwise, they seem pretty open to each other. Capricorn man forces the Pisces woman to have patience with him and take it nice and easy.

Capricorn man inspires Pisces woman to take action to make her dreams come true instead of just fantasizing about them. Pisces woman shows the Capricorn man romance and tenderness that he craves.

These two emotionally seem to connect. You would think that they would have trouble with this because Pisces woman is very emotional and Capricorn man isn’t quite so emotional.

The reality is though; they seem to just “get” each other and can understand where the other is coming from. It’s a unique connection and something that both should consider.

They probably have a lot in common as far as activities go. They also tend to like discussing their dreams and aspirations together. It allows them to be optimistic and start planning for the future.

Sexually Compatible Pairing

Capricorn Man And Pisces Woman in Bed

These two are magnificent together sexually. It may take time for the Capricorn man to want to open up enough to let the Pisces woman in and to allow her to be sexual with him.

Pisces woman may have to wait on her Capricorn guy, but he’s well worth the wait. Once she gets him to fall for her and understand where she’s coming from, it’s absolutely worth the risk it took to lure him in.

Capricorn man is a closet romantic and will want to court his Pisces lady. This will make her feel loved, secure, and safe with him. She will also be very romantic toward him, which makes a divine connection between the two.

When they are this close, it helps them to open up sexually with time. The differences that they hold when it comes to sexuality helps the two of them to balance one another, thus finding ecstasy.

The Capricorn man will feel romantically inspired by his Pisces lady and how much she opens up to him. He’ll appreciate her ability to show him who she truly is and what she’s capable of.

The two are going to be a romantically sexual couple. Capricorn man seems as though he’s cold or callous, but his Pisces woman helps bring out the tenderness he has deep inside.

He’ll appreciate the inspiration and want to show her his capabilities in the bedroom. He’s a bit of a closet freak, and so once that box is opened, they will definitely enjoy sex together.

Both are up for an adventure, romance, and tenderness. Pisces woman and Capricorn man take turns as far as who is in charge and will find such amazing balance between the two of them. Both want to please each other greatly.

Pisces woman makes the Capricorn man feel like he’s the King of the world. Capricorn man makes Pisces woman feel cared for, taken care of, and protected. They become each other’s world.

Once committed, these two could actually have a very close bond for life. It’s truly up to the two of them, but Pisces woman does need to keep in mind that if she wants into Capricorn man’s pants, she will have to do her due diligence and practice patience.

The Capability of Capricorn Man with Pisces Woman Relationship

If these two want, they could very much have a successful long term relationship or even marriage. Pisces woman may not mind having a fling or a “friend with benefits” however, the Capricorn man typically doesn’t do this.

I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I’m saying it’s rather rare. I won’t say that he won’t ever do it because there are always some circumstances that may occur that give him more of an open mind.

If he’s gone years without sex and a beautiful Pisces woman introduces him to her world, he may give in and spend the night. It could go from snuggling and being close to turning into a full-on sexual tryst.

The likelihood is very low, and so Pisces woman needs to be aware that if she really wants a Capricorn man, she’s going to have to work for it. He’s worth it, and he will give her all the love and security she could ever ask for.


Capricorn Man And Pisces Woman in Bed


He may be cold at times, but if the two are open with each other and communicate regularly, they can succeed quite well. It really depends on what either or both wants ultimately.

Sexually though, the Capricorn man and Pisces woman in bed is a tremendously pleasurable experience. They have to figure out what they both want and what they’re willing to do to make it happen.

These two will make an amazingly loving and successful couple if they do decide to commit and make something special come from their meeting up.

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