How To Attract A Capricorn Man In April 2021

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April is a deeply soulful and dreamy month for the Capricorn man. He can sense that something’s up, he knows that there is a lot of high energy – and confusion – in the air. It’s an ambiguous time anyway, but Aries season increases our inner fire even more. 

April is a deeply soulful and dreamy month for the Capricorn man. He can sense that something’s up, he knows that there is a lot of high energy – and confusion – in the air. It’s an ambiguous time anyway, but Aries season increases our inner fire even more. 

Positively, this can lead to incredible self-assertion and self-leadership, stepping into confidence and personal power. But it can also fuel our “inner warrior,” as Aries is the warrior sign ruled by Mars, after all. Let’s look at the best ways to win his admiration and respect. 

How To Attract A Capricorn Man In April 2021

1. Serenity Wins

Attracting A Capricorn Man In April 2021

Serenity and peace are automatic attraction points. It’s important you downplay any “extreme” forms of optimism and positivity this month. Surely be positive, but try not to be over-the-top and overly gregarious, or a party animal. 

The Capricorn man will be most attracted to women and people who project a demeanor of calmness – with peace of mind and an inner silence. With all the fire and high-charged frequencies in the air, someone who can keep calm and composed, and responsive instead of reactive, is desirable. 

And, knowing how to be calm and tranquil provides key insight into how you would be as a potential lover and partner. If in doubt, if you can’t read the vibe or energy of a situation, it’s best to opt for a more humble and sincere approach. Less is more in April.

2. Don’t Feed His Insecurities

So, April can be intense. There are a lot of heightened emotions, instincts, and intuition included. The collective energy right now is quite chaotic and confusing, and Aries season adds to the uncertainty. 

Mars is Aries’ planetary ruler and Mars represents war, aggression, lust and primal urges and instincts. Basically, the complete opposite to peace-loving and harmony seeking Venus (which is quite compatible with the Capricorn nature and needs). 

Quite simply, this is not the time to try to be funny or cold. Empathy and consideration for his feelings are paramount, while being mindful of his insecurities and sensitivities will score major points. Aries season can amplify our insecurities if we don’t feel safe or protected in the world. Aries is a very instinctual and sexually aware star sign – they are physical and therefore function on a primal and instinctive level. 

Being tasteless, loud, brash or flamboyant won’t be received well. Instead, show him that you have compassion and empathy, but furthermore self-awareness. You need to fall into depression or an unnecessary low mood to be mindful and respectful. The Capricorn man adores respect, people who can see when it’s time to be serious and connect the sensitivity of the human spirit. Although the Sun is in Aries, steer clear of typical Aries traits and characteristics, at least the shadow ones!

3. Allow Him Space to Reflect

Daydreaming or moments of mind wandering will be common all throughout the month. Even in social situations, he is feeling more reflective and contemplative than usual, and his mind is quite possibly thinking about many different things. 2021 is a very transformative year for this guy, so it’s important to recognize his need for self-reflection. 

The Capricorn man is a feminine sign in nature. This means he is receptive, more introverted than extrovert, and slightly submissive. He doesn’t favor well with overly masculine or dominant characters, and he prefers a woman who shares his values – who is on his wavelength. Capricorn tends to be most compatible with earth and water signs. 

Take moments to honor his femininely “yin” nature. This is especially important if you are a fire or air sign yourself. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, as well as Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius sometimes don’t understand how people can be so quiet and introspective in social situations. They even sometimes mistake this as being down or sad, shy or depressed. Yet this is not the case… life is a balance of yin and yang, of feminine and masculine energies. Some people are just more introvertedly wired. 

4. But, Uplift His Spirits!

In saying all of this, you can still throw some laughs in! You don’t have to play the fool or insensitive disrespectful tormentor to be funny and upbeat. Inspire him through charm, social grace, sheer wit and positivity. It’s useful to work on strengthening your intuition this month, for all social situations, not just with your Capricorn man interest. Emotions are heightened as you’re aware, people are feeling tense and sensitive or at the very least conscious of the things they say (and how they say them). 

Uplift his spirits through genuine laughter and respectful, witty humor. Keep humor centered around the “tried and tested.” Topics that would sit well in a family situation or around your grandparents, such as funny social media memes, joyous stories about animals, or anything that isn’t connected to the changing times. Save your knowledge and unique voice regarding visionary and idealistic subjects for deep and meaningful conversation. 

In other words, don’t joke about things that are affecting people, because (chances are) one of the things you say will be happening to someone he loves. It takes just one comment to sometimes leave a bad impression in someone’s mind. Don’t put him off before you’ve had a chance to show him all of your beautiful, amazing qualities… 

5. Keep It Cool

Keeping It Cool With A Capricorn Man In April 2021

No matter what you’re feeling, emotions, thoughts, ideas, intellectual pursuits, anything that could ‘stir’ the pot, don’t express yourself. Well, yes, express yourself – but keep it cool. Due to the reflectionist introspective tendencies mentioned previously, the Capricorn man will be thinking a lot about his personal life and things going on in the world. And this signifies that being loud or taking a role in the limelight will just make you go off his radar.

You could become just another bubbly and friendly new friend or acquaintance if you’re too outgoing. You know how you meet new people and there’s someone who is clearly confident, attractive, and cultured or intelligent? They’re loud, a keen socializer, and know how to chat to everyone?! Don’t be that person this month. The chances are he will go into his reflective space and you will fade into the background. You’ll be off his radar.

A more modest and down-to-earth approach works best this month. You can inspire him and be colorful, just do it in a personable way. Make every word intentional and feel with your body and senses. We’ve mentioned sensitivity and intuition already, however also be empathic and courteous. Consider the range of human emotions and multiple “vibes” existing simultaneously. You might be wanting to shine bright and bold like the sun, yet he could be mellow and passive like the moon.

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

March was an amazing month for connection and bonding, so if you’ve already formed a connection this is the perfect month to strengthen it. Deep and meaningful conversation is the way to go this April. He prefers depth and empathy – sensitivity – over any loud and brash displays or behaviors. This is highlighted too by a Full Moon in emotionally sensitive Scorpio, on the 27th. Connection and sincerity are the key words this month.

The Capricorn Man Secrets can show you everything you need to know to win his heart and respect. 

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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