How To Attract A Capricorn Man In June 2021

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Capricorn man in June 2021? The planets change every month, and events in June might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

June brings us Gemini season for the majority of the month. There’s also a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th, and a Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 24th. Gemini and Sagittarius are both extroverted and masculine signs known for being two of the most outgoing, sociable, and energetic people of the Zodiac. Well, Capricorn is not like this at all – he can actually be surprisingly reserved and quiet despite his confident and ambitious nature. There are certain things you should be aware of, therefore.

How To Attract A Capricorn Man In June 2021

1. Connect Intellectually

The Gemini Sun is highlighting his need for intellectual connection this month. Each Astrological season influences us all in differing ways, for the Capricorn man it’s all about intellect and intelligence. 

He has a bright mind and Gemini’s energy is revving up his need and desire for intellectual stimulation. This is a great way to help him to see the positive in life. We are a range of frequencies, thoughts, emotions, and memories. Multiple aspects of consciousness make up our lives and the self, holistically, therefore the energy this month provides a doorway for optimistic thinking. 

If in doubt, if you’re not feeling an emotional, physical, or spiritual connection as you may like, depending on your sign – strive for good conversation. Capricorn’s ruler (ruling planet) is Saturn; therefore, he is naturally conservative, traditional, and bound to the laws of karma. 

Basically, time, tradition, and history – morals, ethics, and values! Let him know there’s more to you than meets the eye… That you’ve got substance. 

2. Laughter Is Medicine

Laughing With A Capricorn Man June 2021

Known for being serious and level-headed, this man appreciates some good old-fashioned belly laughs. Uplift his spirits and bring positive energy into his life through laughter and wit. Being a sensual sign, the Capricorn man responds well to dry humor, light humor, dark humor, and kind of humor really. Laughter is a medicine! It helps him to feel more connected to you too. 

Linked to this is the effect the Gemini sun has on our need for playfulness and connecting to the inner child. Games, either physical and playful as linked to sports, movement, outdoors activities, and letting our inner child run free and wild, as well as quizzes, board games, and other ‘family faves,’ are all welcome. 

Remind him of the power of presence through letting loose and having fun. If you’re a Gemini yourself or any of the other air or fire signs, this will come easily to you. You can also check out your compatibility to discover how you two may best “click!”

3. Stay Clear Of Drama

Emotions can be heightened in an ‘incompatible’ month. What does this mean? Basically, Gemini and Capricorn aren’t the most ideal combination. They’re not completely compatible and one is yang and masculine, extroverted, and dominant (Gemini), while the other is yin and feminine, introverted, and introspective (Capricorn). 

The Sun is in Gemini until the 21st, so Capricorn is feeling the pressure of having to keep up with others who are more naturally attuned to an upbeat and always energetic vibe. There is therefore some slight tension and internal frustration brewing…

Capricorn’s need for emotional bonding, depth, and staying aligned with his sensitive nature can clash with people who are basking in all of the cerebral air energy. Essentially, drama could result – there could be a clash of major belief systems, opinions, and needs and emotions. 

Emotions are running high, and if one isn’t able to attune to such a high mental frequency, they could find themselves becoming confused, sad, depressed, argumentative, or giving into chaos. This could be your Capricorn love interest.

You can stop this in its tracks by simply being aware of his introverted sensitive character, and further avoiding drama at all costs. Be mindful with the words you use and how you share your opinions and perspectives. If you feel things getting a little heated, introduce laughter as mentioned above, or simply be silent and listen. I’ll get more into this in the next section!

4. Listen To His Ideas

Woman Listening To A Capricorn Man's Ideas

Listening is an art. The Capricorn man is conservative with traditional values; therefore, his stoic side is deeply attracted to women who can listen to others. Sensitivity is not a weakness in his eyes (although constant hyper or super sensitivity can be). 

Being able to shut up and not talk about yourself or your opinions and views shows him that you are a woman of the world. He likes lovers who aren’t selfish or gossipy, and particularly aggressive or full-on characters don’t really do it for him. 

He prefers to let in someone who can meet him on his wavelength, give and take equally in balance, and possess a sufficient level of reservation, modesty, and grace. If you’re an Aries or Sag, you may want to take note!

It is a very masculine and ‘yang’ month due to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini and the Full Moon in Sagittarius, so there is the danger of losing yourself a bit. Don’t worry too much as this guy is kind and humble. But, do recognize his introverted and passive nature. 

Capricorn is a feminine sign (known as a quality in Astrology), thus he fares better with other yin and modest partners. So long as you can listen and not overpower him with excessive chat or impulsive energy, you will be fine!

5. Talk About The Future

This is a great month for discussing world politics, big global events, ideologies, and future plans and visions. The Sagittarius Full Moon on the 24th connects him to his idealistic and visionary self, whilst the Sun entering Cancer on the 22nd is making him think more about his future in a grounded way, relationships and love included. 

Share your dreams and long-term plans. Capricorn isn’t the type of person to be scared off by adult talk or topics of depth and sustainability. He will most likely let slip early on that he’s seeking a wifey or children. 

It’s actually a good idea to lay your cards on the table. While other men and people may be feeling more of a resonance with the frivolous and non-committal energies of the month (aka Gemini’s traits and characteristics), Capricorn is secure in his self-knowing. He knows who is and what he wants, and he isn’t shy of sharing his truth and needs in love either. Any sign of emotional maturity provides him with a notion of honesty… He loves this!

So, make sure he’s aware of your intentions and your personal plans. Independence is a turn on, while projecting an aura of openness and authenticity gives him the reassurance he requires. 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

June is a great month for laying the foundation and establishing a connection. Keep communication open and light – just be mindful of the ‘shadow’ aspects and potential of the month. 

When the Sun is in Gemini, some of us can become slightly more superficial and shallower than usual. Yet at the start and end of each day, Capricorn will always be a man of depth. 

Utilize the Solar Eclipse and Full Moon in visionary Sagittarius to connect on a higher mental and spiritual plane… Take a look at the Capricorn Man Secrets to enhance your understanding. 

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Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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