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5 Secret Signs You Are A Capricorn Man’s Plan B

Dating a Capricorn can be exhilarating. But the fact is, he is somewhat tough to read, and sometimes downright impossible to know how he feels.

You feel deeply in love and ready to commit. Then why do you have this niggly feeling that you might not be his priority? I can help you see the signs that you might be his Plan B. Here are five secret signs you might be a Capricorn man’s Plan B.

5 Secret Signs You Are A Capricorn Man’s Plan B

1. He’s Very Busy With Work

Capricorn Man Very Busy With Work

A Capricorn man isn’t the type of guy to string multiple women along. He loves commitment and falling in love with one special lady at a time.

If you think it is another woman who is keeping him distracted, you are likely very wrong!

He has a mistress though – his work! Your Capricorn is one of the most hard-working and determined men out there. Everything he does is in order to build his empire.

Ambition and success are his number one priority. He feels most at home at the top.

This man feels an enormous sense of duty and responsibility. If he doesn’t feel 100% stable and secure with his position in life, he’s quite unlikely to be too willing to commit.

He wants to know that he can give the woman of his dreams what she deserves.

A Capricorn man likes to be the provider for his family. Knowing he can offer a sense of stability and security to a woman is exceptionally important for his feelings of self-worth.

A little-known fact about this sign is that they can be incredibly insecure. This is the whole reason they work so hard; they want to earn respect and feel like they have worked hard for what they have.

His work will always be number one. He needs a woman who can understand this and will give him the space he needs to follow his dreams.

Space is the support he so deeply desires from a woman.

2. He Doesn’t Bring Up Commitment In Conversation

The most important thing to note about a Capricorn man is serious and responsible attitude. Commitment is something he takes very seriously.

He’s the type of man looking for longevity, he’s looking for a wife and not some fling.

A Capricorn man doesn’t date just for the sake of it. He is definitely the marrying kind. Once he’s in, he’s all in.

Honestly, there is nothing he loves more than building something that lasts. He is looking for structure in his life and a partner he can take seriously.

The thing with a Capricorn man is that it can take him a very long time to make up his mind, because once he does it is pretty much set in stone.

The worst thing for a Capricorn is making a bad “investment,” he wants to be sure that you are the type of woman he can to commit to. He refuses to waste his time.

3. He’s Questioning Your Loyalty

A Capricorn man needs a woman who is just as committed as he is. He wants to know that his potential partner is in it for the long run.

Ask yourself if you have been displaying any non-committal behaviors? You might have said something that made him doubt your level of dedication to him and the relationship.

If there is one big no-no when it comes to dating a Capricorn man, then it is playing hard to get while playing the field.

Like I said before, Capricorns are extremely serious individuals. They are not the type to mess around.

So, if you’re playing any mind games with him, he is likely to lose interest in you quickly. He is very quick to dismiss a woman who tries to make him feel jealous.

If you have mentioned to him that you’ve been going on dates with other men, it is a sure-fire way to get off his radar, and at a rapid speed.

He enjoys an old-fashioned courtship where he can take things slow and steady. He wants to set the pace and for you to follow his lead.

There is no rushing this man. Perseverance and patience have always worked for him.

So, there is no point in trying to get him to speed things up by dropping hints that there are other men interested in you. It just won’t work the way you have planned.

4. He Doesn’t Open Up To You

Capricorn Man Doesnt Open Up

Being so stern and serious means that your Capricorn man is unlikely to be very open about his feelings. Trust isn’t something that comes naturally to him.

He won’t open up unless he feels completely safe and secure with the person he is with.

A Capricorn man is always on his guard, keeping people at arm’s length. But when a Capricorn is in love, he is quite open and honest about his innermost secrets to his partner.

He will be completely open and tell you all kinds of personal information about himself. Being a priority in a Capricorn man’s life means having the privilege of knowing his secrets.

The more personal information you know about him, the better your chances are. Like I said before, he’s not interested in a temporary situation.

If he’s keeping his cards close to his chest, it is unlikely that he feels like he can trust you. You need to give him time to see that you are someone he can depend on.

5. He Doesn’t Include You In His Life

When a Capricorn man is committed, he will include you in his life. He will want you to be part of his world and introduce you to the closest people in his life.

Meeting his friends, family or co-workers is an excellent sign that you are a priority in his life, and if he doesn’t then the situation doesn’t look great for you.

Either he doesn’t feel ready or serious enough to commit to you, or unfortunately you might be his Plan B.

And if you are lucky enough to meet those important to him, it would be a good idea to take note of the language he uses when he introduces you to his nearest and dearest.

If he introduces you as his “friend,” this is likely quite an accurate way in which he sees you.

The wonderful thing about Capricorn is that he is brutally honest, he doesn’t have time to play around. So, if he isn’t that in to you, he’ll actually probably just tell you directly.  

A Capricorn man is respectful and mature above all else. He tries to live according to his strict moral code.

Messing around isn’t his style, and you are unlikely his Plan B. His life is just so busy! A Capricorn man needs a lot of time to warm up to the idea of a new relationship.

The best thing is to give him time and space to get comfortable having you in his life.

He is one of the few guys you can be quite direct with. If you’re curious to know how he feels about you, then there is no harm in being straightforward. You can expect quite a truthful answer from him.

He will probably walk away from the interaction with a newfound respect and admiration for the forthright way in which you handled the situation. Like I said before, Capricorns hate mind games!

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Final Thoughts

Always remember that a Capricorn man’s honesty and integrity is something you can depend on. He is not the type to intentionally hurt you. Love is a big deal to him and something he enters with trepidation.

Now that you have a little more information about the inner-workings of the enigma that is the Capricorn man, you can ask yourself if you have noticed any of these signs come up with your guy and let me know in the comments. I always love hearing from you!

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